Cheng was not worried about it. He looked at Zhong Tianyi up and down, accidentally saw the copper token around Zhong Tianyi’s waist, and then pretended to be surprised and said, "You? Who are you? How to be with coral? "

Zhong Tianyi hurriedly said, "Eh; ; ; ; ; ;”
Cheng Buyou turned his head and looked at it as a coral. Cheng Buyou hurriedly hugged Cheng Buyou’s arm: "Dad; ; ; ; ; ; This is Zhong Gongzi; ; ; ; ; ;”
Cheng Buyou glared at Cheng Coral: "What’s the matter? If you have new friends, don’t introduce them to your father. Do you not pay attention to your father? "
Zhong Tianyi quickly introduced himself to Cheng Buyou.
On the streets of Yangzhou City, Zhou Lishui hurried on, and the hawking sound of a peddler in the distance reached Zhou Lishui’s ear.
Sugar-Coated Berry; ; ; Sweet and big Sugar-Coated Berry ".
Zhou Lishui suddenly stopped, turned his head toward the peddler, and Sugar-Coated Berry held it in his hand. Zhou Lishui’s face showed a happy smile.
After listening to Zhong Tianyi’s self-introduction, Cheng Bu in the inn said, "Well! Zhong Gongzi has a grand appearance, and it’s not hard to see the shadow of your father’s clock leader from you. He is a promising young man. ; ; ; ; ; Teenagers are promising; ; ; ; ; ;”
Cheng Coral’s face lit up at the sight of his father’s praise.
At this time, Zhou Lishui and Li Rucai and Liu Xuanyu hurried back to the inn. Before they arrived at the guest room, they heard the conversation between Cheng Buyou and Cheng Coral. Several people did not take the snow off their bodies, so they hurriedly went to the place where Cheng Buyou talked and wanted to inform the master of what Lu Ming had done.
At the moment when Zhou Lishui entered the door, suddenly Zhong Tianyi’s treacherous eyes appeared in front of Zhou Lishui. More sadly, Cheng Coral also held the same Sugar-Coated Berry as himself.
Zhou Lishui suddenly understood the story.
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Chapter 240th Encounter your little denounced stubborn ACTS
Encounter a disciple who is expensive and less stubborn.
However, what appeared in front of Zhou Lishui was that Zhong Tianyi, the master of the sinful Lu Ming, had become good friends with Younger, who had missed him so much and grew up together since childhood, and it was very likely to develop into a relationship.
Zhou Lishui felt as if he had been hit by a blow, and jealousy was on his mind. In addition, Lu Ming was rescued by a mysterious person, Zhou Lishui suddenly became angry.
Regardless of whether the master is worried or not, he pointed to Zhong Tianyi and said angrily, "You; ; ; You little man? Why is it here? You go, you are not welcome here; ; ; ; ; ;”
Say that finish angry turned his head.
Cheng is not worried about hearing it seriously: "Glass water? Take a rude break? Haven’t you seen Brother Zhong Tianyi of Zhuxianmen? "
"I don’t want to know such a wicked person," Zhou Lishui said rudely.
Cheng was not worried, but it was inconvenient to show it. He quickly explained, "Eh! My nephew Tian Yishi, Li Shui may be tired today. I will definitely let him go and make amends another day. ; ; ; ; ;”
Zhong Tianyi knew what he had done, and Zhou Lishui knew it. He couldn’t help but kill himself, but it was inconvenient to be seen through at this time.
Hurriedly laughed and said, "I think Brother Zhou misunderstood me, so; ; ; I’ll excuse myself for a while, and one day I will personally come to explain it to Brother Zhou. ; ; ; ; ;”
Say that finish gently glanced at into coral, the opportunity to go out.
Zhou Lishui glared at Zhong Tianyi’s back and said to himself, "I’ll punish you sooner or later, brute."
Cheng Buyou glared at Zhou Lishui and said, "Lishui, you have something to say for the teacher."
Twist a head and walked to his room.
Zhou Lishui hurried to follow without worry.
In Cheng Buyou’s room, Zhou Lishui looked at Cheng Buyou’s livid face and said respectfully, "Master; ; ; ; ; ;”
Cheng Buyou thundered, "What else do you have to explain? Look what you’ve become. Have no respect for elders; ; ; ; ; ; Do you know who he is? He is a big disciple of Zhuxianmen, that is, Zhong Tianyi, the son of the current Wulin leader Zhong Wuyi. "
Cheng Yuru hurried forward to plead: "Brother, Li Shui has been naughty since he was a child, but he has never done anything that insults his legacy. Maybe Li Shui has his difficulties?"
Cheng Buyou glanced at Cheng Yuru and said, "You are used to it; ; ; ; ; ;” Say that finish stared at zhou glass water.
Zhou Lishui knelt down quickly, and then told Cheng Bu what Lu Ming had done.
