Ling Feiyang’s body ran with both feet along the side of the mountain wall. This mountain wall is almost vertical. Ling Feiyang’s body is almost horizontal, and it has risen several feet in an instant!

Qiu Qianren claimed to be an "iron palm Shui Piao" flying skill, and it was also a unique skill. He immediately ran after the mountain!
Ling Feiyang saw a one-foot square rock on the top of his head, and suddenly he used the sword in the six-pulse Excalibur to point to the rock in the right hand!
"bang!" This big stone turned out to be crashing, fragmenting and flying. At the same time, it has passed over several pieces of gravel of different sizes from the edge of the rock and smashed it to Fang Qiu Qianren’s head!
Qiu Qianren "drink" a pair of palms together to launch these rubble was palm shock flying around, but the body is falling back to the foot of the mountain ling float in the sky took the opportunity to leap to the top of the mountain!
Qiu Qianren couldn’t catch up with Ling Feiyang and turned to see that his sister Qiu Qianchi had been driven by Ying Gu and Huang Rong. Suddenly, she turned and rushed over and slapped Ying Gu in the middle of the back!
Ling Feiyang at the top of the mountain has long been aware of Qiu Qianren’s motivation to jump immediately. The body is still in the middle, but the right little finger has already pointed to Qiu Qianren’s back!
The right-hand little finger and little sword is the fastest sword among the six-pulse Excalibur. Qiu Qianren’s palm is seven feet away from Yinggu, but it has arrived behind Qiu Qianren first!
Qiu Qianren greeted with a wave of his hand, but Ling Feiyang is still not. He has taken back his firm but gentle hand!
Qiu Qianren saw Ling Feiyang jump from the mountain again and couldn’t help but feel great anger and charged at Ling Feiyang again! Ling Feiyang continued to exert Lingbo’s micro-steps, turning left and right, and running around the mountain road. Qiu Qianren’s palm force was slowly exhausted and it was a spent force!
Ling Feiyang felt that the palm wind gradually weakened behind him and suddenly turned around, and the left thumb was less and Shangjian pointed out again!
Qiu Qianren a palm just meet refers to the wind this time it is "poof" a little ShangJian unexpectedly through the Qiu Qianren palm wind formed gas wall point on the right chest of Qiu Qianren!
Qiu Qianren corners of the mouth oozing blood body immediately flew out and landed in the cave mouth!
At the same time, Qiu Qianren heard a sharp scream in her ear. It turned out that Qiu Qianchi was busy avoiding Ying Gu’s attack, but Huang Rong found a flaw and used a trick to "hit the dog in the water" and poked it in Qiu Qianchi’s waistline!
Huang Rong’s practice of relaxing muscles and forging bones is not what it used to be. This stick can not only hurt people, but also hurt the lumbar meridians in Qiu Qianchi! Qiu Qianchi fell to the ground and groaned "ouch!"
Qiu Qianren gave his sister a desperate look and plunged into the cave mouth!
"Your sister doesn’t care about your sister!" Ling flying mouth scold then rushed into the cave!
However, Ling Feiyang, who was extremely dark in the cave, couldn’t see the scene before him immediately. He just wanted to take out the fire and suddenly heard a gust of wind coming towards him!
Ling Feiyang’s middle finger used the middle punch sword to point forward with feeling and heard the sound of "bang", which seemed to be a heavy object falling to the ground.
Originally, Qiu Qianren wanted to sneak attack secretly, but when he was "silver acupuncture point * *", he had lost his martial arts by ten * *. The palm of his hand was very weak, and his body was immediately slammed to the ground by Ling Feiyang, and then he got up and turned to run!
Ling Feiyang immediately lit a fire and turned two corners step by step. Suddenly, the front became spacious. Ling Feiyang saw through the fire that there were dozens of human bones piled up on the ground or sitting or lying with different expressions. Next to each skeleton, there was a wooden sign with the name of each iron palm gang Wang written on it.
"Wu Mu’s legacy should be here, but we still have to find Qiu Qianren first!" Ling Feiyang thought about continuing to the depths of the cave.
There is no road ahead to see the sample. At the end of the cave, Ling Feiyang broke the fire and suddenly saw a corner of the clothes looming behind a big stone in front.
"The cave in Qiu Qianren is too small for you to hide, so come out!" Ling Feiyang cried
A short man in a yellow Ge blouse crawled out from behind a stone in a trembling way. Ling Feiyang looked up and saw that this man was indeed Qiu Qianren!
"Young Xia, spare me!" Qiu Qianren see sample has been ling float in the sky just two fingers into a serious injury mouth kept dripping blood suddenly like dao garlic to ling float in the sky upon his head.
"I didn’t expect the former Wulin master to kowtow and beg for mercy when he was dying here …" Ling Feiyang thought that Huang Rong and Ying Gu had ordered acupuncture points in Qiu Qianchi and walked into the cave together.
"Qiu old thief, I want your life!" Ying Gu saw Qiu Qianren’s eyes immediately showing bloodshot blood, and rushed forward almost crazily to clap his hands on Qiu Qianren’s left chest!
"I’m not …" Qiu Qianren said three words and his body fell painfully. The blood in his mouth turned black, and he twitched a few times and didn’t move!
It turns out that Ying Gu shot Qiu Qianren in the chest with a palm clap, and at the same time, the finger-seven-line needle also pierced his heart. The needle tip was highly toxic and immediately sent out, and Qiu Qianren died!
