The drizzle is hazy, but my eyes are wet.

Chapter 59 Mourning Grass Are you afraid?
It’s already three o’clock in the afternoon after three rounds of drinking and four people drinking
Erxiu chats with mobile phone Q, but just received a K from Liu Yao. The expression is Erxiu’s head sank into the white. What does this mean? What is more, Lu Yao told himself last night that he was going to see October? Who told me that today is so special that it just happened to be Tianyu’s big day to take revenge and implement the plan?
Tianyu drinks the most, and his consciousness is a little fuzzy. He is supported by the most sober little white, while Erxiu and Xiaoyao are talking and laughing. I don’t know if I am drunk.
When they left the hotel, they stopped a taxi and went back to Chenguang Community.
When I got home, Tianyu fell asleep for two wheezes and went back to my room.
Xiao Bai seems to be an innocent person. Open his brain.
The light from the brain screen in the small white eyes highlights a hint of cunning in his eyes.
"Tianyu this person’s mind is not careful enough …" The little white looked back and snored Tianyu’s heart was not thinking of calling him "silly bear" by a first-name basis.
Then Xiao Bai shook his head and sighed, "Let’s see …"
After five o’clock in the afternoon, Mu Xue came back from the outside, and her face was full of "fans", "confusions" and "shadows". She really couldn’t figure out a problem.
"Tianyu!" Mu Xue used to’ sex’ and yelled at Tianyu’s room.
Li Tianyu is Zhuang Zhouqi at this time. Maybe he saw something in his dream and woke up suddenly and replied, "Alas ~"
Xiao Bai felt ashamed and said, "Do they have a heart?"
Tianyu woke up a lot and rushed out to ask Mu Xue, "What’s wrong with Xue?"
"Guess who called me today?" Mu Xue mysterious smile asked.
Tianyu shook his head.
Mu Xue didn’t sell it. He smiled and said, "It was my original company that hid bss. I heard that he was the boss, the housekeeper, and everyone called him Dragon Butler."
Tianyu listened to tilting his head to steal a quick adjustment and asked curiously, "Oh? Why did he call you and say something? "
"Yes, I didn’t believe he was cheating, but I believed him when he told me the names of important people in the company and he wanted me to be the head of the sales department …"
"God has such a good thing? You resigned on your own initiative because of the general manager Guo Yu. Now do you want your sheep’ meat’ to enter the tiger’s mouth again? " Tianyu so angry said
Mu Xue nodded his head and replied, "Well, I refused."
"…" Tianyu Petrochemical immediately said slowly, "Why did you refuse such a good opportunity?"
"I just left Yan’s company soon. It’s not white. I went back and took the position of director of the department. What would my colleagues think? Besides, my ability is not enough to manage. At most, I can grind my teeth with customers and have a war of words. "Mu Xue said seriously.
Tianyu thoughtful finally nodded his head.
After dinner, Tianyu went back to his room and Xiaobai went to Erxiu, where his head was still heavy because of Erxiu. It seems that he really drank too much, but his brain network.
"Are you there? Check qq mail, I gave you the video. "
Tianyu just qq when he received a message from poison elder sister.
"Video?" Tianyu muttered a little, opened his qq mailbox, and really received two videos from poison elder sister.
"What is this video?" Tianyu message replied
Tang Xiguo had finished school at this time and just replied in front of his head, "haven’t you seen it yet?" It’s just that the demonstration videos of mourning grass clothes and ice robes have recorded good results several times. Because you are’ quite’ and have ideas for you, I want to listen to your opinions. If there is no problem, we will take these two videos after receiving the goods. "
"Well, I’ll have a look first." Tianyu immediately replied.
Then click on the video
It’s a red-eyed opponent with a meteor knife. It’s a devil may cry.
The devil may cry wearing armor is just a grass vest of mourning.
The red god is very sharp. A mountain collapse hit and then a flat cut started. It also triggered the meteor knife effect and a meteorite fell.
And the devil may cry was chopped by red eye, and then a wailing grass was planted in the ground, which obviously triggered the special effect of wailing grass vest
Fruit wailing grass was attacked by fire’ sex’ too knife meteor and immediately exploded, which also caused damage to red eye and caused the ghost to cry and float to the ground.
This video is based on the red-eye attack, and the main devil may cry is like a target. The effect of the grass vest is easy to trigger.
Five sorrowful grass fruits were planted in one field, and all exploded, interrupting the red-eye combo.
If it weren’t for the wailing grass explosion, you would have been able to withstand the red-eye combo at most.
Tianyu closes this video and opens another video.
This time, it’s a video of sword soul versus red eye.
However, the sword soul level is 4, and the red eye is 53.
That ice robe is worn on the red eye.
The video was played five times in almost three minutes, and an average of one game could trigger the effect of ice robes twice. The ghost in the sword soul hit a few red eyes and was frozen.
Tianyu frowned after reading it and typed to poison elder sister, "Is the optical video too monotonous?"
"It seems a bit monotonous," Tang Xiguo replied quickly.