Finally, he said, "Master, that Lu Ming was originally a disciple of Zhu Xianmen. I have met that Lu Ming with Zhong Tianyi many times. I dare to assert that what Lu Ming did was instructed by Zhong Tianyi. Please ask Master to observe it clearly."
Cheng Bu sighed with concern, got up and walked around the room for a moment and said, "Maybe they are in collusion, but you are a disciple of Ziwei Gate; ; ; ; ; ;”
Cheng Buyou suddenly thought of the whereabouts of the tiger’s roaring sword and Kirin satin, and his face changed quickly. He said softly, "But that’s all an internal matter of Zhuxianmen. Now it’s not easy for Ziwei Gate to stand in the Jianghu. Are we the opponents of Zhuxianmen on our own, Li Shui? Let’s put this matter aside for the time being, and wait until we take Mohongyan out of the dead stream."
Zhou Lishui looked at it with disbelief: "That; ; ; Did those old beggars die in vain? "
Cheng Buyou comforted: "Skynet is long and slow, but it is not leaking. It’s my duty to slay demons and get rid of them. Don’t worry, Li Shui, I will personally inform Zhong Wuyi, the leader of the alliance, and there will be an arbitration."
Zhou glass water that firm nodded his head.
Cheng Coral was talking with Li Rucai and Liu Xuanyu, when Zhou Lishui came in laughing and naughty, and went up to Cheng Coral and said, "Guess; ; ; Guess what I bought you? "
Li Rucai smiled and shook his head, and Liu Xuanyu laughed and said to himself, "What’s good?"
Cheng Coral looked at Zhou Lishui coldly and said, "What good things do you have? Look at the way you just looked, like seeing your enemy. Didn’t they just say a few more words to me? Do you need to make such a fuss? Fast; ; ; Take it out and let me have a look? "
Zhou glass water made a face, so therefore took out the string of Sugar-Coated Berry from the bosom, "ha; ; ; ; ; ; Haha; ; ; ; ; ; Look "
Hurriedly handed it to the hands of Cheng Coral.
Zhou Lishui saw that coral was getting better and said seriously, "Sister, that Zhong Tianyi is not a good thing. You’d better stay away from him."
Cheng Coral took Sugar-Coated Berry in his hand with a grin, and then handed it to Liu Xuanyu without cutting it. "Didn’t you say you love it?" I gave it to you; ; ; ; ; ; It is not a gentleman to speak ill of others behind their backs; ; ; ; ; ;”
At this time, Liu Xuanyu interjected forward: "Yes, school sister, that Zhong Tianyi is not a good thing. At first glance, he is a small white face and full of bad water."
Cheng Coral got up and pulled up the arms of Liu Xuanyu and others, and said angrily, "Well, I’m tired and have a rest; ; ; ; ; ;”
Say that finish reluctantly will zhou glass water three people out of the door.
Zhou Lishui looked at Cheng Coral’s indifference to himself, and a burst of bitterness hit her heart. At this time, she turned her head and glanced at the jars piled up in the distance and went straight over.
Shen Yunfei, the drunkard, had been waiting for a long time, raised the jar and handed it to Zhou Li Waterway: "Brother, I invite you; ; ; ; ; ;”
Zhou Lishui took the jar and drank it; ; ; ; ; ; The sound of shouting and drinking six came from the inn, which was very lively; ; ; ; ; ; The night has fallen asleep, and the snow outside the window is still falling, as if there is no nostalgia for such a beautiful scenery, and it disappears into the night in an instant.
The whole inn was quiet, and Shen Yunfei was drunk and leaned on the bench in the corner alone. Xiao Er repeatedly drove forward, but still failed to wake Shen Yunfei who was sleeping soundly. Helpless Xiao Er shook his head and returned to the counter to set up his bed and fell asleep. ; ; ; ; ; A black shadow passed through the roof covered with snow and came straight to the inn. When I looked close, I didn’t see the footprints left by the man on the snow. The black shadow was like a monkey climbing down the roof and sneaking into the inn along the gap in the window of the inn. All this went unnoticed.
Shen Yunfei in the corner raised his eyes slightly, with a smile on his face and secretly said, "You old thing, I haven’t seen your flying skills for a few days."
And then continue to sleep quietly.
Stay close to the black shadow, and I can vaguely see his face through the snow light in the darkness. He is Dong Qin, the evil god of Wanling Shinto.
Dong Qin stretched out his hand and covered his face with a veil, and in a flash he came to the house where he was not worried.
Then I turned my head to look at Shen Yunfei in the corner for a moment, and then I buckled a gap in front of the window that I was not worried about.
Through the gap in the dark room, Cheng Buyou and Cheng Yuru have fallen asleep.
Dong Qin slowly pushed open the window of Cheng Bu Yu, and was about to enter the room when suddenly there was a big shout of Cheng Bu Yu: "Who? ; ; ; ; ;”
Suddenly, Cheng Buyou jumped up with a sword in his hand and stabbed the shadow in front of the window.
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Chapter 241 The effect of chasing the lost chapter