Yi Yu chuckled slightly until now that he realized what absolute power was. Although arrogant in the past, there were many factors, but Yi Yu knew that from this moment on. He only has arrogant capital by his own cultivation. The left hand is slowly raised, and with the change of mind, the colorful divine light representing the five elements appears one after another. No one can see that this is actually a weapon that can kill people!

Yi Yu stood up slowly and suddenly’ Blissful Pure Land’, but a gust of wind rolled up all his skirts and buns in the five-color divine light. It’s dark. As the arms rise high, the whole’ Pure Land of Blissfulness’ slowly trembles again. The newly-added barren land grows plants and gathers rivers with the naked eye. The transformation of the rising mountains turned into a vibrant fertile soil in a blink of an eye!
After all, Yi Yu slowly landed again and returned to her usual appearance. But this time it seems really different. If Yi Yu used to be a sharp double-edged sword, now he is still a sword, perhaps even sharper, but with a scabbard on the outside.
Daughters saw it and they all breathed a sigh of relief. They gathered around and kept asking’ twittering’. Yi Yu is very proud. Tell the story in detail. Ying Qing’s eyes lit up when he heard the elixir on the first day. "Hurry up!" Show me that elixir! "
Yi Yu didn’t give up at all, so she handed it directly to Win Qing Chu. When she saw it, she was pleasantly surprised and even said three’ Good!’
Yi Yu asked, "What is the origin of this elixir in the early Qing Dynasty?"
Ying Qingchu said with a smile, "You ignorant little fool, it’s really a shame that you ate this elixir! It’s a pity that Xu Fu personally sacrificed and refined the elixir for his brother … "Speaking of this, I couldn’t help but feel sad. After a little silence, I said," This time, with this elixir, Yang Zi’s eyes can be cured without fail. " Said don’t even look at Yi Yu directly pulling Princess Yangzi to fly in the direction of the palace.
Yi Yu suddenly shouted, "Don’t you need me?"
Ying Qingchu said with a smile, "It turned out that you can’t use it. Now that you have then, why do you need that bad thing?" Just wait for this beautiful woman with bright eyes! "
At this time, Qinger, who had been silent for a long time, did not know where to take out a new dress with white satin on the moon and handed it to Yi Yudao: "Master, let’s change clothes first!"
After this mention, Yi Yu just appeared on the gown, and now it has become strips of rags.
Yi Yu smiled and said, "It’s better to celebrate your son and know how to bring me a dress. You bad girls don’t say anything to remind me!"
As soon as the voice fell, Yin Su-tang laughed, "Hum! Why should we remind you of this big bad guy! Sister Qing Chu said just now! You’re lucky this time. You’ve become extremely powerful. Let’s sisters do it again.
You must unite … Ah! Brother-in-law, let me go! Sister! Help, sister! Jade elder sister … "
Yi Yu also ignored Su Tang’s struggle in perineum and shouted just visible, so she was pressed on her leg, and a slap was not allowed to fall, hitting her tight and strong buttocks. Laughed: "You smelly girl let you always know that you are against me and you have to unite. They are all my wives. Can you unite with you to bully me?" Little silly girl! Just accept your fate! "
At this moment, Yi Yu suddenly let go of Yin Sutang’s gloomy voice with a change of face. "It’s really a courageous person who wants to invade our’ Pure Land of Blissfulness’. Is it because he knows that I am cultivating for Dajin today and will try my sword?"
Daughters slightly one leng immediately also felt the move is really someone is trying to break the space fault trying to enter the’ pure land of bliss’ and it seems that people’s cultivation is not low, if left unchecked, they will succeed for a while.
Yi Yu sneered: "Let me go out alone this time. You can’t steal the limelight with me!"
