"You are asking for a dead end ….."

See not dream means Chen Shaobai laughed.
He got chaos clock Li Cheng’s double fire of purple and gold, which has the ability of extinction and melting. Can you say that the emperor who is inflamed by Vulcan is worthy of the name? If you don’t meet the great avatar of the fairyland, you can be called the enemy of fire. This bald monk is simply dying to play with fire in front of him.
A dazzling golden Se flame is suspended from the hand, and it will disappear in a moment like pure yang melting snow when you gently press it against the dark evil fire of the hell dharma circle.
The black flame dissipates a trace of silvery white Se holy light, which is entangled in the red and yellow cocoon and condensed into an ear outline. The holy and noble breath escapes, and human beings seem to be able to bow their heads and not to be close to it.
Once the Buddhist practitioner is trained in Fiona Fang, everything can be smelled everywhere. This thing is saying that the talent of practicing Buddhism without dreams is really excellent, even if it is not a magical posture, the future will be perfect and perfect
Chen Shaobai shook his head and hand Jin Yan was transformed into Xuan Y and N, and the whole cocoon in front of the tremella was burning.
Every ray of silver Se grain and red yellow cocoon will be transformed into rich and pure J Τ ng gas and mana life source, which will be absorbed and strengthened by Xuan Y Τ n industry fire refining.
Huge mana kept coming together. Chen Shaobai felt that his losses were quickly made up, but after two or three breaths, his state had already returned to the peak except that God J and NG was slightly tired. His mana was still constantly rising in J and NG.
Extremely yang inflammation and Xuan y and n fire are both manifestations of his mana source. Although the two methods are transformed into each other, no matter which side gets growth, it will drive itself to improve.
The purple Se flame is constantly melting and absorbing the dream source, expanding itself, and after three breaths, its volume is more than doubled, and it is more solid and hotter.
"Come and save me before I feel round!"
The squeal screams came from the big cocoon of red and yellow Se, which made the two monks one leng while they were fighting at night.
I found that I was scared out of my wits when I didn’t dream about the present situation. If I hadn’t practiced the special body-refining secret technique, my hair would have faded all over. I’m afraid it would have been fine hair and jumped up like a big cat.
Three fellow initiates’ "Linxi Luohan Array" is the dreamless subject. If they have an accident and have no dreams, they will suffer some self-hatred, but if it is reversed …
If it’s light, the foundation will be wasted, but if it’s heavy, it’s past!
"Evil animals! Don’t let the dream lawyer go! "
Not round and not feel two people abandon seriously injured, can nullify the flower night at will, regardless of the moment to inspire the fastest speed to Chen Shaobai fit.
Releasing the biggest killing trick hidden in the life training array, Zhutian Tufu Road, Qiu Wanfa has no action ability now. He can only rely on the automatic protection ability of the training array to protect himself. It is impossible to save people. When he saw that Chen Shaobai was still pressing in the hell road with one hand, he immediately said, "Chen Daoyou, be careful!"
Xuan y: and n: the purple flame of the industrial fire will still be wrapped around it, and the silver Se ear will be completely melted and absorbed. The breath of Chen Shaobai is still soaring at the speed of light, and he seems to be completely isolated from the outside world to prevent his heart.
The two monks’ blood-red cassocks echoed with the wind and turned into a true spirit, and the palms of their hands were like hot irons, attacking and killing from Kuidou Fang respectively.
A blustery, gloomy light Chen Shaobai secretly works together to prepare for the vitality of Bing Xin Ji Xian Fengyun. chaos clock suppresses the red cocoon of the inferno and leaves. Suddenly, in his heart, he pulls his hand and steps back and forth, never escaping from the circle.
Feel the dreamless breath rapidly weakening to two monks, regardless of Chen Shaobai’s quick delivery of the palm post to the secret method.
With the transmission of power, the two men’s faces are rapidly aging, and soon they become old and middle-aged. Although they have paid a lot of money, they have hung up their dreams, and it will take some time to rest and they can recover again.
Hua Ye asked Chen Shaobai next to him, "Brother Chen, are you hurt?"
"No" Chen Shaobai stared at a distant place with his head down.
"Then how do you …" Spend the night some don’t quite understand Chen Shaobai terminating would let go of the dream line.
Is to let go
He believes that Chen Shaobai has the ability to destroy these three great monks.
Chen Shaobai suddenly closed his eyes and spent the night while maintaining the absolute jǐng admonitions, but he also closed his eyes and listened carefully.
There was no sound except whistling in the ears and heavy breathing. Just as he was about to open his eyes, a line of proverbs flowed slowly through his heart.
