Li Ma said, "It’s the young master!"

Even Fang Zhou and Lian Ze got up and Jessica Fong Ching got up and laughed. "Just meet your cousin!"
The words sound just fell and two men came in from the outside.
The other party is his cousin. Even Fang Zhou glanced at it in a hurry and then he lowered his eyelids. He will see an outline. The master Su Jinghe, who is in his mid-twenties, looks very good, but he brings some evil bosses or rich brothers to generate cynicism.
"You’re back! Hey, cousin is here! " Jessica Fong Ching couldn’t help but take a look at Su Jinghe and didn’t good the spirit. "Why didn’t you say so earlier?"
Even Fang Zhou is a maiden. She is here to meet her cousin-in-law, but it’s a bit bad to meet other men.
"I didn’t know you had guests here!" Su Jinghe smiled at Lian Fangzhou and Lian Ze and lost interest. "Then you are busy with Min and I first, and I will come back to you later!"
"You wait!" Jessica Fong Ching stopped him and was about to introduce him to his cousin Lian Fangzhou, but he heard his husband’s cousin "Ah!" She smiled and said, "Girl, we meet again!"
Even ze couldn’t help but look up and stare at him coldly. His sister wasn’t teasing.
Even Fang Zhou looked up at this sound, and Cui Shaoxi’s handsome face full of smiles suddenly appeared in front of her eyes. Her heart jumped and she was surprised. "It’s you!"
"Ha ha ha! It’s not me! " Cui Shaoxi burst out laughing.
Even Fang Zhou resisted the urge to roll his eyes and smoked his heart. I really don’t know what you have to be proud of!
"Oh, so you know each other!" Su Jinghe, look at this. Look at that eyeball. Hey, hey, laugh for two times. Before you finish laughing, you take a breath and it hurts!
Jessica Fong Ching twisted his apricot eyes and stared at him mercilessly. Su Jinghe wanted to distinguish what but eventually turned into a pleasing smile. Jessica Fong Ching snorted and ignored him.
Cui Shaoxi and Lian Fangzhou over there happen to coincide and say
Fang Qing and Su Jinghe just don’t understand one leng.
Jessica Fong Ching went to their brothers and sisters and took Lian Fangzhou’s hand and smiled. "This is my cousin, cousin!" The Su Jinghe took one look and added, "This is your cousin! This, uh, is your cousin’s cousin, so you can also be called a cousin. "
Even Fangzhou and Lianze automatically ignored the sentence behind Jessica Fong Ching and saluted Su Jinghe and called "Cousin!" Call Cui Shaoxi "Biao Gong"
"Li Li! Ha ha! This is a relative of our family. How come I have never heard you talk about it! " Su Jinghe smilingly raised my hand and asked Jessica Fong Ching.
"Our two families haven’t seen each other for many years!" Jessica Fong Ching gently sighed and pushed Su Jinghe with a smile. "Come on, if you have something to do, go first!"
Su Jinghe hasn’t left Cui Shaoxi yet. She has sat down and walked over and said, "We have nothing to do but come and chat with our wives! My wife won’t kick us out, will she? "
Cui Shaoxi is obviously familiar with Su Jinghe and Jessica Fong Ching, and speaks very casually. It’s really impossible for Jessica Fong Ching to drive him away with a smile.
But in front of the cousins’ previous topic, it’s obviously inconvenient to continue. Jessica Fong Ching thought about it, and he already had a dispute in his heart. Then don’t say it first. Anyway, he originally planned to let them stay for two days. Sometimes! Then he smiled and asked Lian Fangzhou’s brother and sister to sit down and laugh. "So let’s talk!"
It’s a pity that Jessica Fong Ching felt that the topic was inconvenient to continue, but some people didn’t recognize it so much. As soon as everyone was seated, Cui Shaoxi smiled and asked, "Just now, I vaguely heard at the door that twelve thousand concubines wanted so much silver to do something big?"
Jessica Fong Ching looked sluggish, and even Fang Zhou and Lian Ze secretly exchanged glances. Even Fang Zhou scolded Cui Shaoxi in his heart. Does this person have any eyesight? What does he mean? What is his heart!
