The face of Shaoyang Shenjun is also a little heavy. In fact, his pressure is the greatest at this time. Other people’s lairs are far away in the Central Plains, and the strategic space is huge. Only his Zhu detached from the palace and hung out overseas. If anything goes wrong, his hundreds of years of hard work will be destroyed, and his disciples don’t know how many they will die.

Yi Yudao: "Now the Xiji Sect is ready to wait. I wonder what the Shaoyang God can do?"
Shaoyang Shenjun looked stiff and said, "What else can we do? Naturally, the enemy will have means to resist water. And now, from it, many Taoist friends have helped to fight, and they will definitely not let the demons of the West Pole religion take any advantage! "
Yi Yu raised his glass and said, "I admire your spirit and being original! A toast to Shenjun! " After drinking, Yi Yu added, "It’s just … if so, I’m afraid Zhu Li, the emperor of God, will suffer heavy casualties! Even if you are not ready for the strength of the Western Religion, you must not take a peek! "
In fact, how can these young gods not understand this! However, in the West Sea, why should he give up grinding the ball island to avoid the enemy? In the face of this dilemma, he is also helpless to choose hard to shake.
The old man Cang Xu asked, "I wonder if Taoist Yi Yu has any clever plans?"
Yi Yu smiled and said, "The clever plan can only reduce the loss of Zhu Li, the God of Shaoyang, and it can be regarded as some compensation for the accidental killing of the Five Fire Ambassadors in Yuanjiang that year!"
When Shaoyang Shenjun heard Yi Yu, he also mentioned the five fire messengers, and his face changed. But at this time, Yi Yu’s expression was sincere, but there was no hint of provocation, and he was not good at it.
Cang Xu’s old man seems to be afraid that Shaoyang Shenjun can’t help but hurry up and ask, "What can I do if I can’t stop being a Taoist friend?"
Yi Yudao said, "Presumably, the two Taoist friends should also know that there is a powerful Sect called Christianity on Luoma Mountain in the west of Xiji Sect. They were originally from the same root as Xiji religion, and only after they separated did they become two factions. However, the relationship between these two factions is not good. There are countless deaths and injuries all the year round, and there must be a lot of hatred. "
Both Shaoyang Shenjun and Cang Xu’s old man were stupefied. Although they had heard of the existence of a Christian church in the west and had seen disciples experience in the East in the past, they really didn’t know what the distant sect was like. In fact, it doesn’t mean that they really don’t know the existence of the Vatican, but the idea of going to heaven and going to the country in the East has even penetrated into people’s bones, and even those who fix the truth can’t avoid customs. In their minds, the unknown faction far away in the west is no longer considered.
The old man Cang Xu said, "So it’s also true that the enemy of the enemy is an ally. If the Holy See can help contain the West Pole in the rear, it will definitely reduce the pressure and minimize the losses."
Although Shaoyang Shenjun is proud, his face lit up at the thought of saving more disciples’ lives.
The old man Cang Xu added, "It’s just that we old men have never dealt with the Vatican. Since Taoist friends put forward this plan, how about asking Taoist friends Yi Yu to go again?"
Yi Yu waved his hand and smiled: "I’m afraid this won’t work!"
Both of them turned pale and the old man asked, "Oh? Is there anything to hide from Taoist friends? "
Yi Yu smiled and said, "No! In fact, if you go to the Vatican, you can ask him to help us contain the West Pole and teach me Yi Yu. It doesn’t matter even if you run ten times. Just … "
"Just how?" Shaoyang Shenjun finally couldn’t help but ask urgently.
Yi Yu sighed, "It’s not that I don’t want to go, but even if I go to Luoma Mountain and meet their pope, I can’t get any promises!" "
The old man who has been practicing seclusion all the year round doesn’t know much about the situation in the West, let alone the feud between the Vatican and the Western Sect. Doubt: "Why is this a sworn enemy?"
Yi Yudao said, "Just now, you two also read the information I brought about about the Western Sect! Obviously, the western religions are not ready for war now, but why did they choose to start a war at this time? !”
Two people one leng in the past, they also don’t know the current situation of XiJi teaching nature didn’t think about this problem now Yi Yu doubt just gave birth to suspicion.
Yi Yudao: "Although the West Pole taught itself that it didn’t want to go to war, some people insisted that they invade the East!"
The pale old man and Shaoyang Shenjun both looked surprised and said, "Daoyou means …"
Yi Yu nodded and said, "Besides the will of their father God above, who can make the Xiji Sect go to war so recklessly?"
Shaoyang Shenjun said, "If that’s the case … then the Vatican also believes in agreeing with the gods of the West Pole. It is impossible for them to help us contain the West Pole, and they may even receive orders from the gods to help us."
Old Cang Xu said, "I’m sure Taoist Yi Yu won’t say anything unnecessary to us! Since he proposed the existence of the Holy See, there must be a way to involve the Holy See in this matter. " If you want to know what will happen next time, please see "There are other plans to save the virgin"

The three hundred and ninety-ninth back to save the virgin another calculation.
Back to Yi Yufei’s visit to Moqiu Island, he gave them all the information about Xiji religion from Helitan. It’s just that now, in the face of the West Pole religion, Zhu is the first to leave the palace, and once the war starts, it will be a river of blood.
Yi Yu smiled slightly. "To tell you the truth, I do have a way, but it’s not aboveboard enough."