Chapter four hundred and twenty-four Suicide
If you want to kill someone before, it is impossible for this kind of thing to happen to the demon family, because their lives are more valuable than human lives, but now it is not before or now, and it is an era when human beings in the Tianlan demon world are changing their minds!
All those people who were extremely helpful to the arrival of help from the Zhengxian Society really didn’t mean anything about their voices. They really wanted to kill the golden lion.
Xiao Wen naturally won’t show mercy, but one hand presses the right fist of the golden lion’s neck, which is about to hit him, but it’s right. The crazy and playful eyes of the golden lion immediately raise a sense of strength. Obviously, the golden lion knows born to die and is not afraid of death. The golden lion told Xiao Wen in his eyes to kill it and Qian Qian to come out with it.
These unscrupulous low-level monster beasts have brought great trouble to Zhengxian Society in recent days! The most tenacious resistance of zhengxianhui to lead the rise of mankind is from the lowest level of demon race. This situation is really unexpected for those high-level officials of zhengxianhui.
There was a strong smell of blood in his nose, and Xiao Wen could tell how many people the golden lion had killed, but even if it killed one, it wouldn’t spare it!
Punch out!
Xiao asked the physical strength to punch through the head of the golden lion!
The eye golden lion will die in Xiao Wenquan Zhengxian Club, and those low-ranking monks and ordinary people have their hearts tightened because they can finally get revenge.
However, in the middle of this time, there was a sudden cry "Wait!"
Xiao asked immediately stopped listening to the sound and turned to those low-order monks and ordinary people with puzzled faces.
It was later that the speaker arrived at Xiahou Ren. He never left the gate of the Duke’s mansion and didn’t care about others’ doubts and accusations. His eyes were staring at the golden lion.
The golden lion is dead, and naturally he won’t be afraid of Xiahou Ren, but at that moment, he shivered for no reason and felt a frightening chill.
Golden lion’s eyes are crazy and playful, but Xiahou Ren’s eyes are even crazier and more playful!
With a contemptuous smile, Xiahou Renqing said, "I’ll destroy it."
"Shout …"
They were all holding their breath. They wanted to know that Xiahou Ren had stopped them from hearing such an answer. They were holding their breath in their chests and suddenly spit it out.
Xiao asked is one leng and then did not hesitate to bend his right elbow and directly hit his right forearm flat on the golden lion’s head and directly hit the golden lion unconscious.
"But does anyone know where the lion lives?" Xiahou ren asked
"It’s Whistling Mountain, where the lion lives. It’s seven thousand miles southeast of Huashan Mountain." There is a low-order monk who is a fairy society.
"Let’s go together" Xiahou Rendao
Just after the words fell, there was a golden light rushing out of the Rendan field in Xiahou, and it was more than a mile in the Zhonghua Wing Exhibition.
Now Xiahou Ren is more comfortable in controlling the Golden Body Shengpeng and Thunderstorm God Ape, and can already bring them into Dantian. Although it has not established a blood mark, the progress is still much greater than before.
The Golden Body Shengpeng is like a golden cloud with its wings slowly vibrating and floating in the Lord’s Mansion. Because Huayan Mountain City is too small, the volume of the Golden Body Shengpeng has already exceeded the Lord’s Mansion several times, covering almost half of Huayan Mountain City.
At that time, the city shook and those people in front of the duke’s house were dumbfounded.
Xiahou Ren didn’t care so much and Xiao Wen made an eye for Se, and then both of them wrapped up in Qi Qi Shi Daoli, and all of them teleported to the back of the Golden Body Saint Peng.
"hey! ! !”
The Golden Body Shengpeng rushed out of Huayan Mountain City with a flutter of his wings, and quickly turned into a jin hong and disappeared into the eyes of the people in Huayan Mountain City.
Until now, the Golden Body Shengpeng carried those members of the Zhengxian Society back to God and realized who they were!
Xiahou Ren!
You Kirin, who owns the ninth-order monster beast, has dropped the ninth-order golden body Shengpeng and Thunderstorm God Ape, which have become famous throughout the Tianlan demon world.
What about the other guy?
Judging from its appearance and figure, is it not more famous than Xiahou Ren?
Reminiscent of Tian Lan’s demon world, Xiao Wen, who said that this person could really be Xiao Wen!
Because Xiao Wen is particularly approachable, he doesn’t feel like a hero until he gets along with him for a long time.
This time they turned out to be Xiao Wen and Xiahou Ren!
Excited, excited and trembling, everyone could hardly speak.
In addition to that, the speed of Zhongtian Dunju Golden Body Shengpeng is almost the most 7,000-mile journey in Tianlan demon world, and it will soon take everyone to Whistling Mountain.
Xiao Shan Zhan Shi Tian Lan demon lion clan is excellent in fighting. At the peak of Xiao Shan, there was a fairy king, a fairy house and more than a dozen immortals. However, the peak of Xiao Shan Zhan Shi has long passed, and it’s even worse. In the past six months, there have been many battles between the gods and the immortals.
Nowadays, there are no more than ten big immortals in the roaring mountain and lion fairy house, and the rest of the low-ranking ones are not too many.
After coming to Xiaoshan, only a few stars can be seen in the field of vision, and the rest should be hidden in the dark to practice or rest
After the Golden Body Shengpeng stopped at Gao Hou, Xiahou Ren took the dizzy golden lion in his hand with one hand, and the golden lion woke up with his eyes open.
At first, the golden lion was a little confused, and then he recognized where it was now.
Xiahou Ren smiled at the Golden Lion and then exhaled outward without any hesitation.
"Whistling mountain lion clan, listen, I’m a fairy meeting Xiahou Ren! Our Zhengxian Society has made a pact of non-aggression with Liangshan Demon League, but your fighting lion suddenly rushed into Huayan Mountain City to kill and kill dozens of our Zhengxian Society! I didn’t punish Xiahou for coming to destroy you. Don’t forget this genocide after you die. It’s because of this lion. You can also turn a spectre into a ghost to seek revenge with Xiahou. I’m always waiting! "
Don’t wait for the roaring mountain and the lion clan to react. Xiahou Rendantian’s green Se Lei Guang suddenly rushed out in the middle, gathering more and more, and finally turning into a thunderstorm ape!
"roar! ! !”
Thunderstorm god apes face upwards whistling a shock mountain forest and then suddenly rushed straight right fist Lei Guang has been dazzling to let people look straight!
The light continues to condense into several green and white arcs, which spill out from the right fist of the Thunderstorm Ape, and slowly swing like strips of live thunder tentacles. The Thunderstorm Ape is getting faster and faster and closer to the ground!
Thousands of feet, 600 feet …
"boom! ! !”
Thunderstorm ape’s right fist with a piercing eye finally landed on the ground!
Visible to the naked eye, every ray of light is as thick as a child’s arm when the thunderstorm god ape fist spreads from the valley at a high speed!
Five miles, ten miles, thirty miles, fifty miles! ! !
Whistling mountain is surrounded by mountains and lions all live on the hillside around the mountain in the middle valley. At this moment, the huge valley and the side around the mountain seem to have become another world of light!
This week, those who can’t fly in the Xiaoshan Warrior Lions have been recruited regardless of the realm!
An immortal realm war lion on the southern hillside was shocked at first. When it hit, it tried to hide, but it couldn’t come. Se Guanghua immediately poured out of it and wrapped it all, but it didn’t help because those who touched the target would immediately pull other directions to flow in! Green Se light broke the protective golden light of the war lion without effort and directly touched its flesh! The force quickly poured in and baked it thoroughly, so that it was burnt outside and tender inside and even caught fire!
The fairy realm is still so, not to mention those low-order war lions.
Light comes and disappears quickly, but after it disappears, the mountains around Xiaoshan have undergone earth-shaking changes. How can it be restored?
There are fires everywhere, and the bodies of burnt lions are everywhere. Ordinary beasts are even more fortunate.
When the thunderstorm ape slowly rises from the ground, Xiahou Ren squints at the golden lion around him, and the banter in his eyes is more intense.
The golden lion’s body trembled, and his eyes almost dripped with blood. Just now, the low-order and juvenile lion died after the roaring mountain clan almost died!

Meng Qi’s hiding was half a month. In this half a month, Meng Qi had nothing else to do but practice to pass the time. However, in principle, the Valley of Lost Soul is not directly illuminated by the moonlight, but Meng Qi feels that practicing here seems to be faster than outside, and I don’t know what is going on.

