In foreign countries, the two teams still have to put aside their differences and work together for the time being. After all, they are both capital teams, and they are all being exploited for personal gain by people all day long.

The holy alliance against Juventus and AC Milan, Corriere dello Sport, is on Lazio’s side.
Of course, the fact that "Corriere dello Sport" made such a big fuss about this matter included listing every sentence of Changsheng in the post-match press conference, which actually gave a thought.
That is, taking the opportunity to win a black game, Juventus, the Italian Football Association and the Italian professional league will focus their anger on winning the game.
In this way, if the Football Association wants to find someone to trouble, the first one will think of winning.
When the time comes, no matter what punishment, you can’t run away.
Sure enough, the Italian Football Association responded to Chang Sheng’s press conference after the game.
They think that it is inappropriate for the team coach to judge the referee at will, so they warn Lazio club and the winning team.
The winning response to this is "judge the referee at will?" My team almost lost at home. Am I being casual? In my game, a good goal of ours was blown offside. The original three-minute injury time was counted as five minutes, and then it was finally made up to six and a half minutes. If my undercover proud brother Ibrahimovic hadn’t decisively shot the ball away, I can guarantee that I would have finished with you! "
Chang Sheng and the Football Association didn’t forget Hei Ibrahimovic when they scolded him. He was "true love" for the Swedes.
I chose silence for winning the counterattack against the Italian Football Association.
In fact, they didn’t intend to just let it go. They must let this ungrateful winner know who he is doing right.
But when you wake up, they pay attention to the past in Spain, and they realize that their opponents are not as weak as they are …
When the Spanish Football Association sent a referee to fuck Valencia, it was completely stared at by the mad dog Changsheng.
In the end, Changsheng mobilized the media to completely retire the referee.
The Italian Football Association got cold feet when it heard this …
Changsheng likes to dig up old scores and column data.
It’s hard to say if it’s right with him. It’s obvious that the public always wins, and they don’t.
Plus winning the mad dog character, he will definitely end up with the Football Association.
At that time, it will definitely be the Football Association that is unlucky, not the winning team, because the winning team is in the driver’s seat. De Santis really favors Juventus, which is beyond doubt.
These two days, the TV station is discussing many controversial penalties in this game, which has put great pressure on the Italian Football Association. It is absolutely not good for the Italian Football Association to continue to entangle with Changsheng.
Thought of here to weigh the pros and cons, the Italian Football Association chose silence.
They can’t afford to be taunted with this mad dog of plague.
Because the Italian Football Association knows how to advance and retreat, silence always wins, and the Italian Football Association war has not broken out, which makes these media waiting to watch the excitement very disappointed.
Changsheng didn’t even receive a fine!
The Football Association is too weak!
Because of the controversy of this game, people have neglected that Lazio is actually the first in the league.
They beat Juventus by two points over the Bianconeri at the top of the league.
This position has never been taken since Lazio won the league title in 1992 …
Lazio fans once wanted this position, but then they were a little eager and finally completely desperate
Now I can’t even think about it, and it’s just come true!
You know, this is a group of young diaosi teams that almost broke the production club!
They did what a group of nebulae and blue eagles failed to do …
Rome is full of praise from Lazio fans for winning-at this time, the identity of winning China is not a problem at all.
Even extreme fans have said that winning is really their savior …
So in the first leg of the Italian Cup between Lazio and Stadella in the middle of the week, a popular song called "Rome, do you regret it?" 》
There is a lyric in the whole song, "Do you regret the Club of Rome? Do you regret the club of Rome? Do you regret the club of Rome? "
In this way, the naked ridicule of Rome is repeated repeatedly.
Rome, do you regret it?
Chapter sixty-three Poor Christmas dinner
No one knows if Rome will regret it, because they will not admit it.
But in fact, people don’t need them to admit that Lazio fans are just ridiculing Rome for attacking their sworn enemies in the same city.
Lazio beat Serie B team Stadella 31 at home.
Lazio drew with Lecce away in the weekend league.
Without scoring a goal, I almost lost a goal.
If handanovic hadn’t done so well …
Perhaps the team was relieved after beating Juventus. Lazio didn’t perform very well in this game.
This is the characteristic of young players. They can beat incredible enemies with extraordinary performance in the face of strong enemies.
You can also be listless when facing the weak and lose the game.
This team is still not stable enough. It has done its best to make the team behave more stably, but his ability is limited after all, especially when he faces the whole Serie A.
Although Lazio tied the game, it was still ranked first. Juventus won the game and scored the same points as Lazio, but Lazio was ahead of Juventus in terms of the number of goals, the goal difference or the victory or defeat of both sides.
Just after the winter break of Serie A against Lecce.
Lazio finally won the winter break championship before the winter break.
This is a great achievement.
Everyone who knows Lazio knows how difficult it is for Lazio to achieve such results.
Because of such good results, I believe everyone should have good news at Christmas dinner.
But when Lotito told Changsheng Lazio that there was no Christmas dinner, Changsheng was stunned.