Although Shaoyang Shenjun is upright, he is not pedantic: "Taoist friend, but it’s okay to talk about what is aboveboard before the people’s righteousness!" Moreover, the ancient warrior sage once said that’ the soldiers are also cunning’ and there is no need to talk about morality between the warring parties. "
Yi Yu gave me a comforting smile and said, "In that case, being original is outspoken! Presumably, you two don’t know that a saint in the Vatican has been hijacked by the West Pole Professor! "
Two people slightly one leng immediately understand Yi Yu is to want to make an issue of the saint. Asked: "I don’t know what your friends have up their sleeves? Do you want to kill the saint and arouse the anger of the Vatican? "
Yi Yu shook her head and said, "If you really kill the Saint, it will be a war of words at most. Even if the interests to be contested have disappeared, there is no need to fight again. Therefore, killing must not work. We can only use this saint to make those people in the Vatican feel that Xijijiao has betrayed their father God. Only in this way will they be desperate to fight against Western Christianity. "
The old man said, "Oh? Then how can the Holy See think that Western Christianity has betrayed? "
Yi Yudao: "Well … I haven’t thought about it yet, but in any case, if we want to make a fuss about it, we must first take the virgin into the hands of Tao, otherwise everything will be a pipe dream."
"It’s a good idea, but where is the virgin now?" said the God Shaoyang. How can we rob it? I am afraid this is not an easy problem to solve! "
Yi Yudao: "As for where the virgin is, I have sent someone to check it out. I believe that news will come soon. As for how to snatch it, it depends on the situation! "
With Yi Yu, a method that is still uncertain, Shaoyang Shenjun also relaxed his mind a little, which is not so urgent. After that, the atmosphere at the banquet was also harmonious. After the banquet, Shaoyang Shenjun personally sent Yi Yu to a clause for his temporary residence.
It hasn’t been half an hour since I sent the Shaoyang Shenjun and the Cangxu old man away! I saw the pale old man coming again. Yi Yuzheng was sitting in the hall drinking tea, and seemed to have expected that he would visit. He stood up and greeted him with a smile: "Cangxu Daoyou please sit down quickly! I knew you would come again. "
Old Cang Xu smiled and said, "But some Taoist friends are being bothered! It’ s just that the last appointment in Yuanjiang has been over this old man and I have to worry! "
Yi Yu smiled and sipped at the tea ceremony: "Taoist friends want to see Princess Yangzi naturally, and they can see it at any time!"
"Then please ask Yi Yudaoyou to lead the way quickly!" This pale old man got up and left!
Yi Yu smiled and said, "This is not urgent. To be honest, Yang Zi is in my’ Pure Land of Blissfulness’ at this time, and I can come out to meet you as soon as I want. "
The old man was slightly stunned and said, "I don’t know what the relationship is between you and Princess Yangzi. How can she be here?"
Yi Yu smiled and said, "Well! If it is said that our relationship is quite close. "
The old man was slightly dissatisfied with Yi Yu’s ambiguous answer to Moling. But nowadays, it is people who want something, but they are not picky. "All right! No matter what your relationship with your highness is. Now that you are here, please arrange for me to meet her as soon as possible! "
Yi Yudao: "This is natural. Now that I have promised Daoyou, I won’t go back on my word. It’s just that I have just said that the relationship between Yang Zi and me is very close, which means I can’t allow her to be in any danger! "
"You don’t trust me!" Pale empty old man slightly show the color of healing exclaimed.
Yi Yu is not shy. Directly nodded and said, "Although it may make Taoist friends feel unhappy, it is also a fact. Daoyou neither shows the relationship with Yang Zi nor the purpose of seeing her. How can this not make me doubt? If Taoist friends can make all this clear. Being original is also unambiguous. How about asking Yang Zi to come out and meet his Taoist friends at once? "
The pale old man looked stiff and said, "Now that I have said this, I won’t be afraid! To tell the truth, I don’t trust you either! If you are famous in the field of fix true, I’m afraid demon fairy Yi Yu is not a trustworthy gentleman! How can you make me trust you unilaterally? And what if I tell the whole story about myself in case you cheat me? Although I think highly of myself, but your background is too thick, then Li Jingxiu and Zhu Mei are not easy to be with their peers and have a lot of wives who are not to be taunted. I can only eat a dumb loss! "
Yi Yu smiled helplessly: "Well! The words of Taoist friends are also very polite, but what if I have a guarantor? "
"who?" In fact, the old man is not willing to fall into this waiting situation at this time. Now he is naturally happy to see Yi Yu and the solution.
Yi Yu said, "The Great Master Weng won the early Qing Dynasty! I don’t know if Taoist friends can be trusted? "
The pale old man was slightly stunned and said, "What! You mean! You mean the big drink offering! Lord Weng! How is that possible? She was not given by the overlord of Chu … "
"Kill, right?" Yi Yu will win Qing Chu from the’ pure land of bliss’ with a wave of his hand. "Do you know this person at the beginning of Qing Dynasty?"

Wei Wu didn’t answer. He was so absorbed in manipulating the beam that he dared not be a little careless.

Although the bundle of magic banners can’t stop Fubao’s attack for a while, it doesn’t do much harm to the Zhang brothers who opened the protective cover, but it binds the Zhang brothers and San Sanxiu in one area.
Zhang Deshi tried to break out of the attack range of the beam of magic banners several times or planned that Zhang Deren would be with him, but he was stopped by the ghost who manipulated the beam of magic banners by Wei Wu.
