Chapter one hundred and ninety-six: Killing Sages and Hiding (11)-Fighting Force

Chapter one hundred and ninety-six: Killing Sages and Hiding (11)-Fighting Force
Although I was heartbroken when I arrived, even the existing magic weapon was too late to sacrifice, Tang Qing grasped the most basic things and tried to improve everything that could be improved.
After forming then, it goes without saying that the cultivation has been improved. For Tang Qing, the most important change is that his fighting style can be fundamentally changed.
Tang Qing has always grasped very clearly that his strongest point is always close combat. Even after Tang Qing grasped the pulse of psychic attribute, it didn’t change.
Only before that, due to the restriction of not being able to fly, Tang Qing could not give full play to this advantage when fighting with monks.
In the air, it is impossible to achieve real hand-to-hand combat by means of issuing instruments. This is an unavoidable shortcoming for any bodybuilder, and Tang Qing is no exception.
Because of this, after the success of Jiedan, Tang Qing first learned not to sacrifice magic weapons, nor to practice gold evasion, but to learn to fly-flying in the air.
For flying, Tang Qing has two goals, one is speed and the other is attitude.
The ultimate way of hand-to-hand combat is that the whole body can be used as a weapon. If it is on the ground, Tang Qing is very strong in this respect, better than the vast majority of people in this world. But if in the air, it seems that there is no experience to borrow, and Tang Qing can only study it by himself.
This requires a premise, the mastery of flying skills and balance.
This is what Tang Qing practiced all the way. Although he is not very skilled, he can barely cope with the scene.
At the moment, at an altitude of 100 meters, I saw that Tang Qing, who was originally in a hurry, turned and twisted her body lightly, and her upper body stood upright, and the whole person instantly returned to normal posture.
Ignoring the tremendous pressure from the body, he broke through the air in an indomitable manner, and shot at Yan Hui like a bullet leaving the chamber.
At the same time, Tang Qing left a recruit, put away the spirit boat fluttering in the air, and then wiped it again, and a white cat appeared on his shoulder.
When Qian Yu saw it, she couldn’t even care about fighting. She cried out in surprise: "Meow!"
The next moment, Tang Qing’s right hand swung out one after another, and the old routine continued. However, in the five bursts of flying swords, there was a sword that was extremely common and indestructible, which was very disappointing.
Yan Hui is dead at the moment, and Yan Zheng and Qin Qi are more torn apart. They both know that if anything happens to Yan Hui, what will happen to them.
No matter who you are, you will be surprised to break out in a cold sweat when you see others offering such a long string of flying swords one after another. What’s more, Tang Qing’s sudden flying in the air was too shocking.
"You are Dan."
Yan Hui’s eyes are full of disbelief and fear, and her voice is extremely horrified.
At the moment, Tang Qing fully displays, and can no longer conceal his nature. The unique coercion of the Godsworn in the Dan period is scattered in the air, giving Yan Hui the feeling of being like Tianwei.
It’s not that Yan Hui has little knowledge, but this series of changes is really hard for him to understand and accept. When I saw Tang Qing in the temple, he was clearly just entering the late stage of the foundation. It was only a few days ago. He just married Dan?
Previously, Tang Qing fell down with a very handsome and natural attitude, and it was precisely because of this that Yan Hui had no doubt. Repairing this thing is not something you can install if you want, and it will only take two months to be at the very most.
In the later period of Tsukiji, the monks married Dan in two months. Can this be imagined by cunning and treachery?
Before he recovered from the shock, five flying swords, which were almost in a line, seemed to dig a knife in Yan Hui’s heart. When manipulating five flying swords seems to be a temple, he seems to be in a hurry to cast a small spell. How can he manipulate five flying swords now?
At the moment, Yan Hui’s mind has only one thought left, so hurry back.
He didn’t even have time to manipulate guillotines Huiyuan Yan Hui to take it for granted that he didn’t compare with Tang Qing’s mana at all, and the speed of manipulating the multiplier was naturally too different. At this time, guillotines and Tang Qing are already in the same line. It is obviously too late to rely on their Huiyuan to deal with these flying swords.
Mind DianZhuan, Yan Hui teeth under instant decision. Guillotines crashing burst open, Yan Hui hands a clap again, a pair of hook multiplier rotating fly out, to meet the several direct fly sword.
