Qiao Cen turned to see him.

She, he won’t agree.
"You moved here" Huo Yanming said again.
Huo Mengshu turned to look at him, and the corner of his eye caught sight of Qiao Cen, and she was nodding towards herself.
Qiao Cen also made a blanket when she moved from the sofa. Her hands were wrapped around Huo Mengshu’s arm. "Meng Shujie, you should just stay with me and live here without looking for a nanny again. Feng Sao likes Xiao Mu."
Not far away, Feng Sister-in-law also responded with a smile, "Yes, they all went to class during the day, and I was worried that I had nothing to do."
Joe cen blinked at her.
Huo Meng Shu Nai thought that Qiao Cen said it made sense and agreed.
Today is definitely not going back to the company. After lunch, Huo Yanming went back to the company to deal with some things. Qiao Cen and Huo Mengshu talked in the backyard.
As the sun sets, Spyker enters the garage and Qiao Cen knows that Huo Yanming is back. He pulls Huo Mengshu "Let’s go to the front".
Sure enough, it didn’t take long to see Huo Yanming come in.
Feng sister-in-law laughed. "Mr. Wang came back just in time for dinner."
She took off her apron. "I’ll call Xiaomu to come to dinner."
Qiao Cen leaned in with Huo Mengshu and said, "Do you think Sister-in-law Feng likes little guys?"
Can feng sister-in-law went in and didn’t come out for a while. Qiao Cen looked at the direction of the small barn for a few more times. Huo Mengshu laughed. "No little guy likes to stay in bed and wait. It should be here."
Joe Cen nodded and just looked back, only to see that Feng Sao trotted out from the inside, which was a little anxious. "Miss Da, go and see how Xiaomu is. He is hot and scary and has been calling you."
HuoMengShu a listen to suddenly ran from the chair to the room, Qiao Cen and HuoYanming followed.
The curtain in the room covered the light outside. Huo Mengshu turned on the light and saw Xiaomu lying alone in a double bed. His face was red and his forehead was sweating. He had wet the trivial bangs in front.
"Mommy … Mommy, Xiaomu hurts and cries Mommy …" Xiaomu kept shouting in his sleep.
Huo Mengshu nervously measured a small shepherd’s forehead on the back of his hand, which was very hot!
"Baby, good mommy is not afraid of mommy here. Mommy will take you to the hospital. Don’t be afraid …" Huo Mengshu’s mouth was full of panic.
During these four years, there was a small shepherd who lived with her, and she was afraid that anything would happen to the small shepherd.
Huo Mengshu put on a coat for him and held him outside the door. Huo Yanming had ordered Meng Guanjia to bring the car.
A line of four people to the imperial city hospital.
Huo Mengshu clung to Xiaomu all the way and refused to let go. Qiao Cen stroked her and comforted "Meng Shujie, don’t worry, Xiaomu will be fine."
The pediatrician of Imperial Capital Hospital dispatched the pediatrician and cardiologist for consultation due to the arrival of Huo Yanming, and Ding Yuqing also arrived.
When Xiaomu entered the emergency room, Huo Mengshu stopped talking and sat quietly on the bench outside and waited.
Look very focused.
Qiao Cen knew that Huo Mengshu must be in a panic at this time.
"Yan Ming, what happened? How did you come to pediatrics?" Ding Yuqing followed by some experts into the emergency room Ding Yuqing then some worry asked.
He looked around and saw a woman sitting beside Qiao Cen, a bench outside the emergency room.
He gradually walked in, presumably because he felt familiar with his back. He didn’t recognize Huo Mengshu for so many years.
"Are you … Meng Shu?" Ding Yuqing some surprise way
As far as he knows, Huo Mengshu went abroad a few years ago, saying that he was going to study abroad, but he actually took his children with him.
Section 99
The child was born here in those days.
Huo Mengshu looked up and frowned for a long time to react "Uncle Ding"
Ding Yuqing nodded and looked at her with a sigh and said nothing.
Qiao Cen doesn’t feel a little strange. Does Dean Ding know about the small animal husbandry disease?
Huo Yanming frowned when he saw it. "Dean Ding hopes you can tell the truth."
Ding Yuqing sighed again and looked at Huo Mengshu’s eyes. It seems that she hasn’t told them yet and explained, "When your sister was born here, she checked out when she had a prenatal examination …"
Before he finished, he was picked up by Huo Mengshu. "Because his family didn’t agree to stay, I had to leave the child."
Huo Mengshu remembered this Joe Cencai as if he had known Huo Mengshu for so long and had never seen her husband …
HuoYanMing smell speech didn’t speak, he guessed.
Ding Yuqing didn’t go and waited outside the emergency room with them until the emergency room door.
Everyone gathered around. "How’s the doctor?" Huo Mengshu clung to the doctor’s hand and his words were much stronger.
"Fortunately, when it arrived, there was no life-threatening at present, but it was necessary to stay in the hospital for observation for a while." The doctor said and left.
HuoMengShu suddenly relieved all some slack.
The little shepherd was pushed out of the moving bed, and his little body was motionless, and he inserted some tubes and still didn’t wake up.
Xiaomu was transferred from the emergency room to the general ward, and there was no one else in the single ward.
Huo Mengshu has been staying at the bedside since Xiaomu came out without saying a word.
Qiao Cen is a little worried about squatting on Huo Mengshu’s leg, "Meng Shujie Xiaomu will be fine."
HuoMengShu barely smiled and nodded his head.
Huo Mengshu stayed in the ward for three days in a row and didn’t even leave the small animal husbandry. It’s no big deal to wake up and sleep these days.
Huo Yanming and Qiao Cen entered the ward, and Qiao Cen put the thermos bucket in his hand on the bedside table. "Sister Meng Shu, let’s watch for a while, let’s go get something to eat first."
Huo Mengshu nodded during the period and took the heat preservation barrel to the leisure sofa next to it.
The bed shepherd’s face is already good. Many little faces are red and eyelashes are closed. It looks like Huo Mengshu.
It didn’t take long for Qiao Cen’s cell phone to ring. It was Zhao Xiaojie.
She talked to Huo Yanming and went to the balcony to pick up the words.
"Hello" when Joe Cen answered this question, wasn’t Zhao Xiaojie in class?
"Is Sister Cenmeng Shu with you?" Zhao Xiaojie has some shortness of tone.
"Yes, why?" See Qiao Cen Zhao Xiaojie some strange unknowingly curious.
"Dream ShuJie times not beat up yi-ran Yang? Yi-ran Yang her father is the mayor! Somebody else’s family came to the company and smashed a lot of things, saying that the company was not responsible. "
She paused. "I didn’t realize that Shu Jie should be due to her family. She didn’t expect too much, but … the company is terrible."

Father is dead, but mother-wants to kill him?

"Father, I also want to go back to the city of Qingyao, but some things are unavoidable." Yang Muyu’s face. Flash a bit strangely pale. If we don’t solve Fan Zhenggui now, maybe he will never get another chance in the future.
"Grandma. I am still that sentence! " Yang Muyu slowly said, "Please go to the grave or else …"
"What else can you do?" Fan Jian cold way "do you think this is the city of fine yao? It’s up to you. Go to the window and see if there is room for you to go out now? "
"I know you have surrounded this place." Yang Muyu is not a fool. Fan Jian wouldn’t be standing here if he didn’t rely on it.
"Aunt, let’s go!" As he spoke, Fan Jian has retreated with 6 Jinghong, while the East has no sound but left with Dongfang Zhouding and Dongfang Xu.
Full-text novel reading updates faster, all in support of literary support! But at this time, the amazing scene was the birth of the blue silver mask that had been following Dongfang Xu’s hand. It was suddenly difficult for the sword to sweep across Fan Zhenggui with a thousand rays of sunlight.
Fan Zhenggui didn’t seem to think that the people in the East Flower City would suddenly make moves to her, and a sluggish light green mountain flashed in front of the firm but gentle.
"Are you crazy?" Suddenly Dongfang Xu shouted.
The blue robe and silver mask is like not hearing Fan Zhenggui covered with firm but gentle shock wave in his hand. Fan Zhenggui just used the realm to form protection and shuttled around in the firm but gentle face, but he was robbed by the blue robe and silver mask, and now he is under control step by step.
"Damn it!" Oriental silent anger scolded 1, a palm on the back of the blue robe silver mask mercilessly took the past.
There is no sound in the East, but the practitioners on the Nine Grades of the East Flower City Lord will be seriously injured if they are so strong.
Yang Chen, the enemy of the enemy, is a friend. He has rushed up with a sword, and the target is as firm as a rainbow. He cut it at the silent wrist in the East.
"Do you want to compete with the fighters?" Yang Muyu sighed.
Mo Qing sat down in the chair for a long time before saying, "Feather … What’s going on?"
The scene between the two people has formed a scuffle, and even Yang Muyu didn’t expect Fan Jian to start to move. Fan Jian couldn’t sit still in the snow. Seeing something that doesn’t seem to have the slightest lethality now has become the biggest resistance in the room.
Fortunately, everyone is in control of the realm, and it’s just a spiritual competition. Otherwise, Tianxianglou, which is afraid of this matter, would have been replaced by ashes.
"Lord Dugu, why don’t you take the water and avoid it first?" Yang Muyu looked at shangdi DuGuYuLing still sitting in a chair and looked at the watery frown way.
"All right." Dugu Yuling took a leisurely sip of tea and immediately stood up and took a watery body. In a flash, people had already flown out to the window.
But her talent has just arrived at the window, and suddenly countless flaming arrows shot at her.
"Flame arrow of Tianyimen?" Mo Qing’s heart is also surprised by the winner. It seems that he is going to leave them all behind, even using the evil weapons.
Dugu Yuling was covered with a faint mist flying in the air to find a breakthrough point, but it was helpless that the flame arrow was too dense, like eyes, and she had to protect a watery spirit with only three products.
"Father, go and help the Lord of the dugu Pavilion to let her leave now." Yang Muyu looked at the ink sweeping.
Mo Qing nodded and wanted to start work, but it happened that at this time, Fan Zhenggui, who was trapped by the blue robe and silver mask, was holding an ebony staff in his hand and was playing with the blue robe, but he spit out a few strange syllables.
Mo Qing’s whole body was frozen, but he couldn’t move.
"Father." Yang Muyu looked at Mo Qing with pain, and even his face and expression could be distorted. He not only hated looking at Yang Tielu, "I will take care of my father and you will help the Lord of the dugu Pavilion."
"no!" Yang Tie still shook his head and said, "Father God has no power to protect himself under the realm."
Yang Muyu looked at Mo Qing’s sudden body with a faint soft light to destroy the magic sword, and turned into a purple mountain, which was severely cut down by Fan Zhenggui.
He’s throwing caution to the wind, as long as he kills Fan Zhenggui, he can’t solve Mo Qing’s curse and then try to kill him.
In terms of power, they should be much stronger than Fan Jian.
I don’t know why I looked around at the moment he started, but now I was accompanied by Fan Zhenggui, but now I have no trace.
"Hey hey MuYu you also mixed hand?" Fan Zhenggui sneered, "You are almost serious when you play with your mind. You are far from it."
"Hum!" The blue robe man snorted, and the sword in his hand drew an arc. Guanghua shone on the whole sword like a newborn sunrise.
"ten thousand flow to the original! ?”
Everyone can’t help but exclaim that the secret of returning to Mohism is now in the blue robe of Dongliuhuacheng.
"Who are you?" Mo Qing asked trembling. Yang Tie forgot other blue light flashed in front of Yang Muyu, and it was difficult for the blue robe man to use the ten thousand streams to return to the motherland.
And Fan Zhenggui’s face was originally flashing with ebony light, which suddenly turned into bright green. The whole Tianxianglou was full of vitality, and even the wooden tables and chairs began to emit green leaves.
Yang Tie and Mo Qing couldn’t help taking a deep breath. No one thought that Fan Zhenggui’s mind was so vicious, but he practiced wood-based life spirit. And the strength of the realm is beyond everyone’s expectation.
"Ah?" Yang Muyu not only exclaimed aloud, but why can’t she save 6 Qingming since she has such a powerful life spirit?

