Then he was taken by Juventus.

I don’t know whether Juventus took the initiative to find him or whether his agent promoted him to Juventus.
Anyway, Melo finally moved to Juventus for 25 million euros. He was the transfer target of Juventus that year.
And the result?
Later, he was named as the most unsuccessful signing of Juventus, a big parallel import. He also won the Serie A Gold Junk Award that year-this award was specially awarded to those players whose performance was disappointing.
Changsheng doesn’t know if Melo will behave so badly when he goes to Juventus. But at least you can make a lot of money by selling Merlot.
As for whether Melo and Juventus can get along well, it doesn’t matter if they always win.
He is now waiting for a call from Juventus.
Juventus didn’t keep Chang Sheng waiting too long.
Before the last round of the league, Changsheng received a phone call from the new general manager of Juventus, Blanco.
On the phone, Blanco asked for Melo as soon as he came up.
"We are interested in Felipe Melo." The other party said.
Changsheng now really suspects that whether in this time and space or in that time and space, Melo’s agent is the middle contact.
Otherwise, how can it be two worlds? Juventus is still so diligent about Melo? Time is different, the situation is different, but their love for Melo has not changed.
Constant victory will not let Juventus know that he is willing to sell Melo.
So he simply rejected Blanco.
"Melo is the main midfielder of Lazio, the absolute core. We will not sell such an important player. "
He is not afraid that Juventus will give up.
If this is really Melo’s agent behind the contact … Juventus will always get it back.
Besides, even if Juventus are not interested, there will always be other teams coming to be the catcher.
As long as the price is right, who is not a pit … Oh, no, who is it for sale?
As for the fact that he obviously wants to sell Melo, he wants to put Melo’s statement that Lazio can’t play without him. Why?
Because he wants Juventus to know how good Melo is and how important he is to Lazio. So such an important and outstanding player will make Juventus more excited.
Moreover, the core of Lazio’s midfield has been dug away, which can also serve the purpose of attacking Lazio and weakening its strength.
Kill two birds with one stone.
Therefore, the more Changsheng attaches importance to Melo, the more Juventus want to poach Melo, no matter what the cost.
It’s useless for Changsheng to regard Melo as his own son.
In order to successfully sell Melo at a high price, it is natural for the winner to vigorously advocate the role of Melo.
Of course, it’s useless to give it to the general manager of Juventus, Blanco.
He also needs more people to talk about Melo’s goodness and form public opinion influence.
Then the layman Blanco will be more determined not to want Merlot, no matter how much money he pays, he will dig Merlot!
Because he will be convinced that Felipe Melo is the cornerstone of Juventus’ revival and the most important piece in the puzzle of Juventus’ future dynasty!
Chapter one hundred and forty-nine How to sell Melo for a big price
In the final round of the league, Lazio lost to Siena 1-2 away, ending all their games in the 2006-2007 season.
In this last round, Lazio have nothing to want, and it is normal for them to lose to Siena.
However, the competition between other teams is still fierce.
The Champions League qualification dispute between AC Milan and Florence vanished with AC Milan winning the Champions League.
Because AC Milan won the Champions League, according to the regulations, the defending champions can automatically participate in the Champions League next season, starting from the qualifiers.
In this way, one seat in Serie A will be cut.
So even if Florence is now ranked fourth, it has already lost the qualification for the Champions League next season.
This fact hit Florence hard.
Although they were two points ahead of AC Milan before the final round, everything changed after AC Milan won the Champions League in the middle of the week.
Fiorentina lost the hope of advancing to the Champions League, and also lost the goal and motivation of struggle.
As a result, Florence lost to Sampdoria at home, while AC Milan beat Reggina away.
AC Milan finally ranked fourth in the league by one point, while Florence fell to fifth. But it doesn’t make any difference, anyway, they have long been doomed to participate in the UEFA Cup …
Just because AC Milan beat Liverpool in the final and won the Champions League.
Under the influence of Calciopoli, we can still win the Champions League. AC Milan surprised everyone-except for the constant victory.
Kaka did well in winning the bid in the Champions League, winning two awards, the top scorer and the best player, with ten goals.
If nothing unexpected happens, he will win this year’s European Golden Globe Award and World Footballer of the Year.
This is the peak of Kaka’s career.
Next, he began to decline gradually.
But even then, he is still strong.
Constant success can’t be picked up if it’s like picking up cheap.
In the end, Lazio ranked first with 30 wins, 5 draws, 3 losses and 95 points, while Inter Milan ranked second with 82 points and Rome ranked third with 74 points. AC Milan ranked fourth with 68 points. Florence can only be ranked fifth with 67 points and play in the UEFA Cup next season. Palermo ranked sixth and qualified for the UEFA Cup.
The three teams relegated are Chievo, messina and ascoli.
After the league, fans and players can have a rest.
The manager and head coach of the team will continue to be busy.
Signing work has started from this moment.
This summer, Lazio has not made any big moves in signing for the time being. The main job is to do everything possible to sell Melo, and to sell it at a high price.
Melo has performed well in Lazio these two seasons, and he is the main player and the core of the midfield.
Such players have not only been selected for the Brazilian national team by their outstanding performance, but also attracted the favor of other giants.
Juventus is not the first team to show interest in Melo.
Real Madrid, which has been looking for a good midfielder, is also drooling over Melo.