Li Ma said, "It’s the young master!"

Even Fang Zhou and Lian Ze got up and Jessica Fong Ching got up and laughed. "Just meet your cousin!"
The words sound just fell and two men came in from the outside.
The other party is his cousin. Even Fang Zhou glanced at it in a hurry and then he lowered his eyelids. He will see an outline. The master Su Jinghe, who is in his mid-twenties, looks very good, but he brings some evil bosses or rich brothers to generate cynicism.
"You’re back! Hey, cousin is here! " Jessica Fong Ching couldn’t help but take a look at Su Jinghe and didn’t good the spirit. "Why didn’t you say so earlier?"
Even Fang Zhou is a maiden. She is here to meet her cousin-in-law, but it’s a bit bad to meet other men.
"I didn’t know you had guests here!" Su Jinghe smiled at Lian Fangzhou and Lian Ze and lost interest. "Then you are busy with Min and I first, and I will come back to you later!"
"You wait!" Jessica Fong Ching stopped him and was about to introduce him to his cousin Lian Fangzhou, but he heard his husband’s cousin "Ah!" She smiled and said, "Girl, we meet again!"
Even ze couldn’t help but look up and stare at him coldly. His sister wasn’t teasing.
Even Fang Zhou looked up at this sound, and Cui Shaoxi’s handsome face full of smiles suddenly appeared in front of her eyes. Her heart jumped and she was surprised. "It’s you!"
"Ha ha ha! It’s not me! " Cui Shaoxi burst out laughing.
Even Fang Zhou resisted the urge to roll his eyes and smoked his heart. I really don’t know what you have to be proud of!
"Oh, so you know each other!" Su Jinghe, look at this. Look at that eyeball. Hey, hey, laugh for two times. Before you finish laughing, you take a breath and it hurts!
Jessica Fong Ching twisted his apricot eyes and stared at him mercilessly. Su Jinghe wanted to distinguish what but eventually turned into a pleasing smile. Jessica Fong Ching snorted and ignored him.
Cui Shaoxi and Lian Fangzhou over there happen to coincide and say
Fang Qing and Su Jinghe just don’t understand one leng.
Jessica Fong Ching went to their brothers and sisters and took Lian Fangzhou’s hand and smiled. "This is my cousin, cousin!" The Su Jinghe took one look and added, "This is your cousin! This, uh, is your cousin’s cousin, so you can also be called a cousin. "
Even Fangzhou and Lianze automatically ignored the sentence behind Jessica Fong Ching and saluted Su Jinghe and called "Cousin!" Call Cui Shaoxi "Biao Gong"
"Li Li! Ha ha! This is a relative of our family. How come I have never heard you talk about it! " Su Jinghe smilingly raised my hand and asked Jessica Fong Ching.
"Our two families haven’t seen each other for many years!" Jessica Fong Ching gently sighed and pushed Su Jinghe with a smile. "Come on, if you have something to do, go first!"
Su Jinghe hasn’t left Cui Shaoxi yet. She has sat down and walked over and said, "We have nothing to do but come and chat with our wives! My wife won’t kick us out, will she? "
Cui Shaoxi is obviously familiar with Su Jinghe and Jessica Fong Ching, and speaks very casually. It’s really impossible for Jessica Fong Ching to drive him away with a smile.
But in front of the cousins’ previous topic, it’s obviously inconvenient to continue. Jessica Fong Ching thought about it, and he already had a dispute in his heart. Then don’t say it first. Anyway, he originally planned to let them stay for two days. Sometimes! Then he smiled and asked Lian Fangzhou’s brother and sister to sit down and laugh. "So let’s talk!"
It’s a pity that Jessica Fong Ching felt that the topic was inconvenient to continue, but some people didn’t recognize it so much. As soon as everyone was seated, Cui Shaoxi smiled and asked, "Just now, I vaguely heard at the door that twelve thousand concubines wanted so much silver to do something big?"
Jessica Fong Ching looked sluggish, and even Fang Zhou and Lian Ze secretly exchanged glances. Even Fang Zhou scolded Cui Shaoxi in his heart. Does this person have any eyesight? What does he mean? What is his heart!
In fact, Su Jinghe and Jessica Fong Ching also have wonderful stories, but I don’t think we should talk about it here. After that, we will meet again ()
Su Jinghe took a surprised look at Cui Shaoxi and then at Jessica Fong Ching. "Why didn’t I hear that? 10,000 ambiguous is not a small amount. Sunny, what are you going to do? " "Of course, I support whatever you do."
Jessica Fong Ching gave him a white trail. "It doesn’t matter whether you support it or not!"
Su Jinghe just laughed, as if the more she was robbed by her daughter-in-law, the happier she became.
Jessica Fong Ching heart dark sigh words even so, but Cui Shaoxi since heard an ear, ask out again, she just want to say also not line service road "not what I want to do is my cousin to borrow".
Cui Shaoxi and Su Jinghe just opened their eyes one leng.
Su Jinghe touched his forehead and smiled "Oh" for a few words.
Even Fang Zhou watched Su Jing and his expression nervously. If he changed his face and showed disapproval, it would be more difficult for her to borrow it! After all, twelve thousand is not a small sum of money. Even if he doesn’t know that Jessica Fong Ching must discuss with him at the moment, he may even ask Sue’s master and wife!
