The face of Shaoyang Shenjun is also a little heavy. In fact, his pressure is the greatest at this time. Other people’s lairs are far away in the Central Plains, and the strategic space is huge. Only his Zhu detached from the palace and hung out overseas. If anything goes wrong, his hundreds of years of hard work will be destroyed, and his disciples don’t know how many they will die.

Yi Yudao: "Now the Xiji Sect is ready to wait. I wonder what the Shaoyang God can do?"
Shaoyang Shenjun looked stiff and said, "What else can we do? Naturally, the enemy will have means to resist water. And now, from it, many Taoist friends have helped to fight, and they will definitely not let the demons of the West Pole religion take any advantage! "
Yi Yu raised his glass and said, "I admire your spirit and being original! A toast to Shenjun! " After drinking, Yi Yu added, "It’s just … if so, I’m afraid Zhu Li, the emperor of God, will suffer heavy casualties! Even if you are not ready for the strength of the Western Religion, you must not take a peek! "
In fact, how can these young gods not understand this! However, in the West Sea, why should he give up grinding the ball island to avoid the enemy? In the face of this dilemma, he is also helpless to choose hard to shake.
The old man Cang Xu asked, "I wonder if Taoist Yi Yu has any clever plans?"
Yi Yu smiled and said, "The clever plan can only reduce the loss of Zhu Li, the God of Shaoyang, and it can be regarded as some compensation for the accidental killing of the Five Fire Ambassadors in Yuanjiang that year!"
When Shaoyang Shenjun heard Yi Yu, he also mentioned the five fire messengers, and his face changed. But at this time, Yi Yu’s expression was sincere, but there was no hint of provocation, and he was not good at it.
Cang Xu’s old man seems to be afraid that Shaoyang Shenjun can’t help but hurry up and ask, "What can I do if I can’t stop being a Taoist friend?"
Yi Yudao said, "Presumably, the two Taoist friends should also know that there is a powerful Sect called Christianity on Luoma Mountain in the west of Xiji Sect. They were originally from the same root as Xiji religion, and only after they separated did they become two factions. However, the relationship between these two factions is not good. There are countless deaths and injuries all the year round, and there must be a lot of hatred. "
Both Shaoyang Shenjun and Cang Xu’s old man were stupefied. Although they had heard of the existence of a Christian church in the west and had seen disciples experience in the East in the past, they really didn’t know what the distant sect was like. In fact, it doesn’t mean that they really don’t know the existence of the Vatican, but the idea of going to heaven and going to the country in the East has even penetrated into people’s bones, and even those who fix the truth can’t avoid customs. In their minds, the unknown faction far away in the west is no longer considered.
The old man Cang Xu said, "So it’s also true that the enemy of the enemy is an ally. If the Holy See can help contain the West Pole in the rear, it will definitely reduce the pressure and minimize the losses."
Although Shaoyang Shenjun is proud, his face lit up at the thought of saving more disciples’ lives.
The old man Cang Xu added, "It’s just that we old men have never dealt with the Vatican. Since Taoist friends put forward this plan, how about asking Taoist friends Yi Yu to go again?"
Yi Yu waved his hand and smiled: "I’m afraid this won’t work!"
Both of them turned pale and the old man asked, "Oh? Is there anything to hide from Taoist friends? "
Yi Yu smiled and said, "No! In fact, if you go to the Vatican, you can ask him to help us contain the West Pole and teach me Yi Yu. It doesn’t matter even if you run ten times. Just … "
"Just how?" Shaoyang Shenjun finally couldn’t help but ask urgently.
Yi Yu sighed, "It’s not that I don’t want to go, but even if I go to Luoma Mountain and meet their pope, I can’t get any promises!" "
The old man who has been practicing seclusion all the year round doesn’t know much about the situation in the West, let alone the feud between the Vatican and the Western Sect. Doubt: "Why is this a sworn enemy?"
Yi Yudao said, "Just now, you two also read the information I brought about about the Western Sect! Obviously, the western religions are not ready for war now, but why did they choose to start a war at this time? !”
Two people one leng in the past, they also don’t know the current situation of XiJi teaching nature didn’t think about this problem now Yi Yu doubt just gave birth to suspicion.
Yi Yudao: "Although the West Pole taught itself that it didn’t want to go to war, some people insisted that they invade the East!"
The pale old man and Shaoyang Shenjun both looked surprised and said, "Daoyou means …"
Yi Yu nodded and said, "Besides the will of their father God above, who can make the Xiji Sect go to war so recklessly?"
Shaoyang Shenjun said, "If that’s the case … then the Vatican also believes in agreeing with the gods of the West Pole. It is impossible for them to help us contain the West Pole, and they may even receive orders from the gods to help us."
Old Cang Xu said, "I’m sure Taoist Yi Yu won’t say anything unnecessary to us! Since he proposed the existence of the Holy See, there must be a way to involve the Holy See in this matter. " If you want to know what will happen next time, please see "There are other plans to save the virgin"

The three hundred and ninety-ninth back to save the virgin another calculation.
Back to Yi Yufei’s visit to Moqiu Island, he gave them all the information about Xiji religion from Helitan. It’s just that now, in the face of the West Pole religion, Zhu is the first to leave the palace, and once the war starts, it will be a river of blood.
