"What do you mean?" Duan Muming looked at them with interest … Less is to pretend to be interesting.

"Without further ado, I hope the Duanmu brothers can join us, which is good for both of us. You know, no matter how high the strength is, troubles will follow. I’m afraid that the Duanmu brothers alone can’t cope with so many troubles. Just now, the situation is a sign. If the Duanmu brothers join us, don’t be afraid to say that not many people in less countries dare to touch you!" When Yin Ru said this, his expression didn’t change at all, but Duan Muming still heard absolute confidence from his language.
There are few forces in China who dare to say such things.
However, Duanmu Ming is not interested in them at all. If you really talk about power, several wives have created power in one hand, and the five realms are all top-level. Even so, Duanmu Ming is not very interested in being said by them not to ask for this power. Duanmu Minggen didn’t look at it and had nothing to amuse them.
"You are …" Duan Muming asked tentatively.
"Ha ha, I can’t tell you the answer until Mr. Duanmu gets an answer. I believe you know this very well."
Of course, it’s clear that no one is stupid, but Duan Muming vaguely felt the soul swimming in the turtle shell, and her daughter seemed to have a reaction. She should not be far from waking up, and then drink them when she has no time.
"What will happen if I don’t agree with you?" Duanmuming looked at them with a smile.
"Don’t agree? What? Don’t Mr Duanmu want to be respected by everyone? Don’t Mr. Duanmu want to have the vast majority of people and be prosperous? Don’t Mr. Duanmu want to advance to a higher level? "
Three questions in a row pushed the atmosphere to Gao Chao, and it turned out that he was a master negotiator. If the average person was afraid of being tempted, it would not be Duanmu Ming Lvses (;
Chapter 22 The chain cover &#B7; Later move ()
"I’m afraid the price is freedom," Duanmu said with some hesitation. "I prefer a restrained life."
"Ha-ha, Mr. Duanmu is wrong. There is no absolute freedom in this world, and you will get more unexpected benefits by joining us. The price is just to help us when necessary." Yin Confucianism said it politely and simply, but Duanmu Ming knew that the facts were not what he said.
If you enter this circle, you should never think of it, and you should always do things that you don’t want to do. It means this situation.
Duanmuming is not like falling into a whirlpool of potential competition-although it seems that he is already inside.
"Really?" Duan Muming smiled evenly, "But I believe in another criterion."
"Oh, what rule?"
"With great power, you can get what you want and live in your own way." Duan Muming looked at Yin Confucianism with a smile.
Yin Ru was slightly stunned at Duanmu Ming’s words and then his eyes gradually sharpened. "Mr. Duanmu, do you mean that you are strong enough?"
"No, you misunderstood me." Duanmu smiled. "My strength is not strong enough, but your strength is far from that."
"Mr. Duanmu means to refuse us?" Yin Confucianism was unexpected and not too surprised, as if expected.
"Yes, although your proposal interests me a little, it is only interested."
Now all fools know that Duanmu Ming is playing with them, and the face of Yin Confucianism is also very bad
"Duanmu Ming, even if you don’t think about it yourself, want your woman to think about it. Hum Wu Yueer’s North Palace Snow, Xue’s sisters and a woman named Sharla Cheung all have Mr. Duanmu as expected! At an early age, it will definitely be even better after such a courtship. "
This is the * * naked threat. Duan Muming hates others’ threats and is the most afraid of others’ threats. He sighed and looked at Yin Confucianism contemptuously. "Did the pavilion threaten at the end of its tether so soon?" I still really think highly of you! "
"oh? Isn’t Mr Duanmu afraid? "
"I’m scared to death." Duanmuming smiled and said that everyone knew he was being sarcastic.
"pa ….." yin Confucianism suddenly clapped his hands and sounded very loud in the silent building.
"It’s no wonder that the elders said you wouldn’t promise." The words of Yin Confucianism made Duan Muming suddenly realize that everything was a test. They didn’t expect themselves to agree at all. It seems that there are quite a few fat people secretly!
Of course, the test is more than that. We have to go on.
"Mr Duanmu has tested your strength, I’m afraid you’re going to offend." Yin Confucianism and elegance gave Duanmu Ming a gift. At the same time, Duanmu Ming didn’t speak at the same time. The ghost broke out and made Duanmu Ming feel a little cold. It seems that they are going to carry out the most critical step.
-Duan Muming has been waiting for a long time.
Murder! It is absolutely necessary for people who have experienced several tests of life and death to have murderous look. If ordinary people touch such murderous look, I am afraid they have no desire to fight. It seems that this ghost is the real killer.