Chapter 28 Mix the first battle
This idea is just a flash in Yang Muyu’s mind. Time does not allow him to think much about the original firefight in the field. Everyone has scruples and no one has used the realm. But now the blue robe man has used the powerful wooden aura of Fan Zhenggui to fill the audience in an instant.
The long sword in Yang Chen’s hand turned into a Changhong, and it was shot at the East silently and mercilessly, but the East was shadowless and didn’t use any weapons. A pair of hands staggered around and white light hung over the front.

Chen Xun shook his head, unable to stand her persistence.

"Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay." Chen Xunneng invited two people to the canteen.
Xia Lu just ordered a bowl of porridge and some bags, and also sent a red envelope to Chen Xun.
She doesn’t like to owe people.
They walked back together, and Chen Xun said that she would go to see her father Xia Lu first to express her gratitude.
Walk into the ward
I saw a man in a navy suit carrying a bowl for her mother.
To Hoai whale can see two people coming in smiling and holding breakfast in their hands.
Obviously going together.
"Mom, come and see my dad."
"Trouble doctor Chen" Jiang Zhenshu moment walked to the front of the bed.
Chen Xun gave Xia Zhengjun a check-up and said to them, "There should be no problem, but it depends on his own willpower when he wakes up. Patients with cerebral hemorrhage all say that it is not good. Some patients will wake up after surgery, and some will not wake up for several months after surgery. Now all the indicators are fine. Huang Zhu will come over when he makes rounds later."
"Thank you, Dr. Chen"
"It’s okay, aunt. Should Xia Lu and I be alumni? I’ll go back to the office for a while and then come back." Chen Xun’s social skills are particularly good
Xia Lu went to the table and Su Huai whale pestle didn’t speak there.
I don’t know when they didn’t seem to talk much, and they all had their own thoughts in their hearts.
"Now that your brother is taking care of me, I’ll go first." To Hoai Whale was really eager to see this male doctor alive, and went to buy breakfast with her and took the initiative to come and check it out. It seems that he is particularly unnecessary here.
"Lulu Xiaosu sent breakfast early in the morning. You see, you like to eat small wonton." Jiang Zhenshu took Xialu’s hand and Xialu felt that her eyes were sour.
She was a little sad and didn’t know what To Hoai whale said, which made her very angry. She didn’t look away. "Yes, this is a hospital. The doctor takes care of others. It’s nothing if you want to leave."
There are a lot of good words that come to my lips but turn into other words.
To Hoai whale walked out of the ward with his head down.
Jiang Zhenshu blamed, "Xia Lu, what the hell are you talking about? How do you talk to Xiao Su?"
"Mom, if he wants to hear this, I will tell him." She is also sad and wronged.
How did everything change after that night?
Become sensitive, vulnerable, vulnerable
However, I soon heard the words of Xia Zhengjun, and Jiang Zhenshu picked them up. "What happened to Xiaofang?"
"Mr. Xia, the company has an accident, and now the financing company, the lending company and the guarantee company are all asking for money in the company, and the employees are all worried. I really can’t handle it?"
"What should I do? He is ill in the hospital in the old summer."
Xia Lu took the words "I’ll come"
She had a negotiation with Xiao Fang in the conversation. Xiao Fang is his father’s assistant, who has always helped her father deal with the company. She has also seen how old she is.
Xia Lu paused. "You calm them down first and I’ll come right away."
After hanging up, Xia Lu confessed, "I’ll go to the company and have a look here. If there is anything, please call the doctor and have a conversation with me."
Xia Zhengjun’s wife-loving and daughter-loving office never asked her to ask about the tedious things of the company, nor did she ask her father to support her daughter to study the major she wanted, like many parents did.
Xia Lu is not interested in doing business, so she knows that her home is a company, a textile fabric company, and her father has always been doing well. The home is not the top of the pyramid, but it is also a wealthy family.
Nowadays, with the development of science and technology, many people are adjusting the company structure, but Xia Zhengjun is still engaged in the unified industry and is working hard with him. The old employees can’t control the market demand well, and the business is much weaker. However, because he is based in the unified industry, he can be stable until now.
When the funding gap becomes larger, the third party of loan repayment guarantee is a mortgage financing company, and a new round of financing has failed.
This overwhelmed Xia Zhengjun.
He has been trying to find a way, and overwork also led to cerebral hemorrhage and fainting.
After Xia Lu left the hospital, she drove directly to Xia Shi.
Xia Shi is a mess. Fang Bin, a small party named Fang Bin, has stabilized the loan company and guarantee company with several vice presidents of the company, saying that he will wait for Xia Lu to arrive.
Xia Lu rushed to several vice presidents, all of whom were Xia Zhengjun’s old buddies who struggled together. Xia Lu usually called one uncle and several others, or followed his father when he retired as a soldier.
"Deer deer is coming. Where’s your dad?"
"Uncle will tell you about my dad’s affairs in a moment, and now let’s solve the situation first." Although Xia Lu doesn’t know how to do business, he still knows his priorities.
"This is a contract signed by Xia Shi and the mortgage company. If it is said that the loan will not be repaid in time, we have applied to the court for mortgage of Xia Shi’s factory."
Xia Lu raised his head in front of them. "Can you give me a few days to understand the financial situation of a company because my father is seriously ill? I will raise money soon."
"Today is the deadline. I have given you a lot of time before. This is clearly written in black and white. What’s worse, the valuation of Xia’s by financing companies has long been lower than the market. Even when I give it to you, I can’t make a comeback in a short time." The man in black on the other side is aggressive
Perhaps this is the life Xia Lu has never faced. She will encounter many difficult patients in clinic, all of whom can be intervened by medical means, but now she is speechless.
"What can we do about this? There must be a way for Lao Xia to talk. What should we do now that Lao Xia has fallen?" Several vice presidents shook their heads and were at a loss
"Brother Fang asked Cai Chaxia how much liquidity is there now?" Xia Lu said to one side Fang Bin

But it doesn’t matter, as long as you know your own business. Why care about others! You can only rely on yourself, which Tang Qing has long understood.