However, several people in Wei Wu are still in danger, and several people must keep moving in the beam of magic banners. Zhang Deren and de-Shi Zhang are fighting together to give Fu Bao an opportunity, but as a result, several people in Wei Wu consume aura very quickly, and it won’t be long before several people lose when their aura dries up.
The Zhang brothers are obviously a few people at the end of this situation, so they are not in a hurry to achieve success.
Although the Bai Zhang brothers intend to, it is only a matter of time before Wei Wu fails in any way.
"Wait" See Wei Wu shouting at the Zhang brothers while holding a few ancient books in one hand.
"Don’t you want these books? If I destroy it at this moment, you can’t stop it. Why don’t you let me leave and we’ll send you these books? Otherwise, even if you can kill me, you can’t get it.
Brother Zhang looked at each other and knew that Wei Wu was telling the truth. If they really destroyed their credentials, they could kill them to vent their anger, but there was no substance.
"Then you can give us the money first, and then we will release you." Zhang Deshi said to Wei Wu.
"Hum, I will give it to you now when I am a three-year-old child. What if you get it and then go back on your word?"
"That stay like? I won’t let you go first. "
"Why don’t you put away Fubao first and I’ll treat you?"
"Good deal"
"It’s a deal"
Both sides temporarily stopped attacking Zhang Deshi, stopped Fubao first and slowly recycled it.
See Zhang Deren has walked to come over Zhang Deshi suddenly difficult FuBao straight to Wei Wu.
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Chapter 9 Yellowbird
Wei Wu dark call is not good, although he didn’t believe Zhang Deshi’s words, he was always on the alert, but Fubaolai was too fast and the two people were not far apart. When Wei Wugang wanted to destroy several ancient books, he felt his arm numb and lost his strength.
Qin Lan and Zhang Biao saw Ji and Wei Wu’s left arm fall to the ground together and wanted to bend down to pick it up, but Zhang Deshi saw that the sneak attack was successful and there would be a chance for them to pick it up and coerce themselves. Therefore, Fubao danced around Ji and prevented Qin Lan and Zhang Biao from reacting and losing his left arm. Wei Wu dared not approach.
When Wei Wu saw it, he knew that it was unbearable to say hello to Qin Lan and Zhang Biao, but the Zhang brothers would let them escape and were not busy picking up the lost cadastre. Zhang Deren chased Qin Lan, and Zhang Biao Zhang Deshi chased Wei Wu, intending to kill them and leave future trouble.
Where did Wei Wu’s posture run past Fubao’s flying degree? Before Fubao reached ten feet, he had already arrived behind Wei Wu. De-Shi Zhang directed Fubao to give Wei Wulai a confrontation, but he was blocked by a layer of green light from Wei Wushen. Although it blocked Fubao’s offensive, Wei Wu was also beaten. He thought that there was no chance when he ran.
Although Wei Wu dodged around, it was futile for Fubao to hit a burst of metal ring against the green light. Obviously, the green light could not stop the cyan from fading slowly. With Wei Wu sticking a symbol in front of him, the green light spontaneously ignited and disappeared. Listen to a cry. Wei Wu has been passed through the heart by Fubao and died.
When Zhang Deshi returned, he just saw that Zhang Deren had also solved Qin Lan and Zhang Biao. The Zhang brothers planned to get a few copies of the secret script first and then deal with the dead people. But when they arrived at the place where the book fell, what secret script was there now besides the arm? The two people were so popular that they were looking for it, but where was there any shadow nearby?
It was taken away by Yang Xiu, and Yang Xiu didn’t intend to get involved in this matter. But when Yang Xiu saw that the Zhang brothers were in a hurry to chase Wei Wu, Qin Lan and Zhang Biao, there was no horse to pick up the lost books, he was moved.
Weeds are overgrown here and covered by shrubs, and the Zhang brothers are also chasing after it. I didn’t expect that there would be another hidden person here. If you carefully dive under the cover of shrubs and take the cheats, you will probably succeed. The cheats are just around the corner. Who doesn’t care?
Yang Xiu perked up and was extremely vigilant. After crawling slowly and successfully, Yang Xiu saw that the fight over there was coming to an end, and the Zhang brothers would turn around. Therefore, Yang Xiu did not escape but returned to the cave to converge and observe the outside situation.
Sure enough, when Yang Xiu returned to the cave and just looked out, the Zhang brothers had already come back.
Seeing that the Zhang brothers’ secret book is missing, they are irritable. Yang Xiu is even more afraid of the atmosphere. If he is afraid, he will have to dismember himself to solve his heart hate.
Fortunately, the Zhang brothers searched again and there is no hidden hole here.
Zhang Deshi and Zhang Deren didn’t find any trace. Hate it. Zhang Deshi was so angry that he swore that if he knew who did good, he would regret coming to this world.
The two men piled up the bodies of Wei Wu, Qiu, Qin Lan and Zhang Biao, cleared out several character bags, and then burned several people to ashes in a fireball, and the wind blew them without leaving any trace.
Yang Xiu was relieved when he saw the Zhang brothers, but he still didn’t dare to be careless. Who knows if they will kill a comeback? It turns out that Yang Xiu was worried that there was nothing wrong with waiting for half an hour, and the Zhang brothers returned to look for it again.
"It seems that the man is really not here" Zhang Deren.

You have something to say.

Momo Tao Wa Wa Wa I have a lot of Qian Qian.
Haven’t you found that the amount of money is wrong by now?
Where are the Momo peaches? ? ?
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Chapter 4. Chapter 4
Xiao Fang thought about it for many days, and observed it for a long time today, until the artificial workers at home went to the forest.
