"It’s the young master who fell asleep for a while and woke up without getting in the way!" Father-in-law De hurried to help.

Mammy sighed, "Don’t say anything when the Lord wakes up. She doesn’t remember much about tonight."
"This old problem hasn’t healed after so many years?" Father de also sighs.
Father-in-law De left this shinto thing in a hurry after he settled Dugu Yuean. I don’t know how things have developed.
Without thinking, he went to Ling Hua Palace. No longer, the Queen’s Palace has always stayed in Ling Hua Palace.
I went into the palace and looked for it for a long time, but I didn’t see anyone.
There are not many servants in Ling Hua Palace, all of whom are De Yi people. Father-in-law De was about to go out when a white handmaid came slowly.
"Wang Keyou has been here?" Frowning, I asked where the young master would go so late.
"Little master hasn’t been back for several nights, and your handmaid doesn’t know," replied the white handmaiden truthfully.
Father-in-law De couldn’t help frowning. I haven’t seen him go to Qifeng Palace these nights. Where else can he go in this huge harem?
Look at the white handmaid didn’t say much, and then she looked for it in the direction of Qifeng Palace.
The silence of Qifeng Palace left the sparse lights in the courtyard, and even people went to sleep.
German father-in-law turned around several times and finally stopped in front of the queen’s bedroom. The lights in the room had already gone out and it was silent all around.
"What are you doing?" Suddenly, the familiar sound came from behind.
Father-in-law De hurriedly turned around and looked around, only to find the young master holding the little white fox and sitting alone on the stone bench in the front yard.
"Little Master" hurriedly walked over and bowed respectfully.
"Is my master in the way?" Duguying faintly asked the little white fox in her arms, and she had already fallen asleep lazily.
"Mammy’s service doesn’t matter." Father-in-law De answered truthfully and hesitated for a moment, but he still asked, "Can the forces of the little Lord’s religion really be out of control?"
Duguying saw his one eye and didn’t answer. He got up and slowly left for the depths of the garden.
"Little master …" Father-in-law hurriedly chased him.
It was Duguying who looked back with a sharp look and made him stop asking more questions.
It’s early spring, and the garden is faintly green, but at this time, darkness and silence are still desolate
The deity of ice and snow has an irreplaceable position in the hearts of the Di Yi people, which is much better than that of the royal family. It is really a policy to start work on them at this juncture.
A woman has ignored so many people for so many years.
This sentence has been hovering in my mind, and a little nai smile slowly floated on my lips with a leisurely smile.
Sometimes he doesn’t know what to do, and suddenly he wants to abandon all this. Abandoning the identity of the cold king is just a lonely shadow, and taking Xuan’s son back to the snow and ice plateau, where he is free and restrained without so much hatred.
Ever since I was a child, I knew that I had a deep hatred, and I knew that I had to revive Di Yi and find the people who were living in exile. It seems that he never had a chance to think about what he really wanted.
Suddenly stopped in front of the vine, quietly hanging a swing, visiting the sick that day, and the scene of encountering in this garden could not help but come to mind.
Not always dignified and reserved, laughing hee hee is on this swing, just like that fairy maid-in-waiting in those days.
Mu Zixuan, Mu Zixuan, why did I like it so much and wonder so much? Why didn’t I let everything go and take you away?
Nowadays, there are more and more obstacles, such as not being responsible and knowing less?
173 Zi Xuan confessed
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New Year’s Eve will arrive soon.
Without hobbies, the Xiao Taihou harem is still deserted.
Early in the morning, Zi Xuan is still cooking green tea as usual.
"Empress, you have to host this overnight meal for the New Year!" Mammy Liu skillfully poured a cup of tea and took a sip. Knowing that she loves tea, the Queen asked her to accompany her every day.
"Of course," Zi Xuan smiled. Tonight, the dishes are all selected by Xiaozha himself in the imperial house.
"Why is nothing happening?" Mammy Liu glanced around the hall and frowned and asked
Zi Xuan replied lightly, "If you don’t entertain courtiers’ family dinners, you won’t be able to go."
"Family dinner can’t be so shabby. Empress won’t just let Xiaozha add a few side dishes, will she?" Mammy Liu asked hastily.
"The poor Zagreb went to the imperial kitchen, so it’s necessary to be kind and gentle to come over and eat in the other hall at night, and it’s not in this hall." It’s warmer and warmer in the other hall. In the New Year’s Eve, there are also fathers, mothers, brothers and her four people. Just like that, they always prepare some small games to help their fathers.