"It’s so cheap to die so easily!" Huang Rong remembered the hatred of Elder Jane and hundreds of Beggars’ Brothers, and kicked a few feet in Qiu Qianren’s body to get rid of it.
Ling Feiyang found an iron palm to help Wang’s official bo. Ling Feiyang bowed to the official bo’s bones for three times and said in his mouth, "Officer Wang, although you are a hero, it is evil to teach this disciple. Today, we will help you clean the door for good …"
Ling Feiyang said that a wooden box next to the bones of the general bo picked it up and took a close look at it to see the words "the key to breaking gold" written on the top of the box.
Ling Feiyang knocked out the wooden box and took out two pamphlets inside, so he flipped through it and saw that the thinner one was the thicker side of Yue Fei’s poems, and he really remembered all kinds of tips of art of war.
"This is the real thing!" Ling Feiyang thought
Ps: Answer B the day before yesterday Qiu Qianren died.
Qiu Qianren Fu Zhu Gai Gang won a great victory, but there seems to be a hidden event in this chapter. I wonder if you readers have found it?
Chapter 13 Yan Hong Shouxu uses personal expedition
Yue Fei hid Wu Mu’s legacy in the water curtain cave of Cold Cuitang in Lin ‘an Palace before his death, and was stolen by the general officer of Marshal Han Shizhong’s Department. He set up an iron palm to help the officer bo to prepare for the art of war against the nomads from the soldiers. Unexpectedly, Song Gaozong was afraid of Xu Jin and sent troops to encircle the iron palm peak officer bo. Desperate, he took this soldier to the burial ground of Wang Li and then committed suicide.
Now Wu Mu’s legacy has finally fallen into the hands of Ling Feiyang.
"Marshal Yue, now that the state of Jin is declining, Mongolia is about to invade the Song Dynasty. I will take your’ golden trick’ to defeat the Mongols. If you have knowledge in the grave, you should agree!" Ling Feiyang said to Wu Mu’s legacy that he suddenly felt that Yue Fei was smiling at himself in front of his face.
Ling Feiyang dragged Qiu Qianren’s body out of the cave with Huang Rong and Ying Gu. Three people looked down at the first knuckle of the middle finger peak and saw Zhu Liu and other four Dali masters leading the beggar brothers to shout loudly, but they didn’t help the younger brothers to attack the mountain. Although they prepared a lot of rolling stones, they couldn’t send them.
Ling Feiyang walked to the edge of the cliff and a rock was full of gas and shouted, "Listen up, iron palm!" Your Lord Qiu Qianren is dead. Put down your arms and surrender! "
Say Ling Feiyang kicked Qiu Qianren’s body. The body fell heavily from the second knuckle and fell on the first knuckle mountain road. Hundreds of iron palms helped the crowd to be scared out of their wits and threw their weapons to the ground.
The leader of the enemy, Qiu Qianren, fu Zhu, Gongsun Zhi, broke his right arm and fled from the mountain path. Qiu Qianchi verbally punished her for going and committing crimes, and then released her. Before and after the victory of Tiezhangfeng Beggars’ Sect, less than ten people were damaged!
Huang Rong broke the rules of the beggar’s years of thrift and simplicity, and Tiezhang gang accumulated ill-gotten gains for many years, and thousands of beggar brothers held a celebration banquet.
Beggars’ brothers have always begged students where they have eaten so many big fish and meat. They are all cheering and jumping for joy. They are grateful for Huang Rong’s celebration banquet. Beggars’ brothers have come to propose a toast and praised Dali’s four masters for their mastery of the art of war. There are praises for the beheading of Wang Huang and Ying Gu. At most, he expressed great admiration for Ling Feiyang’s shocking martial arts.
However, at the celebration dinner, Huang Rong received the flying pigeon of Lu Youjiao, the leader of the Beggars’ Dirty Clothes Sect!
"The war in Zhongxing Mansion is in a hurry, and your famous brother has been lost by the beggars’ brothers who besieged the city for 40 days. Please ask Elder Jane to send clean clothes and brothers to reinforce Xixia quickly!" This piece of paper made all beggars’ brothers lose their good mood.
"Brother Feiyang, I’m going to lead the Beggars’ Brothers to help Elder Xixia Lu clear the way!" Although there are 300,000 Mongolian troops and less than 3,000 beggars, Huang Rong is still determined.
Ling Feiyang came to plan to go to Zhongnanshan to teach Hong Qigong, Zhou Botong, Zhenliu and others to discuss anti-Mongolian affairs, and also went to the tomb to see Bingxin Yinggu. She originally wanted to go to Zhenjiao with Ling Feiyang to find Zhou Botong, but now the military emergency has to give up her plan to teach Zhenjiao.
"Rong Er, let me go to Xixia with you!" Ling Feiyang thought for a moment and continued, "But it will take you at least seven days to get to Xixia with these thousands of beggar brothers. Why don’t I ride a little red horse to Xixia first and try to delay the siege of Mongolian troops!"
"That how line? I don’t trust you to go alone! " Huang Rong Road
"I’m now fighting skill is not lost to Ouyang Wounds and King Jinlun, and these masters can easily get away even in hordes." Ling Feiyang said with confidence.
Huang Rong is still a little uneasy about Ling Feiyang’s thousand exhortations. Ling Feiyang’s heart is very touched. I can’t help but feel a little lost at the thought of going to Huang Rong for a while.