As soon as Hu Na’s outstretched right hand was taken away, she looked at Zhang Chongxuan and said, "You came to pick a fight on purpose, didn’t you?"

Zhang Zhongxuan smiled and said, "I’m here for dinner." Zhang Zhongxuan put the chopsticks down, picked up the hip flask on the side and poured wine into the cup leisurely, saying, "Besides, if I haven’t finished this meal, there can’t be other guests in this staring building. I think you know what I mean."
Hu Na snorted and said, "Don’t take yourself too seriously."
Zhang Zhongxuan laughed, and his face turned pale: "Go down."
One side of the bartender in Zhang Chongxuan this drink, the whole people fell to the ground, face a cold sweat, while Hu Na stretched out his hand in front of Hu Yaozu, jade capacity change, the whole people like jade Luo Cha, she looked at Zhang Chongxuan, stretched out his hand and snapped a palm, this palm without a trace of interest, but Zhang Chongxuan knew that this palm contained infinite pitfalls, and he picked up the chopsticks on the table and gently hit the air, and immediately two gas strength from him.
Hu Na was angry and shouted, "You …"
Zhang Zhongxuan laughed, stood up and said, "If you don’t want any trouble, then come with me." Zhang Zhongxuan said. Reaching for the railing by the window, the whole person flew into the air.
Hu Na looked at Zhang Zhongxuan’s ethereal figure and said to Hu Yaozu next to her, "Dad, I’ll take care of things and come back then."
Hu Na chased Zhang Zhongxuan all the way, but who thought that Zhang Zhongxuan stopped at the edge of a cliff and stood with a negative hand. Watching her fly in with ease.
As soon as Hu Na landed, she looked at Zhang Chongxuan coldly. "What do you want?"
Zhang Zhongxuan looked at Hu Na and said, "Uncle Tan and I made an agreement first, but this position as the head of Kunlun must be inherited." Zhang Zhongxuan said that he took out the Kunlun Order, and the Kunlun Order was in the night light, and the sky was blooming with Xuan Qingguang, and the word Kunlun on the operator was even more red and red.
"Kunlun order?" Hu Na suspected that as a disciple of Kunlun, she had naturally heard of Kunlun’s orders. And after the head of Kunlun soared, Tan Yushi secretly asked people to find the whereabouts of Kunlun Ling, and prepared to give Hu Na the position of the head directly by Kunlun Ling, so Zhang Zhongxuan debuted Kunlun Ling as soon as he flashed the mouth of Kunlun Ling.
Zhang Zhongxuan nodded and said, "Yes, it is the Kunlun Order."
Hu Na looked at Zhang Chongxuan coldly and said, "What do you mean?"
Zhang Zhongxuan simply said, "It’s very simple. I don’t want the position of head of Kunlun Sect to be always empty. Since only you and I are fighting for the position of the leader, and Uncle Fu sacrificed him and Brother Minghang to save me, in this way, whoever killed many people on our trip will be the leader. How about killing fewer people and automatically giving up competing for the position of head? Of course, if you feel that you don’t have this strength, then forget it. "
Hu Na said without hesitation, "OK, that’s it."
Zhang Zhongxuan showed a smile at the corner of his mouth. These days, he talked with his disciples every day. Although he knew the Kunlun Sect, he increased his influence in the hearts of his disciples. But in fact, it is also investigating Hu Na’s personality. As early as that day at the banquet, Zhang Zhongxuan felt that Hu Na was too conceited. In a few days of communication with his disciples, Zhang Zhongxuan confirmed what he thought. Although Hu Na was gifted, he was a supercilious person. When he knew everything, he sent someone to investigate everything in Hu Na, which naturally led to the first play today.
Zhang Zhongxuan looked at the moonlight and said, "In that case, get up now." Zhang Zhongxuan said, and his figure flew towards the Kongtong School, but Hu Na was not backward. When Zhang Zhongxuan’s figure was together, he followed up, so they flew side by side towards the Kongtong School.
After flying all night, they finally came to the vicinity of Kongtong Mountain. Zhang Zhongxuan reached out into the air, and suddenly a black hole appeared on Zhang Zhongxuan’s right hand. Zhang Zhongxuan reached out and pulled out two sets of night clothes from it, reaching for a set of night clothes for Hu Na, saying, "Put it on, since the winner is the head of the Kunlun Sect, you have to consider it for the Kunlun Sect."