Before Sister Xinger could speak, Tang Qing said directly, "Thank you for your kindness. My wife is blessed to worship the fairy as a teacher!" Pull Xinger wench, this will be a word of mouth.
When this sentence came out, everyone was a little stunned. Xinger elder sister dazed, so I don’t know. But my little girl is also clever. Although I don’t understand how Tang Qing made the decision, there must be his reason. Actually Xinger elder sister knows, Tang Qing this guy is very clever, and he usually plays the fool around to make fun of himself. Now that he said it, Sister Xinger is ready to do it.
On one side, Luo will grow angry. How can he not see the intention of this dress and was about to speak? The peaceful voice of the old man in Tsing Yi has sounded: "Little brother, I see that the cloak behind you is very familiar … it seems to belong to an old friend. Isn’t it the son of an old friend who knows you well? Why don’t you go back and talk to the old lady? I know a little about how to exercise, so I can just mention it. What do you think? "
Tang Qing got a tingle in her heart, and secretly scolded the old ghost for his poisonous eyes, so she couldn’t help regretting it. I played handsome and got sick, but my mouth was sloppy: "Really! You are mistaken! This is my family heirloom! My family has lived in Shan Ye for a long time, and it has been handed down for eight generations. When I come here, I have only one seedling. Just this baby has been handed down, no one knows! I’m going to use it as a dowry! "
"Puffy!" The woman in colorful clothes was surprised and worried, but suddenly it was really interesting to listen to this clown’s nonsense, and she couldn’t help laughing out loud! At the same time, my heart is also strange. This little exerciser is really courageous. While the old man was speaking, he had intentionally exerted pressure on the soul, but this guy seemed to be unaffected at all.
But it doesn’t matter. We can talk about it later. At present, I didn’t wait for what others were saying. As soon as Sister Xinger saluted, she said, "Feng Xinger visits the master!" Immediately, the final conclusion was made.
Nishang Jiao said with a smile, "Good disciple, is this your husband? Very clever, for the teacher must find a good future for him! I can rest assured. "
With a sigh, the old man in Tsing Yi is not saying much. An old ghost like him knows that it is meaningless to talk about eggs again at this time, unless it is to directly turn against others.
It can’t be his fault. Normally, this calculation is a positive solution anyway. It’s a pity that this old man is bent on monasticism, and it’s simply a gap between heaven and earth compared with the fairy. In any case, he never imagined how a monk could be involved in a husband-and-wife relationship with a mortal!
Body builder! ….. isn’t the refined body man a mortal? Until listening to Tang Qing, he didn’t know that there was such a mess. Although the old man immediately fought back, he secretly threatened to pull and fight. The reaction is not unpleasant, and the means are not high. However, I met Tang Qing’s wooden stick, and I don’t know why, so I ate the weight and decided to vote for the official. It can only be said that it is an act of god.
Seeing that it is irreparable, the old man can only pretend to be generous. He didn’t intend to force it. He knew all the details, but he didn’t want to leave any trouble for himself just to find a mink. The single man handed his hand to the woman in colorful clothes and said, "Congratulations to Daoyou for getting a good apprentice. This matter is over, and the old people are leaving."
The woman in colorful clothes was obviously in a good mood, giggling: "This matter is still fulfilled by the young and the old, and the dress is grateful. If the young and the old walk slowly, the dress will not be far away!"
"Shameless!" Unwilling to be lonely, Xiao Xizi, who hasn’t appeared for a long time, said to Tang Qing, "It’s so shameless of him!"

Chapter 19: Tang Ye fainted again.
The sky is getting darker and darker, accompanied by the monster beast roar from time to time. Deep in the monster mountain range, muffled thunder bursts came from time to time, and the whole sky seemed dignified and depressed. It wasn’t until President Qing left with the mercenary club that the tension finally eased.
Dress fairy pressed down the car, went straight to the front of Tang Qing and Xinger, smiled at them, and the more she looked at them, the happier she felt. Today, she is successful in her merits. She finally got the ferret into her own hands and picked up an apprentice for nothing.
It is difficult for a person to find a master and an apprentice. Generally disdainful, qualified … It’s not so easy to meet.
The little girl in front of me didn’t look at it carefully just now, but now everything is over. After careful examination, I find that she is really a good prospect. It’s not easy to cultivate to this level at the age of 16 or 17, especially looking at her dress, it’s obviously not everyone’s children.
I don’t know why, although the dress feels that Xinger girl is quite good, it really makes her feel strange, or this monk is not a monk or a mortal youth. I’ve seen a lot of body builders, and I’ve been in contact with a lot of people who are one hundred times stronger than this man, but I’ve never seen anything like it. She can see clearly that the aura has been released. Others are afraid that the aura is not enough. How can he let it out?
And this guy’s manner, it seems to be respectful. I’m afraid I don’t care at all about the experience of watching people. It’s quite gentle and delicate in appearance, and I can see something from the cold light that occasionally flashes in his eyes. Arguably, this is also quite reasonable. Anyone who hunts monster beasts for a living can be without some murderous look. However, I still feel that there is something wrong with the dress. There is no basis. It is purely a feeling. Subconsciously, she felt that she should talk to this little guy and get to know him.
"This is the little thing! It seems a bit different! " At that time, I didn’t know how to start. Nishang pointed to the ferret and said with a smile, "It’s cute. How did you catch it, Xinger? Actually recognized the Lord? "
"Good character!" Tang Qing understood that this is not as simple as the old man surnamed Qing, for fear that Xinger girl might spill the beans, and said, "This is my son … er … his name is Meow! ….. get up, meow, and meet your predecessors soon! "
Xinger girl got a fright, and feel ashamed, have so talk to predecessors? It’s a bit like a rogue flirting with a big girl!
Meow meow is obedient, get up and look at the dress, obviously don’t catch a cold, don’t bother to call a climb there again. It is very comfortable now. In this human being who has a soul connection with himself, the breath that fascinates it fascinates it. Originally the smell of fear, now seems to have become without any hostility. In the eyes of human beings, the beauty of the dress is bubbling, but in its eyes, it is far less attractive than the smallest lingshi.
Nishang is a bit dumbfounded, which is too human! There are many monster monsters, but I have never seen such a spiritual creature.
Tang Qing is also a bit would: "Er … well, children are afraid of strangers! Don’t mind! ….. It may be hungry! I haven’t eaten it yet! Senior, why don’t you reward some lingshi! He eats lingshi! "
Xinger elder sister has almost fainted to the ground, and her dress also feels a little dizzy. She has a feeling that she’d better not know anything from him. Maybe he can make up an earth-shattering story to fool herself, or find a chance to ask Xinger for convenience.
Tang Qing did Sarah laugh in her heart. Don’t treat Tang Ye as a grandfather! He is sure that this senior won’t treat himself badly at this moment, which is a bit too harsh!
However, the dress is a dress in the end, well-informed, and the kung fu of nourishing qi is also perfect, and it will recover in a blink of an eye. Turning to Tang Qing, he said with a smile, "The little fellow is good and clever. You can’t be my disciple if you are not a monk, and my skill is not suitable for you. Since you are Xinger’s husband, I won’t treat you badly. Go ahead! What do you want! "
"I want to be an official!" Tang Qing returned loudly: "Isn’t it possible to get a county for the government? Now that Meow Meow is my son, it is impossible to give it away. My wife, you are so gentle, generous, beautiful and kind, and you will not force my father and son to separate, right? "
Wife master! ….. Master wife! Poor Xinger girl just came to her senses and was about to faint again.
It happened that Tang Qing hadn’t finished: "But don’t worry, my wife, if you need meow, please send me a message at any time. I’m sure to arrive!"
"Ha ha!" Dress understood, this guy is still not at ease, to do things while the iron is hot. However, she is over 100 years old, and she really doesn’t care about this junior playing with herself. She even thinks this guy is very interesting. Usually talking to people about something is serious, or practicing behind closed doors. This guy is very happy and good. How can you dispute with him?
"Don’t worry, kid, you can’t run away from a county, and you won’t have any big trouble with this cloak! Let’s chener empire, not even have the ability to protect officials! "
"Hey hey! That’s that’s that! ….. In fact, I am that what … "Tang Qing’s face is a little red, and being seen through the small mind, I still feel a little ashamed.
With these words, the atmosphere between the newly formed family of four finally really relaxed, and the dress didn’t want to ask about the cave. It’s a bit rude to ask her if she wants to come to a place where a practicing little monk can go in and out safely.
Just as he was talking, he suddenly heard the monks in the duke’s mansion make a noise in the air. One man shouted to Nishang, "Elder, there is something wrong with the monster beast. You’d better have a look!"
There is indeed a change, and it is a big change, even Tang Qing, who can’t use God’s knowledge, can feel it. The whole earth shook, and he couldn’t feel it, and the spiritual force of heaven and earth also changed greatly.
Dress face a change, without saying anything about the car into the air, in fact, she has detected a change, but really feel too unbelievable, this just fly up to observe for confirmation.
I saw the monster beast mountain range in the distance. Thunder and lightning were like Tianwei. A large number of monster beasts roared and ran outward. The flying monster beast in the air was also dark, covering the sky and coming this way.
"What is this? ….. This ….. Is it a beast tide, how can there be a beast tide at this time! ….. No … This is not a tidal wave! " Unable to think of anything else, Nishang immediately ordered: "Everyone will retreat immediately and go back to the city to inform all forces to prepare for the battle. Xinger, come with me!"
Upon hearing this, all the monks turned around and showed their magical powers, and flew to Mengcheng as quickly as possible.
Sister Xinger was anxious: "Master, what about Tang Qing?"
Dress without explanation, long-sleeved waving, wrapped Tang Qing and Xinger, suggesting a spiritual force, the sedan chair turned into a white light and flew away quickly.
Godsworn Dan’s magic weapon, how fast it flies, quickly crossed the monks and galloped forward like a meteor catching the moon.
She is fast, but she is still not as fast as Tianwei. The thunder in the sky is getting sharper and sharper, and it is chasing wildly at an unimaginable speed. Wherever I went, no matter what monster beast was, it all went up in smoke in Lei Guang. The psychic force of heaven and earth is even more chaotic. Many monks watched Lei Guang make track for him, but they couldn’t control the magic weapon of the spirit, and they screamed and fell to the ground. Even if it is not destroyed by thunder, I am afraid I will fall to my death alive.
Tang Qing was really blindsided. When he was busy, he couldn’t do anything at all except grab Meow and stuff it in his arms. Tang Qing is a person who has seen big scenes. There are countless battles on the earth, big and small, and no horrible weapons have been seen. But compared with this Tianwei, it is not a class at all. The whole sky, as if turned into an angry thunder pool, with an overwhelming momentum to destroy everything, directly ran over, which is where human beings can resist.
Hide! Where to hide! Tang Qing, who was a little confused, suddenly felt that in front of the thunder pool, there seemed to be a silver light flying at the speed of thunder, but he couldn’t see what it was. As if … It was being chased by thunder.
Dress is also complaining, a good thing, how suddenly become like this. Now she has seen that this is not a beast tide, and it is clearly the rumored doom! Who’s the senior? Why are you here? Du Jie at this time! !
Seeing that the thunder is approaching, the dress is becoming more and more desperate. The speed can’t be faster, all the monks have been completely destroyed, and it’s getting harder and harder to manipulate the magic weapon by yourself. The spiritual force around her was like a riot, and she was distracted with two people; When the mind is out of control, the psychic force can no longer be controlled.
With a loud moan, the sedan chair and the three of them went down together. Dress still managed to control his body to fly up again, and the sedan chair did not consider of it. She gritted her teeth to escape, but Tang Qing and Xinger fell straight down.
Tang Qing had no time to think about anything else, grabbed Xinger in her arms and tried to make her back down at the same time.
It is not easy to do this. Fortunately, he has rich experience in skydiving.
"I hope this girl can survive!" Tang Qing can only do so much. He plans to throw Xinger up again about 50 meters high. Then, it can only be resigned.
Xinger elder sister didn’t scream, she cling to Tang Qing. At that time, she was particularly awake, feeling even more strange, and even clearly felt what Tang Qing wanted to do. Spiritual force has been completely out of control, and Xinger simply dispersed the spiritual shield, letting the wind blow the little face out of shape, just looking at Tang Qing … Smile! ……
A white light came like lightning and went straight into Tang Qing’s head. Suddenly … the thunder dispersed, as if God had vented his anger, saw the desired result, satisfied with it, burped and left.
Tang Qing can’t see these. He only feels that his mind is like a needle knife, and at the same time he seems to hear a scream of extreme fear echoing in his mind. "This … what is this … the force of the beginning! The soul of meta-magnetism! ….. How is it possible … Ah! " .
Then, it was dark! Tang Qing was depressed and thought, "Really, Tang Ye fainted again!"