See Su Jinghe didn’t show any unhappiness and refused to Cui Shaoxi. She was just surprised and secretly put it in half.
Even Fangzhou couldn’t help sighing in her heart that borrowing money was not a good job!
She vowed never to borrow money from anyone again.
Jessica Fong Ching smiled softly at even Fangzhou and said, "This is not an outsider. Let’s go on with what we just said! It doesn’t matter what you think! "
Su Jinghe then laughed, "Yes and yes, your cousin is right! Just discuss this with her! "
Lian Fangzhou said with gratitude, "Thank you, cousin!" He said to Jessica Fong Ching, "My cousin asked me what I want to do with this money just now. I want to buy land and hire people to grow cotton. I wonder if my cousin has heard that Yu County has also promoted potatoes and cotton in the imperial court this year. I want to try!"
Jessica Fong Ching naturally heard about such a big thing and nodded. "I heard about it, too! However, I have never seen this potato and cotton before, and I have never found out anything, so I abandoned my heart. After all, it has nothing to do with our family! Have you-heard of it? Will there be such an idea? "
I haven’t even heard of Fangzhou sidewalk, but isn’t sweet potato slowly popularized in previous years? However, it is not mandatory to promote sweet potatoes! I thought the imperial court would never lie! There are already sweet potatoes in potatoes, which may not make money. I heard that cotton can make clothes, which may be an opportunity. I want to try it! "
"My girl bravery is quite big but you think too simple? What if it doesn’t work out? " Cui Shaoxi could not help but say
Even Fang Zhou listened to him calling himself a "little girl" and resisted the urge to rush to beat him up and said, "I think it’s worth a try, even if it doesn’t succeed, it’s not a big loss!" I can afford to buy less land there for 12 thousand silver in two or three years at most. "
"I didn’t mean it! Don’t get me wrong! " Cui Shaoxi didn’t expect that even Fangzhou would say this. Suddenly, he was a little anxious and embarrassed. He was a little red in the face and looked at Jessica Fong Ching.
Even Fang Zhou means that he is afraid that she will not explain the twelve thousand! It’s not like she borrowed money from him. Isn’t this explanation an insinuation that he stepped in?
Cui Shaoxi has always been a loose and informal romantic, and he has never seen him before. When Su Jinghe was embarrassed, Fang Qing couldn’t help but laugh and asked Lian Fangzhou, "Cousin is thinking clearly and must want to try?" Do you think that you can really handle that cotton since you have never seen anything before and I don’t know if there is anything special about planting it? "
Cui Shaoxi made fun of himself in a square and sunny way. He felt more ashamed and embarrassed and was frustrated and annoyed. He said, This little girl is really hateful. How can these two tease me sometime?
Embarrassed and in a hurry, he tried to save his brain. "I’ll lend you twelve thousand silver!" If you earn it, I will still lose it! "

Jane handed over the drawings with her hand.

Zhang Jianru carefully held it everywhere and found a place to sit without the slightest reserve of DaSong officials.
"You must not have come here to visit the mountains and waters today?"
Jane has an eye for several people.
Zhang Jian is a good person to say. It is estimated that he is rushing to design his own technology and wants to capture some benefits from time to time. He is an official of the Ministry of Industry, and he is probably embarrassed to come up with such a method by worshipping his own teacher. He is a diligent and practical person.
Eyes on Yang Yun turned a circle.
This fellow always liked to discuss physics with himself before, but when I think about it, I haven’t been back to my old job for a long time. I guess this time I have this meaning, but the most important thing is to introduce myself to this new friend.
This Yang Zongshi is worth studying.
Yu Hanyan’s goods here are not good, so he will never show up on his own initiative, but it seems that he also tipped off when he was in danger, but it is not the kind of business means to kill people for money afterwards.
General secret events are not easily heard by people like Han Wuyan unless they are lucky.
"It’s hard for you to get my Jianjiazhuang, so it’s better for me to be the host!"
"Very good!"
Han Wuyan’s high five agrees.
"I knew I wouldn’t let me down every time I came."
"Please visit JianJiaZhuang! Understand a harmonious simple village! " Jane waved her hand with great meaning. "The road ahead of the second and third ring roads!"
The two maids agreed to lead the way in front, and everyone was busy following behind. This is also when Yang Yun brought Yang Zongshi to his eyes. I just wanted to say that Jane had led a group of people to the mountain as if she knew his mind.
Yang Zongshi gained insight along the way.
The roads are neat, the stone roads are clean and tidy, and the houses in the village are all tiled, and the structure is spacious and bright. Now, even if it is not busy farming, there are not many people on the roads.
"Brother Liuguang, what do the villages do during this slack season?"
Yang Zongshi finally spoke out the doubts that had been brewing for a long time in his heart. Just now, he also looked at several farmhouses, and there were other people besides the old man and a few children who were too young to speak.
"Are busy! When will you come out there? "
Jane’s words surprised Yang Zongshi.
"Now is not a busy time, how can there be things that can’t be done?"
"There are many Zhuangli workshops, and I still don’t think there are enough people to spare time. Men and women can work in our workshop and earn some wage subsidies."
"I know this!"
Han Wuyanma added that he and Jane are very familiar with each other, and he feels at home in Jianjiazhuang.
"Brother Liuguang’s spinning and weaving workshop, brewing workshop and paper mill are crowded with people. Some of them earn more money as workers than planting crops!"
