"Are you saying that I care too much?" The temperature dropped by three degrees Celsius.

"There is no wood; I just feel that you are so kind, like my housekeeper, and I am so touched. "
Cross road; Cross road; Crossroads, after Sunday’s words were finished, a large number of crossroads immediately appeared on the royal elder sister’s forehead. At the same time, after Se turned red again for a few minutes, the royal elder sister was very angry and stammered at Sunday: "ún eggs; Who do you mean … who is in charge … a housewife! "
"What; Did I mention who is who’s the housekeeper? Maybe … Elder Rain, if you like me, just say so! I won’t refuse your courtship; I’d like you to be my housekeeper, otherwise; Shall we do that before I leave? "
"ún egg, ún egg, ún egg!" Royal elder sister was angry with Sunday’s words, and as soon as she flew directly, she kicked it out on Sunday. Immediately toward Sunday a disorderly stepped on it.
"Royal elder sister where did you learn! How to wear a short ku inside like a gun sister? "
"Gun elder sister? Short ku? " Hear Sunday; Royal elder sister at the foot of the action also paused for a moment, some don’t understand Sunday just what that means. However; When I found that there was something wrong with the line of sight on Sunday, I immediately warmed up my head and directly emitted steam at that time …
"Circle? Why is the steam coming out and the eye has not appeared yet? " After seeing the expression of the royal elder sister, Sunday was still commenting on something with a look of wanting more, just that performance; Almost didn’t directly grieve the royal elder sister.
"Sunday; You hun egg, die for me! " Without saying anything; See Sunday’s expression; I was so angry that the royal elder sister gave it a hard K again, and then she took out a jade charm directly from her storage bag at that time. No matter whether Sunday is willing or not, she patted it directly and sent it away directly.
"Hey!" When Sunday left; The royal elder sister suddenly found a storage bag when she left on Sunday. After picking it up curiously, the royal elder sister couldn’t help but anger: "Good! I knew you had hidden something. Since you have so many elixirs, you won’t hand them over to the public. I won’t clean you up when I come back next time. " Rage at the corner of the royal elder sister’s eye on Sunday for some reason; Suddenly there was more liquid than usual …
(thought for a moment; Let’s create a new plot and prepare for the shelves! )

Chapter one hundred and nineteen Black Wind Ridge
"Color-changing Se means that she is free over there; You can open the space door by inputting energy. This thing is too advanced! " After sensing the information left by the royal elder sister at last, she looked at a orchid uā tattoo on the back of her right hand on Sunday, but she couldn’t help but marvel.
It’s just that when he was doing those things on Sunday, he seemed to forget. He is no longer in the sugar gate now, but he used to have a royal sister. If an enemy approaches, he is either blocked or killed, and there is hardly any way to make Sunday encounter too many unexpected situations.
Now leaving the royal elder sister naturally makes Sunday seem a little uncomfortable, which is manifested in various ways, at least on Sunday’s alertness; It is too low.
Out of the blue; On Sunday, an arrow suddenly appeared behind him, and when it fell from the back of Sunday’s head with a jingle; On Sunday, this was discovered unconsciously, and since it was already a sneak attack.
Anger! As a monk, it’s embarrassing enough that he didn’t find it when the mortal approached. Since he has been ambushed by others, what will happen in the end if he just shot at himself instead of an arrow? I’m afraid I won’t die, and I’ll be seriously injured in the end!
That is, I feel a little blushing for my carelessness; At the same time, it is natural to feel angry about being ambushed; For those who dare to sneak up on themselves, Sunday is impossible to let go anyway.
I’m too lazy to care what the situation is now; On Sunday, I turned and looked at the place where the arrow branches came from, only to see a figure; It is directly in that direction to catch up …
It didn’t take long; Sunday will catch up with the man who escaped. Although Sunday is not good at speed, the man who just attacked Sunday is just an ordinary person. A mortal goes to compare speed with a monk; Even if the monk is not good at speed, I believe that mortals can’t match the monk.
Just two or three minutes; On Sunday, relying on the physical quality of far superior people, he easily caught up with the sneak attacker who fled away, and even didn’t see clearly what the other party looked like. On Sunday, he also threw the arrow he used to sneak up on himself at the other party.