"Sleep!" Mu Qingxue will be covered on him and put his hand on his pulse. At this moment, his face is slightly surprised that this guy is so badly hurt. At this moment, he looks at Xuanyuan Air Duct. "You are sick now and sleep more. I will give you refined Dan medicine and wait for a while!"

"No, I have nothing to do with me," XuanYuanFeng said eagerly at this time.
"Shut up and dare to sleep tight. I’ll be right back." Then he turned and left …
In a short time, Mu Qingxue came to XuanYuanFeng House holding hands and just refining Dan medicine. Looking at XuanYuanFeng with her eyes closed, she went to XuanYuanFeng bed and took out Dan medicine to XuanYuanFeng …
XuanYuanFeng is very obedient at the moment, slowly open your eyes and say, "If there is any discomfort after this Dan medicine, it will be fine for a while, but don’t try to suppress it, which will prevent the efficacy from happening."
After that, Mu Qingxue got up and wanted to leave, but after thinking about it, she came back with a hint of evil smile on her face. "Xuanyuanfeng, you must be as obedient as my beast!"
"Dead girl, you …" A cough came and drowned XuanYuanFeng. He tried his best not to cough. "You go!"
Mu Qing Xue blushed because he was angry, so he lost his life and immediately turned away …
I finally got back to my room, and I had a good sleep tonight, but I turned around and saw my baby at the bedside with a worried face …
"Baby come and give mother a hug! You almost scared me to death today! " Muqingxue concerned at this time mouth way
After hearing her mother’s words, Xuan Baobei dared to look at her mother and said, "Mothers are all Xuan Baobei, which makes you worry. Xuan Baobei will never let this happen again!"
Speaking of this, Mu Qingxue suddenly feels a little guilty. Recently, she seems to be busy with the one-night wine shop in jathyapple Xiaolou. Now she looks at her baby and says, "I’m sorry, honey, my mother ignored you recently, so it’s like this. Mother left it to my baby all day, okay?"
"Thank you for your gift!" The little milk baby rubbed into the arms of the kiss mother and said
Lying in bed, Mu Qingxue was finally awakened by a nightmare, which made her unable to sleep …
Fengyun mainland is a place where the strong respect. Over the years, she has been working hard to cultivate and become stronger …
It’s all because of humiliation, shame and hatred …
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Now that she has grown to a certain extent, she is afraid of people …
But XuanYuanChen suddenly broke into his life …
This makes the feelings from past lives to this life a blank sheet of paper, and she is caught off guard.
Unconsciously, I seem to have lost my heart! Such a thing is that she doesn’t want to, but she can’t control it …
If people’s hearts are so good, they can close their hearts by pressing one when they want to fight and one when they want to close.
"Mother, what’s wrong with you?" Small milk Eva looked at has been silent MuQingXue some worry call way
"Baby mother is fine!" Muqingxue looked at his baby around and smiled and said
Forget it, let nature take its course! It is enough for her to have a son! In this life, she wants to take good care of her baby and strive to become strong and reach the top of the world so that she can protect the people she cares about …
In XuanYuanChen everything to fate …
It’s meaningless if you don’t insist on it yourself …
"Are you really all right, mother?" Little baby always feels that her mother has something to hide from herself.
"How can I have something without me! Let’s go to sleep quickly … "Sen Qing Xue said with a smile.
"Well, all right!" The little baby rubbed in Muqingxue’s arms and fell asleep …
Chenwangfu Siyuan
XuanYuanChen tired from the palace every time he came back, he had to be extremely energetic to deal with those ministers and his identity, father and too Xuanyuan …
Their prestige in the DPRK is relatively high, their influence is relatively great, and they are insidious and cunning. A little negligence on their part may make it difficult for them!
He can’t figure out why these old fogies always like to compare his Xuanyuan Falls, and they always deliberately pick things up. Are they so fond of themselves that they do the right thing? Their original attitude has made them very dissatisfied, but they still didn’t say anything …
In fact, he himself knows that Xuanyuan is not less gossiping behind his back, and these ministers are also accomplices in Xuanyuan, but his strength is not good enough now. Otherwise, let them know that he is powerful …
Why is XuanYuanChen not white? His father always lets himself enter the palace. These ministers are not as good as that. Is it because my father is also afraid that it will be too Xuanyuan to rebel one day?
"Your Majesty!" A decent voice stopped XuanYuanChen.
XuanYuanChen looked up and saw a purple veil TongKeKe at the gate of his house.
Tong Keke is petite and dressed in purple, which makes her more innocent girl …
It’s a pity that such a lovely girl XuanYuanHu has no interest, especially such a simple and vicious woman …
He still likes the kind of wild cats who are kind-hearted although they look like thorns all over their parts …
"Your Majesty!" TongKeKe came in with a flattering smile and said, "Do you sometimes? I … "
"no!" For other women XuanYuanChen always cold …
"I have something to tell you about jathyapple Brewery …" The TongKeKe trembles.
XuanYuanChen slightly narrowed his eyes and looked at her with cold eyes and asked, "What are you trying to say?"

Thinking for a moment, he turned to cover his chest and looked at Fan Tie. "Iron men are here. You and Jia Jia are childhood sweethearts. Let’s continue …"

