But it doesn’t matter, as long as you know your own business. Why care about others! You can only rely on yourself, which Tang Qing has long understood.

Before Sister Xinger could speak, Tang Qing said directly, "Thank you for your kindness. My wife is blessed to worship the fairy as a teacher!" Pull Xinger wench, this will be a word of mouth.
When this sentence came out, everyone was a little stunned. Xinger elder sister dazed, so I don’t know. But my little girl is also clever. Although I don’t understand how Tang Qing made the decision, there must be his reason. Actually Xinger elder sister knows, Tang Qing this guy is very clever, and he usually plays the fool around to make fun of himself. Now that he said it, Sister Xinger is ready to do it.
On one side, Luo will grow angry. How can he not see the intention of this dress and was about to speak? The peaceful voice of the old man in Tsing Yi has sounded: "Little brother, I see that the cloak behind you is very familiar … it seems to belong to an old friend. Isn’t it the son of an old friend who knows you well? Why don’t you go back and talk to the old lady? I know a little about how to exercise, so I can just mention it. What do you think? "
Tang Qing got a tingle in her heart, and secretly scolded the old ghost for his poisonous eyes, so she couldn’t help regretting it. I played handsome and got sick, but my mouth was sloppy: "Really! You are mistaken! This is my family heirloom! My family has lived in Shan Ye for a long time, and it has been handed down for eight generations. When I come here, I have only one seedling. Just this baby has been handed down, no one knows! I’m going to use it as a dowry! "
"Puffy!" The woman in colorful clothes was surprised and worried, but suddenly it was really interesting to listen to this clown’s nonsense, and she couldn’t help laughing out loud! At the same time, my heart is also strange. This little exerciser is really courageous. While the old man was speaking, he had intentionally exerted pressure on the soul, but this guy seemed to be unaffected at all.
But it doesn’t matter. We can talk about it later. At present, I didn’t wait for what others were saying. As soon as Sister Xinger saluted, she said, "Feng Xinger visits the master!" Immediately, the final conclusion was made.
Nishang Jiao said with a smile, "Good disciple, is this your husband? Very clever, for the teacher must find a good future for him! I can rest assured. "
With a sigh, the old man in Tsing Yi is not saying much. An old ghost like him knows that it is meaningless to talk about eggs again at this time, unless it is to directly turn against others.
It can’t be his fault. Normally, this calculation is a positive solution anyway. It’s a pity that this old man is bent on monasticism, and it’s simply a gap between heaven and earth compared with the fairy. In any case, he never imagined how a monk could be involved in a husband-and-wife relationship with a mortal!
Body builder! ….. isn’t the refined body man a mortal? Until listening to Tang Qing, he didn’t know that there was such a mess. Although the old man immediately fought back, he secretly threatened to pull and fight. The reaction is not unpleasant, and the means are not high. However, I met Tang Qing’s wooden stick, and I don’t know why, so I ate the weight and decided to vote for the official. It can only be said that it is an act of god.
Seeing that it is irreparable, the old man can only pretend to be generous. He didn’t intend to force it. He knew all the details, but he didn’t want to leave any trouble for himself just to find a mink. The single man handed his hand to the woman in colorful clothes and said, "Congratulations to Daoyou for getting a good apprentice. This matter is over, and the old people are leaving."
The woman in colorful clothes was obviously in a good mood, giggling: "This matter is still fulfilled by the young and the old, and the dress is grateful. If the young and the old walk slowly, the dress will not be far away!"
"Shameless!" Unwilling to be lonely, Xiao Xizi, who hasn’t appeared for a long time, said to Tang Qing, "It’s so shameless of him!"

Chapter 19: Tang Ye fainted again.
The sky is getting darker and darker, accompanied by the monster beast roar from time to time. Deep in the monster mountain range, muffled thunder bursts came from time to time, and the whole sky seemed dignified and depressed. It wasn’t until President Qing left with the mercenary club that the tension finally eased.
Dress fairy pressed down the car, went straight to the front of Tang Qing and Xinger, smiled at them, and the more she looked at them, the happier she felt. Today, she is successful in her merits. She finally got the ferret into her own hands and picked up an apprentice for nothing.
It is difficult for a person to find a master and an apprentice. Generally disdainful, qualified … It’s not so easy to meet.
The little girl in front of me didn’t look at it carefully just now, but now everything is over. After careful examination, I find that she is really a good prospect. It’s not easy to cultivate to this level at the age of 16 or 17, especially looking at her dress, it’s obviously not everyone’s children.