Among monks; The power of Sunday may be nothing at the moment, but it is the power of Sunday; For that mortal, even a monk at the same stage as Sunday; Sunday can definitely be called a’ Hercules’. According to Sunday’s strength, even the arrows thrown with bare hands are no less powerful than the arrows shot by the strong bow …
"ah!" Without any accident; The mortal didn’t show any surprising performance; In the face of the arrow thrown out on Sunday, it doesn’t have any ability to dodge at all. In the process of running, it was shot by the arrow on Sunday. If it wasn’t for Sunday that it didn’t aim at its key point, this single blow would have been enough to kill the man.
"say; Who told you to sneak up on me? " Step on the man’s back; Catch up on Sunday and don’t be polite to each other, under the condition of pressing each other hard; Directly asked each other about their own purpose.
"XianShi forgive, XianShi forgive, I didn’t mean to sneak attack you, just because of my family …" Then the so-called confession became the man’s complaining meeting, and what died at the age of three? Six-year-old dead mother; At the age of seventeen or eighteen, I finally got a wife but couldn’t support a living family. Anyway, just one sentence; Because I was too poor to starve to death, so when I saw the reason why I traveled alone on Sunday, I started a business without money together.
At the beginning, Sunday didn’t immediately kill the man just to give him a chance; As long as it can give a reasonable reason; Sunday can still let the man go, after all, Sunday and the man are already in two different realms, and people are bitten by ants; You can’t really have to crush that ant to calm down!
It’s a pity that the man missed the opportunity, and Sunday gave him a chance to convince himself to let him go, but the man said all Sunday words that he wouldn’t believe at all. How could such reasons be the reason for Sunday’s release? If it weren’t for Sunday’s words, it would be possible to kill him on the spot.
"Don’t talk nonsense; Let me ask you, what is this place? "
"Back to the XianShi; This is Nanzhou Heifengling. "
"Nanzhou Heifengling; It seems that I haven’t left too far, at least I haven’t left the continent. Heifengling? The name is rotten, but I don’t know where it is. " After thinking for a moment, Sunday asked the man at his feet again, "Where is the nearest city to Heifengling?"
"My Lord; There is no city in Heifengling! " Hear Sunday; Although the man didn’t understand why he asked such a question on Sunday, he dared not answer, thinking of the situation in Heifengling. It can only answer with a bitter face: "There are all kinds of dangerous monster beasts everywhere in Heifengling. Except that some peaks are safer after being closed by the immortal master by big means, almost all of us civilians have to move several times every month to escape the killing of those monster beasts, if we build a city; I’m afraid those monsters will destroy it before it’s halfway built. "
The battle between monster beast and Terran is not uncommon in Nanzhou. In several places before Sunday, monster attacks on human beings often occur, otherwise for no reason; Nothing to build a city, you know, building a city not only costs a lot of money, but also costs a lot of maintenance every day.
Just want to come on Sunday; Nanzhou should be a situation where Terran and monster beast are evenly matched, and Terran occupies the area where Terran lives; The monster beast occupies the mountains and grasslands. But now this Heifengling doesn’t seem to be the same thing. Since Terran has been overruled by those monsters, Liancheng Pool can’t be established. It is conceivable that the overall strength of this area is weak; The difference in the living environment of civilians is that it will far exceed those places where it was before Sunday.
When I came on Sunday, I only knew that the level of fixing the truth where I was going was very low; There won’t be too many monsters that can’t be dealt with on Sunday. But it really didn’t occur to me on Sunday that since it would be such a situation where I went, I thought of Terran being oppressed by monster beast. As on Sunday, it is unavoidable to raise a trace of anger.
"Why didn’t those monks deal with the monster beast? Did they just let you be bullied and killed by those monsters?"
"Not without shots; But I can’t beat it. " Because on Sunday, after just hearing the Terran’s situation in this area, some people relented, and finally they lifted their feet. After the pressure on the man’s back disappeared, they immediately got up from the local people and sat down, while cleaning up their injuries; On the other hand, he explained to Sunday, "Those immortal teachers can’t keep their own sect headquarters from being broken by monsters. How can they help us under such circumstances? If not every time the tide comes; If those sects would open the mountain gate for us to go in and take shelter, I’m afraid we would have been killed by those monsters by now. "
Se dignified nodded his head; Sunday also didn’t say much. As far as the situation of Heifengling is concerned, Sunday knows that he will be in the next period of time. What needs to be considered is how to deal with those ferocious monster beasts. As for the monk’s words; When encountering a disaster that is beyond personal strength, terrans are often very United at that time.
There is some sympathy for the civilians in this area; On Sunday, I didn’t mean to take the life of that mortal again, so I waved my hand. Sunday also said to him: "You leave! I’ll let you go this time. If I meet you doing such a thing next time, I’ll take your life! "