Hu Na stretched out his hand and took it. Without further ado, he put it on his body. Hu Na reached for a sacrifice, and the air was suddenly distorted. A bright light came from the air, and then appeared in front of Zhang Zhongxuan. It was a pure white sword. Hu Na reached out and held the sword, and the white sword was full of brilliance, without a trace of brilliance.
Zhang Zhongxuan couldn’t help praising: "Good sword, I wonder what the name of Hu Shimei’s flying sword is?"
Hu Na said coldly, "Panlong Sword."
When Zhang Zhongxuan heard the word Panlong Sword, he couldn’t help thinking of Xie Kexin and Xie Keying’s old enemy Panlong bodhi old zu. He couldn’t help laughing absurdly and said, "Otherwise, take her to feed the yin dragon of Panlong bodhi old zu."
Zhang Zhongxuan was thinking, and Hu Na urged: "Don’t get up yet."
Zhang Zhongxuan laughed and said, "Ok, go." Zhang Zhongxuan said that the whole person was in shape together and took the lead in flying towards Kongdong.
There is a habit among the three schools of shushan, kongtong and kunlun, that is, sometimes they will hold a meeting in the square they sent. At that time, as long as they are from their own school, they are basically all present, unless some people have something important to do, they don’t have to attend.
Before Zhang Chongxuan came to Kongtong, he had called Liang Zhan and Liang Guang to tell Zhao Zifeng to find out. Today, at noon, the emperor of the capital of a big country will come to worship his ancestors in Kongtong. Naturally, according to the practice of Kongtong, a meeting will be held in the morning. Zhang Chongxuan is not worried. The strength of Kongtong School is much worse than that of Shushan and Kunlun, and the reason why Kongtong School can be called the three schools of the fix-true world together with Shushan and Kunlun. It’s because Kongtong has practiced on the premise of money. Over the years, the Kongtong school has become the national religion of a big country’s capital, and its reputation is even louder. Unfortunately, its strength has begun to decline. Otherwise, Zhang Zhongxuan wouldn’t be so aware of Zhang Dan’s story that Hu Nalai came to Kongtong to smash a venue. With him and Hu Na, two people in the rising period, it is only natural that the three ancestors of the Kongtong Sect and the Taoist priest Yu Qing should be divided into two to deal with them. Naturally, with his Zhang Chongxuan’s strength, he can kill countless people in it and put it in Hu Na. According to Zhang Chongxuan, this woman is not simple, and she is not as good as Li Muran. Judging from Li Muran, Fu Minghang and Hu Na, it is not a hollow reputation that Kunlun Sect can sit firmly as the first sect in the world.
In the square, Jade Qing Taoist priest was about to speak when he suddenly felt two murderous looks coming from the air, followed by two bodies falling down. A white light and a green light flashed in the air, and suddenly there was a terrible sound from disciples all around, followed by bodies flying out. Jade virtual long face a change. He shouted, "Man, how dare you attack me?" Said the figure together, the whole people in the night clothes Zhang Chongxuan and Hu Na attack, and aside to kongdong three ancestors nature is to attack.
See jade qing long and kongdong three ancestors attack, Zhang Zhongxuan slightly hidden part of his strength, and sure enough. In the third ancestor of Kongtong, Mo Huai and Yu Qing, the eldest brothers, attacked Hu Na, while Fan Shande and Kang Mingsheng, who were slightly less powerful, flew to Zhang Chongxuan.
Zhang Chongxuan came to Kongtong on this trip, but then he took a green lightsaber. For him, Wu Xiu knows a lot anyway. It is easy to kill these low-ranking disciples in Kongtong, but for Fan Shande and Kang Mingsheng, Zhang Chongxuan, who uses ordinary green lightsaber, dare not take the sword and send it to them casually. After all, he uses real yuan to condense the gas sword.
The disciples around us are all low-ranking disciples. It doesn’t help at all. Persuaded by the elders of Du Jie period, they scattered to both sides. However, Zhang Chongxuan and Hu Na came to Kongtong to kill people, and it was more than killing people. Naturally, they wouldn’t just fight with Taoist Jade Qing and Kongtong people. I saw Zhang Chongxuan’s real yuan rebounded by Fan Shande, and his sword in his hand grew wantonly. Immediately, he made a few noises, and dozens of disciples whistled a blood sword, all of which was hit by a sword in his chest.
Just listening to Zhang Chongxuan’s figure, he stretched out his hand and released a real yuan to meet a grasp from Kang Mingsheng, and shouted, "Thirty-five."