I don’t know why, although the dress feels that Xinger girl is quite good, it really makes her feel strange, or this monk is not a monk or a mortal youth. I’ve seen a lot of body builders, and I’ve been in contact with a lot of people who are one hundred times stronger than this man, but I’ve never seen anything like it. She can see clearly that the aura has been released. Others are afraid that the aura is not enough. How can he let it out?
And this guy’s manner, it seems to be respectful. I’m afraid I don’t care at all about the experience of watching people. It’s quite gentle and delicate in appearance, and I can see something from the cold light that occasionally flashes in his eyes. Arguably, this is also quite reasonable. Anyone who hunts monster beasts for a living can be without some murderous look. However, I still feel that there is something wrong with the dress. There is no basis. It is purely a feeling. Subconsciously, she felt that she should talk to this little guy and get to know him.
"This is the little thing! It seems a bit different! " At that time, I didn’t know how to start. Nishang pointed to the ferret and said with a smile, "It’s cute. How did you catch it, Xinger? Actually recognized the Lord? "
"Good character!" Tang Qing understood that this is not as simple as the old man surnamed Qing, for fear that Xinger girl might spill the beans, and said, "This is my son … er … his name is Meow! ….. get up, meow, and meet your predecessors soon! "
Xinger girl got a fright, and feel ashamed, have so talk to predecessors? It’s a bit like a rogue flirting with a big girl!
Meow meow is obedient, get up and look at the dress, obviously don’t catch a cold, don’t bother to call a climb there again. It is very comfortable now. In this human being who has a soul connection with himself, the breath that fascinates it fascinates it. Originally the smell of fear, now seems to have become without any hostility. In the eyes of human beings, the beauty of the dress is bubbling, but in its eyes, it is far less attractive than the smallest lingshi.
Nishang is a bit dumbfounded, which is too human! There are many monster monsters, but I have never seen such a spiritual creature.
Tang Qing is also a bit would: "Er … well, children are afraid of strangers! Don’t mind! ….. It may be hungry! I haven’t eaten it yet! Senior, why don’t you reward some lingshi! He eats lingshi! "
Xinger elder sister has almost fainted to the ground, and her dress also feels a little dizzy. She has a feeling that she’d better not know anything from him. Maybe he can make up an earth-shattering story to fool herself, or find a chance to ask Xinger for convenience.
Tang Qing did Sarah laugh in her heart. Don’t treat Tang Ye as a grandfather! He is sure that this senior won’t treat himself badly at this moment, which is a bit too harsh!
However, the dress is a dress in the end, well-informed, and the kung fu of nourishing qi is also perfect, and it will recover in a blink of an eye. Turning to Tang Qing, he said with a smile, "The little fellow is good and clever. You can’t be my disciple if you are not a monk, and my skill is not suitable for you. Since you are Xinger’s husband, I won’t treat you badly. Go ahead! What do you want! "
"I want to be an official!" Tang Qing returned loudly: "Isn’t it possible to get a county for the government? Now that Meow Meow is my son, it is impossible to give it away. My wife, you are so gentle, generous, beautiful and kind, and you will not force my father and son to separate, right? "
Wife master! ….. Master wife! Poor Xinger girl just came to her senses and was about to faint again.
It happened that Tang Qing hadn’t finished: "But don’t worry, my wife, if you need meow, please send me a message at any time. I’m sure to arrive!"
"Ha ha!" Dress understood, this guy is still not at ease, to do things while the iron is hot. However, she is over 100 years old, and she really doesn’t care about this junior playing with herself. She even thinks this guy is very interesting. Usually talking to people about something is serious, or practicing behind closed doors. This guy is very happy and good. How can you dispute with him?
"Don’t worry, kid, you can’t run away from a county, and you won’t have any big trouble with this cloak! Let’s chener empire, not even have the ability to protect officials! "
"Hey hey! That’s that’s that! ….. In fact, I am that what … "Tang Qing’s face is a little red, and being seen through the small mind, I still feel a little ashamed.
With these words, the atmosphere between the newly formed family of four finally really relaxed, and the dress didn’t want to ask about the cave. It’s a bit rude to ask her if she wants to come to a place where a practicing little monk can go in and out safely.
