Madrid media have tried their best to prove that Real Madrid can beat any opponent on the court, including Valencia.

Real Madrid also thinks so internally.
Florentino is in high spirits. He has been in a good mood since he won the ninth Champions League trophy.
Last season almost became the darkest season since he took charge of the club. On the occasion of the centenary celebration, it would be a shame if there were no champions with empty hands.
Compared with the league champion and the King’s Cup, the Champions League is obviously heavier and contains more gold.
After winning this championship, florentino can give an account to his supporters and Real Madrid club members.
But he still has a knot of his own, perhaps the knot of all Real Madrid fans.
That’s Valencia.
This summer, florentino abandoned his policy of being a superstar every year, all because of Valencia. He wants to strengthen his strength quickly and replenish his strength.
So after he bought mendieta, he poached Ronaldo from Inter Milan.
The joining of two big stars has brought Real Madrid to a higher level. Florentino believes that in La Liga today, no team can compete with Real Madrid.
Now, he can finally teach the arrogant winner a good lesson!
The president of Real Madrid is full of confidence in the first leg of the Spanish Super Cup in Valencia.
Real Madrid coach Bosco began to have a headache.
Because he doesn’t know how to arrange these stars …
Originally, Raul and Morientes cooperated well, and they also had a heart.
But now there is a golden boot of the World Cup, "alien" Ronaldo. This player, whom President florentino likes very much, naturally can’t sit on the bench. Let him play.
Raul can’t be sacrificed, he is the flag of Real Madrid.
In this way, only Morientes can be sacrificed.
But the problem is that Morientes is an excellent center, and he can make many changes in the team’s offense on the court.
If you play Ronaldo and match Raul, the threat of the team in the air will be much smaller, and it will be more troublesome when you encounter the other side’s intensive defense and need to attack.
But he must take Morientes, because only Morientes can be sacrificed.
In fact, the impact of winning Morientes on the team is not only on the tactical level, but also on the locker room relationship. Because Raul and Morientes have a very good relationship. Because an outsider has to sacrifice his good friend, it is obviously impossible to say that Raul has no opinion of Ronaldo in his heart.
When the time comes, there will be a rift between the two stars, but there will be a headache …
In addition, the problems on the front line are relatively simple.
The biggest headache for Bosco is the midfield.
He now deeply feels that Changsheng agreed to let mendieta come to Real Madrid just to cheat Real Madrid!
The midfield was originally 442, with Makelele and helguera at the back and Zidane at the left, but in fact Zidane is a free man and Figo at the right, which is just the right configuration.
Let’s see, how can there be room for mendieta?
But like Ronaldo, how can a player who spent 30 million euros sit on the bench?
No matter what, also want to put mendieta in.
But how to plug …
Bosque is now a big head and two big ones.
Every time I see florentino, the president of the club, confident in front of the media that Real Madrid’s future is brilliant, Bosco frowns.
This bad dressing room relationship alone is enough for him to cope with, and he has no energy to think about any brilliant future at all.
Now he suddenly envies Valencia coach Chang Sheng, because Chang Sheng has more power than the club manager and chairman in transfer matters. He said he would buy whoever he wanted, and he said he would not buy whoever he didn’t want.
So all the players in his team are what he needs. He also knows where and how many players there are.
The whole team met his requirements, and there was no one extra.
Their own tactical ideas can also be implemented, and they will not force themselves to adjust their tactics because they want to meet the wishes of the stars to start on the field.
This is the ideal team of a head coach.
When Chang Sheng wanted to transfer power, he was criticized and ridiculed by the Spanish media, saying that he overreached himself and didn’t look at the culture of Spanish football. If he opened his mouth, he would learn from England and he would surely fail.
But as a result, people not only didn’t fail, but put this behavior on their own label. No matter in getafe or Valencia, people always want to control the transfer right in their own hands, otherwise they won’t sign the contract.
He may lose a lot of job opportunities by doing so, but once he is given a chance, he can build his own team according to his own wishes.