Aunt Ma sighed when she saw that her daughter was still stepping on the upholstered chair and cutting cloth, and there was no emotion in her eyes.

My daughter is very intelligent, and she knows how to invite pets for herself in front of Gu Boqi since she was a child, and she knows how to win people’s hearts. Even the girl sent by her wife Wang can receive invitations. Although this is a good thing, she is always a little nervous. Such intelligence should not have appeared in a one-year-old child.
Despite the smoke, she didn’t know what Aunt Ma was thinking. She looked up at one side and the hourglass finally smiled. "At this moment, my mother must have gone back to the old lady’s room. Why don’t you wait on her?" Mother is generous, but aunt, don’t forget to leave. Go! I know my own things very well, so you can rest assured. "
Aunt Ma lived for so many years, only to find that she didn’t have a child who was intelligent and transparent, but at least she finally paid a tribute to herself. She felt a little better in her heart, and ordered Chu Qin to wait on her for dinner with the show before going to Wang’s first room.
See aunt ma go from smoke face to cold again, she threw scissors aside some trance.
Houmenyuan has a lot of rules. I have been here for more than three years, and I have never had a chance to go out of the house. Those gullies are also hidden in my heart.
She was still very happy when she just found out that she had crossed over. After all, crossing over is tantamount to hanging up her life. She wants all the beautiful men to do their best, and she wants to be rich and prosperous!
But it was only later that I realized that those time-travel novels were all lies!
She has a bad life. Although she dresses like a Miss Hou Fu, she is an aunt. Compared with her first daughter, she is a big difference, not to mention that her first mother values her office very much. She has never had a good face for herself.
When she first came here, she thought about her ambitions and splendid life, but she thought it was a fable. This big Zhou Dynasty was very strict with women, not to mention that even ordinary women did not show their faces.
Gradually, she died, and she began to make a way in this Houfu. It seems difficult, but it is not necessary.
The marriage between Wang and Gu Boqi is a typical feudal arrangement. Gu Boqi has no feelings for Wang. Plus, Wang is born in a noble family and likes to be a lady, so he can’t please women, especially Gu Boqi.
And the most deadly thing is that Wang has not given birth to a child for nearly ten years since he married.
Or did the old lady see Wang in the fourth year, and still nothing happened, and forced Wang to stop taking medicine for his aunts before she got her compatriot brother Gu Chengyu?
After the ancient times, Gu Boqi was very unfilial. Through this, he didn’t know how to spend his days outside. Alakazam Wang was indefensible and didn’t dare to persuade him too hard.
When she thinks about it, she is a male heir. This is the key.
If you want to have your own place in this Hou Fu, if you want to force Wang from this wife’s position, if you want to beat the first-class woman who was born six months earlier than you, you must never let Wang give birth to a child.
Turned to look at the brightly colored cloth on the table, and her face could not help but show a sneer.
When I first wore it, I also tried to please the first mother, Wang, but this Wang was a woman who was deeply poisoned by this feudal thought. She clung to some vulgar rules and was never close to herself.
She did everything she could to please her, and she just said a word of concern.
That stubborn old man cares about the old lady even more. She doesn’t even allow herself to pay her respects every day, but because she is an ordinary woman.
And her third sister Gu Zhao and her ninth sister Gu Man can pay their respects every day, but they can be crazy about Wang.
She can’t stand being treated like this! She is not a group of poor feudal women who can’t stand their disgusting manners. She has advanced ideas. How can modern people in the 21st century willingly let them ride on the head?
Since she can cross, she said that God must not let herself suffer, and she should not accept her fate!
Doesn’t Wang care about the rules? Didn’t old lady Gu look down on ordinary women? Isn’t Gu Zhao Gu Man very proud?
Don’t worry, one day she will make these people cry and beg for themselves in front of themselves! She doesn’t believe that she, a modern person who has been familiar with China for 5,000 years, has not remembered the dynasty in this history, and she can’t make a fuss!
Since you can’t meet a peach-eyed man and a crazy man with evil spirits like those women who travel through the novels, can you always make your way in this small Hou Fu?
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Ten times
Gu Man lives in the moon building in the northeast corner of the garden next to the second courtyard. At night, there are also stout women who keep vigil in the gatehouse.
At the moment, she entered the garden with Peiyin Peiqin. When she looked up, she could see her two-story building hidden in the layers of trees, looking beautiful and quiet.
I don’t know, she suddenly felt that the anger and hatred that she had just met Gu Chengyu was easily crushed, and her heart was full of gratitude. No matter how many disasters and disasters there were in a generation, it was a thing of the past after all. God finally gave himself a chance to start over.
What she couldn’t keep in the past must be kept tightly in her generation, and no one will try to take it away.
Go straight ahead on the path paved with checkered square bricks, and the front is hidden in the bottom of the buttonwood. Pei Yin sees Gu Man hasn’t said a word yet. She is thinking of making the old lady happy because she is sad, pointing to the plum blossom in full bloom in front. "Girl, a while ago, you were chanting to collect this plum blossom snow water and wait for soaking water to drink in the coming year. Now this plum blossom is just as good as we can collect some dew while the weather is good." The same is true. "
Gu Man followed her hand and looked at it. Sure enough, she saw that the plum trees in front of her blossomed in twos and threes. It was even more vibrant in this plain and white garden. She was about to speak when she saw a plum tree not far ahead. A little girl with a red feather satin cloak was loosely caged and rolled with rabbit hair and a hat of the same color.
At this time, the wind was fair, and the little girl’s cloak swayed with the wind. The whole person was as slender and dexterous as the plum blossom, and her eyes were straight.
In a short time, two girls about her age rushed behind the little girl, and kept shouting, "Eleven girls can watch their feet carefully. What if they fall?"
Gu Man couldn’t say a word as familiar as a lightning strike, and she couldn’t forget it for a generation. Gu Yan and Gu XI robbed all her sisters!
When the girl turned around slowly, she saw two deep pear vortices hanging on her white face. When she smiled, her eyes bent into the shape of the moon, which was very lovely. Although she was still young, she could see that she would be a beautiful woman in the future.
At the moment, she was holding a crystal plum vase in her hand, and the plum blossom turned around and saw Gu Man with Pei Qin Pei Yin standing not far away to see her, so she was busy handing the plum vase aside and showing herself, but she slowly saluted her in front of her.
She is courteous, courteous and respectful, but no one can find anything wrong.
I have such a state of mind at such an early age. Gu Man doubts whether Gu Yan’s cautious temperament is cultivated. After all, although this Hou Fu is undercurrent, Fannie and Freddie are smooth all the way in life. Although Wang doesn’t like ordinary women, he has never been harsh.