Jane was interrupted by a horse.
"Hu said Hu said that making money in the workshop is enough to subsidize the family. Where can there be more than planting crops?"
This is hard to withstand policy scrutiny.
If the workshop makes more money than growing grain, then growing grain will reduce the whole feudal dynasty, but the most basic grain producers have eaten it. How can they not put grain into the workshop without food losses? This Yang Zongshi is a high-level second generation. If you go home, you will be alarmed. Even if this workshop is blind, it will not be ordered, but it is necessary to reduce production.
"How is it …" Han Wuyan felt that this was an argument for Jane, so he must say it, and express his warm and profound friendship to Jane!
"In front of you, you are going to give me the title of’ The First Private School in Heaven’!"
Jane’s high interruption led the crowd to go to the place where the private school was located.
"I said that my brother didn’t give me a chance to show!"
Han Wuyan farted behind Jane and tried to brush her performance.
This product is too enthusiastic. There must be something wrong with it.
"To be honest, what exactly happened to you and them today? Don’t say you came to see me! "
Jane has a serious stare at Han Wuyan.
"Hey hey, don’t say you’re right. I just came to see my brother. I haven’t seen you for a long time. Think that year … "
Jane stopped drinking decisively.
"Say it again, don’t tell the truth, and prepare a barbecue today. Even if you cancel your membership, you will be expelled from Jianjiazhuang directly!"
Han Wuyan is in a hurry.
"Come on, brother, this is not what I want to come. My dad forced me to learn more from you."
"It’s that simple?"

This, this, this … This painting style is wrong!

According to Gengye’s idea, shouldn’t LingHan, who has always been very proud, take the initiative to challenge? At that time, the audience will pour cheers and shouts on Ling Han, and his teammates will also be contaminated with a little great light …
But why did this guy take the initiative? You, you, you … Aren’t you always modest? How can you do such a thing by taking the initiative to provoke? We should do it!
Gengye just heard about LingHan grandiloquence and knew that his amazing strength had reached a height of 70,000 meters, but then he looked at LingHan’s expression and found that his eyes were actually somewhat evasive. Gengye’s heart was cold at that time …
At this moment LingHan heart is almost angry is almost roar.
To tell the truth, he is very reluctant to play against Mo Tianyuan again, even if it is to let him and Xie Xiaofeng, the chief god recognized by the country, feel that it is much better than Mo Tianyuan’s game. Don’t worry about it every time. After the game with Mo Tianyuan, he already has a shadow in his heart.
Looking at this moment, Mo Tianyuan came over without any selfish interests, and named himself to learn from Ling Han. He immediately felt a little unbearable. He felt that his brilliant personality was greatly insulted. When I’m afraid of you! ?
Come on! Let the storm come more violently!
At the moment, the audience is almost going to turn over with Mo Tianyuan’s reckless provocation. These two people are the most shining in the Super League. It is also well known that they are competing for the two people at the same time. At this time, seeing Mo Tianyuan directly come to Ling Han to challenge in front of the Chinese audience is simply to make the audience excited and ready to cry.
This, this, this … These two games will be saved for the last appearance. Does it mean that the first game today will be a winner?
"oh! We Mo Tianyuan are really awesome! He actually challenged Ling Han in the first game. You know, although Ling Han’s players are so hot in their heyday, it’s really not many people who have the courage to take the initiative to challenge him. So will we Linghan players take up this challenge? Oh! My goodness! Ling Han’s contestant is up. Is he going to accept the challenge of Mo Tianyuan? ?” The host said excitedly
Among several players in the family Team, Du Liante looked at this stage and whispered, "It’s a little interesting …"
The audience watched Ling Han slowly walk out of the seat. In front of the audience, he picked up the host and handed it to the microphone. He said, "Since some people want to die, I will get back the dignity I lost today!"
He resounded through every corner of the venue to let the audience know that this great god, also from East China Division, was really angry.
Since last year’s Super League, these two men have been the focus of national cool runners’ attention to the top players, and they won the fourth and fifth place in East China respectively in an sea election. It can be said that there has been a long history of infighting. Are they going to collide again in this influential national competition today?
The audience didn’t know the final result, but they knew that it was a wonderful visual feast for the two of them to meet.
Entering the game seat debugging hand, the mobile phone enters the organizer’s game account number, and it is still a uniform first-class role. The only difference in the Super League is that the number of equipment is more this time.
And they also put these equipment into the first attack mode competition.
Tiancheng belongs to the North China Division. Supposedly, all the pages in the city should be watching the live broadcast of the North China Division, but at this time, most of them are in the live broadcast of the Northeast Division in front of the pages in the city.
No, don’t let the great god who walked out of our heavenly city, he is in the northeast today.
"It’s strange how these two people fought together again?" In the boudoir, Liu Xintong looked at Mo Tianyuan and Ling Han, who were sitting in the competition seats at this time, but their hearts were faintly worried. She didn’t care whether he could win the final game. The most important thing was not to affect his mood because of winning or losing, but now she found that the man who played Mo Tianyuan at this time was a Ling Han.
The only difference is that Mo Tianyuan took the initiative to stir things up this time.
"This guy is really who you are looking for, but it is not ugly to find that guy in case he loses?" Liu Xintong’s small mouth pursed as if he were dissatisfied with Mo Tianyuan’s provocation just now.
