If possible, Chang Sheng feels that even the goalkeeper Handanovic doesn’t need to play.

From the beginning of the game, it was a one-sided situation. Lazio bombarded Mazembe’s goal, hoping to score early.
As long as Lazio can score first, there is no suspense in this game, no matter how many goals have been scored in recent years, as long as Lazio leads.
Therefore, the tactics and goals of Lazio after the start of the game are all aimed at scoring goals.
Optimistic Lazio fans think that within ten minutes of the opening ceremony, this little-known Mazembe will surrender and open their gates to welcome Lazio.
Lazio fans who claim to be rational are not so optimistic. They think Lazio can finish one or two goals in the first half.
Even the players themselves think so. It may be difficult to score in ten minutes, but it should be no problem to take the lead in the first half.
So they played as relaxed as in previous games.
Even some … do whatever you want.
They think they can score a goal in the first 30 minutes.
But after thirty minutes, the score was still 0: 0.
Lazio scored six goals in these 30 minutes, with an average of one goal in five minutes.
This performance can’t be said to be bad.
But the score hasn’t changed.
Lazio players found that the situation was not as simple as they appeared.
The optimistic Lazio fans in the stands and in front of the TV set were also silent.
The commentator has stopped saying such kind words as "how excellent Lazio is", "Lazio has completely mastered the initiative" and "Lazio’s goal is in sight".
They began to change their minds and said, "Mazembe’s performance is very tenacious!" "Mazembe’s defensive tactics are quite successful!" "Mazembe’s players are full of morale and energy …"
Under the field of winning also frowned.
He guessed the tactics correctly and got to know the team well.
But what he didn’t expect was that the team’s determination to win the championship was far more determined than he thought.
Chapter three hundred and twenty-seven This bad luck!
Lazio got a little impatient in the last ten minutes of the first half.
They want to get out of that relaxed slow rhythm and speed up, but this rhythm can’t be changed if you want.
They tried to speed up, but they lost control of the speed.
The result is impatience, going too far.
Basically, there is no cooperation. It is very simple to cooperate, mainly to go it alone.
Naturally, there is no quality in such a game.
Until the end of the first half, Lazio launched another attack.
I’m still going it alone this time, mainly relying on the personal strength of the stars.
But unlike before, it seems to be very promising this time?
Gotze broke into the restricted area from the ribs, and then suddenly shot a cold shot!
This kick is quite powerful, which fully reflects the level of the player Gotze!
The football was so ill and tricky that Mazembe’s goalkeeper couldn’t save it at all. Although he made a save, the football had already passed before his hand arrived!
Many Lazio fans are ready to cheer at this moment!
It seems that nine times out of ten, this kick will be scored!
But in the blink of an eye, the football hit the beam!
The fans in Mazembe are all relieved.
But at that moment, just before their breath was completely released, the football bounced back, but it didn’t go too far, but fell to the door!
At this time, the goalkeeper was still lying on the ground and didn’t get up. Mazembe’s goal was empty!
No one is guarding!
As long as someone can mend a foot or a head … Lazio can take the lead before the end of the first half!
Klose, the center who started the game, jumped high!
As an air fighter, this kind of header is almost certain for him.
As long as he hits the ball, it will fly into the goal.