"fame and fortune when Hugh? Get up early and stay up late.
Riding a donkey, riding a mule, thinking about a fine horse, the prime minister of the official residence looks at princes
Worry about food and clothing, worry about Yan Jun, and take the hook.
The shadow of the sun figure riches and honour is more willing to turn back. "
This slightly plain passage didn’t disappear with life in my mind, and a feeling of comfortable satisfaction rippled in my chest. The murder of three monks in the night also disappeared unconsciously and slowly fell to the ground and sat down.
He is willing to sit around like this all the time, find his true self in eternal peace, and find the road to heaven
"There are immortals, immortals, demons, demons, buddhas and buddhas. It’s not that you don’t wake up!"
Chen Shaobai also fell to the ground, but he ran mana to secretly control Bing Xin’s tactic and burst out.
Your support is my great motivation.
Chapter one hundred and ninety-seven Calculate the past
Chapter one hundred and ninety-seven Calculate the past
"If donor Chen Huigen comes to Ri with the practice of Lao Na, it is expected that he will learn to reveal his magical powers and become a literary fruit."
They found the source and looked at an old monk dressed in patchwork, who was holding a bamboo stick in the fray.
The old monk looks ordinary and strange, without Zhuang Yan’s treasure or monstrous magic. His face is a little dim, and the only place where he shines is his name "wisdom".
However, as soon as I saw him, the two tantric monks seemed to have seen a cat and a mouse, and immediately bounced up and took a photo. "My brother didn’t feel/didn’t see the first Tibetan Xuan!"
Hearing this name, Chen Shaobai’s pupil instantly contracted into a dangerous needle, and the mana flowed like boiling oil, like a fire burning him. He secretly transported the celestial vitality and swordsmanship and was always ready to escape.
Among the Zen elders in Xuanshan Mountain in Tibet, the powerful "Heaven and Dharma Realm" is equivalent to quenching the spirit and completing the magical power, and the one who is called the true Buddha on the land.
Although Tantric Buddhism and Zen Buddhism have always been at odds, when Chen Shaobai wanted to kill, he was caught by his elders. In any case, he had to make a speech about breaking the door before Zang Xuan, and Chen Shaobai also found fault with each other maliciously.
Even with the background of Qing Xuanmen, Chen Shaobai is still not very assured that these magical powers are extremely strong. After all, he once killed an elder on Star Island and wiped out a vein of blood. He even fought for the title of Dawei Tianlong. Isn’t this also alive and well?
Most of the advanced Buddhists have all kinds of magical powers, but Chen Shaobai is not surprised that Zang Xuan knows his name.
"I wonder if Chen Shi has an idea?" For the two younger generations of the same school, they turned a blind eye to the Tibetan Xuan, but they didn’t feel round. They kindly continued to ask.
"is it true what he said?" Chen Shaobai is so stupid.
Breaking the door and betraying the teacher without saying the name, even if the demons swear, they will follow their generation like tarsal maggots.
Among them, even people with a lack of IQ can make a choice. Chen Shaobai almost disdains to answer, but he can’t see through the strength and terror in front of him, but the old monk makes him have to consider the language and irritate the other side.
Although he is a monk in Qing Dynasty, he has devoted himself to practicing for hundreds of years and has come up with a size many times larger than him. The realm is profound and terrible, and it is definitely not a shrimp like him to deal with.
"Look at this hidden xuan sample doesn’t seem to be joking. Do I really have the talent to be a monk? However, once you enter Buddhism, you have to cut off all the fetters of the world of mortals and give up the seven emotions and six emotions. Even if you become immortal, what’s the fun! "
Secretly bitter in my heart, but Chen Shaobai still considered some words and respectfully made a ceremony for the younger generation, which was neither too flattering nor frivolous. The attitude was just right. "I admire the Buddhism of the elder of Zangxuan, J Ο ng Zhan, who has a universal heart, but the teacher treats me well. How can I do that apostasy?"
"’love’ is a possession, a holding and a bitter source. We practice Buddhism and pay attention to compassion. As the saying goes, sorrow can pull out bitter coke. If you appreciate it carefully, you can prove it together."
The old monk seems to be quite interested. After he patiently and gently explained it, he smiled and looked at Chen Shaobai. "There are not many people who can be your master in Huigen Ruyuan World. I will see if your so-called master has the way of xing."
His eyes like the morning sun through the fog, through the night, through the layers of obstacles, through the bones and bones, directly fell into the dark sea of knowledge in Chen Shaobai