This just secretly took advantage of the toilet kung fu touch back, want to go into five rooms to have a look.
Except for a suspected gold coin, she secretly saw that Niang gave something to Room 5. Although she didn’t see what it was, her intuition told her that it was money.
She’s been holding it in for a long time, and it’s hard to find an opportunity. When no one touches the door, it just opens.
"Fourth Aunt, what are you doing?"
Persimmon cold voice came from behind, Xiao Fang hand a stiff, with some embarrassed smile turned around.
"Yo persimmon and peach peach play back? I just came back from work to go to the toilet. "
"There should be no toilet in our room, right?" Persimmon color does not change.
Look at Xiao Fang
She is wearing cloth for the first time, and she is very energetic. She still looks beautiful in her thirties.
At the beginning, Qu Sibo was too late to marry, but Xiao Fang was delayed by his family. Two people got together, and the conditions of Qu Jia satisfied the family. Xiao Fang’s appearance satisfied Qu Sibo, and they got married.
Speaking of which, a few years ago, if God didn’t give us strength, we couldn’t have a family day.
Over the years, people have been building canals, clearing land and developing improved varieties, and everyone is getting better day by day.
Xiao Fang, who was indifferent to persimmon, bit his teeth and just wanted to make up for it. He noticed that her back was full of backpacks and immediately got excited and went around directly.
"What is this back? How come there are you two old seven? " Xiao Fang’s eyes lit up and his attitude was very positive
"Pear" persimmon is concise, and Momo peach is a big one, so he ran into the room to check his treasure chest.
"They didn’t go all the way to this and then take it to buy it."
Xiao Fang’s face collapsed as soon as he spoke, and his tone was also a bit got.
"Persimmon, I’m not saying how good your brothers are to you at ordinary times."
"Well," persimmon should be picked out gently while picking pears in the laundry list and breaking them inside.
Speaking of this persimmon, I can’t help but sniff at the corners of my mouth. There is something really wrong with those monkeys. It’s also cheaper for them to find fruit to hit people.
"There are things that can’t be monopolized by one person. It’s not separated yet …"
"Four aunt you don’t go to work? For a long time to deduct work points "persimmon hanging eyes unhurriedly asked.
Xiao Fang grind teeth or despondently ran to the field.
If this is true, you can’t be scolded if you are deducted from your work points.
"Such an adult doesn’t always know how to fool around."
Wait until people go persimmon shook his head.
It’s hard to blame her for wanting to split up. Why are these four aunts like different people now?
It wasn’t like this before.
"It is reported that there is nothing missing in Momo’s peach treasure chest." After a while, Momo Taodadada ran out of the room, greatly relieved.
"Fortunately, there are no fewer peaches in Momo."
"Come and help separate the big pear from the small pear" persimmon arrangement.
"Okay" Momo Tao is happy to listen to the order.
When Wu Manzhu and the others came back, there were all kinds of pears in the courtyard, and hot smoke came up in the kitchen. The cubs were very happy to chew a pear alone.
"Where can I find this?" Wu manzhu is happy
It’s a small piece to sell in the commune.
She got a new job today.
It’s a good day.
"Brother Wu, they went to the mountains to pick sweet things." Qu mouth chewed the juice and got dirty all over his clothes, which was in fresh contrast with Sven Qu Qi next to him.
"Small six, look at your clothes?" Wu manzhu dislikes it very much
This one is small.
Qu hey hey smiled and wiped her clothes, which looked even dirtier. The twin Qu Qi couldn’t help but stay away from him and stay here in Momo Peach.
Looking at Momo’s peach neck, this little pocket is in front of a knife, and a small piece of pear meat is bitten by a bite.
Everyone is even more disgusted with Qu, who is simply a dirty cub.
Dinner is persimmon cooking year, although it is not as good as before, there is still a meat dish on the table.
Sauerkraut vermicelli broth
This thing benefits the meat to the greatest extent, and it is a must for a big meal.
"I’ll take those pears to buy one day to see if they accept them," persimmon said at dinner.
"I’ll go too."
Wu manzhu haven’t open song four aunt beat said
"Then let’s go together."
Wu Manzhu caught a glimpse of Xiao Fang, which made people unable to see what she was thinking.
"Persimmon strength" Xiao Fang added.
"If you want to go or not, go and work in the fields."
Xiao Fang shan shan
"Cheer up for me these days. Do you have a day, especially if a few cubs have nothing to do? It’s a big deal to go around the vermicelli factory and watch it."
"Did you hear that?"
"I heard"
Everyone responded in succession, especially the named cub, who immediately looked at Wu Manzhu with full passion and expectation.

Fang Yin, according to the fact that there has been no movement, always feels that there is any connection between the small white flower and its companion, and the symbiosis in his body. The speculation is as chaotic as the branches and vines in front of him. Fang Yin can’t figure out a clue to feel inexplicable.

"Afraid?" Qin Yougui watched the listless young man pull out two strawberry fudge by magic from his pocket.
Small candy lying in a man’s big palm is more and more delicate.
Fang Yin was attracted by two strawberry candies, and came out of the unhappy state. Some eyes lit up and took two candies from his hand.
A small dimple appeared on his lips.
The young man opened the package and stuffed a sweet strawberry into his mouth. As soon as it exploded in his mouth, the sweetness flowed along the taste buds to the apex of his heart.
Fang Yin put the tip of her tongue carefully against the candy and felt the little thing melt in her mouth a little bit, unwilling to let her teeth wear it a little bit.
