Wei Wu didn’t answer. He was so absorbed in manipulating the beam that he dared not be a little careless.

Although the bundle of magic banners can’t stop Fubao’s attack for a while, it doesn’t do much harm to the Zhang brothers who opened the protective cover, but it binds the Zhang brothers and San Sanxiu in one area.
Zhang Deshi tried to break out of the attack range of the beam of magic banners several times or planned that Zhang Deren would be with him, but he was stopped by the ghost who manipulated the beam of magic banners by Wei Wu.
However, several people in Wei Wu are still in danger, and several people must keep moving in the beam of magic banners. Zhang Deren and de-Shi Zhang are fighting together to give Fu Bao an opportunity, but as a result, several people in Wei Wu consume aura very quickly, and it won’t be long before several people lose when their aura dries up.
The Zhang brothers are obviously a few people at the end of this situation, so they are not in a hurry to achieve success.
Although the Bai Zhang brothers intend to, it is only a matter of time before Wei Wu fails in any way.
"Wait" See Wei Wu shouting at the Zhang brothers while holding a few ancient books in one hand.
"Don’t you want these books? If I destroy it at this moment, you can’t stop it. Why don’t you let me leave and we’ll send you these books? Otherwise, even if you can kill me, you can’t get it.
Brother Zhang looked at each other and knew that Wei Wu was telling the truth. If they really destroyed their credentials, they could kill them to vent their anger, but there was no substance.
"Then you can give us the money first, and then we will release you." Zhang Deshi said to Wei Wu.
"Hum, I will give it to you now when I am a three-year-old child. What if you get it and then go back on your word?"
"That stay like? I won’t let you go first. "
"Why don’t you put away Fubao first and I’ll treat you?"
"Good deal"
"It’s a deal"
Both sides temporarily stopped attacking Zhang Deshi, stopped Fubao first and slowly recycled it.
See Zhang Deren has walked to come over Zhang Deshi suddenly difficult FuBao straight to Wei Wu.
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Chapter 9 Yellowbird
Wei Wu dark call is not good, although he didn’t believe Zhang Deshi’s words, he was always on the alert, but Fubaolai was too fast and the two people were not far apart. When Wei Wugang wanted to destroy several ancient books, he felt his arm numb and lost his strength.
Qin Lan and Zhang Biao saw Ji and Wei Wu’s left arm fall to the ground together and wanted to bend down to pick it up, but Zhang Deshi saw that the sneak attack was successful and there would be a chance for them to pick it up and coerce themselves. Therefore, Fubao danced around Ji and prevented Qin Lan and Zhang Biao from reacting and losing his left arm. Wei Wu dared not approach.
When Wei Wu saw it, he knew that it was unbearable to say hello to Qin Lan and Zhang Biao, but the Zhang brothers would let them escape and were not busy picking up the lost cadastre. Zhang Deren chased Qin Lan, and Zhang Biao Zhang Deshi chased Wei Wu, intending to kill them and leave future trouble.
Where did Wei Wu’s posture run past Fubao’s flying degree? Before Fubao reached ten feet, he had already arrived behind Wei Wu. De-Shi Zhang directed Fubao to give Wei Wulai a confrontation, but he was blocked by a layer of green light from Wei Wushen. Although it blocked Fubao’s offensive, Wei Wu was also beaten. He thought that there was no chance when he ran.
Although Wei Wu dodged around, it was futile for Fubao to hit a burst of metal ring against the green light. Obviously, the green light could not stop the cyan from fading slowly. With Wei Wu sticking a symbol in front of him, the green light spontaneously ignited and disappeared. Listen to a cry. Wei Wu has been passed through the heart by Fubao and died.
When Zhang Deshi returned, he just saw that Zhang Deren had also solved Qin Lan and Zhang Biao. The Zhang brothers planned to get a few copies of the secret script first and then deal with the dead people. But when they arrived at the place where the book fell, what secret script was there now besides the arm? The two people were so popular that they were looking for it, but where was there any shadow nearby?
It was taken away by Yang Xiu, and Yang Xiu didn’t intend to get involved in this matter. But when Yang Xiu saw that the Zhang brothers were in a hurry to chase Wei Wu, Qin Lan and Zhang Biao, there was no horse to pick up the lost books, he was moved.
Weeds are overgrown here and covered by shrubs, and the Zhang brothers are also chasing after it. I didn’t expect that there would be another hidden person here. If you carefully dive under the cover of shrubs and take the cheats, you will probably succeed. The cheats are just around the corner. Who doesn’t care?
Yang Xiu perked up and was extremely vigilant. After crawling slowly and successfully, Yang Xiu saw that the fight over there was coming to an end, and the Zhang brothers would turn around. Therefore, Yang Xiu did not escape but returned to the cave to converge and observe the outside situation.
Sure enough, when Yang Xiu returned to the cave and just looked out, the Zhang brothers had already come back.
Seeing that the Zhang brothers’ secret book is missing, they are irritable. Yang Xiu is even more afraid of the atmosphere. If he is afraid, he will have to dismember himself to solve his heart hate.
Fortunately, the Zhang brothers searched again and there is no hidden hole here.
Zhang Deshi and Zhang Deren didn’t find any trace. Hate it. Zhang Deshi was so angry that he swore that if he knew who did good, he would regret coming to this world.
The two men piled up the bodies of Wei Wu, Qiu, Qin Lan and Zhang Biao, cleared out several character bags, and then burned several people to ashes in a fireball, and the wind blew them without leaving any trace.
Yang Xiu was relieved when he saw the Zhang brothers, but he still didn’t dare to be careless. Who knows if they will kill a comeback? It turns out that Yang Xiu was worried that there was nothing wrong with waiting for half an hour, and the Zhang brothers returned to look for it again.
"It seems that the man is really not here" Zhang Deren.