Comrade Li Er didn’t have much idea about the south, but when he heard that there was not only Datang but also a serious threat to the travel of Datang ships, he felt a little urgent and repeatedly asked, "Do you mean that we should build a port in the south first?"

Kelly one leng he didn’t think this comrade Li Er would think so. According to the present situation, it is far from being occupied by horses. For Datang, the biggest threat to the ocean after removing the land threat is Goguryeo and all countries and regions in the South China Sea of Japan, which are still not a threat to Datang.
Kelly hurriedly said, "Emperor, our navy has not yet been established. It is unwise to think about it here. For me, Datang still has to deal with these local councils in the east first, and then turn around south to get rid of the danger of being caught between Scylla and Charybdis. Now the southern countries are just wild wasteland. I Datang can take them at any time, so there is no need to worry about it."
Comrade Li Er stroked his beard and looked at the map for a moment before he nodded and said, "That’s right. The priorities are small, but it’s clear. So now we need to build ports in the north and then slowly move south one by one to build small ones. Is that what you mean?"
Wang Ke was relieved to see that Comrade Li Er had some ideas about his intentions, so he didn’t need to talk for a long time to let the emperor who knew nothing about maritime affairs know what to do
"Emperor, now we need to build two ports here," Kelly said to Comrade Li Er with a smile, pointing to a place in Bohai Bay. "Once this place is built, we can attack Goguryeo, Baekje and Silla on both sides of the land and annihilate them in one fell swoop. On this basis, we can get twice the result with half the effort by conquering Japan again."
I can’t help but say that Kelly speaks to Comrade Li Er’s heart. Comrade Li Er’s greatest wish is to destroy several countries in this small peninsula besides the Turkish occupation of Tuyuhun. He wants to let the world know that he is the greatest king in the history of Datang because he is stronger than the previous dynasty!
Comrade Li Er suppressed his excitement and asked Kelly, "When can I be young? And if our navy division is formed, can you consider it? "
Kelly has long considered this problem, and now Comrade Li Er directly said without hesitation, "Now the weather is getting colder and colder, so it is not suitable for workers and ministers. It is better to carry out basic procedures now to open up the site for port construction, and the materials can be transported here. It will be started in the navy in the spring of next year. Now, don’t we have two small river sailors in the Yangtze River and the Yellow River? We can train them in ocean navigation first, and then recruit new soldiers to train them after their training is completed, so that when the port is built, our navy will have already taken shape."
After listening to Kelly’s words, Comrade Li Er’s brow wrinkled unconsciously. He felt as if something was wrong, but he couldn’t talk about it for a while before thinking about it. This just said that ports and soldiers are the most important and essential ships, but he hasn’t talked about it yet.
Comrade Li Er asked, "The novel has been going on for a long time, but this ship hasn’t arrived yet. This should be good!"
Kelly couldn’t help blushing. He talked about the topic of Comrade Li Er for a long time but forgot this most important thing. If Comrade Li Er hadn’t remembered it, he would have arranged it in a hurry and found it later.
Kelly bowed down to Comrade Li Er and said, "The emperor was wrong in this matter, and such an important thing was forgotten. If it weren’t for the imperial mirror, there would be a big problem. Please forgive me!"
Comrade Li Er was very happy when he saw Kelly admit that he was wrong and felt that a person who knew nothing about maritime affairs was right. He waved and said, "If you have nothing to do, just tell me how to do it. I don’t blame you!"
Kelly repeatedly hand in mouth saying thanks.
When Comrade Li Er saw Kelly’s honesty, he said with a stare, "Speak quickly or you will really be punished."
When Kelly saw Comrade Li Er, he quickly said, "Emperor, this ship has always been more in the south than in the north, and this shipbuilding is also a better minister in the south. This matter was handed over to the General Armament Department to take the lead in drawing a place in the south, which can be carried out. I have to discuss with several adults about this ship style and try my best to do it well."
