Ga ga ga, at this time, there was another high-speed wind carving dish, and the high school lost its prey. Suddenly, the cliff high-speed wind carving was another battle. After a while, there were several strands of feathers mixed with blood drops.

This is that the high-speed carving eating method is a simple eating, but it also has different strengths, high speed, and the first flight can grab the food. It is just a eating and it also contains the competition law of survival of the fittest.
This group of high-flying vultures can turn an ordinary eating into a selection of the superior and the inferior. Xia Man thought of a possible king of high-flying vultures.
The wisdom of Warcraft is very low. Only those who have been promoted to the level of BM can give birth to wisdom and then lead a population to become stronger gradually. This kind of eating has evolved into such a neat and unified way. None of the hundreds of flurry eagles dare to go out and grab food first, but wait until the flurry eagle at the top of the cliff sends out a signal before they dare to compete. It is said that this group of flurry eagles has evolved into a king of eagles. How can we deter these beasts and obey some inherent rules?
"High winds carved the king? Hey, hey, that’s level five Warcraft, right? It couldn’t be better to walk instead of walking. "But Guan Fei first heard Xia Man whisper and crack his mouth and said with a smile that half of them immediately understood Xia Man’s meaning and stared at Xia Man with some surprise." Boss, do you want this to be a mount for our brothers? "
Guan Fei swallowed a mouthful of this saying. This is what he has long dreamed of owning, but it is very difficult for most people to get recognition from Warcraft except those who live in the free kingdom. Otherwise, according to his nature, he would have caught some Warcraft to enslave every day.
Ximen Chuixue and XuanYuanTie heard that it was Zheng to recover Warcraft. It was not easy to live, but Xia Man was not in a hurry to take them to find the ice for ten thousand years, but came to find the flurry carving. This is also possible. The flurry carving is definitely a good tool for walking. Is it possible to collect the flurry carving?
"Shut your ya bird mouth to talk and castrate you." Xia Man glared at Guan Fei, a broken-mouthed grandmother. This guy actually screamed out with this kind of head, making a face-to-face foraging flurry carving immediately turned his attention to their invisibility in this small bush.
Quack quack indeed as expected Xia Man’s voice just fell and there have been three high winds carved into glyphs.
"Grandma definitely has a carved king who even learned the tactics." Xia Man vomited and spat. He was a little surprised to see these three things. Generally, Warcraft doesn’t know what simple tactics are to attack opponents by attacking opponents or distributing them. Yes, a group of Warcraft advanced after the BM taught them to benefit from these simple tactics. Don’t look at these simple tactics, but various Warcraft races can play a huge role. Even if they encounter advanced Warcraft attacks, this simple consumption tactic can make advanced Warcraft exhausted.
This is also the wisdom that you will have only after you have advanced to the BM. It is definitely a world difference between having a BM of Warcraft and not having a BM.
At this time, I saw that the three high-wind sculptures in charge of patrol actually put on this simplest defense and attack law. Xia Man exulted in his heart. It seems that this time we must get the carving king.
Five-level flurry carving kings and these ordinary three-level flurry carving kings are worlds apart, but the speed of flurry carving kings is comparable to that of some flying seven-level Warcraft, and a group with flurry carving kings dare not attack even six-level Warcraft.
"Grandma, you’re in trouble." Xia Man showed an evil smile. At the moment when the official flew, it was sad to fly out from the crown of the tree. It turned out to be a butt carving at the three high winds.
"Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah
"Grandma actually moved my chrysanthemum and killed you this beast." Guan Fei once again turned around and blushed, and the night was particularly dazzling, holding a silver sword and killing the three high-flying carvings.
I don’t know how I can provoke this villain to be split by a silver light in an instant.
Quack quack this immediately angered the whole flurry carving group. At first glance, it doubled in size. The flurry carving flew up from the cliff and gave a scream. Nearly a hundred flurry carving immediately flew up in unison to block out a piece of moonlight and quickly surrounded the official flying layer by layer.
At the moment when the "King of Carving" high-wind carving king appeared, Xia Man finally gave me a smile. Ximen Chuixue and XuanYuanTie rarely looked at each other to express their sympathy for Guan Fei. They looked at the boss and laughed at him.
Slaughtered by # # Chapter 137
"Ah, boss, help!"