The daughters scoffed and went back to the temple to appease their followers in a very tacit understanding! ——
In the hinterland of Yanshan Mountain in the north of Jingshi, this barren mountain is inaccessible on weekdays, but today, more than 100 monks have gathered around a dark and desolate place in Fiona Fang. Look at that, it seems that all the sects have a little bit more famous Xiuzhen sects in the world in an instant, all of which have appeared near the capital. In the past, whether it was right or wrong, it was as far away from the secular imperial power as possible. Otherwise, why did the matter of repairing truth flourish in Bayu-Yunnan-Guizhou? It’s not that the aura of the Central Plains is inferior to that of the Central Plains, but that this is the land of Longxing. People who fix the truth usually deliberately avoid it.
But today, the situation has suddenly changed, such as the Emei Sect, wu-tang clan, and other Buddhist temples, as well as the various parties of the magic religion, all of whom have appeared in Yanshan Mountain, not far from the north of the capital. Of course, they are all newly introduced by the changes here, but at least it shows that they are all thousands of miles away, otherwise they would not feel such changes.
Just now, the crazy reiki has stopped at this time, and all the people are relieved, but they are more curious about the center. After a few daring monks took the first step. They all flew towards the mountain peak in the center.
Although there are all factions here, there are few real masters, otherwise they will not rely on it rashly. People who can instantly absorb those aura, whether they are evil or not, will never be easy to act rashly with their peers, but will only make themselves passive. The wiser and more timid monks gradually retreated when they saw that someone had actually started to attack the cracks in space.
Just then, suddenly, there was a thunderous voice: "How dare fanatics peep at my’ Pure Land of Blissfulness’! Don’t you want to die! " With the voice of a white robe, Yi Yu slowly appeared in the sky. High above has its own infinite majesty, scanning the monks and having a commanding sense of superiority.
A middle-aged monk with a gray costume raised his hand to give directions. Drink a way: "Who are you to dare to do this evil method near the capital! Unless you want to be an enemy of the world! "
Yi Yu sneered: "I can’t believe that today there are people who don’t know me, Yi Yu of Qingcheng School!"
Everyone was shocked when they heard the famous number of Yi Yu Bao. Even the Taoist in gray just now is no exception. However, although he has heard of Yi Yu’s fierce name, he has never seen it with his own eyes. If he put it on weekdays, he will not provoke it. But just now, his madness has come out. Wouldn’t it be even more humiliating if we turned our backs on each other? "If you are Yi Yu, what can you do?" said Qiang Zi. I have a ancestral system in the field of repairing the truth. I can’t act rashly near the secular imperial power. If I violate it, it is a great sin. I can attack it if I fix the truth in the world! "
In fact, the man played a word game here. Although there was such a ancestral system, it was not’ around the imperial power’ but’ within the imperial city’. However, the man thought that Yi Yu was powerful. But after all, a young man may not know such rules, and he may not meet again in the future as long as he muddles through this time. But he still doesn’t understand that Yi Yuben is a lawless landlord, not to mention that he has lived in the palace for several months, and all the rules are in his heart. Even if he really doesn’t know the rules, he will never pay attention to them.
Yi Yu sneered at a track: "Oh? Being original is the first time I have heard that there are such rules in the world! However, I have to ask this Taoist friend if there is one thing I don’t know. "
As soon as the man saw Yi Yu’s pleasant countenance, he took it back and climbed up the pole to sink a track: "I don’t know where Yi Yu’s Taoist friend is."
Yi Yu said, "Just now, Taoist friends said they couldn’t act rashly, but they didn’t know how to act rashly. And what did you say just now? It’s an enemy to fix the truth in the world. Can you represent the fellow people in the world with one mouth? What a great style! I don’t know more than me! "
The monk was Yi Yu reprimand angrily to face.
White heart has been angry, but at last he hasn’t lost his mind. "Hum! Arguing irrationally! Didn’t you make a vision here just now? "
Yi Yu smiled and said, "What a joke! Is it necessary to ask others if they agree or disagree when practicing being original in the Yanshan Mountains? Besides, even if I move around the capital, what can you do to me? A nameless rat dares to say in front of me that you are ignorant today and go home without asking questions to save your life. "
When all the monks asked and listened to this, they all showed different colors. This easy jade is also rampant. Although it is pointed out that it is the person who said it, it refers to all the people here.
