The banners they hung outside the railing clung to the railing and hung feebly.

Their insults and attacks on Lazio are more like slapping themselves in the face of this goal.
Wanda Stadium, at this moment, is full of cheers from Lazio fans.
The cheers suffocated the silent Juventus fans, and there was a faint despair …
Journalists who support Juventus are also very helpless in the face of this goal.
How come Lazio can always score first, no matter what?
Juventus can sweep the whole Serie A, but what can they do about Lazio?
Usually, when watching them play against other teams, they are very steady and aggressive.
From the beginning of the game, the initiative fell to Juventus.
How come from the very beginning of the match with Lazio, the initiative went to the opponent’s hand, and how could it not come back to his side?
This is really a very confusing question.
Leaving the confusion to Juventus, Lazio continued to attack.
This time, unlike the semi-final of the Italian Cup, after leading by one goal, Lazio didn’t keep falling down in the middle and back court, but continued to attack!
Seems to want to score more goals!
Winning a goal at home is not enough for Lazio!
And after losing a goal, Juventus will certainly not be willing to lose the game like this. For Prandelli, there is no other way but to win.
Now that we have fallen behind, we must attack.
Although the attack will bear great risks.
In the next game, the two sides officially entered the battle of confrontation.
This is completely different from last week’s Italian Cup semi-final.
Three days ago, people were complaining that the strong dialogue between Lazio and Juventus was disappointing and only in name.
This game has cleared the name for the dialogue between the top two.
But people soon knew why Juventus didn’t dare to attack in the last game.
Lazio scored another goal in the 40th minute, making the score 2-0!
When Lazio led the game by two goals, the game basically lost its suspense.
Lazio fans in the stands cheered for their great victory.
They can already be very sure. Lazio will definitely win this game. Direct dialogue with Juventus!
In this way, Lazio and Juventus are only one point away.
The second half of the season has just begun, only one point away, and it is simply possible.
Maybe Juventus will lose the next game. Then it was overtaken by Lazio.
During the intermission, Prandelli made some personnel adjustments in an attempt to save the momentum. Although he was two goals behind, Prandelli still didn’t give up-he couldn’t give up.
Lazio has not made any adjustment.
Juventus stepped up their offensive, and Lazio did not shrink their defense to fight back.
But continue to attack!
Always winning this game is determined, and there is nothing to say to win Juventus supporters!
You call us passive and conservative? Ok, then we will completely defeat you with the attack!
You say we rely on intrigue? Ok, we’ll beat you fair and square!
Lazio scored their third goal in the 61st minute.
From the beginning to the end, Juventus didn’t get the initiative in the game. Although they attacked a lot, they felt like they were led by Lazio, and they didn’t have the initiative at all.
Moreover, their attack is simpler and more monotonous.
Anyway, judging from Juventus’ performance, you don’t believe this team can beat Lazio in this game at all. And it’s not because Lazio are three goals ahead of Juventus.
Even when the score is 0: 0, there is no chance for Juventus to win.
"… maybe there will be Juventus fans who feel incredible about their continuous losses to Lazio and find many reasons for Juventus. But the truth is often cruel. The fact is that Juventus is no match for Lazio at all. If it weren’t for Lazio’s own problems this season, they would be ranked first in the league now. But the game against Juventus is not that kind of long contest, it is a decisive game. Lazio is always very excited to play Juventus … Therefore, it is not so surprising that Juventus lost to Lazio in a row. "
The commentator’s words will make many Juventus fans very unhappy.
But what can they do besides being upset?
Isn’t the commentator right?
Is there any way Juventus can beat Lazio?
No, nothing.
The experience and ability that they can rank first in the league will not help them at all in the game against Lazio.
Three goals behind, even the Juventus players themselves, have lost their fighting spirit.
It’s too painful to play such a game. How can you guarantee motivation when you know you can’t win?
The Juventus players on the pitch began to be full of rhythm and were unwilling to press out to attack.
Going out to attack is death, and it is even worse.
Between the injustice of death and the worse death, Juventus players decisively chose the injustice of death.
Prandelli didn’t interfere with the players’ independent choice, and didn’t yell at the players on the sidelines to press them out to attack and continue to attack.
The players themselves don’t want to do this, and even if he insists, the result will not be too little.
He just bowed his head and sighed.