On the right side of her pink brain, Mo Tianyuan won the trophy in the Super League, which once made the national cool runner dream of getting it. Because of his promise, it became her exclusive possession.
At the same time, in front of the live video of the brain in the Northeast Division, there are still some bad pages in Tiancheng …
"See what North China Division competition! Isn’t it nice to see the northeast? I’m telling you, this Mo Tianyuan is really my brother. It’s just that the sky is falling and it doesn’t change the fact. I said, why don’t you believe me? " The higher the tea is, the more inside Zhang Shaotian’s little cousin stays in front of the office with him at this time, but the country’s first cool running goddess, Shallow Warm fans, cried and shouted to watch the live broadcast of the competition in North China Division at this time, but Zhang Shaotian rebuffed it.
Little cousin nature is not letter face very grievance said "you cheat! I think you just have a strong interest in the rough people in Northeast China. Otherwise, why don’t you watch it when Sister Wen is so beautiful? Why are you going to see some northeast game and saying it’s the Mo Tianyuan brothers? I think I am still a warm brother! "
Zhang Shaotian turned over their language way "please this MoTianYuan is really my brother, ok? You’re a child. Every family knows what you can do when you grow up. Look at your cousin. I’m a good-looking man. I’m still a single aristocrat. Do you understand? Besides, what’s the big deal about your sister? Maybe my brother, Xiao Mo, can easily take her if he works hard … "
"ah! ! ! Don’t you dare insult my sister, I will fight you hard! "
Chapter 537 Night Baby+Meteor Lion!
Ling Han didn’t say much. He took a seat in the competition and sacrificed his best cycling boy directly!
However, at this time, the bicycle boy is no longer the little bicycle+super boy, but the super bicycle and super boy! Although the name of the first super teenager in Linghan was taken away by Mo Tianyuan in a super league, Mo Tianyuan didn’t make a lot of cycling teenagers in public. In addition, he has been preparing for the college entrance examination in the past six months, and the number of times he appeared in public is even less. Therefore, although everyone knows that he is a super teenager, he is still a bigger cycling teenager in terms of influence.
At this time, the audience saw Linghan take out this set of equipment and shouted in succession.
"oh! Male god, are you going to match your life to run this game? "
"Ha ha ha! Ridiculous! Ling Han in the Super League in 2008 lost this combination to Mo Tianyuan, and now he dares to come up with this combination, even if he wants to repeat the mistakes of last year! "
"That doesn’t necessarily mean that Ling Han lost to Mo Tianyuan last year, but his main match is this combination, and Mo Tianyuan hasn’t seen anything about him in the past six months. He is afraid that even if he is a bicycle boy, he will be better than Ling Han."
"That’s not necessarily. Maybe somebody else’s great god is burying his head in practice?"
The audience talked noisily, but everyone still affirmed that Ling Han had come up with this set of equipment. After all, there are not many well-known players in China who can beat Ling Han in this combination.
Even now, I’m afraid Mo Tianyuan is not necessarily Linghan’s opponent in this combination.
Super Bike+Super Boy+Green Light Xiong Linghan will sacrifice this combination to instantly fight off the charts!
Supercycle is the evolution of small bicycle. Although it feels similar, the body looks more stable and its body attributes have been strengthened a lot.
The full level 13 is three levels higher than the full level 1 bicycle, which is an amazing change. It has the skills of flying score plus 12%, local sprint, ultimate sprint and so on.
It is a blessing for young players who like bicycles and super-bikes to be suspicious. It is absolutely no less than the combination of the same period to match the green light bear with the special bicycle teenagers.
Since the beginning of the line, the green light bear has become the exclusive elf debut effect for super teenagers. The score of crossing the pink or yellow stars plus 1% can be called the super teenager’s distraction skill. In the years when the captain of the tiger balm elf bear occupied all the major advantages, the suspicion of the green light bear broke the myth of the captain’s fate. Since then, the captain of the bear will never want to touch the bicycle juvenile wheel again …
However, because the combination of this elf is too simple, it will become penniless without the super boy like a super bike and a small bike.
However, there is no doubt about its bonus to the super-young.
However, the reference of this game is the last distance. Although the combination is not low, the audience still chose this feel and squeezed a cold sweat. But then they thought, "No, Ling Han is the first cyclist in China. How could he have problems on the track because of the feel?" Mm-hmm, or we ordinary people think too much! "
The difference between Ling Han and Mo Tianyuan is that he didn’t match him as he did last time. He rummaged through the dazzling array of characters and equipment in the equipment column and finally fixed his combination on the surface.
Night Baby+Meteor Lion+Minos+Captain Bear!
Night Baby is a gliding character with full-scale 13-level full-scale skill D. When the full-scale skill takes effect at 32: 1, the cool running mode is 12: 4. After the countdown, the night baby skill can automatically generate a rainbow bridge, and when it touches the rainbow bridge, it will immediately cross into the reward, which is a good life-saving skill.

Ga ga ga, at this time, there was another high-speed wind carving dish, and the high school lost its prey. Suddenly, the cliff high-speed wind carving was another battle. After a while, there were several strands of feathers mixed with blood drops.

This is that the high-speed carving eating method is a simple eating, but it also has different strengths, high speed, and the first flight can grab the food. It is just a eating and it also contains the competition law of survival of the fittest.
