"Yes, you don’t mind, do you?" suluo asked

"Mind what, of course, don’t mind you being casual." Situ Wenhua was going to laugh wildly and made a gesture to invite me to watch your performance.
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"That Luo Dashu suppose you have a disappointing son, Stuart’s big boss. Now that he makes you angry, you have to beat him."
Sure enough, I did something.
Situwenhua’s face was gloomy in an instant.
"What do you mean?"
"Metaphorically, you just said you didn’t mind."
Suluo grinned and made a gesture to Uncle Luo.
Luo Dashu, who cares about Situ Wenhua’s heart? Now suluo may be his boss’s direct instant play. He looks angry and impatient and looks for sticks everywhere.
"I’ll kill you, you turtle."
"Ha ha ha ha ha!"
The audience laughed wildly, and Situ Wenhua’s face turned black into the bottom of the pot.
And suluo’s eyes are shining. It’s perfect. There are surprises everywhere in life
Chapter one hundred and ninety You also want to sleep with me.
Sue fell out of her mouth and got an important supporting role, whistling and leaving, which was arrogant.
How will Yu Situ Wenhua be as angry as thunder? How will the reporter arrange himself? Come on, feel free because I don’t mind.
In the DreamWorks branch, Uncle Luo is shaking his hands with the contract and the dramatist. It’s not a joke. Take another look at the drama. Oh, my God, it’s the first time that the drama has been played for 30 years, and there are usually no lines. It’s still a very important supporting role.
"I don’t know what to say to thank you. Thank you so much." Uncle Luo burst into tears, and the feeling of finally being recognized was unspeakable.
"If you don’t thank me for going back and studying the play well, it will be the greatest reward for me to shoot your performance first."
Do suluo and the knife have a black line?
"Be sure to play it well."
"Well, you can go back and prepare first, and I’ll let you know at any time. Remember to keep the phone in the state."
"Okay, okay, by the way, I have two workmates who are also good actors with me. Why don’t you give them a chance to try?" Uncle Luo said shyly.
Suluo DengYuan eyes "accidentally wipe you what site so abuses".
"Hey, hey, actually, it’s all about running in a group performance and knowing that food and clothing can’t be mixed up. We can go to the construction site to do temporary work together." Uncle Luo scratched his head stupidly and then asked, "Will it delay you a little?"
"I have an audition in a minute, so just come along, but it depends on them."
"Okay, okay, I’ll call them here. They’re all waiting for me outside the door now. We’re trying our luck together."
Uncle Luo was so happy that he trotted out.
Suluo sighed. It’s hard to drift north. You are so loyal. You don’t forget to recommend your friends at this time. Can I disagree?
Outside the DreamWorks branch
"How’s Dad Luo?"
When I saw Torre Luo coming out, I squatted outside and waited for a long time. Two people were buried as soon as they broke down.
"Strong and I became haha" Luo Torre excitedly dumped his contract and drama.
"Even my dad is awesome."