It was not until the last bit of candy was turned into sugar water and swallowed into the stomach pouch that I was willing to speak "Where is the sugar?"
Qin Yougui smiled and knocked on his forehead and said, "Is it a little late to ask after eating?"
Fang Yin Wu wear was knocked on the head novel way "then don’t ask"
Anyway, he must want to eat sugar
"Before searching for materials, I saw two conveniently placed plates." Qin Yi shook his head slightly and said with some smiles on his lips.
Fang Yin tossed and turned a piece of strawberry fudge in the palm of his hand for a long time, and then stuffed it into Qin Yi’s hand. "You can eat it, one for each person."
Qin Yougui confiscated it and pushed it back like a child. "I don’t like sweet food. Come here to ask you to go to the meeting. The other members of Li Xing have arrived."
At last, I didn’t want to eat the strawberry fudge in one breath. He slipped it into his coat pocket and was afraid that it would be covered by body temperature and stuffed it into his trousers pocket.
It’s like it’s not a candy, but something great, baby.
Fang Yin must buy a lot of strawberry fudge when this happens.
When two people arrived, Fang Yin realized that it was not one or two people who were referred to by other members in Qin’s mouth.
I remember that it was a little difficult to settle down in a fairly wide base after a close circle.
Inside, Fang Yin saw more than one familiar face.
Feng Beixi’s little head looked a little inconspicuous in the crowd. She jumped up and waved to Fang Yin and said, "Hello! Long time no see! "
The girl "Ge Fang Yin Ge" heard Feng Bei’s precious sound and turned around in the crowd and smiled at two people. Next to her was a bell banquet that was inseparable from her.
Besides, Lin Qiushan and his little apprentice Rong are also here.
Fang Yin’s face was not surprised, but rather dignified. He and Qin Yougui could hear the voice mumbling, "Isn’t this really an illusion?"
What are they … all here?
Chapter one hundred and sixty Quarrel
"It’s not an illusion!"
His doubts fell into Feng Bei’s ear. The little girl smiled and waved and said, "Didn’t you say that?" I came here this time to find Sister Yi, and I happened to meet Ringo and this little sister. Fortunately, we went with them, or we couldn’t handle those annoying vines. "
Fang Yin looked around for a week and didn’t see Zhao Yi, so he went back to see Qin Yougui and saw the man nod his head before he put some heart into it.
"These people …" Fang Yin found several strange faces and asked.
Feng Beixi followed the sound and smiled and explained, "It’s all our people. The man with a long scar on his face is the head of the Northeast Team, often called Chang Jiuye, and the fat man named Lu Xiangfeng is the captain of the Central Plains Team. Don’t look at his amiable appearance, but he is actually a thousand-year-old fox and the blond foreign man. His Chinese name is Dong, and his original name is a long string. He drifted in all the way from abroad and was collected by Li Xing with a group of foreigners …"
Feng Beixi talked about the identities and names of these people to Fang Yin. During this process, Fang Yin found many people who actually had a fate. After the second dreamland, Li Xing was the first stationed place in the spacious villa in Fang Yin’s impression.
Zhao Yi once held a meeting, and many lucky people came to attend it, just don’t know if they were still in these capacities at that time.
"The seal? Fang Yin! " Feng Beixi found that he didn’t speak for half a ring and didn’t know what he was thinking. He reached out and tiptoed in front of him and said, "What are you thinking? Why are you still in a daze? You are not a social fear, are you, big brother? "
"A little" Fang Yin was too lazy to explain and nodded and admitted directly.
Feng Bei snorted his arm around his arm and said, "It’s really good that everyone has introduced him. Wait a minute. Sister Deliberately should arrange it for us."
Fang Yin looked curious and asked, "How do you know so much?"
"I’m the one in charge of intelligence in each team." Feng Bei said with a wave, proud and smiling. "It’s normal to know this."
"Then what are we going to do next?" Fang yin asked
Feng Beixi pondered for a moment and said, "Sister Yi means that there is a secret to disperse the fog in the mountain city. This is the purpose of this trip, but it is very dangerous inside. According to Sister Yi’s usual practice, although she very much hopes that everyone will actively help, she still follows the wishes of others. Anyway, don’t worry! Being able to live in the fog today has its own things to listen to. I have arranged to believe in Li Xing. "
Somehow, this thin little girl is afraid to speak, but it really makes Fang Yin feel at ease.
Qin Yougui was taken away by Qin Sang after bringing him here.

He and the dungeon did not join the battle for the time being, but drifted away from the battlefield, ready to act according to the situation. After all, their current status can still do many things that they could not do.

The nether world, punk, foodie, chaos beast, Spider Knight, etc. joined the fray in succession, and the strength of this party immediately increased a lot, especially the ghost hand Dragon Cannon changed. Every time it was launched, it would form a black explosion. Not only was it directly bombed, but monsters died in succession. Even breathing the explosive gas, it would directly rot from the inside and gradually become a skeleton frame and die on the spot.
Come on, the underworld is the first generation of the underworld. His mana attribute is a bit like the combination of earth and wood in the five elements to produce a special attribute, which is called dark attribute in the western world.
Therefore, he changed the attack of the Dragon Cannon into an attack, which is naturally closely related to this special attribute.
Teddy boy’s attributes are chaotic, but the worst is the magical power of the black domain. After his attacks, he often sucks the monsters around him into a black whirlpool directly, and then disappears directly, but when he reappears, he becomes cold bodies.