In fact, the lost soul valley can produce so many natural materials and treasures, and its aura is extremely amazing. But for Meng Qi, it won’t be better than the outside with moonlight absorption, mainly because Meng Qi has been sitting here like a squat pit for nearly half a month, and his body has absorbed a lot of green gas unconsciously.
The round bead that emits green gas is quite a big one. It is actually a dragon crystal after the fall of a real dragon, also known as the dragon ball. I don’t know how many years ago, I was buried here and never saw the light of day. And Meng Qi accidentally broke into here that day and caused that situation because a trace of residual thoughts in Longjing felt the protection of Meng Qi’s tiny dragon blood in his body.
However, almost all the snakes in this world are descendants left by ancient dragons, although they have been diluted. But all snakes have such a trace of real dragon blood in their bodies. And the purer the blood, the more it can trigger the dragon crystal’s reaction. If you have one-tenth of the blood of a real dragon, it is estimated that the dragon crystal will fly directly from the ground.
And Meng Qi Yao, the little reaction he caused was almost the smallest …
Fortunately, Meng Qi didn’t leave by chance, and because of injury and bleeding, Jingxue was absorbed by Longjing, and then returned the green gas. The green gas absorbed by Meng Qi has immeasurable benefits to him, almost improving Meng Qi’s physique and refining the dragon blood in the body to make it more suitable for cultivation.
Generally speaking, the ultimate evolutionary direction of snakes is the real dragon, and there are almost no other directions. Of course, there are some ancient reptilian beasts comparable to real dragons, but these veins are extremely rare and almost unique. If such veins are diluted, it will be almost the same as nothing. Unless you get the blood left by these ancient beasts or the rest, then the true dragon veins in the body must be thicker than these veins. Of course, this is just relative to ordinary snakes.
On the whole, due to the green gas, the dragon blood in Meng Qi’s body has increased at least ten times. After all, that’s the dragon crystal of a real dragon, not the dragon crystal of a miscellaneous dragon. However, even if Meng Qi’s junk has fallen to the dregs (compared with the real dragon), even the real dragon blood has increased ten times, but this real dragon blood only accounts for tens of thousands of Meng Qi’s physique, even a few tens of thousands.
But Meng Qi himself didn’t know these things. He found that Meng Qi, who is practicing more effectively than the outside world, just kept practicing, because he found himself seems to have a little sign of breakthrough. Although it is still not obvious, the aura solidified in the body has obviously softened.
Meng Qi, one good thing after another, couldn’t help cracking his mouth and laughing. Is he really a person with a protagonist’s aura? Hehe, hehe, hehe …
Chapter 20 The so-called character
(This article is the first issue and will be updated as soon as possible.)
In a blink of an eye, a month has passed, and the Valley of Lost Soul will be closed today, and everyone in the Valley will be forcibly sent out. And Fang Ling twill also came to the valley early, although unlikely, but maybe, probably, maybe that guy will survive?
To tell the truth, if the people of Haoran Sect are determined to kill Meng Qi, Meng Qi probably won’t run away. No, even there is no place to hide it. But Fang Lingling always felt that the dead snake was not so easy to die.
It was still a flash of uh-huh, and everyone came out. Of course, many people were lying down. These are the losers of this trip to the Valley of Lost Soul. Most of the people who survive have a strong color of fatigue and a trace of excitement that is hard to hide. I think they have gained a lot.
And all this is not of interest to Fang Lingling. Fang Lingling looked at it carefully and found no Meng Qi. I can’t help being disappointed, but it’s still … wrong, even if it’s dead, there are bodies. Didn’t even leave the body! Thought of here Fang Ling twill was a little angry.
Just then, a corpse suddenly moved, and then a familiar voice of Fang Lingling sounded: "Shit! Who is lying on me? " Then Meng Qi came out from under the body. Found that holding up his own was a dead man, Meng Qi suddenly appeared three black lines on his forehead.
"It’s really unlucky. People say that if I survive, I will be blessed. How come I was crushed by the dead as soon as I came out?" Meng Qi complained in a low voice as he walked away from the body.
Looking up, I saw Fang Ling ling standing there looking at herself, and I felt a little warm in my heart. Meng Qi, who was moved in my heart, was thinking about squeezing two tears to create an atmosphere. As a result, Miss Fang flashed in front of Meng Qi, grabbed Meng Qi’s tail and lifted him up. Walking up to Qiao Xu and Chen Xuan, he said, "Two elders, as agreed before entering the valley, my little snake should be all right."
Chen Xuan looked at Meng Qi and suddenly smiled. It seems that this little snake is really lucky. It seems that life should not be unique. "Of course, since he can come out of the valley, it means that his luck is not exhausted. How can I be difficult for him?"
Fang Ling ghatpot nodded, made a record to the two elders, and left with Meng Qi.
While Qiao Xu was slightly surprised. I didn’t expect Xiao Ling to care so much about this snake demon?
In fact, many Haoran disciples passed by Meng Qi’s hiding place, but none of them found Meng Qi. And Lin Tian also helped him through the bottleneck because he was Meng Qi, and he also found that the dispute between your lips was only a trivial matter. I stopped pestering Meng Qi, and the other Haoran disciples were quite touched after listening to it. I will no longer deliberately look for Meng Qi. If I meet him, I will not be lenient. However, since I have not met him, it means that it is God’s will and I will no longer be entangled.
In this way, Meng Qi spent the rest of the time in it, except for the time when he was first chased by Lin Tian, and his gains in it were the biggest among all. Although it didn’t have any effect in the short term, Meng Qi was able to go further on the road of cultivation.
"That’s it?"
"That’s it."
"Hey, in front of my strong personality, any difficulty is a cloud." Meng Qi rarely played a joke on Fang Ling ling.
"Hey, you are at least giving some response."
Regarding Meng Qiqiang’s great personality, Fang Lingling is really speechless. Damn it, I actually worried myself for a moment. Miss Fang Da is very depressed.
"By the way, I should be able to join the Sect this time." After chatting, Meng Qi remembered the reward for risking his life, which he had been looking forward to day and night!
Fang Lingling looked at Meng Qi with a complicated look and said, "There should be no problem, but are you sure you want to be an ordinary disciple?"
"eh? What’s the problem? " Miss square big face is not quite right, Meng Qi hurriedly asked.
Fang Lingling shook her head and said, "If you are an ordinary disciple, you should start as the first-order disciple of the lowest rank. First-order disciples can receive a bottle of low-order inferior magic pills and five low-order lingshi every month, but they have to serve as various sundries in the Sect. Well, guarding the door and sweeping the floor are not suitable for you. I will help you find a job to look after the medicine garden. "
"ah? ! This is so good? " Meng Qi didn’t expect that all the first-order disciples at the lowest level could have such benefits. It seems that the big sect really didn’t blow it. That’s verve.
Fang Lingling looked at Meng Qi’s fuss and shook her head and sighed, "What a bumpkin."

You have something to say.

Momo Tao Wa Wa Wa I have a lot of Qian Qian.
Haven’t you found that the amount of money is wrong by now?
Where are the Momo peaches? ? ?
Wang Xiaoer, ah, ah, I’m a real koo lying down with a gun. Thank you for casting the overlord ticket or irrigating the nutrient solution angel in the period of 5519:57:17~56:6:37 ~
Thanks to the irrigation nutrient solution angel @_@95 bottles; 1 bottle of moon shadow;
Thank you very much for your support. I will continue to work hard!
Chapter 4. Chapter 4
Xiao Fang thought about it for many days, and observed it for a long time today, until the artificial workers at home went to the forest.
This just secretly took advantage of the toilet kung fu touch back, want to go into five rooms to have a look.
Except for a suspected gold coin, she secretly saw that Niang gave something to Room 5. Although she didn’t see what it was, her intuition told her that it was money.
She’s been holding it in for a long time, and it’s hard to find an opportunity. When no one touches the door, it just opens.
"Fourth Aunt, what are you doing?"
Persimmon cold voice came from behind, Xiao Fang hand a stiff, with some embarrassed smile turned around.
"Yo persimmon and peach peach play back? I just came back from work to go to the toilet. "
"There should be no toilet in our room, right?" Persimmon color does not change.
Look at Xiao Fang
She is wearing cloth for the first time, and she is very energetic. She still looks beautiful in her thirties.
At the beginning, Qu Sibo was too late to marry, but Xiao Fang was delayed by his family. Two people got together, and the conditions of Qu Jia satisfied the family. Xiao Fang’s appearance satisfied Qu Sibo, and they got married.
Speaking of which, a few years ago, if God didn’t give us strength, we couldn’t have a family day.
Over the years, people have been building canals, clearing land and developing improved varieties, and everyone is getting better day by day.
Xiao Fang, who was indifferent to persimmon, bit his teeth and just wanted to make up for it. He noticed that her back was full of backpacks and immediately got excited and went around directly.
"What is this back? How come there are you two old seven? " Xiao Fang’s eyes lit up and his attitude was very positive
"Pear" persimmon is concise, and Momo peach is a big one, so he ran into the room to check his treasure chest.
"They didn’t go all the way to this and then take it to buy it."
Xiao Fang’s face collapsed as soon as he spoke, and his tone was also a bit got.
"Persimmon, I’m not saying how good your brothers are to you at ordinary times."
"Well," persimmon should be picked out gently while picking pears in the laundry list and breaking them inside.
Speaking of this persimmon, I can’t help but sniff at the corners of my mouth. There is something really wrong with those monkeys. It’s also cheaper for them to find fruit to hit people.
"There are things that can’t be monopolized by one person. It’s not separated yet …"
"Four aunt you don’t go to work? For a long time to deduct work points "persimmon hanging eyes unhurriedly asked.
Xiao Fang grind teeth or despondently ran to the field.
If this is true, you can’t be scolded if you are deducted from your work points.
"Such an adult doesn’t always know how to fool around."
Wait until people go persimmon shook his head.
It’s hard to blame her for wanting to split up. Why are these four aunts like different people now?
It wasn’t like this before.
"It is reported that there is nothing missing in Momo’s peach treasure chest." After a while, Momo Taodadada ran out of the room, greatly relieved.
"Fortunately, there are no fewer peaches in Momo."
"Come and help separate the big pear from the small pear" persimmon arrangement.
"Okay" Momo Tao is happy to listen to the order.
When Wu Manzhu and the others came back, there were all kinds of pears in the courtyard, and hot smoke came up in the kitchen. The cubs were very happy to chew a pear alone.
"Where can I find this?" Wu manzhu is happy
It’s a small piece to sell in the commune.
She got a new job today.
It’s a good day.
"Brother Wu, they went to the mountains to pick sweet things." Qu mouth chewed the juice and got dirty all over his clothes, which was in fresh contrast with Sven Qu Qi next to him.
"Small six, look at your clothes?" Wu manzhu dislikes it very much
This one is small.
Qu hey hey smiled and wiped her clothes, which looked even dirtier. The twin Qu Qi couldn’t help but stay away from him and stay here in Momo Peach.
Looking at Momo’s peach neck, this little pocket is in front of a knife, and a small piece of pear meat is bitten by a bite.
Everyone is even more disgusted with Qu, who is simply a dirty cub.
Dinner is persimmon cooking year, although it is not as good as before, there is still a meat dish on the table.
Sauerkraut vermicelli broth
This thing benefits the meat to the greatest extent, and it is a must for a big meal.
"I’ll take those pears to buy one day to see if they accept them," persimmon said at dinner.
"I’ll go too."
Wu manzhu haven’t open song four aunt beat said
"Then let’s go together."
Wu Manzhu caught a glimpse of Xiao Fang, which made people unable to see what she was thinking.
"Persimmon strength" Xiao Fang added.
"If you want to go or not, go and work in the fields."
Xiao Fang shan shan
"Cheer up for me these days. Do you have a day, especially if a few cubs have nothing to do? It’s a big deal to go around the vermicelli factory and watch it."
"Did you hear that?"
"I heard"
Everyone responded in succession, especially the named cub, who immediately looked at Wu Manzhu with full passion and expectation.