Just now, I was still in high spirits, chopping the flurry carving with a sword. Guan Fei faced hundreds of flurry carving like a tide, and attacked the battle in turn. Although these were all low-level Warcraft for him, he could kill three or five at will, but in the face of such a number, let alone Ximen Chuixue, he had to retreat hundreds of times and learn to transport simple tactics. The flurry carving will be repaired with one blow, and even if Guan Fei holds silver weapons, he can only cut some flurry carving, which has not yet come. The flurry carving has been injured before the killer, and it has been replaced by a combative flurry carving.
He can’t fight it. Round after round, attacking Guan Fei can’t hold on. He has been attacked by the high-wind carving for several times. If it weren’t for this set of fire cloud armor, he would have been hurt by the high-wind carving.
"Boss, what shall we do?" Guan Fei has been in danger, but Xia Man is still reacting with a wry smile. Staring at the war situation has no intention of making moves. XuanYuanTie is anxious. This Guan Fei is a growing partner with him. How can he watch each other die?
"Don’t worry, if you can’t hold on for a while, let him go to hell." Xia Man hey hey smiled. "We have other things to do, so we have to pin down the flurry carving." Then he explained as if he was afraid that Xuanyuantie was still uneasy. "There is no flurry carving to hurt him with his armor."
"The boss said yes, but what should we do?" Xuanyuantie ha ha a smile. Sure enough, those high-wind vultures surrounded Guanfei from all sides. It is said that Guanfei should have been injured long ago. But until now, this guy is still alive and kicking. This guy is absolutely not in danger. Xuanyuantie is sure that the big talk is that those high-wind vultures can’t even break the protective cover of Guanfei’s armor. This is just a vain attempt to pull them in. If anyone tries to save him at this time, they will fall into danger. After all, they don’t have an official flying through armor.
"So" Xia Man told XuanYuanTie and Ximen Chuixue to listen to Xia Man’s arrangement. Even Ximen Chuixue showed her eyes. XuanYuanTie even praised it. "Wonderful boss, how long does your head press the old bear? Why can’t you think of it?"
Xia Man’s head sends out a black line. Is this a compliment or a loss? However, this is the so-called pick-up time, which is the highlight of tonight.
"123" summer pretty drink Ximen Chuixue and XuanYuanTie fly up at the same time, but the goal is not those besieged officials flying flurry carving like two shells blaster and straight into the sky, Lingao stands in the flurry carving king.
This is the first step for Xia Man to collect the King of Blast Carving. Both of them are masters, a spiritual realm and a spiritual emperor realm. Even if they fight with the King of Blast Carving, they can definitely win easily. At this time, the two men attacked the King of Blast Carving and lost quickly. Even the retreat was completely cut off by two people. The wings are bright and bright, and the feathers are constantly not cut off, which makes them look embarrassed.
Ga ga ga ga ga high wind carving king gave an angry call to watch the official flying high wind carving. Immediately, there was some reaction to see that the high wind carving king was surrounded by two humans. Suddenly, he gave up the official flying and attacked two people in the middle school.
Hundreds of flurry carvings blocked the sky by half, and the dark figure quickly surrounded Ximen Chuixue and XuanYuanTie. Although they didn’t have armor, their strength was superb. Nearly a hundred flurry carvings fell like falling stones when they were close to each other.
Clapping two in no particular order dull noise Ximen Chuixue and XuanYuanTie quickly got into the forest after landing and ran to both sides under the cover of the forest, which would deliberately make a noise on the way to show their position.
Ga ga ga ga ga high wind carving king was annoyed by two human beings. Suddenly, there was a shock and angry screams. These high wind carvings immediately separated two teams to recover in the direction where Ximen Chuixue and XuanYuanTie fled.
However, Wang Xian, the high-flying eagle, has given birth to wisdom, and there is no police station to chase it, but every direction is about a hundred high-flying eagle, which is strong enough to tear up those two despicable sneak attackers, and even senior Warcraft who meets him in the seasonal forest can easily get out of trouble with the strength of a hundred high-flying eagle.
Divide out about 200 flurry sculptures. There are less than 100 flurry sculptures left in this flurry sculpture camp.
These have given up the siege of Guan Fei, and the high-flying vultures immediately turned around and rushed at Guan Fei after seeing the king of the vultures.
"What the hell, boss? Why did they run away?" Guan Fei doesn’t know what medicine is sold in Xia Man’s gourd. Looking at this nearly hundred flurry carvings, he rushed again and immediately rushed in Xia Man’s direction. "Hey, hey, boss, I’ll take these naughty boys to worship you for a new year." This guy wants to bring these flurry carvings to Xia Man’s side if he doesn’t make moves.