This is also one of them. Sometimes the attack will directly make those monsters age, so that they can carry a strong young monster, but after being hit by his dragon cannon, they will become white-haired and lose their teeth in just a few tens of seconds, and the old man will die directly.
In such a horrible and strange situation, where have these monsters seen one after another with low morale and almost no courage to fight?
Although the ear is severe, he is, after all, a human law and several hands of Eric Suen Yiu Wai against Nai. This cargo has sent a distress signal to the demon city. It seems that he is quite self-aware and knows that the enemy can choose to ask for help.
However, when he sent the signal, Teddy boy saw the dragon mirror on his forehead and started tens of thousands of golden dragons flying by, which not only directly destroyed a large number of monsters, but also erased the signal.
Frightened in my ears, I quickly fled in the direction of Demon City. His mount, that is, the huge ape, acted as a shield to block the pursuers behind me.
Although this huge ape is certainly not as good as liu er, it is surprisingly powerful. liu er has already flown away from the scene for such a stir.
But it’s a pity that liu er never thought that it was Eric Suen Yiu Wai and the black prison who suddenly found themselves trapped in a separate center when he was glad that he could escape.
Trapping him is naturally a black prison. This fellow has become more and more proficient in his magic weapon. Plus, Eric Suen Yiu Wai’s synthetic skills have helped him to continuously strengthen the magic weapon called "Hellscream". The texture of the magic weapon has also been greatly improved. It is not a problem to trap a saint.
Eric Suen Yiu Wai still didn’t make moves. He didn’t think that at the very least, he had to leave a backup in case something really happened.
The guards who were trapped in the ear lost their courage to continue fighting and fled, but how could Tongtian and others let them escape so easily?
Tongtian hierarch directly laid the whole fairy sword array, and trapped those monsters in some of them ~] and unappreciably tried to crack this whole fairy sword array. As a result, it was directly buried in the sword array. Since then, no one dares to move easily, and one by one can wait there in fear and wait for the fate choice.
In the prison rage, Eric Suen Yiu Wai has recovered. Anyway, no one can see liu er here and guess that he is actually one of the birds.
"Who on earth do you want to do?" See someone come in liu er asked coldly.
"It’s just a prisoner. Are you qualified to ask me questions now?" Eric Suen Yiu Wai doesn’t intend to hide his identity. It doesn’t matter whether he knows it or not.
"Me? Are you Eric Suen Yiu Wai, the Emperor of the Four Realms? " Liu er was taken aback and looked at coming out of the shadows. Eric Suen Yiu Wai was surprised.
"Yes, it’s me," Eric Suen Yiu Wai said faintly. "Now you should know why I’m here?"
"When on earth did you come to the demon city? Why didn’t we get any news?" Liu er asked again.
"You’ll have to ask your monitors to see if they’ve neglected their duties." Eric Suen Yiu Wai smiled faintly and then said, "Well, without further ado, I want to ask you a few questions. You’d better answer them. Otherwise, I mean, as you must have heard, no one can torture me and force me to shut up."
"Wait a minute. I, liu er, didn’t do anything. I’m sorry that you four worlds have treated me like this?" Liu er suddenly shouted.
"I said it’s me asking questions now, not you." Eric Suen Yiu Wai just ignored liu er’s question and asked directly, "Tell me who is the leader of your monster alliance and where is he from? What about strength? "
On hearing this question, liu er seemed relieved and said lightly, "Actually, I don’t know who the leader is, and I don’t know what she looks like. It should be very strong to know that she is a woman."
"Ordinary monsters don’t know, but you are the core master of the monster alliance and you don’t know which order you are accepting on weekdays?" Eric Suen Yiu Wai frown asked.
"What we see is the leader holding a guard, but the strength of that guard is so strong that even the peacock is no match for him, and he has a special way to help us upgrade. We are all more in awe of him than the leader who has never shown up." liu er added.
"I can’t believe it. What’s the name of the guard? What kind of attack does he like?" Eric Suen Yiu Wai asked again.
"We don’t know the name, but he has a nickname black. I think it’s because of his dark skin," liu er replied
"Ha ha, I really don’t know whether to laugh at you or pity you for meeting a leader who has never met. I don’t even know the name of the person who directly directs you. It’s a tragedy." Eric Suen Yiu Wai couldn’t help laughing.
"Jiehuangge, you don’t laugh at us so much. If you meet that person, you will be awed by his strength. There is nothing wrong with your strength, but it is still far from that person." liu er didn’t breathe.
Eric Suen Yiu Wai smiled faintly. "That’s just the case. It won’t be long before I can be confident that I can compete with my opponent in this three realms."
Ear lightly sighed, but I don’t know why, because Eric Suen Yiu Wai dialect may become a reality or because I think Eric Suen Yiu Wai is wishful thinking?
Eric Suen Yiu Wai didn’t ask him to know the light way, "I will spare you if liu er wants you to help us get out of here, otherwise you should have heard of my former name, but all enemies will never be soft."
"If you leave me, there is no living head" liu er wry smile way.
"Then simply join me in the four realms. I have more ways to make you ascend." Eric Suen Yiu Wai laughed.
Ear leng but still slowly shook his head. "If it’s just liu er, it’s just that, but liu er ethnic groups are all monitoring by the leader. If liu er follows the pursuit, you are afraid that the whole ethnic group will be destroyed."
"It’s just that you don’t want to do anything. I can’t guarantee that the evil spirits will move your ethnic group to the ancient animal farm." Eric Suen Yiu Wai sighed softly and said naively.