"What do you mean?" Duan Muming looked at them with interest … Less is to pretend to be interesting.

"Without further ado, I hope the Duanmu brothers can join us, which is good for both of us. You know, no matter how high the strength is, troubles will follow. I’m afraid that the Duanmu brothers alone can’t cope with so many troubles. Just now, the situation is a sign. If the Duanmu brothers join us, don’t be afraid to say that not many people in less countries dare to touch you!" When Yin Ru said this, his expression didn’t change at all, but Duan Muming still heard absolute confidence from his language.
There are few forces in China who dare to say such things.
However, Duanmu Ming is not interested in them at all. If you really talk about power, several wives have created power in one hand, and the five realms are all top-level. Even so, Duanmu Ming is not very interested in being said by them not to ask for this power. Duanmu Minggen didn’t look at it and had nothing to amuse them.
"You are …" Duan Muming asked tentatively.
"Ha ha, I can’t tell you the answer until Mr. Duanmu gets an answer. I believe you know this very well."
Of course, it’s clear that no one is stupid, but Duan Muming vaguely felt the soul swimming in the turtle shell, and her daughter seemed to have a reaction. She should not be far from waking up, and then drink them when she has no time.
"What will happen if I don’t agree with you?" Duanmuming looked at them with a smile.
"Don’t agree? What? Don’t Mr Duanmu want to be respected by everyone? Don’t Mr. Duanmu want to have the vast majority of people and be prosperous? Don’t Mr. Duanmu want to advance to a higher level? "
Three questions in a row pushed the atmosphere to Gao Chao, and it turned out that he was a master negotiator. If the average person was afraid of being tempted, it would not be Duanmu Ming Lvses (;
Chapter 22 The chain cover &#B7; Later move ()
"I’m afraid the price is freedom," Duanmu said with some hesitation. "I prefer a restrained life."
"Ha-ha, Mr. Duanmu is wrong. There is no absolute freedom in this world, and you will get more unexpected benefits by joining us. The price is just to help us when necessary." Yin Confucianism said it politely and simply, but Duanmu Ming knew that the facts were not what he said.
If you enter this circle, you should never think of it, and you should always do things that you don’t want to do. It means this situation.
Duanmuming is not like falling into a whirlpool of potential competition-although it seems that he is already inside.
"Really?" Duan Muming smiled evenly, "But I believe in another criterion."
"Oh, what rule?"
"With great power, you can get what you want and live in your own way." Duan Muming looked at Yin Confucianism with a smile.
Yin Ru was slightly stunned at Duanmu Ming’s words and then his eyes gradually sharpened. "Mr. Duanmu, do you mean that you are strong enough?"
"No, you misunderstood me." Duanmu smiled. "My strength is not strong enough, but your strength is far from that."
"Mr. Duanmu means to refuse us?" Yin Confucianism was unexpected and not too surprised, as if expected.
"Yes, although your proposal interests me a little, it is only interested."
Now all fools know that Duanmu Ming is playing with them, and the face of Yin Confucianism is also very bad
"Duanmu Ming, even if you don’t think about it yourself, want your woman to think about it. Hum Wu Yueer’s North Palace Snow, Xue’s sisters and a woman named Sharla Cheung all have Mr. Duanmu as expected! At an early age, it will definitely be even better after such a courtship. "
This is the * * naked threat. Duan Muming hates others’ threats and is the most afraid of others’ threats. He sighed and looked at Yin Confucianism contemptuously. "Did the pavilion threaten at the end of its tether so soon?" I still really think highly of you! "
"oh? Isn’t Mr Duanmu afraid? "
"I’m scared to death." Duanmuming smiled and said that everyone knew he was being sarcastic.
"pa ….." yin Confucianism suddenly clapped his hands and sounded very loud in the silent building.
"It’s no wonder that the elders said you wouldn’t promise." The words of Yin Confucianism made Duan Muming suddenly realize that everything was a test. They didn’t expect themselves to agree at all. It seems that there are quite a few fat people secretly!
Of course, the test is more than that. We have to go on.
"Mr Duanmu has tested your strength, I’m afraid you’re going to offend." Yin Confucianism and elegance gave Duanmu Ming a gift. At the same time, Duanmu Ming didn’t speak at the same time. The ghost broke out and made Duanmu Ming feel a little cold. It seems that they are going to carry out the most critical step.
-Duan Muming has been waiting for a long time.
Murder! It is absolutely necessary for people who have experienced several tests of life and death to have murderous look. If ordinary people touch such murderous look, I am afraid they have no desire to fight. It seems that this ghost is the real killer.

Nine-fold exhibition Magma Dragon Wings glided down in the city, jumped into the city, and the Dragon Magic Team and the Wind Magic Team were scattered to chase the scattered Dragon Club players!

