This, this, this … This painting style is wrong!

According to Gengye’s idea, shouldn’t LingHan, who has always been very proud, take the initiative to challenge? At that time, the audience will pour cheers and shouts on Ling Han, and his teammates will also be contaminated with a little great light …
But why did this guy take the initiative? You, you, you … Aren’t you always modest? How can you do such a thing by taking the initiative to provoke? We should do it!
Gengye just heard about LingHan grandiloquence and knew that his amazing strength had reached a height of 70,000 meters, but then he looked at LingHan’s expression and found that his eyes were actually somewhat evasive. Gengye’s heart was cold at that time …
At this moment LingHan heart is almost angry is almost roar.
To tell the truth, he is very reluctant to play against Mo Tianyuan again, even if it is to let him and Xie Xiaofeng, the chief god recognized by the country, feel that it is much better than Mo Tianyuan’s game. Don’t worry about it every time. After the game with Mo Tianyuan, he already has a shadow in his heart.
Looking at this moment, Mo Tianyuan came over without any selfish interests, and named himself to learn from Ling Han. He immediately felt a little unbearable. He felt that his brilliant personality was greatly insulted. When I’m afraid of you! ?
Come on! Let the storm come more violently!
At the moment, the audience is almost going to turn over with Mo Tianyuan’s reckless provocation. These two people are the most shining in the Super League. It is also well known that they are competing for the two people at the same time. At this time, seeing Mo Tianyuan directly come to Ling Han to challenge in front of the Chinese audience is simply to make the audience excited and ready to cry.
This, this, this … These two games will be saved for the last appearance. Does it mean that the first game today will be a winner?
"oh! We Mo Tianyuan are really awesome! He actually challenged Ling Han in the first game. You know, although Ling Han’s players are so hot in their heyday, it’s really not many people who have the courage to take the initiative to challenge him. So will we Linghan players take up this challenge? Oh! My goodness! Ling Han’s contestant is up. Is he going to accept the challenge of Mo Tianyuan? ?” The host said excitedly
Among several players in the family Team, Du Liante looked at this stage and whispered, "It’s a little interesting …"
The audience watched Ling Han slowly walk out of the seat. In front of the audience, he picked up the host and handed it to the microphone. He said, "Since some people want to die, I will get back the dignity I lost today!"
He resounded through every corner of the venue to let the audience know that this great god, also from East China Division, was really angry.
Since last year’s Super League, these two men have been the focus of national cool runners’ attention to the top players, and they won the fourth and fifth place in East China respectively in an sea election. It can be said that there has been a long history of infighting. Are they going to collide again in this influential national competition today?
The audience didn’t know the final result, but they knew that it was a wonderful visual feast for the two of them to meet.
Entering the game seat debugging hand, the mobile phone enters the organizer’s game account number, and it is still a uniform first-class role. The only difference in the Super League is that the number of equipment is more this time.
And they also put these equipment into the first attack mode competition.
Tiancheng belongs to the North China Division. Supposedly, all the pages in the city should be watching the live broadcast of the North China Division, but at this time, most of them are in the live broadcast of the Northeast Division in front of the pages in the city.
No, don’t let the great god who walked out of our heavenly city, he is in the northeast today.
"It’s strange how these two people fought together again?" In the boudoir, Liu Xintong looked at Mo Tianyuan and Ling Han, who were sitting in the competition seats at this time, but their hearts were faintly worried. She didn’t care whether he could win the final game. The most important thing was not to affect his mood because of winning or losing, but now she found that the man who played Mo Tianyuan at this time was a Ling Han.
The only difference is that Mo Tianyuan took the initiative to stir things up this time.
"This guy is really who you are looking for, but it is not ugly to find that guy in case he loses?" Liu Xintong’s small mouth pursed as if he were dissatisfied with Mo Tianyuan’s provocation just now.
On the right side of her pink brain, Mo Tianyuan won the trophy in the Super League, which once made the national cool runner dream of getting it. Because of his promise, it became her exclusive possession.
At the same time, in front of the live video of the brain in the Northeast Division, there are still some bad pages in Tiancheng …
"See what North China Division competition! Isn’t it nice to see the northeast? I’m telling you, this Mo Tianyuan is really my brother. It’s just that the sky is falling and it doesn’t change the fact. I said, why don’t you believe me? " The higher the tea is, the more inside Zhang Shaotian’s little cousin stays in front of the office with him at this time, but the country’s first cool running goddess, Shallow Warm fans, cried and shouted to watch the live broadcast of the competition in North China Division at this time, but Zhang Shaotian rebuffed it.