"No way!"
Coldly looked at his father Fan Tie take a smoke lip Angle openly stared back tone frivolous said
"Since you like her so much, since all the guests are here, why don’t you just marry? It’s okay to be a little mother for me. Anyway, my mother has been dead for so many years, and you are alone … "
Words haven’t say that finish to see his dad trembling with anger sample Fan Tie hurriedly shut up.
The facial muscles twitched like a motor. Fan Fu looked pale and couldn’t breathe well. He held his chest with one hand and the edge of the table with the other. His body faltered and stumbled for a step and then fell to the ground.
Children’s wedding from joy, shock, anger to surprise …
All sorts of messy emotions are intertwined with his nerves, and finally he can’t stay-
Fan Tie played such a play in order to get back at Luo Guke. He didn’t really want to grieve his father. He couldn’t care less about other things. He dashed past and screamed like a wolf in others.
"Get the car ready-call 12-"
In fact, his old man has been in poor health for so many years. His former father was angry and he had asked little.
I didn’t expect this. He panicked …
And the banquet hall is also an uproar. Obviously, there is no way to continue the wedding. You can cry, laugh and watch the fun. You can also leave. When you look at it, Bao Qi glanced at Lengxiao and was about to ask Bao Ma to leave with you. Unexpectedly, the words rang.
It was Nian Xiaojing, the heroine in Fan Tie’s story just now.
And her words were exactly the same as when she rescued Bao Qi for the first time.
"Do you have July 7th? My mother’s body suddenly feels a little uncomfortable. I’m a little flustered alone. I just called my stuttering sister and asked her to find me an acquaintance in the army to ask for a bed. I’ll send her there now. If you have nothing to do, come and help me calm down quickly-"
That’s what happens to women without men. Sisters are the first thing that comes to mind when something goes wrong.
This time, it’s not for Bao Qi’s emergency, but for her poor health. Mom is really ill.
It’s naturally impossible for sisters not to go when they have something to do. What do you mean, do whatever is necessary? This is the time! Yu Fantie’s father and the hall uproar have nothing to do with her.
After Bao Ma looked at her suspiciously, she waved decisively and rushed out of the wedding banquet hall.
Thank you, sisters, for supporting your favorite marriage, for supporting your second uncle and Xiaoqi. Don’t explain, don’t say much. You know I love one! Blow a kiss!
[Pet Marriage] The honor list is slapped!
Newly awarded a Jinshi-[AA 192] Applause! Salute!
Newly awarded two Xieyuan-[Chili Sister 54] and [queenqin] Applause! Salute!
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Section 271
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PLA General Hospital
Baoqing took a taxi and arrived at the entrance of the building. There was a five-star red flag flying on the flagpole, wearing a nurse’s coat. Sister stuttered with a mobile phone in her hand and paced back and forth anxiously. I didn’t see Nian Xiaojing.
After a pause, she ran breathlessly over and shouted "stutter!" "
"You you come to July 7th-"
I don’t know if it’s because I’m in a hurry to suppress it or how this beautiful girl’s stuttering is not so serious today, so it’s just a matter of five words.
Treasure and pure walked over and held her hand "? Have Xiaojing and Nian’s mother come? "
"Not yet"
Nodded their heads, and the two men continued to wait anxiously for Nian Xiaojing to rent a courtyard house, which is far from the military general hospital, and took the old man to pack up his things in winter and then come out to take a taxi. How can it take some childhood?
I told my stuttering sister in detail that my mother had a cough and chest tightness before her symptoms, but she didn’t get better after taking the medicine. I got up early today and had a slight fever. Just before she spoke, my mother suddenly hemoptysis, which scared her to panic.
Fortunately, I didn’t wait long, but in two or three minutes, Nianxiaojing taxi was waiting at the gate of the general hospital.
The two girls rushed to meet them and helped Xiaojing to help her mother in the coming year. Her mother looked weaker than when she was eating dumplings in the quadrangle. She looked as pale as a piece of paper covering her chest and coughing, which seemed to be extremely difficult to breathe.
Bao Qi, holding her arm, comforted her by worrying about looking down the vest and looking at Nianxiaojing.
"Don’t be nervous, Xiaojing. It’s okay."
"Let’s go!" Small stutter face penetration often laugh without also follow nervous.
As we all know, the beds in the PLA General Hospital are tight. According to people’s exaggeration, it is not necessary to queue up for a month before. It is a nurse in this hospital who has been working for several years. She is simple and kind by nature and does not love disputes. Therefore, although she is not good at communication, she is deeply impressed that her colleagues like to have a bed, which is still easy to do.
Three girls holding Nian’s mother walked slowly to the door of the building. Just then, there was a sudden noise behind them. A car with a military license plate was pulled by the movable fence at the entrance of the hospital and quickly stopped beside them.
Not much to say, look at that military card and you will know that it is not an ordinary person.
There are not many coincidences in Kyoto.
It was in the wedding banquet hall that the autobots were so angry that they fainted. When the old man van hit the car door, he first jumped out of the car. It was wearing a groom’s costume, Fan Tie, and in front of him, he held his mother’s little well for the next year. Both of them were one leng
However, at this moment, no one will say much.
Fan Tie gave her a deep look and turned to give back the car Torre.
Unexpectedly, when he turned around, he was even more stunned.
Fan Tie, who has been awake, looks straight at the finger sticking out behind him. His face is shaking and his expression is strange. Fan Tie secretly guesses that he moved his mouth because he saw the well and then shut up.
At this time, he didn’t want to stimulate Dad any more. He didn’t say anything more. He turned dutifully and squatted down.
"Dad, I’ll carry you."
"… she, she is …" Fan Fu lips trembling eyes did not move the body did not move.
I raised my eyelids and saw that the well had left my back. Fan Tie sighed in his heart, "Dad, let’s see the doctor first."
Van old man looked straight away a few women direction line of sight some fuzzy.
For a moment, he moved slowly and leaned over his back.
"Mom, what happened to you! ? The doctor is coming soon. You have to endure a little. "Stuttering and arranging the ward, Xiaojing looked at her mother’s face and suddenly turned dark. Sitting on the edge of the bed, patting her back and asking anxiously.

Cheng was not worried about it. He looked at Zhong Tianyi up and down, accidentally saw the copper token around Zhong Tianyi’s waist, and then pretended to be surprised and said, "You? Who are you? How to be with coral? "

Zhong Tianyi hurriedly said, "Eh; ; ; ; ; ;”
Cheng Buyou turned his head and looked at it as a coral. Cheng Buyou hurriedly hugged Cheng Buyou’s arm: "Dad; ; ; ; ; ; This is Zhong Gongzi; ; ; ; ; ;”
Cheng Buyou glared at Cheng Coral: "What’s the matter? If you have new friends, don’t introduce them to your father. Do you not pay attention to your father? "
Zhong Tianyi quickly introduced himself to Cheng Buyou.
On the streets of Yangzhou City, Zhou Lishui hurried on, and the hawking sound of a peddler in the distance reached Zhou Lishui’s ear.
Sugar-Coated Berry; ; ; Sweet and big Sugar-Coated Berry ".
Zhou Lishui suddenly stopped, turned his head toward the peddler, and Sugar-Coated Berry held it in his hand. Zhou Lishui’s face showed a happy smile.
After listening to Zhong Tianyi’s self-introduction, Cheng Bu in the inn said, "Well! Zhong Gongzi has a grand appearance, and it’s not hard to see the shadow of your father’s clock leader from you. He is a promising young man. ; ; ; ; ; Teenagers are promising; ; ; ; ; ;”
Cheng Coral’s face lit up at the sight of his father’s praise.
At this time, Zhou Lishui and Li Rucai and Liu Xuanyu hurried back to the inn. Before they arrived at the guest room, they heard the conversation between Cheng Buyou and Cheng Coral. Several people did not take the snow off their bodies, so they hurriedly went to the place where Cheng Buyou talked and wanted to inform the master of what Lu Ming had done.
At the moment when Zhou Lishui entered the door, suddenly Zhong Tianyi’s treacherous eyes appeared in front of Zhou Lishui. More sadly, Cheng Coral also held the same Sugar-Coated Berry as himself.
Zhou Lishui suddenly understood the story.
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Chapter 240th Encounter your little denounced stubborn ACTS
Encounter a disciple who is expensive and less stubborn.
However, what appeared in front of Zhou Lishui was that Zhong Tianyi, the master of the sinful Lu Ming, had become good friends with Younger, who had missed him so much and grew up together since childhood, and it was very likely to develop into a relationship.
Zhou Lishui felt as if he had been hit by a blow, and jealousy was on his mind. In addition, Lu Ming was rescued by a mysterious person, Zhou Lishui suddenly became angry.
Regardless of whether the master is worried or not, he pointed to Zhong Tianyi and said angrily, "You; ; ; You little man? Why is it here? You go, you are not welcome here; ; ; ; ; ;”
Say that finish angry turned his head.
Cheng is not worried about hearing it seriously: "Glass water? Take a rude break? Haven’t you seen Brother Zhong Tianyi of Zhuxianmen? "
"I don’t want to know such a wicked person," Zhou Lishui said rudely.
Cheng was not worried, but it was inconvenient to show it. He quickly explained, "Eh! My nephew Tian Yishi, Li Shui may be tired today. I will definitely let him go and make amends another day. ; ; ; ; ;”
Zhong Tianyi knew what he had done, and Zhou Lishui knew it. He couldn’t help but kill himself, but it was inconvenient to be seen through at this time.
Hurriedly laughed and said, "I think Brother Zhou misunderstood me, so; ; ; I’ll excuse myself for a while, and one day I will personally come to explain it to Brother Zhou. ; ; ; ; ;”
Say that finish gently glanced at into coral, the opportunity to go out.
Zhou Lishui glared at Zhong Tianyi’s back and said to himself, "I’ll punish you sooner or later, brute."
Cheng Buyou glared at Zhou Lishui and said, "Lishui, you have something to say for the teacher."
Twist a head and walked to his room.
Zhou Lishui hurried to follow without worry.
In Cheng Buyou’s room, Zhou Lishui looked at Cheng Buyou’s livid face and said respectfully, "Master; ; ; ; ; ;”
Cheng Buyou thundered, "What else do you have to explain? Look what you’ve become. Have no respect for elders; ; ; ; ; ; Do you know who he is? He is a big disciple of Zhuxianmen, that is, Zhong Tianyi, the son of the current Wulin leader Zhong Wuyi. "
Cheng Yuru hurried forward to plead: "Brother, Li Shui has been naughty since he was a child, but he has never done anything that insults his legacy. Maybe Li Shui has his difficulties?"
Cheng Buyou glanced at Cheng Yuru and said, "You are used to it; ; ; ; ; ;” Say that finish stared at zhou glass water.
Zhou Lishui knelt down quickly, and then told Cheng Bu what Lu Ming had done.
Finally, he said, "Master, that Lu Ming was originally a disciple of Zhu Xianmen. I have met that Lu Ming with Zhong Tianyi many times. I dare to assert that what Lu Ming did was instructed by Zhong Tianyi. Please ask Master to observe it clearly."
Cheng Bu sighed with concern, got up and walked around the room for a moment and said, "Maybe they are in collusion, but you are a disciple of Ziwei Gate; ; ; ; ; ;”
Cheng Buyou suddenly thought of the whereabouts of the tiger’s roaring sword and Kirin satin, and his face changed quickly. He said softly, "But that’s all an internal matter of Zhuxianmen. Now it’s not easy for Ziwei Gate to stand in the Jianghu. Are we the opponents of Zhuxianmen on our own, Li Shui? Let’s put this matter aside for the time being, and wait until we take Mohongyan out of the dead stream."
Zhou Lishui looked at it with disbelief: "That; ; ; Did those old beggars die in vain? "
Cheng Buyou comforted: "Skynet is long and slow, but it is not leaking. It’s my duty to slay demons and get rid of them. Don’t worry, Li Shui, I will personally inform Zhong Wuyi, the leader of the alliance, and there will be an arbitration."
Zhou glass water that firm nodded his head.
Cheng Coral was talking with Li Rucai and Liu Xuanyu, when Zhou Lishui came in laughing and naughty, and went up to Cheng Coral and said, "Guess; ; ; Guess what I bought you? "
Li Rucai smiled and shook his head, and Liu Xuanyu laughed and said to himself, "What’s good?"
Cheng Coral looked at Zhou Lishui coldly and said, "What good things do you have? Look at the way you just looked, like seeing your enemy. Didn’t they just say a few more words to me? Do you need to make such a fuss? Fast; ; ; Take it out and let me have a look? "
Zhou glass water made a face, so therefore took out the string of Sugar-Coated Berry from the bosom, "ha; ; ; ; ; ; Haha; ; ; ; ; ; Look "
Hurriedly handed it to the hands of Cheng Coral.
Zhou Lishui saw that coral was getting better and said seriously, "Sister, that Zhong Tianyi is not a good thing. You’d better stay away from him."
Cheng Coral took Sugar-Coated Berry in his hand with a grin, and then handed it to Liu Xuanyu without cutting it. "Didn’t you say you love it?" I gave it to you; ; ; ; ; ; It is not a gentleman to speak ill of others behind their backs; ; ; ; ; ;”
At this time, Liu Xuanyu interjected forward: "Yes, school sister, that Zhong Tianyi is not a good thing. At first glance, he is a small white face and full of bad water."
Cheng Coral got up and pulled up the arms of Liu Xuanyu and others, and said angrily, "Well, I’m tired and have a rest; ; ; ; ; ;”
Say that finish reluctantly will zhou glass water three people out of the door.
Zhou Lishui looked at Cheng Coral’s indifference to himself, and a burst of bitterness hit her heart. At this time, she turned her head and glanced at the jars piled up in the distance and went straight over.
Shen Yunfei, the drunkard, had been waiting for a long time, raised the jar and handed it to Zhou Li Waterway: "Brother, I invite you; ; ; ; ; ;”
Zhou Lishui took the jar and drank it; ; ; ; ; ; The sound of shouting and drinking six came from the inn, which was very lively; ; ; ; ; ; The night has fallen asleep, and the snow outside the window is still falling, as if there is no nostalgia for such a beautiful scenery, and it disappears into the night in an instant.
The whole inn was quiet, and Shen Yunfei was drunk and leaned on the bench in the corner alone. Xiao Er repeatedly drove forward, but still failed to wake Shen Yunfei who was sleeping soundly. Helpless Xiao Er shook his head and returned to the counter to set up his bed and fell asleep. ; ; ; ; ; A black shadow passed through the roof covered with snow and came straight to the inn. When I looked close, I didn’t see the footprints left by the man on the snow. The black shadow was like a monkey climbing down the roof and sneaking into the inn along the gap in the window of the inn. All this went unnoticed.
Shen Yunfei in the corner raised his eyes slightly, with a smile on his face and secretly said, "You old thing, I haven’t seen your flying skills for a few days."
And then continue to sleep quietly.
Stay close to the black shadow, and I can vaguely see his face through the snow light in the darkness. He is Dong Qin, the evil god of Wanling Shinto.
Dong Qin stretched out his hand and covered his face with a veil, and in a flash he came to the house where he was not worried.
Then I turned my head to look at Shen Yunfei in the corner for a moment, and then I buckled a gap in front of the window that I was not worried about.
Through the gap in the dark room, Cheng Buyou and Cheng Yuru have fallen asleep.
Dong Qin slowly pushed open the window of Cheng Bu Yu, and was about to enter the room when suddenly there was a big shout of Cheng Bu Yu: "Who? ; ; ; ; ;”
Suddenly, Cheng Buyou jumped up with a sword in his hand and stabbed the shadow in front of the window.
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Chapter 241 The effect of chasing the lost chapter