Chapter 24 Fight Jin Peng
Listening to liu er’s refusal to go to the ancient animal training ground with himself, Eric Suen Yiu Wai has no intention of persuading him. But now that he has caught liu er, he will never let go and look at liu er easily. He smiled and said, "You once turned into the Monkey King, but today I will become you. I wonder if your leader can tell?"
"Jie huang positions do you want to mix into the demon palace? What’s that purpose? " Liu er macaque asked quickly.
"There’s no need to tell you this, but I believe your people won’t have any trouble for the time being if I become like you. If I can, I’ll find a way to move their department to the ancient animal training farm. At that time, there’s no reason for you to stay in the monster alliance, right?" Eric Suen Yiu Wai laughed.
"That’s true, but the leader and the black man are not ordinary people. Can you hide them when you transform?" Liu er worried.
Eric Suen Yiu Wai smiled and took out a deformation pill and ate it in his mouth, then his body quickly became liu er.
"See for yourself how it is possible to fool those two guys." Eric Suen Yiu Wai is still very confident in Taoist Dan’s pills. Taoist Dan’s guy can draw a partial victory with the strong saint just by virtue of various pills. His pills are much better than those synthesized by Eric Suen Yiu Wai at random.
Ear stared at Eric Suen Yiu Wai for a long time and finally sighed, "If I had this kind of thing that day, even the Tathagata old son couldn’t see through it."
"So it’s better than your transformation?" Eric Suen Yiu Wai asked with a smile.
"Yes, but having said that, I haven’t seen that the leader of the alliance is the decisive factor. Who knows if she can see through your true identity at a glance?" liu er was still not at ease.
"Ha, ha, ha, if always like you, where can you get things done? I may not be able to meet your leader, let alone not be seen through by her. "Eric Suen Yiu Wai laughed.
Ear didn’t speak again, but closed his eyes and sighed. "Then I’ll wait here for the good news."
Eric Suen Yiu Wai also smiled at him and turned away from the black prison hell.
Outside, Eric Suen Yiu Wai deliberately exposed his own breath, otherwise his subordinates would have to attack him as liu er.
"In this way, Marshal Tianpeng and general shutter will let me send you two to the ancient animal farm to have a rest first. We still have some unfinished things to stay." Eric Suen Yiu Wai looked at Zhu Wuneng and Sha Wujing and said.
The other disciples both nodded their heads. Now the gap between them and Eric Suen Yiu Wai is getting bigger and bigger. Naturally, they will not ask to stay, otherwise it will become a burden and many things will stumble.
Eric Suen Yiu Wai exultation is called out a horse Tianma to send the two small demon in the same way to send pig Wuneng and Sha Wujing away.
It was only after this that he restrained his breath, and then he ordered the ghost to become himself, the bird soldier, and the rest of them were still in chaos, waiting for opportunities while practicing.
Of course, some dramas still need to be performed. First, he made a puppet, body double, as a false leader, and then he didn’t make a law to simulate the effect of the sword array. Then he hurried back to the demon city for help.
At this time, the demon king guarding the demon palace and the king of Dapeng with golden wings and the king of wild elephants hurried to the mine with a great army and Eric Suen Yiu Wai when they heard Eric Suen Yiu Wai’s words.
The golden-winged Dapeng bird is really fucking fast, but in Eric Suen Yiu Wai, the influence of chaotic vortex is deliberately strengthened. Even if it is fast, it is fast, but Teddy boy becomes a great ape.
Just before wang qian arrived at the scene, Eric Suen Yiu Wai gave a long knife in his hand and directly pierced the puppet body double.
"Great, Dapeng Wang Tongtian’s helpers have all left the three of us to get rid of him." Eric Suen Yiu Wai yelled and attacked more quickly at the same time
King Dapeng and King Wild Elephant didn’t understand what happened at the moment. Anyway, seeing that Eric Suen Yiu Wai hit them, they also followed the attack. As a result, the puppet body double came and shot four swords designed by Eric Suen Yiu Wai long ago, and then collapsed to the ground and then a white light shot.
"Let Tongtian Yuan God escape, damn it!" King Dapeng looked at the white light that flew away and soon disappeared in the field of vision and could not help but scold a way.
"It’s okay, his sword array is still saving people." Eric Suen Yiu Wai naturally knows what happened, and his heart is laughing internally. Dapeng Wang, a fool and pretentious guy, probably died and wouldn’t think that the leader of Tongtian was fake. Maybe in his heart, he is the strongest. What Tongtian and Yuanliu root are jokes.
Words is Eric Suen Yiu Wai should take the first step to break the sword array and rescue the demon city soldiers inside. Look at the number and there are still about 10 thousand, but losing nearly half is also weakened, right?
Of course, he won’t let Dapeng King or Wild Elephant King touch this sword array first. Although it looks like Zhu Xian Sword Array, it’s just a smoke screen. It’s impossible for him to crack others by himself.

Both sides are well aware of this situation.

Maybe this is the so-called … "Love each other and kill each other".
After so many years of targeting each other, it is hard to say whether they are hostile or mutually beneficial …
After the game, there was no media to criticize Lazio’s victory.
The media supporting Juventus are all silent and say that the game body does not discuss anything other than this game, and even the news conference after the league match always wins. They have not reported that.
In front of such a game, they really can’t find anything so dark.
Black is always better than madness?
Getting rid of this kind of attack is nothing but the rain in Mao Mao.
There is no aggression at all.