This group of high-flying vultures can turn an ordinary eating into a selection of the superior and the inferior. Xia Man thought of a possible king of high-flying vultures.
The wisdom of Warcraft is very low. Only those who have been promoted to the level of BM can give birth to wisdom and then lead a population to become stronger gradually. This kind of eating has evolved into such a neat and unified way. None of the hundreds of flurry eagles dare to go out and grab food first, but wait until the flurry eagle at the top of the cliff sends out a signal before they dare to compete. It is said that this group of flurry eagles has evolved into a king of eagles. How can we deter these beasts and obey some inherent rules?
"High winds carved the king? Hey, hey, that’s level five Warcraft, right? It couldn’t be better to walk instead of walking. "But Guan Fei first heard Xia Man whisper and crack his mouth and said with a smile that half of them immediately understood Xia Man’s meaning and stared at Xia Man with some surprise." Boss, do you want this to be a mount for our brothers? "
Guan Fei swallowed a mouthful of this saying. This is what he has long dreamed of owning, but it is very difficult for most people to get recognition from Warcraft except those who live in the free kingdom. Otherwise, according to his nature, he would have caught some Warcraft to enslave every day.
Ximen Chuixue and XuanYuanTie heard that it was Zheng to recover Warcraft. It was not easy to live, but Xia Man was not in a hurry to take them to find the ice for ten thousand years, but came to find the flurry carving. This is also possible. The flurry carving is definitely a good tool for walking. Is it possible to collect the flurry carving?
"Shut your ya bird mouth to talk and castrate you." Xia Man glared at Guan Fei, a broken-mouthed grandmother. This guy actually screamed out with this kind of head, making a face-to-face foraging flurry carving immediately turned his attention to their invisibility in this small bush.
Quack quack indeed as expected Xia Man’s voice just fell and there have been three high winds carved into glyphs.
"Grandma definitely has a carved king who even learned the tactics." Xia Man vomited and spat. He was a little surprised to see these three things. Generally, Warcraft doesn’t know what simple tactics are to attack opponents by attacking opponents or distributing them. Yes, a group of Warcraft advanced after the BM taught them to benefit from these simple tactics. Don’t look at these simple tactics, but various Warcraft races can play a huge role. Even if they encounter advanced Warcraft attacks, this simple consumption tactic can make advanced Warcraft exhausted.
This is also the wisdom that you will have only after you have advanced to the BM. It is definitely a world difference between having a BM of Warcraft and not having a BM.
At this time, I saw that the three high-wind sculptures in charge of patrol actually put on this simplest defense and attack law. Xia Man exulted in his heart. It seems that this time we must get the carving king.
Five-level flurry carving kings and these ordinary three-level flurry carving kings are worlds apart, but the speed of flurry carving kings is comparable to that of some flying seven-level Warcraft, and a group with flurry carving kings dare not attack even six-level Warcraft.
"Grandma, you’re in trouble." Xia Man showed an evil smile. At the moment when the official flew, it was sad to fly out from the crown of the tree. It turned out to be a butt carving at the three high winds.
"Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah
"Grandma actually moved my chrysanthemum and killed you this beast." Guan Fei once again turned around and blushed, and the night was particularly dazzling, holding a silver sword and killing the three high-flying carvings.
I don’t know how I can provoke this villain to be split by a silver light in an instant.
Quack quack this immediately angered the whole flurry carving group. At first glance, it doubled in size. The flurry carving flew up from the cliff and gave a scream. Nearly a hundred flurry carving immediately flew up in unison to block out a piece of moonlight and quickly surrounded the official flying layer by layer.
At the moment when the "King of Carving" high-wind carving king appeared, Xia Man finally gave me a smile. Ximen Chuixue and XuanYuanTie rarely looked at each other to express their sympathy for Guan Fei. They looked at the boss and laughed at him.
Slaughtered by # # Chapter 137
"Ah, boss, help!"
Just now, I was still in high spirits, chopping the flurry carving with a sword. Guan Fei faced hundreds of flurry carving like a tide, and attacked the battle in turn. Although these were all low-level Warcraft for him, he could kill three or five at will, but in the face of such a number, let alone Ximen Chuixue, he had to retreat hundreds of times and learn to transport simple tactics. The flurry carving will be repaired with one blow, and even if Guan Fei holds silver weapons, he can only cut some flurry carving, which has not yet come. The flurry carving has been injured before the killer, and it has been replaced by a combative flurry carving.
He can’t fight it. Round after round, attacking Guan Fei can’t hold on. He has been attacked by the high-wind carving for several times. If it weren’t for this set of fire cloud armor, he would have been hurt by the high-wind carving.
"Boss, what shall we do?" Guan Fei has been in danger, but Xia Man is still reacting with a wry smile. Staring at the war situation has no intention of making moves. XuanYuanTie is anxious. This Guan Fei is a growing partner with him. How can he watch each other die?
"Don’t worry, if you can’t hold on for a while, let him go to hell." Xia Man hey hey smiled. "We have other things to do, so we have to pin down the flurry carving." Then he explained as if he was afraid that Xuanyuantie was still uneasy. "There is no flurry carving to hurt him with his armor."
"The boss said yes, but what should we do?" Xuanyuantie ha ha a smile. Sure enough, those high-wind vultures surrounded Guanfei from all sides. It is said that Guanfei should have been injured long ago. But until now, this guy is still alive and kicking. This guy is absolutely not in danger. Xuanyuantie is sure that the big talk is that those high-wind vultures can’t even break the protective cover of Guanfei’s armor. This is just a vain attempt to pull them in. If anyone tries to save him at this time, they will fall into danger. After all, they don’t have an official flying through armor.