As soon as Hu Na’s outstretched right hand was taken away, she looked at Zhang Chongxuan and said, "You came to pick a fight on purpose, didn’t you?"

Zhang Zhongxuan smiled and said, "I’m here for dinner." Zhang Zhongxuan put the chopsticks down, picked up the hip flask on the side and poured wine into the cup leisurely, saying, "Besides, if I haven’t finished this meal, there can’t be other guests in this staring building. I think you know what I mean."
Hu Na snorted and said, "Don’t take yourself too seriously."
Zhang Zhongxuan laughed, and his face turned pale: "Go down."
One side of the bartender in Zhang Chongxuan this drink, the whole people fell to the ground, face a cold sweat, while Hu Na stretched out his hand in front of Hu Yaozu, jade capacity change, the whole people like jade Luo Cha, she looked at Zhang Chongxuan, stretched out his hand and snapped a palm, this palm without a trace of interest, but Zhang Chongxuan knew that this palm contained infinite pitfalls, and he picked up the chopsticks on the table and gently hit the air, and immediately two gas strength from him.
Hu Na was angry and shouted, "You …"
Zhang Zhongxuan laughed, stood up and said, "If you don’t want any trouble, then come with me." Zhang Zhongxuan said. Reaching for the railing by the window, the whole person flew into the air.
Hu Na looked at Zhang Zhongxuan’s ethereal figure and said to Hu Yaozu next to her, "Dad, I’ll take care of things and come back then."
Hu Na chased Zhang Zhongxuan all the way, but who thought that Zhang Zhongxuan stopped at the edge of a cliff and stood with a negative hand. Watching her fly in with ease.
As soon as Hu Na landed, she looked at Zhang Chongxuan coldly. "What do you want?"
Zhang Zhongxuan looked at Hu Na and said, "Uncle Tan and I made an agreement first, but this position as the head of Kunlun must be inherited." Zhang Zhongxuan said that he took out the Kunlun Order, and the Kunlun Order was in the night light, and the sky was blooming with Xuan Qingguang, and the word Kunlun on the operator was even more red and red.
"Kunlun order?" Hu Na suspected that as a disciple of Kunlun, she had naturally heard of Kunlun’s orders. And after the head of Kunlun soared, Tan Yushi secretly asked people to find the whereabouts of Kunlun Ling, and prepared to give Hu Na the position of the head directly by Kunlun Ling, so Zhang Zhongxuan debuted Kunlun Ling as soon as he flashed the mouth of Kunlun Ling.
Zhang Zhongxuan nodded and said, "Yes, it is the Kunlun Order."
Hu Na looked at Zhang Chongxuan coldly and said, "What do you mean?"
Zhang Zhongxuan simply said, "It’s very simple. I don’t want the position of head of Kunlun Sect to be always empty. Since only you and I are fighting for the position of the leader, and Uncle Fu sacrificed him and Brother Minghang to save me, in this way, whoever killed many people on our trip will be the leader. How about killing fewer people and automatically giving up competing for the position of head? Of course, if you feel that you don’t have this strength, then forget it. "
Hu Na said without hesitation, "OK, that’s it."
Zhang Zhongxuan showed a smile at the corner of his mouth. These days, he talked with his disciples every day. Although he knew the Kunlun Sect, he increased his influence in the hearts of his disciples. But in fact, it is also investigating Hu Na’s personality. As early as that day at the banquet, Zhang Zhongxuan felt that Hu Na was too conceited. In a few days of communication with his disciples, Zhang Zhongxuan confirmed what he thought. Although Hu Na was gifted, he was a supercilious person. When he knew everything, he sent someone to investigate everything in Hu Na, which naturally led to the first play today.
Zhang Zhongxuan looked at the moonlight and said, "In that case, get up now." Zhang Zhongxuan said, and his figure flew towards the Kongtong School, but Hu Na was not backward. When Zhang Zhongxuan’s figure was together, he followed up, so they flew side by side towards the Kongtong School.
After flying all night, they finally came to the vicinity of Kongtong Mountain. Zhang Zhongxuan reached out into the air, and suddenly a black hole appeared on Zhang Zhongxuan’s right hand. Zhang Zhongxuan reached out and pulled out two sets of night clothes from it, reaching for a set of night clothes for Hu Na, saying, "Put it on, since the winner is the head of the Kunlun Sect, you have to consider it for the Kunlun Sect."
Hu Na stretched out his hand and took it. Without further ado, he put it on his body. Hu Na reached for a sacrifice, and the air was suddenly distorted. A bright light came from the air, and then appeared in front of Zhang Zhongxuan. It was a pure white sword. Hu Na reached out and held the sword, and the white sword was full of brilliance, without a trace of brilliance.
Zhang Zhongxuan couldn’t help praising: "Good sword, I wonder what the name of Hu Shimei’s flying sword is?"
Hu Na said coldly, "Panlong Sword."
When Zhang Zhongxuan heard the word Panlong Sword, he couldn’t help thinking of Xie Kexin and Xie Keying’s old enemy Panlong bodhi old zu. He couldn’t help laughing absurdly and said, "Otherwise, take her to feed the yin dragon of Panlong bodhi old zu."
Zhang Zhongxuan was thinking, and Hu Na urged: "Don’t get up yet."
Zhang Zhongxuan laughed and said, "Ok, go." Zhang Zhongxuan said that the whole person was in shape together and took the lead in flying towards Kongdong.
There is a habit among the three schools of shushan, kongtong and kunlun, that is, sometimes they will hold a meeting in the square they sent. At that time, as long as they are from their own school, they are basically all present, unless some people have something important to do, they don’t have to attend.
Before Zhang Chongxuan came to Kongtong, he had called Liang Zhan and Liang Guang to tell Zhao Zifeng to find out. Today, at noon, the emperor of the capital of a big country will come to worship his ancestors in Kongtong. Naturally, according to the practice of Kongtong, a meeting will be held in the morning. Zhang Chongxuan is not worried. The strength of Kongtong School is much worse than that of Shushan and Kunlun, and the reason why Kongtong School can be called the three schools of the fix-true world together with Shushan and Kunlun. It’s because Kongtong has practiced on the premise of money. Over the years, the Kongtong school has become the national religion of a big country’s capital, and its reputation is even louder. Unfortunately, its strength has begun to decline. Otherwise, Zhang Zhongxuan wouldn’t be so aware of Zhang Dan’s story that Hu Nalai came to Kongtong to smash a venue. With him and Hu Na, two people in the rising period, it is only natural that the three ancestors of the Kongtong Sect and the Taoist priest Yu Qing should be divided into two to deal with them. Naturally, with his Zhang Chongxuan’s strength, he can kill countless people in it and put it in Hu Na. According to Zhang Chongxuan, this woman is not simple, and she is not as good as Li Muran. Judging from Li Muran, Fu Minghang and Hu Na, it is not a hollow reputation that Kunlun Sect can sit firmly as the first sect in the world.
In the square, Jade Qing Taoist priest was about to speak when he suddenly felt two murderous looks coming from the air, followed by two bodies falling down. A white light and a green light flashed in the air, and suddenly there was a terrible sound from disciples all around, followed by bodies flying out. Jade virtual long face a change. He shouted, "Man, how dare you attack me?" Said the figure together, the whole people in the night clothes Zhang Chongxuan and Hu Na attack, and aside to kongdong three ancestors nature is to attack.
See jade qing long and kongdong three ancestors attack, Zhang Zhongxuan slightly hidden part of his strength, and sure enough. In the third ancestor of Kongtong, Mo Huai and Yu Qing, the eldest brothers, attacked Hu Na, while Fan Shande and Kang Mingsheng, who were slightly less powerful, flew to Zhang Chongxuan.
Zhang Chongxuan came to Kongtong on this trip, but then he took a green lightsaber. For him, Wu Xiu knows a lot anyway. It is easy to kill these low-ranking disciples in Kongtong, but for Fan Shande and Kang Mingsheng, Zhang Chongxuan, who uses ordinary green lightsaber, dare not take the sword and send it to them casually. After all, he uses real yuan to condense the gas sword.
The disciples around us are all low-ranking disciples. It doesn’t help at all. Persuaded by the elders of Du Jie period, they scattered to both sides. However, Zhang Chongxuan and Hu Na came to Kongtong to kill people, and it was more than killing people. Naturally, they wouldn’t just fight with Taoist Jade Qing and Kongtong people. I saw Zhang Chongxuan’s real yuan rebounded by Fan Shande, and his sword in his hand grew wantonly. Immediately, he made a few noises, and dozens of disciples whistled a blood sword, all of which was hit by a sword in his chest.
