Through the previous contact with Ashley, it is also clear that Su Orange’s character is inconsistent and demanding.

It’s very difficult to go to an appointment with him today and promise to get things together. What about other things that will affect the next conversation?
Anyway, he is well-connected and it is not difficult to find out.
"Good thank you first" Sue orange indifferently.
"You didn’t eat do you want a cake? Or try the winery’s special grilled steak? "
To tell the truth, although I have a lot on my mind, I still feel hungry. Drinking alcohol is useless except for hurting my health. Therefore, Su Orange doesn’t seem to have a problem with my stomach.
She nodded. "What a bother."
Ashley frowned. "That’s right! Should I enjoy life or should I enjoy life? Just like my horse is going to lose ice and ice, don’t I talk and laugh with you? "
Ashley pressed the button at the table and soon there was a knock at the door outside.
"Come on in!"
With the permission of the guest, the waiter came in respectfully and asked politely, "What can I do for you, sir?"
"Some cakes with different tastes and two grilled steaks …" Ashley looked at Su Orange. "The snakehead and bluefin tuna here are also very special. Would you like to try it?"
"You look at the arrangement!" Since I’m here, it’s up to the guest! Anyway, if someone treats you and doesn’t eat for free, even if you settle your own accounts, you won’t be able to afford it. What’s there to worry about?
After Ashley explained, the waiter bowed out again.
"Cast things you don’t want to talk about, then talk about things tonight! I heard that you like Miss Snow Dance. Why did she run out crying? And what about that strange guy? It won’t be your follower! "
Not to mention this master Ashley is really divinatory!
"If you want to talk about it, talk about it. Don’t wave our time."
Ashley shrugged naively. "Don’t make yourself so nervous! It’s so relaxing in front of me! Words in my heart can be relaxed. "
Ashley talked and poured two glasses of wine, thinking that even if you don’t talk now, you will gradually let your guard down after drinking.
As a result, Ashley was a little drunk after a few drinks, and Su Orange was particularly sober.
Su orange, after all, has worked in a bar before, but it can still be added to her special physique. Drinking red wine and juice is almost the same.
"Good capacity for liquor!" Ashley shook his glass and was fascinated. He felt that Su Orange could not say how beautiful and moving it was. Although it was a cold face, it made people never tire of seeing it.
"Give me a copy of the play first when you say it."
"Good time! I’ll let the screenwriter send the play to your mailbox first, and see if there are any places to be revised. If there are, we’ll finalize it when there is no problem here. "
"The actor is not responsible for reviewing the manuscript!" Is this guy reliable?
"Of course, actors are not qualified to modify the play, but you are different. I believe in your talent."
"Lily, I don’t know much about it. How can a layman guide me?"
Ashley laughed. "Orange, I find you very humorous! If you don’t understand Lily, what’s the matter with you and Snow Dance? If you like not girls, why don’t you have feelings for men? Which one is not handsome, Ashley or me? Born into a rich family? Did you see it in your eyes? Have we done anything interesting besides fighting? "
Su Orange said that it would be strange if I like men! Isn’t it normal to like girls
"I think we can take you to pick up girls next time. Maybe we can have fun." Ashley patted Su Orange on the shoulder like a good buddy.
"Every day, my mind is full of eating, drinking and having fun, so I want to get family recognition?" Suchengtou black line
"Otherwise, what can I do? Anyway, my personal image is already like this. Love and career are not in conflict! " Ashley leans on Su Orange’s shoulder. "Big Brother feels safe around you!"
Su Orange rudely put his fork on Ashley’s neck, and the cold touch made this guy sit up straight and put up his hand. "Don’t be serious!"
It seems that it’s a bit of a memory to clean him up this time!
Knocking at the door outside Ashley pointed to the "sharp weapon" in Su Orange’s hand.
Sue orange cold hum took a fork.
Ashley wiped his forehead with a cold sweat before clearing his throat and saying, "Come in!" "
The waiter pushed a dining car in, hit the round cover, took the cake with exquisite workmanship and put it on the dining table.
"Two please slow down" bowed and pushed the dining car back out.
Su orange feels a little exaggerated. Taking a plate can solve things. The dining car is really making a mountain out of a molehill.
Look at the beautiful shape of the cake, it’s a little white. The dining car is more stable and can be better. Keep the cake in a new posture, which is more beautiful and more appetizing.
Su Orange ate the cake quietly and Ashley complained, "Even if you don’t care about my handsome face and look down on my money, you should treat me better!"
Sue orange slowly swallowed the cake, which said, "I don’t need money, there’s no need to kneel and lick people."
"Money is too much! No amount of money is enough to spend! Who will have a hard time with money? "
Ashley is really calm. Other women would have thrown themselves at him a long time ago. He has always been generous to women and is almost responsive, asking them to make him happy.
"Since no amount of money is enough to spend, the desire for money is like drinking poison to quench thirst, and it is even more unnecessary for me to give up my dignity and go against my wishes."
"Elder sister … you are awesome!" Ashley gloomily thirsty for wine in the glass.
"The first time I saw a girl who was so calm like you after falling in love, shouldn’t I tell my heart pain through wine and feel gentle and soothing on my ready-made shoulders?" Ashley spoke and stroked a red rose in the vase with her long fingers.
"Good roses blooming quietly, isn’t it? Doesn’t the so-called comfort seem sentimental? "
Su Orange picked up a falling petal and gently blew it off. "Some people know how to cherish their own vanity."
Ashley took his hand in apathy. "I’m really defeated by you. Now I understand that you are really isolated from romantic Chou He men! Then should I call a girl for you? "
"whatever you want"
The more insipid Sue Orange’s attitude is, the more so-called Ashley feels like scratching her heart, but she is tolerable.
Soon the waiter brought other meals.
Su orange listened to music, ate exquisite food and drank expensive red wine, which surprised herself.
Others say that drinking too much will confuse her, but the more she drinks, the more sober she becomes.
Recalling the snow dance in a hurry and leaving the sad back, I can’t say the pain in my heart.