And the Taoist priest in gray robe was frightened, but when he saw the faces of all the people around him, he couldn’t help but feel happy and said, "Hum! Okay, you Yi Yu! I let you run wild, and now you offend a hundred monks here. See how you end up! " He didn’t think Yi Yu had to do it before this man. But he didn’t know that Yi Yu was about to try his hand and want someone to operate after this capability! How can you be afraid of things if you have nothing to do but look for trouble? It’s really impossible to call out all the wives, and this hundred people is not enough for their family to fill their teeth!
"hey!" The grey-robed monk snapped, "Yi Yu! Don’t be too arrogant. This is the ancestral system of the fix-true world. No one dares to violate it for thousands of years. Are you going to risk the world? "
Yi Yu’s eyes flashed yoshimitsu, and now he just wants to try to see how far he has cultivated today and what kung fu is talking nonsense with others. Raise my hand and make a sound with a bang. A fine red line flew out so fast that even the monks present didn’t see what was going on, so they saw the gray monk fall down with a scream.
Yi Yu didn’t do it too well. He just penetrated his thigh and left a little dark energy by the way. So that he can’t mobilize his powers. At most, it’s a fall, handsome guy. Broken bones are not life-threatening.
But at this moment, a fat monk suddenly flew out of the crowd. Fly over to catch the Taoist priest in gray robe and exclaim with a track: "Ah! Daoyou! Daoyou! Yi Yu, you are so vicious! It turns out that just a verbal dispute will hurt people’s lives! "
Yi Yu slightly one leng and then a closer look at the Taoist priest is not already dead! I was surprised in my heart. "Is it because I didn’t control my strength when I made great progress?" the tunnel replied. No! The man just now never died after my thunder … "
Yi Yu’s eyes are already fascinated, and she shoots two dangerous and angry lights: "Bald donkey sign up!" "
The monk shouted, "Ami Tuo Buddha! The poor monk South Shaolin Temple presided over Huineng! "
Yi Yu said coldly, "Huineng monk? Ok! You are very good! I’m the only one in the world who framed others, but no one has framed me yet! You killed that man today. How can it be pushed to my head? "
Monk Huineng said, "Hum! Yi Yu! You don’t have to sophistry. Now it’s good to kill people without morality, and it’s even more damaging to the ancestral system set by the predecessors who fix the truth. When we fix the truth, we will do justice for heaven! "
It seems that as soon as the voice of the monk Huineng was arranged in advance, several people shouted and shouted in the crowd: "Yi Yu’s bloody hand kills people and destroys the ancestral system. Let’s join hands to kill the public enemy in the realm of repairing the truth!"
However, their fanning the flames did not seem to achieve the expected results. After all, others are not all fools, especially disciples like the Emei Sect and the Magic Sect have long known that Yi Yu has an unusual relationship with the people above them. I’m the son-in-law of the Sect of Emei, and the son-in-law of the Sect of Demons is having an affair with the princesses of two demons. Who dares to provoke such a character easily? And these two families are quiet, no matter how fierce you are, what can you do?
Yi Yu’s eyes swept away, but all those who secretly shouted fell into his eyes.
"hey!" Yi Yu laughed instead of being angry. "Master Huineng, right? Not bad! Really good! Presumably, you didn’t know that I would be here before I showed up just now, but it’s not easy to come up with such a plan of killing and framing people and stirring up public excitement in such a short time! You are really a talented person. If you don’t become a monk, you will be an official in the DPRK! "
Although what Yi Yu said is somewhat mysterious, he is demon fairy Yi Yu, who is much more famous than Huineng of South Shaolin Temple. Naturally, a large number of people will believe what he said.
Yi Yu looked up and down at the fat monk in red cassock not far in front of him and smiled faintly: "We Qingcheng School and being original don’t seem to have offended your South Shaolin!"