Little cousin nature is not letter face very grievance said "you cheat! I think you just have a strong interest in the rough people in Northeast China. Otherwise, why don’t you watch it when Sister Wen is so beautiful? Why are you going to see some northeast game and saying it’s the Mo Tianyuan brothers? I think I am still a warm brother! "
Zhang Shaotian turned over their language way "please this MoTianYuan is really my brother, ok? You’re a child. Every family knows what you can do when you grow up. Look at your cousin. I’m a good-looking man. I’m still a single aristocrat. Do you understand? Besides, what’s the big deal about your sister? Maybe my brother, Xiao Mo, can easily take her if he works hard … "
"ah! ! ! Don’t you dare insult my sister, I will fight you hard! "
Chapter 537 Night Baby+Meteor Lion!
Ling Han didn’t say much. He took a seat in the competition and sacrificed his best cycling boy directly!
However, at this time, the bicycle boy is no longer the little bicycle+super boy, but the super bicycle and super boy! Although the name of the first super teenager in Linghan was taken away by Mo Tianyuan in a super league, Mo Tianyuan didn’t make a lot of cycling teenagers in public. In addition, he has been preparing for the college entrance examination in the past six months, and the number of times he appeared in public is even less. Therefore, although everyone knows that he is a super teenager, he is still a bigger cycling teenager in terms of influence.
At this time, the audience saw Linghan take out this set of equipment and shouted in succession.
"oh! Male god, are you going to match your life to run this game? "
"Ha ha ha! Ridiculous! Ling Han in the Super League in 2008 lost this combination to Mo Tianyuan, and now he dares to come up with this combination, even if he wants to repeat the mistakes of last year! "
"That doesn’t necessarily mean that Ling Han lost to Mo Tianyuan last year, but his main match is this combination, and Mo Tianyuan hasn’t seen anything about him in the past six months. He is afraid that even if he is a bicycle boy, he will be better than Ling Han."
"That’s not necessarily. Maybe somebody else’s great god is burying his head in practice?"
The audience talked noisily, but everyone still affirmed that Ling Han had come up with this set of equipment. After all, there are not many well-known players in China who can beat Ling Han in this combination.
Even now, I’m afraid Mo Tianyuan is not necessarily Linghan’s opponent in this combination.
Super Bike+Super Boy+Green Light Xiong Linghan will sacrifice this combination to instantly fight off the charts!
Supercycle is the evolution of small bicycle. Although it feels similar, the body looks more stable and its body attributes have been strengthened a lot.
The full level 13 is three levels higher than the full level 1 bicycle, which is an amazing change. It has the skills of flying score plus 12%, local sprint, ultimate sprint and so on.
It is a blessing for young players who like bicycles and super-bikes to be suspicious. It is absolutely no less than the combination of the same period to match the green light bear with the special bicycle teenagers.
Since the beginning of the line, the green light bear has become the exclusive elf debut effect for super teenagers. The score of crossing the pink or yellow stars plus 1% can be called the super teenager’s distraction skill. In the years when the captain of the tiger balm elf bear occupied all the major advantages, the suspicion of the green light bear broke the myth of the captain’s fate. Since then, the captain of the bear will never want to touch the bicycle juvenile wheel again …
However, because the combination of this elf is too simple, it will become penniless without the super boy like a super bike and a small bike.
However, there is no doubt about its bonus to the super-young.
However, the reference of this game is the last distance. Although the combination is not low, the audience still chose this feel and squeezed a cold sweat. But then they thought, "No, Ling Han is the first cyclist in China. How could he have problems on the track because of the feel?" Mm-hmm, or we ordinary people think too much! "
The difference between Ling Han and Mo Tianyuan is that he didn’t match him as he did last time. He rummaged through the dazzling array of characters and equipment in the equipment column and finally fixed his combination on the surface.
Night Baby+Meteor Lion+Minos+Captain Bear!
Night Baby is a gliding character with full-scale 13-level full-scale skill D. When the full-scale skill takes effect at 32: 1, the cool running mode is 12: 4. After the countdown, the night baby skill can automatically generate a rainbow bridge, and when it touches the rainbow bridge, it will immediately cross into the reward, which is a good life-saving skill.