Just gathering people was not an opponent of the two major teams, but now it is not an opponent when the troops are dispersed. The two major teams are chasing around, and they will die if they are chased.
At that time, the whole Liuzhou screamed and killed!
Half an hour later, in a street in Liuzhou, the Dragon Magic Team and the Enchanted Magic Team formed a big encirclement and trapped Liuzhou. At last, more than 1,000 players except them, the whole Liuzhou has been slaughtered by two teams and turned into a dead city!
"surrendered! We surrendered! !” The more than one thousand people threw their weapons to the ground and squatted down with their hands on their heads. "Leave us alone this time, and we will never be right with you again!" We promise that we will stay away from you when we meet the hell-mad flower man, and we will never be with your enemy again! !” After that, I looked at Jiuzhuang piteously in an attempt to arouse Jiuzhong’s compassion!
Chapter one hundred and seventy-one Collapse
Nine heavy smell speech corners of the mouth with a sly smile "hey … take me a recruit die today I can spare his life!"
Someone timidly asked, "Are you … are you going to fight one-on-one? Or a group fight? !”
"Don’t touch me here and go!"
"Are you serious? !”
"It’s hard to catch up with you in a word!"
"Ok … ok, then we agree. Come on!" This 1000 people get up and care if he has any auxiliary states.
"shout! !” The double-fierce ghosts and fierce ghosts are burning violently, and the fire is rising, as if something terrible is going to escape from this tragic flame!
Nine heavy suddenly jumped and flashed, and at the same time, the fierce ghost inflammation Huo Ran swelled and finally turned the nine heavy body package into a statue of half black and half red giant ghosts and gods. lost face covered the whole day of the real dragon club with more than 1,000 players. "… thousands of meteor showers! !”
The sound falls into an evil incarnation, and a pair of giant fists hit the ground players at an incredible speed, and a pair of arms seemed to disappear!
"Mm-hmm-! !” In a moment, I saw several giant fist gas tearing gas as if flying fireball from the outer space, breaking and falling, and covering the players’ department of more than 1,000 dragon clubs on the ground with an instant boom as if the end of the world were coming!
"Boom! !” There was a loud noise of renju, as if the whole dragon city was shaking on the ground. More than 1,000 real dragons would be completely submerged and blood would splash!
The skill lasted for ten and a half seconds. In the middle, the incarnation of the evil spirit finally stopped. The incarnation of the boxing dissipated and became fierce. Most of the ghosts retreated into the double-fierce ghost, and the nine-fold floated down from the middle!
At this point, the skill effect has disappeared, and then the ground in the field is a shocking wake-up. More than a thousand real dragon players in the boxing pit have turned into a pool of meat!
Phoenix Dance, Li Yuanzhen and Zhou Dingguo have also led the hell to spend a lot of troops pouring into the city at the moment to catch up with Jiuchong Road. "Come at the right moment to tear it down for me! !”
"… abnormal condition! !” Looking at a big stall in the field, the players sighed in their hearts.
Nine heavy side to get double lyu3 bu4 led by another pair of horses has also been anxious to take 900 thousand players to destroy the statue of the city, and then slaughter the players in the statue of the city for half an hour, and then the statue of the city will be in ruins!
Attack Zuncheng and Longcheng Jiuzhong and Shuanglu led two armies non-stop to continue to a goal!
Holy alliance headquarters heavenly king city!
The battle between Dragon City and Zuncheng was very heavy, which prevented the players of the Dragon Club from being resurrected again and again. They actively destroyed the resurrection point, while Zuncheng was the player of Zunmeng. No matter what the reason, the players guarding the city in the last two cities were lucky not to be killed back to the novice village. Since the downfall and resurrection of Dragon City and Zuncheng, they have been remitted to Tianwang City!
The presidents of the fifty-four guilds of the Holy Alliance are all waiting in the Chamber for the anticipated effect! Among them, when the five-claw golden dragon and the statue of God of War are in the most complicated contradiction, they hope to get the news of the city break as soon as possible to end this long ordeal, but they also hope that there will be a miracle and the main city of their respective guilds will be lucky!
Just as Jinlong with five claws and Zun Zhanshen were struggling with contradictory emotions, two players broke in. One player was killed by Jiu Chong in Longcheng, and the other player was the deputy leader of Zuncheng, the migratory locust!
See two people with five claws Jinlong and statue of god of war will know that their lair must have been hell crazy flowers to end, but they still don’t give up with luck and asked a sentence "? !”
Zuo Qinglong and the migratory locust bowed their heads and said, "… lost it!"
"bang! !” Statue of god of war gave a punch on the table yazi splitting way "sacred! I will never die with you! !”
Five-claw golden dragon is also gnashing her teeth. "The sacred party is very good! You’ve completely pissed me off. I’ll kill you all! !”
Seeing that the Golden Dragon with Five Claws and the God of War have finally been beaten, the presidents of the small and medium-sized guilds in the hall can’t help but feel dark. It’s time for you to fucking watch us as cannon fodder, no matter whether we are finally your turn this time!
On seeing this, the seated Heavenly King said, "You two are not angry and want us to work together to defend the victory of Heavenly King City, that is, when the time comes, we will completely wipe out Fang Sheng and his crazy flowers in hell. You can do whatever you want!"
Two people nodded. "yes, there is a day and a half! Fang Sheng, you will wait to die then! !”
"All right, you two go!" Tianwang Gong gave a hand to Zuo Qinglong and the migratory locust way
When they heard this, they didn’t leave Zuo Qinglong. First of all, they said, "President, I have another situation to report!"
The migratory locust followed closely, "President, I also have something to report!"
"Is there anything else? Say! "
Zuo Qinglong said, "The situation of the president’s brother seems to be a little bad when he comes back from Longcheng!"
"The president is back from Zuncheng," said the migratory locust. "Brother’s situation is not very good either!"
"What’s wrong? Isn’t it just a defeat? !”
"Cough … you’ll know when you go out and have a look!" Zuo Qinglong and Locust Nuo Nuo Road
"Go and see!" Golden Dragon with Five Claws and God of War immediately got up and walked out of the Chamber, leaving a group of presidents who got up and followed them out of the Chamber!
Leaving the Chamber, Zuo Qinglong and Locust led fifty-two presidents, including the Golden Dragon with Five Claws and the God of War, Tianwang Gong, to the area where players of Zunmeng and Zhenlong Club were stationed!
Players who have lost from Longcheng and Zuncheng are now gathered together. When a group of presidents come to these players and see them, they can’t help but frown!
Seeing that these players have strength, trance and depression, it seems that they are hungry without souls, and there is a strong decadent spirit in the refugee field!
Among them, the players of Youzhen Dragon Club are in the most serious situation, and their eyes are absent and dull, as if they have lost their souls and are walking dead!
Golden dragon with five claws and the statue of God of War exclaimed, "This …… what on earth is this? How did they become like this? !”
The migratory locust said, "They were killed by the wild flower players in hell … They were so fierce that the devil brothers were killed and almost collapsed!" "
Golden dragon with five claws stared at Qinglong to the left. "So are we? !”
Zuo Qinglong said, "We are even worse … the sacred party is simply not a person. Hundreds of defenders in Liuzhou were slaughtered by him with a team of one thousand people! They are so powerful that killing us is like drinking cold water! "
Jinlong with five claws suspected that he had heard wrong and seized Zuo Qinglong’s chest. "What did you say? Fang Shengqian killed 100,000 of you? !”
"Exactly … eleven hundred people!"
"That’s not a virtue!" Five-claw Jinlong thrust Zuo Qinglong down and scolded him, "You really are all waste. One thousand people, even hundreds of pigs, arch them to death!" !”
"President, we really tried our best!" Zuo Qinglong was concerned and recalled the terrible scene he had experienced in Liuzhou. "But the sacredness of that party is really too great. First, he turned into a giant bodhisattva and slapped us to death!" I also heard from my brothers that later he turned into a magma dragon, and he was invincible. He was in a mess, and he died when he touched it. He slapped hundreds of people to go, and thousands of people rushed, and ten thousand people were gone! Besides, he let out those 1100 people from a huge door, and they are all as strong as ghosts, and they can kill us all at once, just like chopping melons and vegetables! President, you didn’t see them with your own eyes. It’s amazing! !”
"Bad your younger sister! !” Five-claw Jinlong is going to kick Zuo Qinglong when he lifts his foot in disgust!
"All right!" At this moment, a tactfully female ring followed by a woman who had never appeared in front of other small and medium-sized guild presidents. "This time, I don’t blame them for being too sacred!" Look at this and you will know! "

When I think about it, Song Changgeng will continue to practice while waiting here, leaving half of his consciousness outside and half of his consciousness to practice. He doesn’t know how long it will take to practice, but he is suddenly awakened by a nearby shock.

