Actually, I just left her after finishing my clothes and smiling gently.

She can’t move because of her leg injury. Is she just going to lie here until he comes back to deal with what he left in his hand?
This shameless bird and beast!
Her voice has whined, "Xiao Linchu, come back, come back, Xiao Linchu …"
The door was opened and a light shone in. Fengyun looked up and hoped to look behind the partition "Xiao Linchu Xiao Linchu-"
"Yunqing Xiaochu went out on business and won’t be back until late. He specially told me to bring you some more cakes. Try it. This is Osmanthus Jelly made by Aunt Xin!" Aunt came in with a tray and a smile.
Fengyun glanced at her hands and frowned. "Don’t come here if I don’t eat!"
She crawled back in horror and was afraid that something disgusting on her hand would get stuck in the curtain or be carefully drilled back in a strange posture by the sheets.
Mammy wondered, "Yunqing, what happened to your hand?"
Through the curtain, she naturally can’t see what Fengyun is doing lightly.
Fengyun bit her lip lightly and turned red to the extreme. "Aunt, my hand is fine. I’m not hungry. I really don’t want to eat. Would you please go out first?"
Mammy nodded. "Well, I’ll keep the maids outside. Call them whenever you are hungry!"
Feng Yun can’t wait to cry a full face of bitter color "good-"
What a fart! It would be strange if she could eat like this!
He must be retaliating against her. She’s been too comfortable recently. He’s been serving tea in the middle of the night, and now he thinks of this way to disgust her.
But she can’t call the maid to fetch water to wash her hands. Doesn’t that mean telling someone about their scandal department?
That change, state of birds, animals shameless she also ah …
Lying on the bed, the phoenix clouds cry lightly and painfully, more afraid that Xiao Liancheng or Ruan Li’s group of shameless things suddenly broke in, so she would have no face to live after that.
The whole afternoon was spent in fear and wailing and cursing, and my aunt came to see her again, but she refused completely.
Her strength is low, and the sticky liquid has dried up. When she almost couldn’t help but plan to wipe her hands casually with the curtain, Xiao Linchu came back
All I know is that he talked as he walked.
"It’s been three days since Cai Qing’s nine-member vegetable market asked questions. Don’t you think it’s a little late to tell me now?" His voice was chilly with displeasure and anger.
Usually this kind of tone is to talk to Fang Heng. Sure enough, the door came again. Fang Heng didn’t have the confidence to reply. "I know, but Cai Qing asked about the day when the princess was unconscious. General Cai Ning came to see the report. The whole clause was in chaos. Even the general couldn’t speak. How dare he add to the report?"
When Fang Heng was wronged, he didn’t know that it was about being tossed by the noisy little princess and forgot to blame him afterwards.
Xiao Linchu took a deep breath and his handsome face looked ugly. He screwed his brow tightly. "Cai Ning was invited to have a chat at the luncheon!"
Fang Heng nodded should be Xiao Linchu’s thin lips pursed, so nine koo lives were ruined by Xiao Liancheng.
There’s nothing to grow here. What’s more, besides making trouble for him like Feng Yunqing?
Even if he is not as light as Fengyun, he can make him happy, but that idiot can make things worse for him.
He frowned and entered the room, feeling gloomy to the extreme. After sitting on the curtain by the bed, he stretched out a claw and then tried to rub his handsome face.
He didn’t move, and she greeted his face with dirty things, but she reached out and grabbed her from behind to prevent her from falling off the bed too hard.
Fengyun did it lightly. She repeated it in her mind for ten thousand times in the afternoon, but suddenly she felt something was wrong. Why didn’t this fellow respond at all?
She leaned a little face and looked at him from behind. "Why are you angry? If I went to see which lover gun in the afternoon, I found that I didn’t play it … "
Xiao Linchu couldn’t help laughing. "Are you so happy when I’m angry?"
She pie mouth "I what matter? I’m not angry that you left me hanging here alone! "
He suddenly hugged her from behind and pressed her down. Her handsome face was dirty and she was willing to linger in her face. She disliked screaming, "Xiao Linchu, you bastard …"
He straightened his beautiful nose and dawdled to her neck, looking at her white and greasy skin and biting it hard.
She groaned and struggled like a water-deficient fish and said, "Bastard, I haven’t bathed for three days, so you bite …"
He smiled and watched her neck bite out of the teeth marks, and the gloom in his heart had already dispersed. He held her little arms and legs and her eyes were touching. "I’ll take you to take a shower?"
"I don’t want you to stay out of the way when you see me without taking a shower …" Feng Yun made a light kick and was crushed by his legs.
"Are you? Then I will eat a few more times while I can still eat! " He went to pull her dress with a smile.
She shouted "Stop! Stop, stop! Can’t I take a shower with you? "
She’s lying in bed moldy. She really needs a good wash.
He smiled happily and helped her get dressed, shoes and socks and hugged her from behind. "Baby, I am more and more reluctant to leave you. I can’t wait to press you in bed all the time. What should I do?"
She pushed him too close to her on the shoulder, and his handsome face turned away. "You mutant birds and animals, stay away from me! Don’t touch me until my injury is healed! "
Xiao Linchu hooked his lips and smiled like a genie. "How are you going to finish your mother-in-law’s account if I don’t touch you?"
Fengyun blushed impatiently and pushed him "roll!"
He laughed more and more moving "now roll chapter 17 you honestly tell whether you like me.
Chapter 17 You tell me honestly whether you like me or not
Fengyun light natural won’t recognize this brazen Xiao Linchu say get out of here.
She clutching his collar alert stare Xiao Linchu "not to say that want to take a shower? Can my wound get wet now? "
When he saw her changing the subject, he didn’t pick a slight smile. "The medicine will be fine when it’s finished!"