In fact, Su Jinghe and Jessica Fong Ching also have wonderful stories, but I don’t think we should talk about it here. After that, we will meet again ()
Su Jinghe took a surprised look at Cui Shaoxi and then at Jessica Fong Ching. "Why didn’t I hear that? 10,000 ambiguous is not a small amount. Sunny, what are you going to do? " "Of course, I support whatever you do."
Jessica Fong Ching gave him a white trail. "It doesn’t matter whether you support it or not!"
Su Jinghe just laughed, as if the more she was robbed by her daughter-in-law, the happier she became.
Jessica Fong Ching heart dark sigh words even so, but Cui Shaoxi since heard an ear, ask out again, she just want to say also not line service road "not what I want to do is my cousin to borrow".
Cui Shaoxi and Su Jinghe just opened their eyes one leng.
Su Jinghe touched his forehead and smiled "Oh" for a few words.
Even Fang Zhou watched Su Jing and his expression nervously. If he changed his face and showed disapproval, it would be more difficult for her to borrow it! After all, twelve thousand is not a small sum of money. Even if he doesn’t know that Jessica Fong Ching must discuss with him at the moment, he may even ask Sue’s master and wife!
See Su Jinghe didn’t show any unhappiness and refused to Cui Shaoxi. She was just surprised and secretly put it in half.
Even Fangzhou couldn’t help sighing in her heart that borrowing money was not a good job!
She vowed never to borrow money from anyone again.
Jessica Fong Ching smiled softly at even Fangzhou and said, "This is not an outsider. Let’s go on with what we just said! It doesn’t matter what you think! "
Su Jinghe then laughed, "Yes and yes, your cousin is right! Just discuss this with her! "
Lian Fangzhou said with gratitude, "Thank you, cousin!" He said to Jessica Fong Ching, "My cousin asked me what I want to do with this money just now. I want to buy land and hire people to grow cotton. I wonder if my cousin has heard that Yu County has also promoted potatoes and cotton in the imperial court this year. I want to try!"
Jessica Fong Ching naturally heard about such a big thing and nodded. "I heard about it, too! However, I have never seen this potato and cotton before, and I have never found out anything, so I abandoned my heart. After all, it has nothing to do with our family! Have you-heard of it? Will there be such an idea? "
I haven’t even heard of Fangzhou sidewalk, but isn’t sweet potato slowly popularized in previous years? However, it is not mandatory to promote sweet potatoes! I thought the imperial court would never lie! There are already sweet potatoes in potatoes, which may not make money. I heard that cotton can make clothes, which may be an opportunity. I want to try it! "
"My girl bravery is quite big but you think too simple? What if it doesn’t work out? " Cui Shaoxi could not help but say
Even Fang Zhou listened to him calling himself a "little girl" and resisted the urge to rush to beat him up and said, "I think it’s worth a try, even if it doesn’t succeed, it’s not a big loss!" I can afford to buy less land there for 12 thousand silver in two or three years at most. "
"I didn’t mean it! Don’t get me wrong! " Cui Shaoxi didn’t expect that even Fangzhou would say this. Suddenly, he was a little anxious and embarrassed. He was a little red in the face and looked at Jessica Fong Ching.
Even Fang Zhou means that he is afraid that she will not explain the twelve thousand! It’s not like she borrowed money from him. Isn’t this explanation an insinuation that he stepped in?
Cui Shaoxi has always been a loose and informal romantic, and he has never seen him before. When Su Jinghe was embarrassed, Fang Qing couldn’t help but laugh and asked Lian Fangzhou, "Cousin is thinking clearly and must want to try?" Do you think that you can really handle that cotton since you have never seen anything before and I don’t know if there is anything special about planting it? "
Cui Shaoxi made fun of himself in a square and sunny way. He felt more ashamed and embarrassed and was frustrated and annoyed. He said, This little girl is really hateful. How can these two tease me sometime?
Embarrassed and in a hurry, he tried to save his brain. "I’ll lend you twelve thousand silver!" If you earn it, I will still lose it! "