Thinking for a moment, he turned to cover his chest and looked at Fan Tie. "Iron men are here. You and Jia Jia are childhood sweethearts. Let’s continue …"

"No way!"
Coldly looked at his father Fan Tie take a smoke lip Angle openly stared back tone frivolous said
"Since you like her so much, since all the guests are here, why don’t you just marry? It’s okay to be a little mother for me. Anyway, my mother has been dead for so many years, and you are alone … "
Words haven’t say that finish to see his dad trembling with anger sample Fan Tie hurriedly shut up.
The facial muscles twitched like a motor. Fan Fu looked pale and couldn’t breathe well. He held his chest with one hand and the edge of the table with the other. His body faltered and stumbled for a step and then fell to the ground.
Children’s wedding from joy, shock, anger to surprise …
All sorts of messy emotions are intertwined with his nerves, and finally he can’t stay-
Fan Tie played such a play in order to get back at Luo Guke. He didn’t really want to grieve his father. He couldn’t care less about other things. He dashed past and screamed like a wolf in others.
"Get the car ready-call 12-"
In fact, his old man has been in poor health for so many years. His former father was angry and he had asked little.
I didn’t expect this. He panicked …
And the banquet hall is also an uproar. Obviously, there is no way to continue the wedding. You can cry, laugh and watch the fun. You can also leave. When you look at it, Bao Qi glanced at Lengxiao and was about to ask Bao Ma to leave with you. Unexpectedly, the words rang.
It was Nian Xiaojing, the heroine in Fan Tie’s story just now.
And her words were exactly the same as when she rescued Bao Qi for the first time.
"Do you have July 7th? My mother’s body suddenly feels a little uncomfortable. I’m a little flustered alone. I just called my stuttering sister and asked her to find me an acquaintance in the army to ask for a bed. I’ll send her there now. If you have nothing to do, come and help me calm down quickly-"
That’s what happens to women without men. Sisters are the first thing that comes to mind when something goes wrong.
This time, it’s not for Bao Qi’s emergency, but for her poor health. Mom is really ill.
It’s naturally impossible for sisters not to go when they have something to do. What do you mean, do whatever is necessary? This is the time! Yu Fantie’s father and the hall uproar have nothing to do with her.
After Bao Ma looked at her suspiciously, she waved decisively and rushed out of the wedding banquet hall.
Thank you, sisters, for supporting your favorite marriage, for supporting your second uncle and Xiaoqi. Don’t explain, don’t say much. You know I love one! Blow a kiss!
[Pet Marriage] The honor list is slapped!
Newly awarded a Jinshi-[AA 192] Applause! Salute!
Newly awarded two Xieyuan-[Chili Sister 54] and [queenqin] Applause! Salute!
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Section 271
☆ 97 meters loves to do things or live in the army! !
PLA General Hospital
Baoqing took a taxi and arrived at the entrance of the building. There was a five-star red flag flying on the flagpole, wearing a nurse’s coat. Sister stuttered with a mobile phone in her hand and paced back and forth anxiously. I didn’t see Nian Xiaojing.
After a pause, she ran breathlessly over and shouted "stutter!" "
"You you come to July 7th-"
I don’t know if it’s because I’m in a hurry to suppress it or how this beautiful girl’s stuttering is not so serious today, so it’s just a matter of five words.
Treasure and pure walked over and held her hand "? Have Xiaojing and Nian’s mother come? "
"Not yet"
Nodded their heads, and the two men continued to wait anxiously for Nian Xiaojing to rent a courtyard house, which is far from the military general hospital, and took the old man to pack up his things in winter and then come out to take a taxi. How can it take some childhood?
I told my stuttering sister in detail that my mother had a cough and chest tightness before her symptoms, but she didn’t get better after taking the medicine. I got up early today and had a slight fever. Just before she spoke, my mother suddenly hemoptysis, which scared her to panic.
Fortunately, I didn’t wait long, but in two or three minutes, Nianxiaojing taxi was waiting at the gate of the general hospital.
The two girls rushed to meet them and helped Xiaojing to help her mother in the coming year. Her mother looked weaker than when she was eating dumplings in the quadrangle. She looked as pale as a piece of paper covering her chest and coughing, which seemed to be extremely difficult to breathe.
Bao Qi, holding her arm, comforted her by worrying about looking down the vest and looking at Nianxiaojing.
"Don’t be nervous, Xiaojing. It’s okay."
"Let’s go!" Small stutter face penetration often laugh without also follow nervous.
As we all know, the beds in the PLA General Hospital are tight. According to people’s exaggeration, it is not necessary to queue up for a month before. It is a nurse in this hospital who has been working for several years. She is simple and kind by nature and does not love disputes. Therefore, although she is not good at communication, she is deeply impressed that her colleagues like to have a bed, which is still easy to do.
Three girls holding Nian’s mother walked slowly to the door of the building. Just then, there was a sudden noise behind them. A car with a military license plate was pulled by the movable fence at the entrance of the hospital and quickly stopped beside them.
Not much to say, look at that military card and you will know that it is not an ordinary person.
There are not many coincidences in Kyoto.
It was in the wedding banquet hall that the autobots were so angry that they fainted. When the old man van hit the car door, he first jumped out of the car. It was wearing a groom’s costume, Fan Tie, and in front of him, he held his mother’s little well for the next year. Both of them were one leng
However, at this moment, no one will say much.
Fan Tie gave her a deep look and turned to give back the car Torre.
Unexpectedly, when he turned around, he was even more stunned.
Fan Tie, who has been awake, looks straight at the finger sticking out behind him. His face is shaking and his expression is strange. Fan Tie secretly guesses that he moved his mouth because he saw the well and then shut up.
At this time, he didn’t want to stimulate Dad any more. He didn’t say anything more. He turned dutifully and squatted down.
"Dad, I’ll carry you."
"… she, she is …" Fan Fu lips trembling eyes did not move the body did not move.
I raised my eyelids and saw that the well had left my back. Fan Tie sighed in his heart, "Dad, let’s see the doctor first."
Van old man looked straight away a few women direction line of sight some fuzzy.
For a moment, he moved slowly and leaned over his back.
"Mom, what happened to you! ? The doctor is coming soon. You have to endure a little. "Stuttering and arranging the ward, Xiaojing looked at her mother’s face and suddenly turned dark. Sitting on the edge of the bed, patting her back and asking anxiously.