When you open your eyes, you can see that the sun suddenly burst into a majestic flame, which seems to be a long dragon, and the other end is pointing to a point. In Song Chang Gung’s mind, it seems that there should be a green gourd, but I can’t see anything. The magic in front of the pure and violent sun is impossible to read and can’t be detected.
After sunlight and heat are dispersed, they are transformed into the atmosphere, which can breed life. However, when the sun emits real fire, it means destruction. If it is a human explosion, saints will retreat. Song Changgan suddenly felt a move in his heart. He remembered that the demon family Emperor Di Jun was a brother, but the sun gave birth to them. Since they can give birth here, can they give birth to themselves?
After careful consideration, I think it’s impossible because I inherited my mother Xuan Ming’s true water nature and fire restrained each other, and the sea is my home. But he thinks it might be good if the sun is really fire to refine a weapon. After this idea came into being, he gave it to my girl, and at the same time, he passed on many fire-like biological figures that he knew in mythology, such as fire clouds, fire horses and fire birds.
It was on a whim that he wanted my little girl to create some fun with the real sun fire. I didn’t want my little girl to become a real girl. She has evolved to the peak and finally absorbed some real fire and will leave. However, after receiving Song Changgeng’s mind, she was also very excited to study it, but in fact, there was nothing to study. Song Changgeng told her that she had mastered the biological model solar fire training.
Her experiment was really good, so it was not enough to absorb the sun’s real fire after it was compressed, so she continued to absorb it for one or two. But when the sun continued to rush up like this, the pillar of fire still had a little impact on the whole, at least it would cause instability nearby. Song Changgeng felt that there were no strong people living nearby, so he didn’t care
After waiting for a few days, the gourd was fully absorbed. A clear crystal gourd with a size of one foot flew back and was collected in the left alveoli by Song Changgeng. At the same time, the little girl told him that many flame lives had been created in the small ball in the middle of the gourd, which was wrapped by fire clouds. The big ball was a hibiscus tree, and the whole gourd actually expanded to millions of miles.
Song Chang-geng couldn’t help but be happy when he turned to go. Suddenly, when Song Chang-geng was stunned, he saw that a door with a dozen feet of light was torn. Suddenly, the door appeared and several bright hymns came out. At the same time, a group of twelve men and women in white flew out and saw the snow-white wings behind their golden heads and blue eyes. He couldn’t help but blurt out, "Angel?"
Chapter six hundred and sixteen Cruel men and women
It’s a pity that there was no anger in his words. No one heard the twelve angels, men and women, ignoring him and flying out, and then they surrounded Song Changgeng in a blink of an eye. But Song Changgeng didn’t move. He surrounded himself with these guys, and it was just a feeling that these guys were all fairy-level, and twelve people seemed to form a strange array.
When the siege of twelve people was completed, a golden-eyed female angel suddenly pointed at Song Changgeng and then a ripple of spirit came to her mind, immediately listening to the female angel’s spirit saying to him, "Sinner, you have blasphemed the great emperor, absorbed the fruit of the emperor, and shocked heaven. Now, you will accept the holy trial without surrender."
Song Chang Gung couldn’t help laughing after listening. He looked at the female angel and saw that she was all white and faint, and her body was white and several pieces of cloth with different shapes were pieced together. Although many parts of her body were exposed, her white thighs were full of cleavage, which was sexy and gave people a noble feeling, but she looked indifferent, her eyes were full of feelings, and there seemed to be enthusiasm and persistence in her pupils.
He smiled indifferently and said, "You are angels, right? I know it took a long time for my magic weapon to absorb the sun’s real fire just now. I guess many powerful beings felt it, but they didn’t show up at all, but you came, and I guess you had already arrived, but I didn’t come back, so just wait aside and wait until I came back after my magic weapon was absorbed
I guess I want to find a bargain. You must know the characteristics of our eastern monks. I will have a weak period and want to rob things after I finish refining the magic weapon, right? It’ s really dead. A group of toys that have been made dare to scream. "
The female angel was stunned by him, but then she just said’ sinner!’ Song Chang-geng has directly penetrated the female angel’s plump chest with a flash of blue brilliance, and then returned to Song Chang-geng with a burst of shooting around the twelve angels. It is the green snake Song Chang-geng who will be fine when he sees that these guys have been pierced in the heart. He was just about to put away the green snake.
Suddenly, what was sung by hands in the air, a clever female angel, and so were other angels. Song Changgeng couldn’t help but be stunned. He didn’t know what was going on. How could he not die? When I was wondering, I saw twelve angels each emitting a white light interlaced into a three-dimensional optical network, enclosing Song Changgeng in it, then suddenly turning into a cage and counting hymns floating in the optical network at the same time.
As soon as I saw each other like this, there was a blood hole in the chest of the twelve angels, but there was no blood flowing out. Song Changgeng knew that these guys were really not people, just like normal humans. In fact, they were immortal before they found the core of the doll. Now it seems that they should be given some color by circling themselves. At this time, my girl’s consciousness has also demanded to play.
Song Chang Gung just thought about it, knowing that this would also allow him to look at my girl’s achievements. As soon as he agreed in his mind, he rushed out of a green light and suddenly turned into a big blue crystal gourd. A girl of seven years old rode around her waist. She was naughty and winked at Song Chang Gung, and then a white hand patted the gourd and saw a red light rush out.
A mass of red is like a burning flame. As soon as the red cloud appears, it turns into a big cover to support the whole optical network cage outside, and then rushes out of the fire cloud for several feet. The big firebirds look like ravens. They madly hit the optical network outside. These firebirds seem to be exhausted, and then they return to the fire cloud and new ones rush out.
See Song Chang Gung watching my girl fly to his side. "Master? These are the fire life I created. Although they are not spiritual and perfect, it is enough to deal with these guys. I have hidden something in them. You will see it later. It is very fun. "
Although the little girl rushed out and didn’t cast spells herself, Song Changgeng didn’t blame her. After all, she used to be a companion magic weapon with her own brother and children. She is different from other magic weapons. Those magic weapons, whether spiritual or not, must be absolutely controlled after refining. They are not allowed to have their own thoughts and actions, but the difference in companion magic weapons is the only thing that allows them to have their own thoughts and actions.
To ask for one thing is absolute loyalty, which is because the accompanying magic weapon is actually a life around to help. When you are in danger or other things, you need such an absolutely reliable life to maintain and help. If it is a rigid thing without its own spirituality, it is estimated that people will not live long. It is best to have their own spirituality and loyalty
In Song Changgeng’s eyes, my little girl is spiritual and loyal, and she doesn’t care about these. Listening to her and her successors can’t help but look at her curiously. She wants to see what amazing performance she has. Seeing that the master pays so much attention to herself, my little girl can’t help but be excited. She just finished her evolution, and at the same time she feels that her strength has risen several times compared with that of her present. Now she wants to vent.
So with a wave of his hand, the fire crows suddenly stagnated, and then a hundred fire crows suddenly rushed out and slammed into the optical network. Just now, those fire crows collided, which made it difficult for twelve angels to maintain their brilliance. Now, it was very bumped, and cracks appeared in several places immediately. Although the angels remedied it, they were also shocked. The other party would change a batch to impact, and they were desperately delivering light.
However, things are not as good as they think. Instead of flying away, the ravens caught the optical network and suddenly burst into burning light. Then a huge force exploded and hundreds of them joined together to form a dazzling flame to be circled in the fire cloud. The ravens and the fire cloud absorbed it, and there was no wave at the root, but it was miserable outside. The optical network was broken immediately after the explosion.
But the cruel flame continued to push outward, engulfing the twelve angels in a blink of an eye and continuing to spread. When the flame dissipated, Song Changgeng couldn’t help frowning. The twelve angels outside were still there. Although their clothes were washed away by the flame, their wings were burnt to scorch their skin and their heads were burned out, but they gave off strong white light to resist.
It’s strange to see this little girl. These guys are all immortals, and those fire crows are all immortals, but they are much more skilled and the explosion distance is close to the quality. How can the little girl not deal with these guys? I want to show off and let the master boast that I can’t help but be angry at the sight of losing face.
Two white fat hands slapped the gourd hard, and then a light golden light rushed out and circled in the fire cloud. Song Changgeng could see at a glance that it was a golden fire dragon, and the flame was compressed into golden visible concentration. Its prototype should have been in the original nine-coagulation tripod. It seems that the little girl is really angry. This dragon should be the top among the fire creatures.
After all, it’s good to be concise for the first time. After that, it’s good to increase my girl’s groping skills at any time. More fire creatures will be made now. He thinks so, but my girl doesn’t think so. Although she will resist the twelve angels, she will win and still be in the wind
At first glance, it turned out that these twelve guys actually formed an array. When she thought of whether she was trying to seal the achievements, real life or newly created fire life, she didn’t know how to form an array. They were all fighting alone or rushing to create themselves, so it was a one-stop sight. She was thinking about whether to let Zi Long out
Song Chang Gung knew that it was funny to see her gnash her teeth, patted her on the shoulder and read, "Don’t worry. You haven’t mastered these things for a long time. Go back and practice well sooner or later, but now you can see the master."
With that, the golden light flashed in his hand, and a four-stare-blankly Jinjing sword appeared in his hand, and then he saw that other people’s swords were integrated into one. A golden light rushed out, and there was a hovering around the twelve angels, and they saw that the twelve angels were broken into several pieces, but each piece seemed to be flesh and blood, but there was no blood. At the same time, Song Chang-geng read it and immediately saw that there were twelve light balls spinning in several pieces.
When I turned around again, I was just about to rush over, but I saw that twelve balls of light suddenly gave off burning white light and then moved closer to each other, and suddenly a wonderful array form was formed. Then, as if it were a greeting, all the pieces rushed at the array formed by the twelve balls of light. When Song Changgeng and the golden dragon tried to break through the destruction, they were really stopped by a barrier.
Song Chang-geng knew it was the twelve balls of light that came out, and he couldn’t help but hesitate. With such a hesitation, the ball array and the fragments were combined together and then a big white cocoon of light was formed. At the same time, the contraction of the barrier surrounded the white cocoon of light and the golden dragon rushed over. It was said that the white cocoon of light was not destroyed at all.
Seeing this, Song Chang-geng knew that the other party was uniting their strength, and he didn’t know what level of angel would be formed. He thought about my little girl and asked her to pick up these fire clouds and fire crows. If there is nothing here, just leave the fire dragon outside. At the same time, if you can’t prepare, you will come back. After thinking about it, I came to my little girl and complained that I didn’t help the master.