Just as he was talking, he suddenly heard the monks in the duke’s mansion make a noise in the air. One man shouted to Nishang, "Elder, there is something wrong with the monster beast. You’d better have a look!"
There is indeed a change, and it is a big change, even Tang Qing, who can’t use God’s knowledge, can feel it. The whole earth shook, and he couldn’t feel it, and the spiritual force of heaven and earth also changed greatly.
Dress face a change, without saying anything about the car into the air, in fact, she has detected a change, but really feel too unbelievable, this just fly up to observe for confirmation.
I saw the monster beast mountain range in the distance. Thunder and lightning were like Tianwei. A large number of monster beasts roared and ran outward. The flying monster beast in the air was also dark, covering the sky and coming this way.
"What is this? ….. This ….. Is it a beast tide, how can there be a beast tide at this time! ….. No … This is not a tidal wave! " Unable to think of anything else, Nishang immediately ordered: "Everyone will retreat immediately and go back to the city to inform all forces to prepare for the battle. Xinger, come with me!"
Upon hearing this, all the monks turned around and showed their magical powers, and flew to Mengcheng as quickly as possible.
Sister Xinger was anxious: "Master, what about Tang Qing?"
Dress without explanation, long-sleeved waving, wrapped Tang Qing and Xinger, suggesting a spiritual force, the sedan chair turned into a white light and flew away quickly.
Godsworn Dan’s magic weapon, how fast it flies, quickly crossed the monks and galloped forward like a meteor catching the moon.
She is fast, but she is still not as fast as Tianwei. The thunder in the sky is getting sharper and sharper, and it is chasing wildly at an unimaginable speed. Wherever I went, no matter what monster beast was, it all went up in smoke in Lei Guang. The psychic force of heaven and earth is even more chaotic. Many monks watched Lei Guang make track for him, but they couldn’t control the magic weapon of the spirit, and they screamed and fell to the ground. Even if it is not destroyed by thunder, I am afraid I will fall to my death alive.
Tang Qing was really blindsided. When he was busy, he couldn’t do anything at all except grab Meow and stuff it in his arms. Tang Qing is a person who has seen big scenes. There are countless battles on the earth, big and small, and no horrible weapons have been seen. But compared with this Tianwei, it is not a class at all. The whole sky, as if turned into an angry thunder pool, with an overwhelming momentum to destroy everything, directly ran over, which is where human beings can resist.
Hide! Where to hide! Tang Qing, who was a little confused, suddenly felt that in front of the thunder pool, there seemed to be a silver light flying at the speed of thunder, but he couldn’t see what it was. As if … It was being chased by thunder.
Dress is also complaining, a good thing, how suddenly become like this. Now she has seen that this is not a beast tide, and it is clearly the rumored doom! Who’s the senior? Why are you here? Du Jie at this time! !
Seeing that the thunder is approaching, the dress is becoming more and more desperate. The speed can’t be faster, all the monks have been completely destroyed, and it’s getting harder and harder to manipulate the magic weapon by yourself. The spiritual force around her was like a riot, and she was distracted with two people; When the mind is out of control, the psychic force can no longer be controlled.
With a loud moan, the sedan chair and the three of them went down together. Dress still managed to control his body to fly up again, and the sedan chair did not consider of it. She gritted her teeth to escape, but Tang Qing and Xinger fell straight down.
Tang Qing had no time to think about anything else, grabbed Xinger in her arms and tried to make her back down at the same time.
It is not easy to do this. Fortunately, he has rich experience in skydiving.
"I hope this girl can survive!" Tang Qing can only do so much. He plans to throw Xinger up again about 50 meters high. Then, it can only be resigned.
Xinger elder sister didn’t scream, she cling to Tang Qing. At that time, she was particularly awake, feeling even more strange, and even clearly felt what Tang Qing wanted to do. Spiritual force has been completely out of control, and Xinger simply dispersed the spiritual shield, letting the wind blow the little face out of shape, just looking at Tang Qing … Smile! ……
A white light came like lightning and went straight into Tang Qing’s head. Suddenly … the thunder dispersed, as if God had vented his anger, saw the desired result, satisfied with it, burped and left.
Tang Qing can’t see these. He only feels that his mind is like a needle knife, and at the same time he seems to hear a scream of extreme fear echoing in his mind. "This … what is this … the force of the beginning! The soul of meta-magnetism! ….. How is it possible … Ah! " .
Then, it was dark! Tang Qing was depressed and thought, "Really, Tang Ye fainted again!"