All this just to react, whistle, set, the mutant zombie king began a ou!

Under attack, the mutant zombie king struggled violently, and his hand planed and pedal wanted to break free from the heavy grip!
King Mutant Zombie is so powerful that Jiuzhong can’t support himself alone. He quickly shouted, "Come on, lock its limbs and don’t let it get free! !”
All smell speech, phoenix dance men immediately jumped out of four people, respectively, embrace the limbs of the king of mutant zombies, pedal live dead stone throne, now fixed the limbs of the king of mutant zombies! The rest of the people are hands and feet, full horsepower, crazy flat on the mutant zombie king!
"Ow ~ ~ ~! !” Mutation zombie king struggle more intense, at the same time give out shrill screams!
"It’s annoying, damn it, I’ll let you scream!" Jiuchong is closest to the sound source, and is called impatient by the mutant zombie king. He throws his elbow at the mutant zombie king’s mouth and slams it!
"Ow ~ ~ ~! !” As a result, Wang Yue, a mutant zombie, screamed more joyfully!
"I depend, force me! !” Nine heavy gas, picking up his fist, while the mutant zombie king roared and opened his mouth, he directly stuffed his fist into its mouth!
"Well …! !” Mutant zombie king mouth blocked, the body with a quiver, followed by soft down gradually!
Chapter 14 Flying to fireball
Nine heavy said one leng, "what’s the situation? Why did this thing suddenly wither? !”
Everyone was also puzzled. Xia Dongdong looked up at the fist that Jiuchong had stuffed into the mouth of the mutant zombie king and suddenly said, "Oh, by the way, boss, have you forgotten that our suit is a black donkey suit? The gloves we wear are authentic black donkey hooves, which have a restraining effect on zombies! "
"Oh ~ ~, that’s the way it is. It turns out that the black donkey’s hooves are used to restrain zombies!" Nine heavy laughs: "Hey, hey, Zombie King, it’s God’s will that you die today, so just accept your fate for Lao Zi!"! !”
Just say that finish, the variation of the body soft zombie king suddenly had a reaction, strength is gradually reply!
"I depend, how good again? It seems that the hooves of black donkeys are not enough! " Jiuzhong shouted to Xia Dongdong, "Dongdong, quick, give him your black donkey hooves, too!" !”
"oh oh!" Summer, winter and winter trotted to the back of the dead stone throne, abruptly stuffed their hands into the mouth of the mutant zombie king. When two black donkeys entered, the mutant zombie king’s body convulsed again, and then softened again!
"Take advantage of its illness and kill it!" Jiuzhong shouted to the phoenix dancers, "Come on, do it! !”
"kill! !”
Ten minutes later, after a crazy flat, Rao is the mutant zombie king, and his blood volume has finally reached the bottom, leaving only a few dozen points!
Jiuzhong has been paying attention to the blood volume of the mutant zombie king with "critical eyes". When he saw that the blood volume of the mutant zombie king bottomed out, he hurriedly shouted: "Stop, stop fighting! There is only a little blood left, leave it to Luan! Luan, come here! "
Luan’s son is an auxiliary occupation, so she didn’t take part in the battle from just now until now, and she has been watching the scene of bustle. At the moment, she heard Jiuchong calling her and skipping forward. "Big brother, why ~?" !”
"This mutant zombie king doesn’t have much blood left. You can solve it and give it a fatal blow!"
"Oh, good ~!" Said Luan son picking up the wooden cane stave in his hand! When Feng Dance and others saw that Luan was about to start fighting, they all flashed ten meters away!
Nine heavy one leng, "why are you hiding so far away? Afraid of splashing blood on your face? !”
"That’s right … ask for your own happiness!" said Feng Dance.
"Then I’m going to fight ~!" Luan son said picking up the staves and smashing the head of the mutant zombie king!
"oh! !” Nine heavy pain let out a cry, "Luan son, I told you to play zombies, why did you hit me? !”
"ah!" Luan Er pouted and said piteously, "Sorry, big brother, I missed!"
“……!” Looking at Luan’s lovely appearance, Jiuzhong was really angry. "Nothing, call again!"
"Oh, here I am!" Say it’s another staff!
"oh! !” It’s Xia Dongdong’s turn to have his head opened, and Xia Dongdong’s tears are coming out. "Luan, please … can you aim again? !”
"ok ~!"
"Oh dear!" Nine heavy head another bag, "Luan son … did you do it on purpose? !”
"No, Luan is really aiming!"