Just listening to Zhang Chongxuan’s figure, he stretched out his hand and released a real yuan to meet a grasp from Kang Mingsheng, and shouted, "Thirty-five."
Zhang Chongxuan this shout, while shangdi huna heart is nasty, she came to this trip, just came down with Zhang Chongxuan, he killed 30, Zhang Chongxuan killed 20, and now Zhang Chongxuan single-handedly killed 15, while she was driven by Mo Huai and Jade Qing Taoist priest, but it was impossible to break up to kill disciples. The andao should not have promised Zhang Chongxuan to come here to win.
Zhang Chongxuan went all the way down, very carefree, killing everyone he saw, ignoring the disciples of Kongtong School and Kang Mingsheng and Fan Shande, and suddenly killed hundreds of disciples of Kongtong School. It’s no wonder that Kongtong disciples are weak or Kang Mingsheng and Fan Shande are useless. Zhang Chongde However, because Zhang Chongxuan started playing without touching the edge, he wandered among Kongtong disciples. Kang Mingsheng and Fan Shande did not dare to sacrifice instruments for fear of accidentally injuring his disciples. Just because of this, more and more disciples were rejuvenated and became wandering souls under Zhang Chongxuan’s sword.
At this time, it is early in the morning, and the air in the Kongtong school square in the quiet Kongtong mountain was originally fragrant. Now, there is a strong bloody air in the square, and the square is full of corpses and rivers of blood.
"Uncle Mo, I’ll go first." Jade Qing Taoist priest, who is already aware of Hu Na’s strength, knows that Hu Na is no match for Mo Huai. Seeing his disciples under Zhang Chongxuan, he suffered many casualties. Together with his body, he came to Zhang Chongxuan’s side. Jade Qing long this change, Zhang Chongxuan suddenly complained, although he started holding the hit and run tactics, but after all, it is three masters of the rising period, which is real, not virtual, so Zhang Chongxuan can’t freely kill the low-order disciples of Kongtong School, but Zhang Chongxuan paused here, and Hu Na came on over there, because Hu Na and Zhang Chongxuan are about. Now that Taoist Jade Qing is gone, she also learns Zhang Zhongxuan’s tactics, and she shuttles and slaughters among her Kongtong disciples. Poor Kongtong, one of the three major schools in the field of repairing the truth, has become a sacrificial lamb under this toss and turn.
There were more and more bodies, and Hu Na’s eyes were red when he killed them. Mo Huai roared and finally became angry. At this time, Zhang Zhongxuan knew that things would be bad, and Mo Huai began to have no scruples. Then Jade Qing and other three people naturally have a school, and I’m afraid they can’t escape if they want to.
Zhang Zhongxuan figure together, without looking at the jade qing three people who followed him, flew straight to Hu Na’s side. "Let’s go," he said. "I lost."
When Hu Na heard Zhang Zhongxuan’s words, he was stunned and said, "You really lost?" Originally, under the pressure of Mo Huai, Hu Na killed more than one hundred people, far from Zhang Zhongxuan’s more than three hundred people. She didn’t believe that Zhang Zhongxuan would give up, because she gave up. That would mean that Zhang Chongxuan gave up his position as head of the company.
At this moment, Zhang Zhongxuan held out a palm, and he and Hu Na were almost posted. This palm was silent, and Hu Na didn’t react, and the whole person flew out. However, Zhang Zhongxuan didn’t hide anything. The whole person flew to Hu Na with all his strength, reaching out and holding Hu Na’s hand. At this moment, Zhang Zhongxuan threw his left hand back, and suddenly several pink smoke barriers came out of thin air, only to hear Taoist Jade Qing exclaim: "It’s poison gas, quick, trap these poison gases."
Zhang Zhongxuan corners of the mouth raise a smile, these poison barrier but he would have done well. The poison barrier inside will diffuse as soon as it reaches the air. But also can cover people’s line of sight, which covers people’s line of sight or specifically for the fix true person. So naturally, Taoist Jade Qing and Kongtong Sanzu can’t see the situation of Zhang Zhongxuan and Hu Na.
Zhang Zhongxuan stretched out his hand and tore it into the air, and immediately tore the space, leaving it with Hu Na, who was seriously injured by him.
After a flight in space, Zhang Zhongxuan flew out with Hu Nafei. At this time, Hu Na looked pale. Just now, Zhang Zhongxuan’s palm not only shattered the true yuan in his body, but also sealed her body with spells, which made her unable to move.
Hu Na looked at Zhang Zhongxuan and said, "What do you want to do?"
Zhang Zhongxuan’s hands crossed in front of Hu Na, and Hu Na suddenly felt only a very heavy scent. The ghosting of the bodies of Kongtong School and the place where the blood flowed into the square, the broken hands, feet, body and intestines, Hu Na’s stomach churned, and well, he suddenly vomited.
Zhang Zhongxuan laughed: "That was just a meeting ceremony, and the next step is the key."
Zhang Zhongxuan stretched out his hand on Hu Na, and laid a few laws to hold his figure. Then he pulled up Hu Na, and, without thinking, he reached out and offered the divine sand and flew into the air.
"I want to tell the master." Hu Na cried and stared at Zhang Chongxuan mercilessly. Unfortunately, Zhang Chongxuan didn’t look back at her, but just kept flying forward.
After flying for a long time, Zhang Zhongxuan finally stopped. In front of him, it was a deserted nunnery. This nunnery was already dilapidated. On the plaque in front of the gate, there were cobwebs, but the cobwebs could not cover the three words on the big plaque-Wu Xiupai. This is where Xie Kexin and Xie Keying once lived. Diancang Mountain.
Zhang Zhongxuan knew this place because when Xie Kexin and Xie Keying were accepted, the two sisters suddenly thought of their master’s quiet one day. At that time, Zhang Zhongxuan was afraid that she would get caught up in the past love of quiet and quiet, so she came to see it together and naturally remembered this place.
Zhang Zhongxuan looked at the ruined gate and wondered, "Aren’t the old nun and Panlong in this monastery?" Error-free novel network does not skip words. Zhang Chongxuan stretched out his foot and kicked the door of Wu Xiupai, and walked towards the inside, only to find that all the utensils in the nunnery had a thick layer of dust. Zhang Chongxuan put it away and immediately put it around Diancang Mountain. When he put it away, he immediately found that there were about ten people, including the recluse teacher and Panlong bodhi old zu.
Zhang Zhongxuan’s figure together, pulling Hu Na, flew to the place where Teacher Jingyi and Panlong bodhi old zu were located.
Suddenly, Zhang Zhongxuan took Hu Nafei to the front of a cave. Zhang Zhongxuan didn’t hesitate. He walked in the hall. In the cave, a huge bed was made with snow silk, and on it, the bodhi old zu Panlong was hugging four young naked women and kissing me. On the side, it was a naked recluse teacher who was also hugging four men and kissing me.
Teacher Jingyi and the bodhi old zu Panlong were all surprised when they found out that Zhang Chongxuan was coming. When the bodhi old zu Panlong saw Zhang Zhongxuan’s hand pulling Hu Na. I couldn’t help sticking out a long tongue and adding a little lip, and my face was slanted. When I saw Zhang Zhongxuan, the quiet teacher also showed a slanted expression.
Zhang Zhongxuan took one look at the bodhi old zu in Panlong. Over the years, the bodhi old zu in Panlong has reached the Du Jie period, but the recluse teacher on the side is still a poor class. Looking at Teacher Jingyi’s appearance, Zhang Zhongxuan already knew that she was completely become.
Hu Na behind Zhang Zhongxuan also saw the situation of Panlong bodhi old zu and Jing Yi teacher. Face a red, tilting his head.
Panlong bodhi old zu and Jing Yi teacher couldn’t see Zhang Zhongxuan’s strength. Naturally, after being taken aback, Zhang Zhongxuan didn’t rest assured. One side of Jing Yi teacher stood up, twisted her red luo body, and came towards Zhang Zhongxuan, which was extremely flattering. "Little brother, do you want me to accompany you?" he said angrily.
Zhang Zhongxuan looked at Teacher Jingyi with disdain and said, "No need." He reached for a shot, and immediately a stream of Xuanqing Zhenyuan shot out from his fingers, and without any accident, it hit the recluse teacher. As soon as that Xuanqing Zhenyuan was scattered, the recluse teacher flew out, and his cultivation had been tied.
The bodhi old zu Panlong is a wise man. When I saw Zhang Chongxuan, I knew that I was no match for Zhang Chongxuan. I said timidly, "Daxian forgives, Daxian forgives."
Zhang Zhongxuan didn’t reply. He lifted Hu Na toward the bodhi old zu in Panlong, and Hu Na landed firmly in front of the bodhi old zu in Panlong. Zhang Zhongxuan said, "She is yours. Enjoy her in front of me."