"Oh, can Xiao still build a boat?" Comrade Li Er looked at Kelly and asked in surprise.
Kelly said with a red face, "The emperor misunderstood where I would build a ship, but I don’t know about the structure of the ship."
Comrade Li Er saw Kelly say this, otherwise he said, "What are the considerations for the appearance? It won’t be long before we follow the style of the previous dynasty."
Kelly was really in distress situation when he heard this. What are these boats? Flat-bottomed boats are simply small sampans. This kind of boat can’t withstand the big waves when it sails in the sea.
Wang Ke said seriously, "The emperor’s former ship can’t do it. At most, it can’t go far in the offshore. Now we have to build a ship to sail and withstand the wind and waves. Besides, we have to install artillery and the structure of the former ship is different. We have to redesign it!"
It’s too simple for Comrade Li Er to come here for nothing because of what Kelly said. I can’t help but wave and say, "Then do as you say. This matter is about which departments you need to make contact with. If you need it, I will come forward. If you need it, you will find me. But I have given my Datang Navy to you. I hope you won’t let me down!"
As soon as Kelly heard this, it fell on his head again, and he no longer regretted it as before. Anyway, he was used to such things, and no one could run away when anything new came out.
After handing a salute to Comrade Li Er, Kelly withdrew from the imperial room and quickly organized manpower to prepare for this matter. He thought that he could arrange all these things before he could sometimes discuss with the old killers how to build this ship and how to arrange the guns. He believed that these old killers were much clearer than himself.
Walking in Kelly’s heart, he was excited that the Datang Navy was finally born in his own hands. As soon as this navy was established, this Datang had two armies of land and sea. I don’t know if this army can also find a way to get it out. If it really works, Comrade Li Er will become the real commander-in-chief of the three armed forces. At that time, it was estimated that Comrade Li Er would wake himself up when he was asleep. Hey hey, I’m sure he can get some benefits by touching some light.
Chapter DiErErSan In trouble
Sitting in his office, Kelly looked in and out, and felt that he was so important for the first time. He ran around every day before, but he didn’t feel this way. He felt that he could help, so he helped to do something. Now he wants to do something. These people all come to himself, and a few old killers in the third headquarters are just like classes. They come directly every day and go home directly from themselves when they work at night.
Kelly and several old killers have been discussing together these days how to build this ship. Kelly really doesn’t like the current ship style. These old killers are not white. Kelly, however, it is no problem to know that ships are sailing in rivers with flat bottoms, but it is not possible to sail in the sea. The big waves in this sea are not the same as those in rivers once they touch this gondola, but there is no way to avoid it. Once they reach the peak, they are a lonely leaf. There is no escape possibility.
Kelly told several old killers this truth before he took out his own drawings of ships and explained it carefully again, so that several old killers could understand it before they could discuss how to arrange the artillery together. After all, they are much more familiar with this matter than they are.
While they were arguing there, Kelly got up and walked out of the house for half a day. This person was also very busy, and Kelly also wanted to come out for a change.
Just out of the door, Kelly saw that Doctor Xiao was passing by the hospital. Kelly opened his mouth and stopped Doctor Xiao and asked, "Where did Lord Xiao go in such a hurry?"
Now Kelly is a celebrity in the DPRK, and he is also red and purple in front of Comrade Li Er. Is there any reason why others don’t know him?
Xiao Cure too much saw that Kelly called himself hurriedly walked over to the Kelly arch and said, "Wang daren is busy."
Kelly said in his heart, "Being busy is helping others to do their own thing, but nothing has been done."
Mouth did not dare to say this. After all, it was Comrade Li Er who gave it to himself and dragged a bunch of old killers here without doing it himself. Now he is arguing in the house.
Kelly also quickly handed over and said, "I don’t know where Xiao’s adult came from."
From the route of Xiao Cure too much, Kelly also knows that Xiao Cure too much must have just come out of the palace, but he doesn’t know who went to the palace to see the sick. Kelly is still very willing to know about this matter.