Zhang Chongxuan this shout, while shangdi huna heart is nasty, she came to this trip, just came down with Zhang Chongxuan, he killed 30, Zhang Chongxuan killed 20, and now Zhang Chongxuan single-handedly killed 15, while she was driven by Mo Huai and Jade Qing Taoist priest, but it was impossible to break up to kill disciples. The andao should not have promised Zhang Chongxuan to come here to win.
Zhang Chongxuan went all the way down, very carefree, killing everyone he saw, ignoring the disciples of Kongtong School and Kang Mingsheng and Fan Shande, and suddenly killed hundreds of disciples of Kongtong School. It’s no wonder that Kongtong disciples are weak or Kang Mingsheng and Fan Shande are useless. Zhang Chongde However, because Zhang Chongxuan started playing without touching the edge, he wandered among Kongtong disciples. Kang Mingsheng and Fan Shande did not dare to sacrifice instruments for fear of accidentally injuring his disciples. Just because of this, more and more disciples were rejuvenated and became wandering souls under Zhang Chongxuan’s sword.
At this time, it is early in the morning, and the air in the Kongtong school square in the quiet Kongtong mountain was originally fragrant. Now, there is a strong bloody air in the square, and the square is full of corpses and rivers of blood.
"Uncle Mo, I’ll go first." Jade Qing Taoist priest, who is already aware of Hu Na’s strength, knows that Hu Na is no match for Mo Huai. Seeing his disciples under Zhang Chongxuan, he suffered many casualties. Together with his body, he came to Zhang Chongxuan’s side. Jade Qing long this change, Zhang Chongxuan suddenly complained, although he started holding the hit and run tactics, but after all, it is three masters of the rising period, which is real, not virtual, so Zhang Chongxuan can’t freely kill the low-order disciples of Kongtong School, but Zhang Chongxuan paused here, and Hu Na came on over there, because Hu Na and Zhang Chongxuan are about. Now that Taoist Jade Qing is gone, she also learns Zhang Zhongxuan’s tactics, and she shuttles and slaughters among her Kongtong disciples. Poor Kongtong, one of the three major schools in the field of repairing the truth, has become a sacrificial lamb under this toss and turn.
There were more and more bodies, and Hu Na’s eyes were red when he killed them. Mo Huai roared and finally became angry. At this time, Zhang Zhongxuan knew that things would be bad, and Mo Huai began to have no scruples. Then Jade Qing and other three people naturally have a school, and I’m afraid they can’t escape if they want to.
Zhang Zhongxuan figure together, without looking at the jade qing three people who followed him, flew straight to Hu Na’s side. "Let’s go," he said. "I lost."
When Hu Na heard Zhang Zhongxuan’s words, he was stunned and said, "You really lost?" Originally, under the pressure of Mo Huai, Hu Na killed more than one hundred people, far from Zhang Zhongxuan’s more than three hundred people. She didn’t believe that Zhang Zhongxuan would give up, because she gave up. That would mean that Zhang Chongxuan gave up his position as head of the company.
At this moment, Zhang Zhongxuan held out a palm, and he and Hu Na were almost posted. This palm was silent, and Hu Na didn’t react, and the whole person flew out. However, Zhang Zhongxuan didn’t hide anything. The whole person flew to Hu Na with all his strength, reaching out and holding Hu Na’s hand. At this moment, Zhang Zhongxuan threw his left hand back, and suddenly several pink smoke barriers came out of thin air, only to hear Taoist Jade Qing exclaim: "It’s poison gas, quick, trap these poison gases."
Zhang Zhongxuan corners of the mouth raise a smile, these poison barrier but he would have done well. The poison barrier inside will diffuse as soon as it reaches the air. But also can cover people’s line of sight, which covers people’s line of sight or specifically for the fix true person. So naturally, Taoist Jade Qing and Kongtong Sanzu can’t see the situation of Zhang Zhongxuan and Hu Na.
Zhang Zhongxuan stretched out his hand and tore it into the air, and immediately tore the space, leaving it with Hu Na, who was seriously injured by him.
After a flight in space, Zhang Zhongxuan flew out with Hu Nafei. At this time, Hu Na looked pale. Just now, Zhang Zhongxuan’s palm not only shattered the true yuan in his body, but also sealed her body with spells, which made her unable to move.
Hu Na looked at Zhang Zhongxuan and said, "What do you want to do?"