"So" Xia Man told XuanYuanTie and Ximen Chuixue to listen to Xia Man’s arrangement. Even Ximen Chuixue showed her eyes. XuanYuanTie even praised it. "Wonderful boss, how long does your head press the old bear? Why can’t you think of it?"
Xia Man’s head sends out a black line. Is this a compliment or a loss? However, this is the so-called pick-up time, which is the highlight of tonight.
"123" summer pretty drink Ximen Chuixue and XuanYuanTie fly up at the same time, but the goal is not those besieged officials flying flurry carving like two shells blaster and straight into the sky, Lingao stands in the flurry carving king.
This is the first step for Xia Man to collect the King of Blast Carving. Both of them are masters, a spiritual realm and a spiritual emperor realm. Even if they fight with the King of Blast Carving, they can definitely win easily. At this time, the two men attacked the King of Blast Carving and lost quickly. Even the retreat was completely cut off by two people. The wings are bright and bright, and the feathers are constantly not cut off, which makes them look embarrassed.
Ga ga ga ga ga high wind carving king gave an angry call to watch the official flying high wind carving. Immediately, there was some reaction to see that the high wind carving king was surrounded by two humans. Suddenly, he gave up the official flying and attacked two people in the middle school.
Hundreds of flurry carvings blocked the sky by half, and the dark figure quickly surrounded Ximen Chuixue and XuanYuanTie. Although they didn’t have armor, their strength was superb. Nearly a hundred flurry carvings fell like falling stones when they were close to each other.
Clapping two in no particular order dull noise Ximen Chuixue and XuanYuanTie quickly got into the forest after landing and ran to both sides under the cover of the forest, which would deliberately make a noise on the way to show their position.
Ga ga ga ga ga high wind carving king was annoyed by two human beings. Suddenly, there was a shock and angry screams. These high wind carvings immediately separated two teams to recover in the direction where Ximen Chuixue and XuanYuanTie fled.
However, Wang Xian, the high-flying eagle, has given birth to wisdom, and there is no police station to chase it, but every direction is about a hundred high-flying eagle, which is strong enough to tear up those two despicable sneak attackers, and even senior Warcraft who meets him in the seasonal forest can easily get out of trouble with the strength of a hundred high-flying eagle.
Divide out about 200 flurry sculptures. There are less than 100 flurry sculptures left in this flurry sculpture camp.
These have given up the siege of Guan Fei, and the high-flying vultures immediately turned around and rushed at Guan Fei after seeing the king of the vultures.
"What the hell, boss? Why did they run away?" Guan Fei doesn’t know what medicine is sold in Xia Man’s gourd. Looking at this nearly hundred flurry carvings, he rushed again and immediately rushed in Xia Man’s direction. "Hey, hey, boss, I’ll take these naughty boys to worship you for a new year." This guy wants to bring these flurry carvings to Xia Man’s side if he doesn’t make moves.

Chapter 14 I regard you as an ant!

Master Bo nodded his head and said, "People take this benefactor Li Hall …"
"Wait!" Master Zhibo didn’t finish talking when he heard a cold voice, "Did you ask Brother Li what he meant when you said to bring someone?"
They were surprised that the speaker turned out to be the Xinhe, with deep disdain and contempt in his sneering tone. "You are also masters of practice, not owners or elders. I can’t believe that one by one is so despicable! To put it bluntly, if we want to catch this brother Li, there is one goal, and the head of the peak is two goals. One is to use him to deter Li Jingyao, and the other is to blame him for the loss of Taiyi Sword, right? In this way, you don’t have to worry about Li Jingyao invading Tianfeng’s head, but you can also turn away the crime of losing artifacts. Good calculation, shame and meanness are no longer enough for you! Do you dare to say that you must be better than Li Jingyao by looking at your faces? !”
Xinhe’s words say that finish before everyone becomes angry, and the little favor he brings to everyone by maintaining Li Feiyang will also disappear in an instant.
Road flyover Tianfeng stared at Xinhe coldly. "This Taoist friend, please forgive my ignorance. Why have I never heard of this sect of Qianchongge? Are you human after all? "
"Haven’t you heard? Then you still say that you are not ignorant? Who am I? Do you talk to me? Am I wrong? Do you want to put this brother Li under house arrest and ask others for advice? "
"Ha ha ha ~ ~" Taoist Tianfeng seems to have heard the funniest thing in the world. "Do you want to ask others for advice? Don’t the five elements have door rules? Don’t you obey the orders of the master? Dear Master, can you control your disciple? "
Dear indifferently, "But Li Feiyang ordered you to stay here and not resist."
All the monks present watched Li Feiyang together and saw that Li Feiyang’s face changed again and again and finally said coldly, "I refuse."
Wow ~ ~ all the people present immediately frightened XinHeMei a pick gave me a thumbs-up look "good! Have a backbone! "
Li Feiyang didn’t speak, and his face was dignified. Before he was ordered to be temporarily under house arrest, in his view, since he insisted on reinforcements, it was nothing to make a pretence temporarily, but he just received the idea of cultivating immortality and warning.
