"It’s really early to make money. There are many opportunities here. Learn more and earn more money here. Then go back and build the motherland."

"Hee hee"
Momo peach smiled like a little fox.
Isn’t that what it is? China can earn money, but how can it be safe to earn foreign money?
Plus, the development of the two sides is different. Isn’t it easy to make money here?
After the design competition here, Momo Tao didn’t care much about things here.
It is mainly Liang Xuejie who is in charge of this future direction at the factory and the company. Now she knows about this contact.
Of course, to prevent these problems from signing contracts, they specially paid for a famous lawyer to help Changyan.
Although a lot of money has been spent, the problem has also been discovered. After some bargaining, Sister Liang’s career can be regarded as developing here.
Invest money again, find someone to expand the factory again, find a way of transportation, and expand the brand name a little bit.
Sister Liang got it handy
During this period, Momo Peach devoted herself to her studies.
Knowledge in class is not bad.
But follow the mentor to learn about various companies and industries, learn more professional investment and broaden your horizons.
This part is more time-consuming and energetic.
In all kinds of experience, Taotao has gradually gained a little more confidence in himself, and it is also more handy in the stock market.
From tens of thousands at the beginning to hundreds of thousands of millions later …
In this way, three years are fleeting
When Momo peach kept shrinking, she also graduated from the doctor immediately.
And this year she was only twenty years old.
You have something to say.
(1) the moon sets and the cold fog begins to meditate, and the water pavilion sits at night with a mist.
② Cangshan is silent, and the green view is gloomy —— Ode to Fog Dong Sigong thanks me for casting the overlord ticket or irrigating the nutrient solution angel in the period of 7163:56:~71719:37:11 ~
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Thank you very much for your support. I will continue to work hard!
Chapter 174 Chapter 174
What can I do at the age of twenty?
Qu Qi was still in college at the age of 20, and persimmon worked in the transportation bureau for several years at the age of 20 and planned to enter the university.
When Wu Manzhu was twenty years old, she was working hard in Daqu Village with her eldest son.
Qu Xiaowan and Song Xing walked back and forth in the courtyard when they were twenty years old.
When Momo Tao was twenty years old, she wore a tall ponytail and graduated with a doctor’s degree, and shook hands with a group of bosses.
At the highest platform of the school, Cheng Cheng, a few non-national students who have spoken here, told them about the past and the road ahead.
"Once you can’t regret it, the future can be relied on."
Tail Momo peach eyebrow eye curved, showing white teeth, and all people half bowed.
It is also a final farewell to this school that has taught her many things and those who have taught her many things in all aspects.
She’s going home
Momo peach was forced to run away, and dadada ran towards the outside.
"Hey, Taoyi" ran out before long, and Momo Taoyi was stopped.
She stopped to look at the person in front of her and couldn’t help sighing, but she still greeted people.
"What can I do for you? Barton "
"Do you really want to go back?" Barton’s facial features are deep in outline, and his eyes are brown. When he looks at people, he always gives people a very affectionate feeling.
This person is indeed very affectionate. He has been pursuing people for three years since he came from Momo Peach and refused many times.
Of course, Momo Tao would really feel guilty if he didn’t have those’ female companions’ in these three years.
"Naturally, I will return to China after a while." Momo’s eyebrows are curved
Even though she has experienced a lot over the years, she has not changed her mentality and personality at all.
"I still think this place is more suitable for you. As far as I know, your country is not developing well. You can give full play to your talents here."
"I remember popular looking for you many times over there to give you hundreds of thousands of annual salary you can have back home? Tens of thousands? Thousands? "
"…" Momo peach was silent and looked up at the sky and said, "Maybe hundreds?"