Yi Yu smiled slightly. "To tell you the truth, I do have a way, but it’s not aboveboard enough."
Although Shaoyang Shenjun is upright, he is not pedantic: "Taoist friend, but it’s okay to talk about what is aboveboard before the people’s righteousness!" Moreover, the ancient warrior sage once said that’ the soldiers are also cunning’ and there is no need to talk about morality between the warring parties. "
Yi Yu gave me a comforting smile and said, "In that case, being original is outspoken! Presumably, you two don’t know that a saint in the Vatican has been hijacked by the West Pole Professor! "
Two people slightly one leng immediately understand Yi Yu is to want to make an issue of the saint. Asked: "I don’t know what your friends have up their sleeves? Do you want to kill the saint and arouse the anger of the Vatican? "
Yi Yu shook her head and said, "If you really kill the Saint, it will be a war of words at most. Even if the interests to be contested have disappeared, there is no need to fight again. Therefore, killing must not work. We can only use this saint to make those people in the Vatican feel that Xijijiao has betrayed their father God. Only in this way will they be desperate to fight against Western Christianity. "
The old man said, "Oh? Then how can the Holy See think that Western Christianity has betrayed? "
Yi Yudao: "Well … I haven’t thought about it yet, but in any case, if we want to make a fuss about it, we must first take the virgin into the hands of Tao, otherwise everything will be a pipe dream."
"It’s a good idea, but where is the virgin now?" said the God Shaoyang. How can we rob it? I am afraid this is not an easy problem to solve! "
Yi Yudao: "As for where the virgin is, I have sent someone to check it out. I believe that news will come soon. As for how to snatch it, it depends on the situation! "
With Yi Yu, a method that is still uncertain, Shaoyang Shenjun also relaxed his mind a little, which is not so urgent. After that, the atmosphere at the banquet was also harmonious. After the banquet, Shaoyang Shenjun personally sent Yi Yu to a clause for his temporary residence.
It hasn’t been half an hour since I sent the Shaoyang Shenjun and the Cangxu old man away! I saw the pale old man coming again. Yi Yuzheng was sitting in the hall drinking tea, and seemed to have expected that he would visit. He stood up and greeted him with a smile: "Cangxu Daoyou please sit down quickly! I knew you would come again. "
Old Cang Xu smiled and said, "But some Taoist friends are being bothered! It’ s just that the last appointment in Yuanjiang has been over this old man and I have to worry! "
Yi Yu smiled and sipped at the tea ceremony: "Taoist friends want to see Princess Yangzi naturally, and they can see it at any time!"
"Then please ask Yi Yudaoyou to lead the way quickly!" This pale old man got up and left!
Yi Yu smiled and said, "This is not urgent. To be honest, Yang Zi is in my’ Pure Land of Blissfulness’ at this time, and I can come out to meet you as soon as I want. "
The old man was slightly stunned and said, "I don’t know what the relationship is between you and Princess Yangzi. How can she be here?"
Yi Yu smiled and said, "Well! If it is said that our relationship is quite close. "
The old man was slightly dissatisfied with Yi Yu’s ambiguous answer to Moling. But nowadays, it is people who want something, but they are not picky. "All right! No matter what your relationship with your highness is. Now that you are here, please arrange for me to meet her as soon as possible! "
Yi Yudao: "This is natural. Now that I have promised Daoyou, I won’t go back on my word. It’s just that I have just said that the relationship between Yang Zi and me is very close, which means I can’t allow her to be in any danger! "
"You don’t trust me!" Pale empty old man slightly show the color of healing exclaimed.
Yi Yu is not shy. Directly nodded and said, "Although it may make Taoist friends feel unhappy, it is also a fact. Daoyou neither shows the relationship with Yang Zi nor the purpose of seeing her. How can this not make me doubt? If Taoist friends can make all this clear. Being original is also unambiguous. How about asking Yang Zi to come out and meet his Taoist friends at once? "
The pale old man looked stiff and said, "Now that I have said this, I won’t be afraid! To tell the truth, I don’t trust you either! If you are famous in the field of fix true, I’m afraid demon fairy Yi Yu is not a trustworthy gentleman! How can you make me trust you unilaterally? And what if I tell the whole story about myself in case you cheat me? Although I think highly of myself, but your background is too thick, then Li Jingxiu and Zhu Mei are not easy to be with their peers and have a lot of wives who are not to be taunted. I can only eat a dumb loss! "
Yi Yu smiled helplessly: "Well! The words of Taoist friends are also very polite, but what if I have a guarantor? "
"who?" In fact, the old man is not willing to fall into this waiting situation at this time. Now he is naturally happy to see Yi Yu and the solution.
Yi Yu said, "The Great Master Weng won the early Qing Dynasty! I don’t know if Taoist friends can be trusted? "
The pale old man was slightly stunned and said, "What! You mean! You mean the big drink offering! Lord Weng! How is that possible? She was not given by the overlord of Chu … "
"Kill, right?" Yi Yu will win Qing Chu from the’ pure land of bliss’ with a wave of his hand. "Do you know this person at the beginning of Qing Dynasty?"