Song Chang-geng was just about to comfort him. When he suddenly came to the white cocoon of light, he saw that the cocoon of light expanded to 20 feet and stopped. Then the outer layer of the cocoon of white light turned into pieces of white feathers and then stretched and contracted. When all the feathers contracted, a curled-up guy showed that those feathers had become two pairs of four after its wings contracted now.
Just now, the twelve angels were all a pair of wings. Now it seems that the joint strength is great. Before he can scan each other’s repairs, he will see that the guy has already got up. Song Changgeng saw each other’s body with a noble and mysterious white armor. Like himself, he wore it as close-fitting armor, which did not affect his actions, and his hand stretched out a tip from his arm inch by inch.
Chapter six hundred and seventeen Balance a little.
Seeing each other’s changes, Song Changgeng didn’t move. Although the other side is a unity of twelve cores, it doesn’t mean that twelve immortals have synthesized a fairy, but it gives people a feeling of being much stronger, but it has only risen to a higher level from primary to intermediate. Song Changgeng didn’t care about each other, but wanted to see what tricks the other side had. He had never heard of such changes before.
At the same time, he is a little proud of his mentality. After his new life, he feels that he is powerful, and he should be able to cope with many things. If he doesn’t say magic weapons, he will be much stronger by himself. Moreover, because he has already positioned his enemy in the sage’s mind, he ignores other grades and doesn’t like these western guys. He just thought that the other side was nothing in the experiment, so he didn’t really treat the other side as an opponent.
But after that guy pulled his sword out of his arm, he held it in his hand and pointed it at Song Changgeng to make Song Changgeng think of a "sinner!" Accept the trial! " After that, I rushed to the streamer, but Song Changgeng stood there. Because of the strong mental shock in that sentence just now, Song Changgeng was caught off guard and attracted him to talk normally.
The impact of the other side’s sword light was very fast. When Song Chang-geng reacted, he had been directly hit by a huge impact on his chest. Although it was offset by the chest defense mirror and body armor, the huge driving force made Song Chang-geng roll in the virtual space and fly out for more than 100 miles before he settled down for more than 30 miles, but the other side actually followed the blow continuously.
A recruit miss root don’t give a chance to hit the storm followed, but if it weren’t for my girl to react and put the fire dragon in the past, I’m afraid Song Chang-gung really hit back at the moment. When Song Chang-gung stopped, my girl had already released eleven sealed achievements. Zi Long, these Zi Long have also been refined, and each of them has fairy strength, like purple jade.
Song Changgeng couldn’t help but become angry from embarrassment when he was beaten by the other side. Once again, his body and sword merged into a golden light. In fact, the distance of more than a hundred miles was less than a breath, especially when there was no air resistance in the virtual space, but this degree made the body and sword merged. Song Changgeng felt a little strange. When he felt it, he seemed to be slowed down. At ordinary times, all the virtual spaces were full of holes.
At the same time, he saw two light balls in front of him, one is a mixture of green light and purple fire, the other is pure white light, and there are twelve small light balls spinning wonderfully in that white light. He just wanted to look carefully and he felt that they all disappeared. He had rushed to the two-person war circle, and the newborn angel rushed at him without looking at it, waving a sword.
A white sword light split in Song Changgeng’s golden sword light made him lag for a while. After a pause, Song Changgeng’s golden sword light circled again to resolve the momentum, and then the afterburner dashed in degrees. Just now, I felt that it reappeared. I saw that the mixed light of green light and purple fire released purple light and attacked the white light. Then the twelve balls in that white light seemed to be running for a while, although they continued to run.
But Song Chang Gung’s heart moved. He seemed to feel something. He gave up all his thoughts and concentrated on his spirit. Just now, I saw that his sword light suddenly circled and then spiraled itself. At the same time, he rushed at the chest of the newborn angel, waiting for him to intercept the sword light in the middle. The golden light of self-rotation broke the interception like a torn paper and rushed without stopping.
When the opponent didn’t react, he rushed to directly break the opponent’s chest and missed the past. One of the twelve light balls passed through them. It was clever to pass through the point. It was the twelve balls that formed the array balance point. After he broke it, the array collapsed immediately. The newborn angel’s action was delayed and then it was broken into dozens of pieces by a dozen Zi Long.
My little girl saw that the newborn angel was stabbed by the master, and she was as silly as she was. Zi Long attacked it by herself and saw that it didn’t respond. My little girl commanded more than a dozen dragons to rush over and swallow twelve balls of light.
Seeing that the other side was wiped out, Song Chang-geng accepted the sword light and stood in virtual contemplation. My little girl felt very strange, but she cleverly didn’t bother the master, but put away the fire dragon and summoned eleven Zi Long to change into a foot-sized one and circled around for a while. Suddenly, I heard Song Chang-geng cry happily in my heart, "I see!"
My little girl felt an idea when she was strange. Song Changgeng just felt and understood it, and it came to her mind at the same time. This is the accompanying benefit. One party knows that the other party can also know that the two of them are in the same mind. It turns out that Song Changgeng seemed to be slowed down when the sword light was approaching the limit, as if it had been extended. At ordinary times, it was full of holes.
The other side’s twelve balls of light magically rotate the balance point of the array center, etc., so that Song Changgeng suddenly came to stab with the white sword. A little strength of the key works with a little balance of the key. If you find an attack, adding a force to a point in a sword can make the opponent collapse, and spiral rotation flight can produce repulsion and effectively add it to the body attack.
So he didn’t fly in a spiral of sword light, but once he broke the body, the other party not only suffered from the collapse of the law force, but also suffered from the collapse of the law force. The twelve balls of light were sealed and swallowed up by Zi Long. With this feeling, Song Changgeng felt that his spiritual realm seemed to have risen a lot. After he told my little girl two sentences, he stood in this virtual space and meditated on the spot. He knew that these feelings were an opportunity.
If you can’t catch it, you are likely to miss an opportunity and immediately meditate and melt this understanding into your own attack and defense, carefully study it and its principle, and then spread it to the whole body, so that the spiritual understanding will make his spiritual realm rise quickly and stabilize in Jin Xian. Only now has his spiritual realm and physical strength been completely harmonious and unified.
This is the half-day realization. When he realized it, he had completely forgotten what was going on outside and closed up his spirit. Just after he realized it, he felt that the power outside was shaking, and Song Changgeng felt that his heart was on fire, and he saw that the little girl around him was very pale and the green gourd was dim. Zi Long was all injured, and there were dozens of angels fighting outside.
Obviously, when the other side realized it, it took revenge on Song Chang-geng. Just a look was a surprise. The other side turned out to be a hundred four-winged angels. All their strength was in the light door at the level of the fairy, and there were loud hymns. The light door was also expanded to more than ten feet. There were more than a dozen four-winged angels guarding the door. Obviously, they were afraid that they would destroy each other again. They should be prepared.
He gave my girl a meaning, and then once again, the body and sword merged into a golden light and flew out to see him shuttle in the virtual space. Just now, I realized that it would take a long time to enter that state, and I didn’t stay long for several times to find a balance point. After several temptations, I could find an opportunity to attack the other side with a sword and break the balance point, so that the other side’s optical nucleus could be broken.
However, after more than a dozen assassinations, Song Chang-geng gradually found his feelings, and then he killed more than 40 people. When the angels suddenly retreated to the light door to form a law, they stopped attacking Song Chang-geng. When the rise of killing was about to continue to impact, they suddenly stopped the sword light. A little girl who hovered in the virtual appeared and flew over immediately. Both of them stared at the light door.
Because just now, both of them felt a powerful majesty coming out from the light door and getting stronger. Obviously, what’s powerful when they want to come over? At the same time, these angels are shrinking and defending. Song Changgeng and my little girl are looking at the light door. From the feeling just now, this majestic master seems to be stronger than himself, which makes Song Changgeng wonder what the other party is doing. Is it endless?
Just wondering, I saw that the white light in the light door was bright and dazzling, and when the light was soft, there was already a long golden man standing in the door. He had a long, loose look, quiet and soft hand, and a golden white robe fluttering in his hand, which was very graceful.
Song Chang Gung’s eyes swept away, and now it should be a magic weapon. Because his hand also emits a faint golden halo, and there are many faint fireflies and white virtual shadows. The little angel dancing outside is a kind of magic weapon that gives birth to confession and confession at a glance. Although he wonders why the other party does not put the magic weapon into his body, he does not dare to despise the other party.
When he was judging, he felt that the protective light outside his body was touched by a spirit. Song Changgeng knew that the other party wanted to talk, but he was afraid of another mental attack, especially the other party’s body shape seemed to be a mental attack, which made him have to guard against. When the angel who just came out saw that Song Changgeng did not accept his inquiry, he could not help but have a flash of anger in his eyes, and the angels around him also hated looking at the two.
Slowly walk out of the light door and stand in the void. Behind him, the wings converge and show one pair to two pairs. When the third pair is also shown, Song Changgeng suddenly turns white. These angels are ranked as wings. How many times do you say that one pair of wings corresponds to the fairy? Two pairs correspond to the fairy. Now this guy is three pairs, and from the feeling that the other party is stronger than himself, it should also be the primary or intermediate level in Jin Xian.
I just don’t know how many wings there are in Daluo Jinxian and how many true immortals there are, but now these are not important. Now Song Changgeng is wondering how this western light force came from. Why do you behave so wildly and the saints don’t care? Although there are doubts, now is not the time to think about it. Song Chang-geng gave my little girl an idea to come back and fight later is not suitable for her.
My little girl is very reluctant, but she also knows that she can’t help. She flew back into the gourd and then flew into Song Chang-geng’s chest. Even those Zi Long flew back. In a blink of an eye, there was Song Chang-geng alone here. The other dozens of angels looked at him, but Song Chang-geng took a rest and straightened his sword to continue fighting. She felt that she was once again touched by a protective light outside her body.
He tightened his sword and put some defense on it so that the god could read it and listen to a beautiful and clear voice, "Ah! Praise the great Lord, your glory is not in your majesty, which can make the earth bow in your glory. I will judge this sinner, please witness it! Now let me ask you, sinner, why do you desecrate the fruit of my Lord? And kill my Lord’s messenger? "
Song Chang Gung couldn’t help feeling that he was an abnormal guy. With such a religious fanatic, there’s really nothing to say. He cut off the other person’s spiritual feeling with a condensate of protective light, and then his body and sword became one, and he rushed directly to the other side. The golden long guy’s eyes flashed a smug smile and then instantly recovered his solemn expression.
Chapter six hundred and ten Titles angels
At the same time, this Seraphim hit the golden ball in his hand and immediately sang a hymn. At the same time, he also read aloud. As he recited a faint white light fog that was not offensive and dangerous, many beautiful female angels’ illusory images danced in the virtual white fog, as if there was a quiet and pure place calling people.