At the same time, Yan Hui with a roar, suddenly around the body sends out a heavy black fog, wrapped his body, hurry back and go.
Originally so decided, Yan Hui can really escape the immediate bullet. At this time, Yan Zhen and Qin Qi have been desperate to fly up and fly here like a fisherman. Qin Qi was swept away from his body by a glittering palm, and he spit out one mouthful blood on the spot, which seriously injured him.
Had meaning can only do this step, Wu Bo where there are two almost intact Godsworn Dan to join the fight, they are also hard to come.
Just a little, Yan Hui can escape. Unfortunately, a spectacle made him pause again.
Five seemingly arrogant flying swords, the first three were directly smashed by the double hook, and the fourth one was still hit by the double hook. It was not until the fifth flying sword came into contact with the double hook that Yan Hui felt the pressure, and the double hook suddenly shook, showing signs of malfunction.
Where’s the flying sword It all fell to the ground, and some fragments were scattered in the air.
There is no explanation for this situation. That’s the flying sword of the giant sword gate. That’s the flying sword used by Godsworn Dan. That’s the flying sword used by Tang Qing. It was actually scattered directly by a Godsworn Tsukiji.
Of course, Yan Hui is very strong, and the guys he uses are first-class. But if he can have such power, he must not be called a cow any more. He should be called a longicorn flying in the sky.
Therefore, the tragic Yan Hui is involuntarily stunned. Just like the gangster in the "Shuanglong Club", there was a sudden feeling that I was so powerful and his judgment was so weak.
This judgment only lasted in Yan Hui’s mind … Half breath, that is, a flash, and then Yan Hui immediately saw the reason why he almost vomited blood with anger.
If let Yan Hui choose, he really would rather not understand.
Tang Qing’s eyes don’t have the shadow of those flying swords. guillotines blew himself up at almost 100 meters under his feet. What impact can it have on Tang Qing?
Don’t say that he still has a shield that is fixed with Dan. Even with bare arms, if this level of impact wants to hurt Tang Ye, I’m afraid that the doyen who created the Vajrayana tactic will jump out of the mud to settle accounts with Tang Ye and scold him for losing the face of his ancestors.
When Yan Hui reacted again and wanted to retreat, Tang Qing was already 50 meters away from him
There is no time for running and flying, and there is a continuous pause. Yan Hui’s only hope is to hide behind Yan Zheng and others who have arrived. Now, he has completely lost this opportunity.
Meow meow a roar, fairy shake three shake; At the first hand of the nine operators, God shakes it.
Through the battle with the lack of heart, Tang Qing is convinced that these two kinds of killing tactics that can make the opponent a meal will become his own signboard in the future.
As long as the order difference is not too big, it won’t make meow dangerous. This kind of soul shock is definitely a big killer that can’t dodge, defend or be exempted.
Of course, there is a premise that you must be able to use such a little time to give your opponent great damage. Otherwise, the loss outweighs the gain.
Tang Qing has even made up his mind that once he is free, he should give priority to finding a way to make meow meow advanced, especially for him.
Ignoring the magical powers that two Godsworn Jiedan attacked him, Tang Qing flew into the black fog, lifted his feet and made moves.
After two pauses, Yan Hui could only stare at unbelievable and desperate eyes, watching Tang Qingchao punch himself, kick him, wave his hand, and then be kicked out for more than ten meters like a chicken.
Until the end, Yan Hui also made a mistake. This kind of black fog is very powerful against ordinary monks. Just for Tang Qing, it is completely useless.
Life’s core monuments’s magic gas cultivated by a small magic workshop that only built the foundation, if compared with those absorbed by Tang Ye on the poisonous mosquito mountain, it is flattering to compare mosquitoes with elephants.
Yan Hui didn’t die, his body flew out, and a long blood arrow was blown out in the air, even with pieces of meat in it, but he didn’t die after all.
A cold incomparable, powerful spirit force suddenly broke out on Yan Hui, along the direction of Yan Hui being thrown, and headed for Tang Qing.
Even if they didn’t bear the attack, the rest of the people at the scene were like falling into an ice cave in an instant, and they could clearly feel the anger and murder contained in this spirit. Of course, what scares them even more is that the power of this idea shows what kind of cultivation the owner who owns it is.
"Ha ha"