If possible, Chang Sheng feels that even the goalkeeper Handanovic doesn’t need to play.

From the beginning of the game, it was a one-sided situation. Lazio bombarded Mazembe’s goal, hoping to score early.
As long as Lazio can score first, there is no suspense in this game, no matter how many goals have been scored in recent years, as long as Lazio leads.
Therefore, the tactics and goals of Lazio after the start of the game are all aimed at scoring goals.
Optimistic Lazio fans think that within ten minutes of the opening ceremony, this little-known Mazembe will surrender and open their gates to welcome Lazio.
Lazio fans who claim to be rational are not so optimistic. They think Lazio can finish one or two goals in the first half.
Even the players themselves think so. It may be difficult to score in ten minutes, but it should be no problem to take the lead in the first half.
So they played as relaxed as in previous games.
Even some … do whatever you want.
They think they can score a goal in the first 30 minutes.
But after thirty minutes, the score was still 0: 0.
Lazio scored six goals in these 30 minutes, with an average of one goal in five minutes.
This performance can’t be said to be bad.
But the score hasn’t changed.
Lazio players found that the situation was not as simple as they appeared.
The optimistic Lazio fans in the stands and in front of the TV set were also silent.
The commentator has stopped saying such kind words as "how excellent Lazio is", "Lazio has completely mastered the initiative" and "Lazio’s goal is in sight".
They began to change their minds and said, "Mazembe’s performance is very tenacious!" "Mazembe’s defensive tactics are quite successful!" "Mazembe’s players are full of morale and energy …"
Under the field of winning also frowned.
He guessed the tactics correctly and got to know the team well.
But what he didn’t expect was that the team’s determination to win the championship was far more determined than he thought.
Chapter three hundred and twenty-seven This bad luck!
Lazio got a little impatient in the last ten minutes of the first half.
They want to get out of that relaxed slow rhythm and speed up, but this rhythm can’t be changed if you want.
They tried to speed up, but they lost control of the speed.
The result is impatience, going too far.
Basically, there is no cooperation. It is very simple to cooperate, mainly to go it alone.
Naturally, there is no quality in such a game.
Until the end of the first half, Lazio launched another attack.
I’m still going it alone this time, mainly relying on the personal strength of the stars.
But unlike before, it seems to be very promising this time?
Gotze broke into the restricted area from the ribs, and then suddenly shot a cold shot!
This kick is quite powerful, which fully reflects the level of the player Gotze!
The football was so ill and tricky that Mazembe’s goalkeeper couldn’t save it at all. Although he made a save, the football had already passed before his hand arrived!
Many Lazio fans are ready to cheer at this moment!
It seems that nine times out of ten, this kick will be scored!
But in the blink of an eye, the football hit the beam!
The fans in Mazembe are all relieved.
But at that moment, just before their breath was completely released, the football bounced back, but it didn’t go too far, but fell to the door!
At this time, the goalkeeper was still lying on the ground and didn’t get up. Mazembe’s goal was empty!
No one is guarding!
As long as someone can mend a foot or a head … Lazio can take the lead before the end of the first half!
Klose, the center who started the game, jumped high!
As an air fighter, this kind of header is almost certain for him.
As long as he hits the ball, it will fly into the goal.

Then he was taken by Juventus.

I don’t know whether Juventus took the initiative to find him or whether his agent promoted him to Juventus.
Anyway, Melo finally moved to Juventus for 25 million euros. He was the transfer target of Juventus that year.
And the result?
Later, he was named as the most unsuccessful signing of Juventus, a big parallel import. He also won the Serie A Gold Junk Award that year-this award was specially awarded to those players whose performance was disappointing.
Changsheng doesn’t know if Melo will behave so badly when he goes to Juventus. But at least you can make a lot of money by selling Merlot.
As for whether Melo and Juventus can get along well, it doesn’t matter if they always win.
He is now waiting for a call from Juventus.
Juventus didn’t keep Chang Sheng waiting too long.
Before the last round of the league, Changsheng received a phone call from the new general manager of Juventus, Blanco.
On the phone, Blanco asked for Melo as soon as he came up.
"We are interested in Felipe Melo." The other party said.
Changsheng now really suspects that whether in this time and space or in that time and space, Melo’s agent is the middle contact.
Otherwise, how can it be two worlds? Juventus is still so diligent about Melo? Time is different, the situation is different, but their love for Melo has not changed.
Constant victory will not let Juventus know that he is willing to sell Melo.
So he simply rejected Blanco.
"Melo is the main midfielder of Lazio, the absolute core. We will not sell such an important player. "
He is not afraid that Juventus will give up.
If this is really Melo’s agent behind the contact … Juventus will always get it back.
Besides, even if Juventus are not interested, there will always be other teams coming to be the catcher.
As long as the price is right, who is not a pit … Oh, no, who is it for sale?
As for the fact that he obviously wants to sell Melo, he wants to put Melo’s statement that Lazio can’t play without him. Why?
Because he wants Juventus to know how good Melo is and how important he is to Lazio. So such an important and outstanding player will make Juventus more excited.
Moreover, the core of Lazio’s midfield has been dug away, which can also serve the purpose of attacking Lazio and weakening its strength.
Kill two birds with one stone.
Therefore, the more Changsheng attaches importance to Melo, the more Juventus want to poach Melo, no matter what the cost.
It’s useless for Changsheng to regard Melo as his own son.
In order to successfully sell Melo at a high price, it is natural for the winner to vigorously advocate the role of Melo.
Of course, it’s useless to give it to the general manager of Juventus, Blanco.
He also needs more people to talk about Melo’s goodness and form public opinion influence.
Then the layman Blanco will be more determined not to want Merlot, no matter how much money he pays, he will dig Merlot!
Because he will be convinced that Felipe Melo is the cornerstone of Juventus’ revival and the most important piece in the puzzle of Juventus’ future dynasty!
Chapter one hundred and forty-nine How to sell Melo for a big price
In the final round of the league, Lazio lost to Siena 1-2 away, ending all their games in the 2006-2007 season.
In this last round, Lazio have nothing to want, and it is normal for them to lose to Siena.
However, the competition between other teams is still fierce.
The Champions League qualification dispute between AC Milan and Florence vanished with AC Milan winning the Champions League.
Because AC Milan won the Champions League, according to the regulations, the defending champions can automatically participate in the Champions League next season, starting from the qualifiers.
In this way, one seat in Serie A will be cut.
So even if Florence is now ranked fourth, it has already lost the qualification for the Champions League next season.
This fact hit Florence hard.
Although they were two points ahead of AC Milan before the final round, everything changed after AC Milan won the Champions League in the middle of the week.
Fiorentina lost the hope of advancing to the Champions League, and also lost the goal and motivation of struggle.
As a result, Florence lost to Sampdoria at home, while AC Milan beat Reggina away.
AC Milan finally ranked fourth in the league by one point, while Florence fell to fifth. But it doesn’t make any difference, anyway, they have long been doomed to participate in the UEFA Cup …
Just because AC Milan beat Liverpool in the final and won the Champions League.
Under the influence of Calciopoli, we can still win the Champions League. AC Milan surprised everyone-except for the constant victory.
Kaka did well in winning the bid in the Champions League, winning two awards, the top scorer and the best player, with ten goals.
If nothing unexpected happens, he will win this year’s European Golden Globe Award and World Footballer of the Year.
This is the peak of Kaka’s career.
Next, he began to decline gradually.
But even then, he is still strong.
Constant success can’t be picked up if it’s like picking up cheap.
In the end, Lazio ranked first with 30 wins, 5 draws, 3 losses and 95 points, while Inter Milan ranked second with 82 points and Rome ranked third with 74 points. AC Milan ranked fourth with 68 points. Florence can only be ranked fifth with 67 points and play in the UEFA Cup next season. Palermo ranked sixth and qualified for the UEFA Cup.
The three teams relegated are Chievo, messina and ascoli.
After the league, fans and players can have a rest.
The manager and head coach of the team will continue to be busy.
Signing work has started from this moment.
This summer, Lazio has not made any big moves in signing for the time being. The main job is to do everything possible to sell Melo, and to sell it at a high price.
Melo has performed well in Lazio these two seasons, and he is the main player and the core of the midfield.
Such players have not only been selected for the Brazilian national team by their outstanding performance, but also attracted the favor of other giants.
Juventus is not the first team to show interest in Melo.
Real Madrid, which has been looking for a good midfielder, is also drooling over Melo.