Since it can’t be hacked, it’s good to shut up.
Anyway, it is impossible for them to praise Lazio and Changsheng.
Constant victory is not rare for these people to praise.
Their praise can’t make Lazio score more points.
Now Lazio are one point behind Juventus after beating Juventus at home.
This gap is enough.
Both Changsheng and Lazio can prepare for the Champions League knockout with a relatively relaxed and happy mood.
Three days later, Lazio will face Juventus again at home, this time in the second leg of the semi-final of the Italian Cup.
Lazio can reach the final after eliminating Juventus.
Fight for the Italian Cup.
This championship is relatively less difficult, and the media have predicted that Lazio will definitely choose to make efforts in this event.
Therefore, it may be difficult for Juventus to reverse Lazio and reach the final this time.
Especially in the recent two consecutive encounters with Lazio, Juventus lost two games, lost five goals and failed to score a goal.
This is a great blow to the morale of Juventus players. How many players are willing to die with Lazio?
They are one point ahead of Lazio in the league. If they waste too much physical strength and energy in the Italian Cup, it will definitely affect Lazio’s performance in the league.
Which is more important, the Italian champion or the League champion?
All Juventus players, coaches and fans will tell you without hesitation that the league title is more important!
I’m afraid all the players from Juventus coaching staff will not pay too much attention to this game.
That’s what the media analyzed, but Prandelli sent his strongest team in the game.
Want to make one last fight with Lazio.
The final result was that Juventus lost to Lazio 2 away, with a total score of 3 in two rounds. They were eliminated by Lazio and bid farewell to the Italian Cup.
Lazio made it to the semi-finals of the Italian Cup.
Their opponent in the semi-final of the Italian Cup is … Rome.
Another Italian Cup final derby in the same city!
When the final opponent came out, many people said that Lazio had already won the Italian Cup.
If the opponent is Inter Milan, this game is still somewhat suspense, but it is Rome … then you can congratulate Lazio on winning the championship.
Of course, Rome is absolutely willing to be Lazio foil this time.
When the two sides played for the first time in the season, the Roman fans showed the mentality of "you will definitely not be as good as us in 2000 because you will always leave". It was criticized by many people that the open Rome team should be afraid of winning so much. What a shame!
So Rome won’t show that mentality again this time. They want to beat Lazio in the final to prove that Rome is not afraid of Lazio and can beat Lazio.
In this way, even if Changsheng leaves Lazio next season, no one will say that they have never beaten Changsheng.
The whole of Rome has made preparations for the final from now on.
Rome is obviously trying to beat Lazio in this final.
Although Lazio have beaten Rome several times before, this game will still be regarded as a symbolic one.
If Rome wins, it will be a complete change of dynasty!
Lazio’s entry into the Coppa Italia final caused a heated discussion in Italy.
People are discussing whether winning in Lazio’s last season will set off a whirlwind again.
"… his own journey in Lazio will surely end. China people pay attention to samsara and perfection. I can’t think of a more complete samsara …"
"Reaching the final of the Italian Cup, Lazio has the qualification to compete for a championship. I think their boss Lazio will definitely fight for this championship. For two consecutive seasons, there is no champion, not even a comforting champion. If winning in this way ends his years in Lazio, it is not a shame for him, but it must be a way to make up for regret forever …"
"Rome may still be dying, but in any case, the Italian Cup champion is 100% in Lazio’s pocket. I think it’s a relief now. He deserves to be the most successful and strange coach champion in Lazio’s club history!"
Of course, it’s not without people throwing cold water on it.
"… Lazio reached the final of the Italian Cup, and as a result, those Lazio supporters were excited, as if Lazio had won the championship, and they said anything disgusting. Although Lazio and its regular followers tried to prove that Lazio and Chang were still at a high level, their performances just said that they were often weak with Lazio now-the Italian Cup was so valued by them! What a shame! Did ex-Lazio ever look at such a champion? Winning this championship is as easy and enjoyable as going out to dinner and buying a newspaper by the way. They will neither find it difficult to win the Coppa Italia nor consider it a great thing to reach the Coppa Italia final, but now? Look at this. This is the difference between Chang and him. The Lazio Empire has gone uphill. The long dynasty is about to be completely buried and the new order is still waiting to be established … "
It’s sensational, but in fact it’s just that after being beautifully packaged, Black will continue to win against Lazio.
It happened that there was a market for such remarks.
Everyone is rebellious. When the media all praise Lazio for reaching the final of the Italian Cup and locking in the championship, most people will grin. Isn’t it just an Italian Cup? Look how happy you are, as if you have never seen the Italian Cup champion!
They won’t like that flatter remarks made by Lazio supporter.
In turn, it stimulates them to accept Lazio and winning remarks, and also feels that they have a special spirit of independent thinking.
But in fact, they all follow blindly, but the blind followers are different
Many people think that the Italian Cup is really nothing to celebrate.
In the end, it is definitely not something to show off when Changsheng is leaving. On the contrary, it can be said that this team is weak.
Because it is very difficult for Lazio to win the League title and the Champions League, they can make up the number with the Italian Cup title, which is really enough …
Even some people who also support the winning team find Lazio’s high spirits sad.
Lazio meritorious coach is leaving, so make do with this?
How did the European hegemon get so mixed up?
It really makes people shake their heads and sigh
Perhaps this is the law of time?
Even the ever-victorious Lazio empire, which was in its heyday, could not resist the erosion of time and was defeated in front of the years …
Chapter seventy-three Sorry, I don’t understand.