Mammy Liu leng leng hurriedly added, "Isn’t there a lot of Zhao Yi? Empress Zhao Yi won’t be in favor again, and this New Year’s snub will leave people with words! "
"A few days ago, the emperor abolished Mammy. Why didn’t you know about it when you were not in Xiugong?" Zi Xuan frowned for Zhaoyi as early as a maid-in-waiting, and the waste Zhaoyi didn’t make much noise in the harem. It was Xiugong Mammy who would know!
"Oh, look at the excitement of the old slave’s memory and forget it!" Mammy Liu hurriedly explained that she was unhappy in her heart. I really don’t know that Xiao Taihou can’t be a Tong Shi and can’t see many things in this harem.
"Mammy, how did the emperor choose the maid-in-waiting Zhao Yixiu Palace?" Zi Xuan remembered this matter and put it off until the next year. It still has to be presided over by her
"The emperor’s hobby, the old slave, dare not speculate." Mammy Liu replied in a low voice that there are four princesses and some ladies-in-waiting in this harem, and it doesn’t involve the DPRK forces to kill two birds with one stone. That’s the calculation, isn’t it
Zi Xuan nodded his head and didn’t ask much, so he got up and went to the door. Mammy Liu glanced at Qingnu and hurriedly followed Qingnu but did not dare to move.
"The Empress hasn’t been here for several days, has she?" Mammy Liu tentatively asked that the number of times that the cold king came to the sunset palace these days obviously exceeded that of the Qifeng Palace. Every time he came back, it was very late. People rarely met the empress, and no one knew what she was like. She could be sure whether it was a lonely shadow, but she didn’t say a word to her.
"It will take some time for his busy administration to recover Xiao’s soldiers. There will be great changes in the four sides’ troops years later. Be sure to prepare well." Zi Xuan didn’t know that he had talked to Mammy Liu about this matter, but he was already willing to give up his kindness and tenderness, so that when she left, he wouldn’t feel so painful. I couldn’t help smiling and adding, "Mammy, come with me to Xiugong, Qingnu, you can’t go over." Then he got up and went out.
"What did Empress Empress do in Xiugong this New Year?" Mammy Liu asked incredulously
Zi Xuan chuckled and said nothing to speed up the pace. All the way out of the Qifeng Palace was even more deserted, except for the red berries in the imperial garden, which were not festive.
"Lord, are you looking for money, Mammy?" Mammy Liu once again asked about the girl who was uneasy in her heart. In fact, she was smart and careful, and she didn’t suspect anything. If she was suspicious, she really worried about what was wrong with her.
"Well," Zi Xuan nodded not far ahead, but there was some celebration in the open door of Xiugong.
Mammy Qian in the courtyard is busy shouting at the ladies-in-waiting to put things away. It seems that there will be a big banquet later.
Zi Xuan didn’t let Mammy Liu, Zhang Gang, go in, but suddenly someone turned around and saw her. She hurriedly knelt down, followed by Qiqi sound.
"Empress is auspicious!"
Money mammy one leng hurriedly walked up quickly leaned owe way "empress auspicious".
"Stand up!" Zi Xuan waved and helped Mammy Qian personally.
Seeing that everyone in the first hospital was afraid to move, I couldn’t help laughing. "Don’t be busy."
But everyone was motionless. A slightly older maid-in-waiting came forward and knelt down behind her. All the ladies-in-waiting knelt together and said, "Empress, we are all willing to serve in the Phoenix Palace, no matter what we do, please ask the empress to accept us."
Zi Xuan one leng don’t know so good hurriedly way "get up and get up to say again".
Mammy Qian took a long look at Mammy Liu before coming to say, "The Empress has come to choose a maid. These little girls have just entered the palace and know that you are a good Lord and are looking forward to serving in your palace!"
Zi Xuan’s heart suddenly tightened, and people in the harem recognized her like this.
Look at the little maids kneeling in a courtyard and lightly say, "Go to the palace. Today, I’m not here to pick a maid."
Then he went into the side hall. Good Lord? How could she be?
"Get up, hurry up and pack up everything. Let’s have a good New Year!" Mammy Qian said, "Go in and serve tea in person."
Glancing at Mammy Liu, she asked with a smile, "How can the Empress come to Xiugong when she is not here to choose maids?"