few humble herbs in the grass. Heart together

With a quick mind, Fang Yun continued to plunder other places and collect herbs.
“Red jade is a blessing!”
Fang Yun in the air, saw a few humble herbs in the grass. Heart together, gently swept, it is necessary to transplant this medicinal material into the “universal clock of heaven and earth”.
As soon as the news passed, Fang Yun was about to collect another piece of medicinal materials. All of a sudden, in front of me, this piece of “Red Jade and Fuze” disappeared.
Fang Yun dazed: “This …”
The front is empty, but there is a silver-haired man in front of him. His look is indifferent and his eyes are like starry sky. There are countless stars in it, which are born and died. Just a look, it seems that people’s souls will be sucked in. And his hand, is holding the Fang Yun just to collect “red jade Fuze”.
“Unexpectedly, someone like me, look at these strains of red jade. Little friend, come out. ”
Silver-haired man looking down at the front, a void. It was empty, but the man’s eyes seemed to have penetrated all the secrets and saw the tiny dust in the depths of space.
Fang Yun mind trembling, the silver-haired man didn’t how powerful momentum, but give the feeling of Fang Yun, but extremely dangerous. With his current strength, he can still feel threatened. This kind of person, for absolute reached, ghosts and gods unpredictable terrible realm.
A strong breath, cold as snow, locked in the space. Fujiki evil gentleman uses the magical power of “the best size” to change the dust. Fang Yun immediately know, he see is broken.
Void vibration, a grain of dust fiercely Yishan, suddenly stretched sharply, blink of an eye, revealing the appearance of evil Fujiki Jun, standing on the earth.

Chapter 664 The first person in Daomen
“Who are you?”
Rattan wood evil gentleman feet don’t touch the ground, gently floating, back several zhangs. After a distance, I looked at the silver-haired man in front of me This man makes him feel too dangerous, so it’s better to stay away.
“Xuan Xuan.” Silver-haired man indifferent blinked, calm way.
Fang Yun was shocked, and could hardly believe his ears. It’s him! Fang Yun didn’t expect to go to Junnian’s master here.
The first master of Taisu School, Yu Xuan. This name is well-known in the sectarian world. Fang Yun also found out that Yu Xuan was the master of Junnian. But this one never went down the mountain, so Fang Yun never saw him.
Fang Yun didn’t expect, would be in a place like this, see the first master YuXuan.
“Turns out to be danger elders, surprisingly, the elders, like me, are interested in these few strains of red grass. A gentleman doesn’t steal people’s love, since Elder Yu also takes a fancy to it. I naturally dare not worry about the elders. ”
Fang Yun didn’t discover the identity of “Red Jade and Fuze”, only that it was a red grass. He bowed his hand and flew upside down, then he wanted to leave: “Elder Yu, I have work to do next. Don’t bother, leave! “