"Do you want to accept the noble order? If you choose to obey it, you will change your previous escape from the practice meeting or wait for reinforcements to attack and cancel it. You will help Godsworn Tianfeng to resist the coming crisis and Taoist Tianfeng will not die, otherwise you will be rewarded for failure, plus 1 spirit force, 1 dharma, 1 skill upgrade and 1 failure penalty."
If Li Feiyang can’t guess what this upcoming crisis is after reading this branch, then he is really.
So rich that if you don’t say this difficulty, Li Feiyang will really be killed.
He has a vague idea in his heart. What is this coming crisis?
Protecting Taoist Tianfeng so that he will not die, even Taoist Tianfeng will live by law. That can say one thing. This crisis has reached the point where everyone present can resist it.
What else could it be if it wasn’t the invasion of the Demon Sect?
The reinforcements … Ten fingers is Li Jingyao!
Li Feiyang thought of here seeping a cold sweat. Does Li Jingyao really want to kill Chongxuan Temple directly with the magic of heaven? This guy … is really fearless of going inside the prison door, but on second thought, he will know that master Kurong couldn’t kill Li Jing in those days, and he still has people to fear?
Supposedly, so many fellow practitioners here may join hands with them in the eyes of ordinary people, and it may not be impossible for Li Jingyao to fight. Even if he really hits the door of Chongxuan Temple, will the three | world experts in Chongxuan Temple not appear?
But …
Li Feiyang looked at BuHao punishment clock from xiao injury … MuZhuo!
If his guess is correct, then everyone here, including those he cares about, will face the demons and Li Jingyao’s anger, which means that he cares about these people and they are likely to die.
If he doesn’t listen to the dear orders, at most, he will face these monks and MuZhuoQing temporarily. Even if Li Jingyao really comes to see the cultivation of immortality, he said that it is estimated that he will not be difficult to be with himself … After all, his name is his son, so he can try his best to protect MuZhuoQing |.
Focused Li Feiyang finally decided to wait until reinforcements arrived!
Dear obviously surprised by Li Feiyang, he decided to pull a face and said, "Are you crazy? Believe me, I won’t let them hurt you. This is a good plan. It’s not difficult for you to practice here. "
Li Feiyang will take the hidden snake sword firmly
"I can’t be intimidated by | people, regardless of whether I am excavate. If it’s not me, there is no reason to make such a sacrifice because he won’t be afraid if I am …"
Li Fei roared, Do you want me to help you threaten your father? ! That beast? "
"Ha ha ha ~ ~!" Feiyang put his heart into a horizontal laugh wildly and said, "Kill me if you miss me | I won’t let you show off."
Don’t tell me … I guess it’s wrong. If I really insist on practicing the immortal precept until the reinforcements come, I’ll be my ancestor.
Li Feiyang’s heart is secretly thinking that what he did was the bold guess in his heart.
"Ha ha ha ~ ~ good spirit kid! Don’t worry, none of them can kill your brother and you can’t die! " In the distant sky, a bright sound suddenly appeared, and all the monks in the room were surprised, but they had not yet recovered. Suddenly, they felt a jolt, and the whole day suddenly became gloomy, rising to the sky like a dark purple, and instantly enveloped the whole Chongxuan Temple.
Boom boom boom ~ ~! A series of huge rings started one after another. At the moment, the mountains around Chongxuan Temple were all broken and collapsed. The streamers came out from the broken mountains and gathered in the sky. A sudden shock of awe descended from the sky. A red vertical eye was like a blood-red one-eyed man looking at all the people coldly.

"Pure blood?" Lantang once again acted as a curious baby.

"Shi Youji is my sister!" Smell speech Kuran Kaname was forced to tell the truth.
"Master Shu, why do you still have a sister?" Ryukyu and Jia don’t understand.
"I’m sorry, Yuji, I didn’t tell you that you are my sister, your name is Kuran Yuki, and Yosuke is your sister, my sister, and his name is Jiulan Yosuke!" Kuran Kaname felt a deep remorse for Li Naifu’s forehead
Youji smell speech raised his head and raised his eyebrows. The corners of his mouth outlined a cold smile.
"Ha ha ha ha ha!" Youji laughed at the sky for a long time before she calmed down. "She’s dead, isn’t she?" Even though she is my sister, I hate her. I really hate her! I don’t regret doing it today. I don’t regret it at all! " Optimal Ji ferocious said coldly looking at Cain arms optimal snow.
"Anyway, you are my sister Yosuke and my sister. It’s all my fault. It’s my fault! The princess can have one. This is Satan’s curse! " Kuran Kaname decadent squat down to hold his forehead tightly.
"Ah, Xiao Yuji, you are wrong. Yosuke is not dead but asleep!" The witch’s hoarse voice came in. "I accidentally took the wrong medicine, so Yosuke will sleep forever and will not die!" "
"You" YouJi pupil transient red vampire fangs exposed "careless how many careless you have? Huh? "
The night is full of depression.
"unbridled!" Cain couldn’t help looking at the gaunt and painful appearance of the girl in his arms. He couldn’t wait to cut that damn Kuran Yuki to pieces.
"Does the witch have an antidote?" I wonder who asked such a question.
The witch raised her eyebrows. "Kaka, there is no antidote. I forgot how to make it!" "
Cain’s eyes darkened and Li Tu clenched his fists.