Zhang Zhongxuan’s hands crossed in front of Hu Na, and Hu Na suddenly felt only a very heavy scent. The ghosting of the bodies of Kongtong School and the place where the blood flowed into the square, the broken hands, feet, body and intestines, Hu Na’s stomach churned, and well, he suddenly vomited.
Zhang Zhongxuan laughed: "That was just a meeting ceremony, and the next step is the key."
Zhang Zhongxuan stretched out his hand on Hu Na, and laid a few laws to hold his figure. Then he pulled up Hu Na, and, without thinking, he reached out and offered the divine sand and flew into the air.
"I want to tell the master." Hu Na cried and stared at Zhang Chongxuan mercilessly. Unfortunately, Zhang Chongxuan didn’t look back at her, but just kept flying forward.
After flying for a long time, Zhang Zhongxuan finally stopped. In front of him, it was a deserted nunnery. This nunnery was already dilapidated. On the plaque in front of the gate, there were cobwebs, but the cobwebs could not cover the three words on the big plaque-Wu Xiupai. This is where Xie Kexin and Xie Keying once lived. Diancang Mountain.
Zhang Zhongxuan knew this place because when Xie Kexin and Xie Keying were accepted, the two sisters suddenly thought of their master’s quiet one day. At that time, Zhang Zhongxuan was afraid that she would get caught up in the past love of quiet and quiet, so she came to see it together and naturally remembered this place.
Zhang Zhongxuan looked at the ruined gate and wondered, "Aren’t the old nun and Panlong in this monastery?" Error-free novel network does not skip words. Zhang Chongxuan stretched out his foot and kicked the door of Wu Xiupai, and walked towards the inside, only to find that all the utensils in the nunnery had a thick layer of dust. Zhang Chongxuan put it away and immediately put it around Diancang Mountain. When he put it away, he immediately found that there were about ten people, including the recluse teacher and Panlong bodhi old zu.
Zhang Zhongxuan’s figure together, pulling Hu Na, flew to the place where Teacher Jingyi and Panlong bodhi old zu were located.
Suddenly, Zhang Zhongxuan took Hu Nafei to the front of a cave. Zhang Zhongxuan didn’t hesitate. He walked in the hall. In the cave, a huge bed was made with snow silk, and on it, the bodhi old zu Panlong was hugging four young naked women and kissing me. On the side, it was a naked recluse teacher who was also hugging four men and kissing me.
Teacher Jingyi and the bodhi old zu Panlong were all surprised when they found out that Zhang Chongxuan was coming. When the bodhi old zu Panlong saw Zhang Zhongxuan’s hand pulling Hu Na. I couldn’t help sticking out a long tongue and adding a little lip, and my face was slanted. When I saw Zhang Zhongxuan, the quiet teacher also showed a slanted expression.
Zhang Zhongxuan took one look at the bodhi old zu in Panlong. Over the years, the bodhi old zu in Panlong has reached the Du Jie period, but the recluse teacher on the side is still a poor class. Looking at Teacher Jingyi’s appearance, Zhang Zhongxuan already knew that she was completely become.
Hu Na behind Zhang Zhongxuan also saw the situation of Panlong bodhi old zu and Jing Yi teacher. Face a red, tilting his head.
Panlong bodhi old zu and Jing Yi teacher couldn’t see Zhang Zhongxuan’s strength. Naturally, after being taken aback, Zhang Zhongxuan didn’t rest assured. One side of Jing Yi teacher stood up, twisted her red luo body, and came towards Zhang Zhongxuan, which was extremely flattering. "Little brother, do you want me to accompany you?" he said angrily.
Zhang Zhongxuan looked at Teacher Jingyi with disdain and said, "No need." He reached for a shot, and immediately a stream of Xuanqing Zhenyuan shot out from his fingers, and without any accident, it hit the recluse teacher. As soon as that Xuanqing Zhenyuan was scattered, the recluse teacher flew out, and his cultivation had been tied.
The bodhi old zu Panlong is a wise man. When I saw Zhang Chongxuan, I knew that I was no match for Zhang Chongxuan. I said timidly, "Daxian forgives, Daxian forgives."
Zhang Zhongxuan didn’t reply. He lifted Hu Na toward the bodhi old zu in Panlong, and Hu Na landed firmly in front of the bodhi old zu in Panlong. Zhang Zhongxuan said, "She is yours. Enjoy her in front of me."