Youji sneered and nodded with satisfaction. There is no antidote? Then even if you can’t die, you can sleep! The pivot belongs to me!
Youji sneer at a pupil returned to its usual color and walked out of the gate of Yueliao.
Everyone looked at each other and didn’t know it was so good, but they heard Li Tuyi, "Go back first!" "
They nodded their heads and went back to their rooms. Even Li Tu and Cain walked up the stairs with Optimal Snow, and suddenly there was a swing in the hall.
"It’s really irresponsible!" The witch shook her head dissatisfied and was about to go out when she heard a call, "witch wait!" "
Looking back, I found an orange-haired girl wearing a black skirt and a pair of booties. The whole person looked very cold and cute.
"Are you-"Witch slightly partial head some don’t understand what to stop yourself?
"My name is Li Mo Touya Rima!" Li Mo dumped her braids and hurried up the stairs in front of the witch.
Witch looked at her mill.
"Wait a miko oh my god! What happened to Li Mo? " Ryukyu and Jia rushed out and just wanted to take the stairs but found Li Mo.
"Li mill what are you doing here? Lee soil adults not to say that "ryukyu jia cast a glance miko awkward and then turned his head to the mill.
Li Mo shrugged. "Aren’t you the same?"
"This is-"Witch picked his eyebrows and pursed his lips.
"My name is Zaoyuan Yujia!" Ryukyu and Jia introduced themselves and immediately bowed his head. Honey hair covered her eyes and made people unable to see emotions.
Li Mo secretly shook his fist and turned to the witch. "Witch, can you give me the antidote?"
"The antidote? What antidote? " The original look at Ryukyu and Jia Miko was taken aback, and the conscious rhetorical question immediately reflected the light smile. "Huh? Didn’t I say the antidote? There is no antidote! "
"Lie!" Liu Jia raised his head. "You lied to them, but you can’t lie to us!"
Smell speech Li Mo secretly breathed a sigh of relief. It seems that Ryukyu and Jia stopped the witch for the same reason, so you don’t have to worry about Ryukyu and Jia going to report!
Then he looked up and looked at the witch coldly.
"I said two elder sisters, but I don’t have an antidote here. I gave Yogi a magic medicine called Millennium. Once I drink this medicine, I will sleep forever. It is said that people can solve it!" The witch sighed and then said, "But I heard that someone can solve it!"
"Who is it?" Li mill and ryukyu better different mouth asked.
The witch picked her eyebrows slightly, and there was a flash of brilliance in her eyes, and then she regained her calm. The witch said in a very calm and quiet tone with some memorial regrets, "Lucifer? Lord Satan! "

According to the scene, the one who destroyed

"Come on, no matter what chariots. No matter how powerful it is, it can’t be worse than what I put in the clock of heaven and earth. "
According to the scene, the one who destroyed the chariot was probably the broken halberd that Fang Yun met. Now that you have got the most powerful halberd, you don’t have to participate in the battle for the wreckage of the car. So as not to be greedy, you will lose big because of small.
Fang Yun knows, however, that there is a "Hall of All Demons" and the Emperor’s Prince and his party hidden in the dark.
The wind swings, Fang Yun without hesitation to another direction.
"Dragon saliva Gentiana!"
"Chaos tung skin!"
"Yin and Yang stretch grass …"
Fang Yun is constantly collecting the medicinal materials here.
"This time, or try to collect enough. Otherwise, out of here, I’m afraid I can’t find it again! It’ s too pale to have a prescription, but there is no material, but it’ s a very troublesome thing. "
Fang Yun frowned slightly while collecting medicinal materials. The value of "Tai Cang Shen Ding" is far above the general ancient instruments. But one problem that he has to face is that it is impossible for him to find so many places with ancient materials.
Besides, there are many strong people here. A conflict, a fight, can easily make this place, devastated. Besides, so many people are staring. It’s impossible for Fang Yun to sweep the whole piece away.
After all, no one is stupid who can cultivate to the realm of six or seven products of Tianchong. Probably, just seeing some bare spots, I guess someone got the formula of the ancient God Dan.
Suddenly, Wu Guang flashed in my mind, and Fang Yun suddenly had to laugh: "Hey! I actually ignored such a simple fact. " A breeze blew, and another flower disappeared out of thin air. Only this time, not only the roots, stems, flowers and leaves on the surface were collected, but even a piece of soil disappeared.
At the same time, just below a mountain peak, there was a newly transplanted herb.
Transplanting the exotic flowers and herbs in the ancient small world into the universal clock of heaven and earth, and establishing a medicine garden. Use the time of "the clock of heaven and earth" to accelerate energy, breed continuously and cultivate herbs! This is Fang Yun’s solution.
The so-called incoming fans, onlookers see clearly. Fang Yun kept thinking about how to collect more herbs, but ignored the simplest fact. With a complete space, Fang Yun can cultivate itself in it.
The concentration of primordial energy in the Middle Ages and the Near Ages is no longer suitable for cultivating ancient plants and medicinal materials. However, this is not a problem. Fang Yun can completely create an ancient environment in it.
"Ha, ha, ha, unexpectedly, I also made such a low-level mistake. Fortunately, I reacted in time. "
Da3 Yun4 smiled and relaxed completely. Now, really speaking, as long as he cultivates the medicine garden. There can be no one here who has gained more than him.
Sometimes, the harvest of killing is not necessarily the biggest!