Chapter four hundred and twenty-four Suicide
If you want to kill someone before, it is impossible for this kind of thing to happen to the demon family, because their lives are more valuable than human lives, but now it is not before or now, and it is an era when human beings in the Tianlan demon world are changing their minds!
All those people who were extremely helpful to the arrival of help from the Zhengxian Society really didn’t mean anything about their voices. They really wanted to kill the golden lion.
Xiao Wen naturally won’t show mercy, but one hand presses the right fist of the golden lion’s neck, which is about to hit him, but it’s right. The crazy and playful eyes of the golden lion immediately raise a sense of strength. Obviously, the golden lion knows born to die and is not afraid of death. The golden lion told Xiao Wen in his eyes to kill it and Qian Qian to come out with it.
These unscrupulous low-level monster beasts have brought great trouble to Zhengxian Society in recent days! The most tenacious resistance of zhengxianhui to lead the rise of mankind is from the lowest level of demon race. This situation is really unexpected for those high-level officials of zhengxianhui.
There was a strong smell of blood in his nose, and Xiao Wen could tell how many people the golden lion had killed, but even if it killed one, it wouldn’t spare it!
Punch out!
Xiao asked the physical strength to punch through the head of the golden lion!
The eye golden lion will die in Xiao Wenquan Zhengxian Club, and those low-ranking monks and ordinary people have their hearts tightened because they can finally get revenge.
However, in the middle of this time, there was a sudden cry "Wait!"
Xiao asked immediately stopped listening to the sound and turned to those low-order monks and ordinary people with puzzled faces.
It was later that the speaker arrived at Xiahou Ren. He never left the gate of the Duke’s mansion and didn’t care about others’ doubts and accusations. His eyes were staring at the golden lion.
The golden lion is dead, and naturally he won’t be afraid of Xiahou Ren, but at that moment, he shivered for no reason and felt a frightening chill.
Golden lion’s eyes are crazy and playful, but Xiahou Ren’s eyes are even crazier and more playful!
With a contemptuous smile, Xiahou Renqing said, "I’ll destroy it."
"Shout …"
They were all holding their breath. They wanted to know that Xiahou Ren had stopped them from hearing such an answer. They were holding their breath in their chests and suddenly spit it out.
Xiao asked is one leng and then did not hesitate to bend his right elbow and directly hit his right forearm flat on the golden lion’s head and directly hit the golden lion unconscious.
"But does anyone know where the lion lives?" Xiahou ren asked
"It’s Whistling Mountain, where the lion lives. It’s seven thousand miles southeast of Huashan Mountain." There is a low-order monk who is a fairy society.
"Let’s go together" Xiahou Rendao
Just after the words fell, there was a golden light rushing out of the Rendan field in Xiahou, and it was more than a mile in the Zhonghua Wing Exhibition.
Now Xiahou Ren is more comfortable in controlling the Golden Body Shengpeng and Thunderstorm God Ape, and can already bring them into Dantian. Although it has not established a blood mark, the progress is still much greater than before.
The Golden Body Shengpeng is like a golden cloud with its wings slowly vibrating and floating in the Lord’s Mansion. Because Huayan Mountain City is too small, the volume of the Golden Body Shengpeng has already exceeded the Lord’s Mansion several times, covering almost half of Huayan Mountain City.
At that time, the city shook and those people in front of the duke’s house were dumbfounded.
Xiahou Ren didn’t care so much and Xiao Wen made an eye for Se, and then both of them wrapped up in Qi Qi Shi Daoli, and all of them teleported to the back of the Golden Body Saint Peng.
"hey! ! !”
The Golden Body Shengpeng rushed out of Huayan Mountain City with a flutter of his wings, and quickly turned into a jin hong and disappeared into the eyes of the people in Huayan Mountain City.
Until now, the Golden Body Shengpeng carried those members of the Zhengxian Society back to God and realized who they were!
Xiahou Ren!
You Kirin, who owns the ninth-order monster beast, has dropped the ninth-order golden body Shengpeng and Thunderstorm God Ape, which have become famous throughout the Tianlan demon world.
What about the other guy?
Judging from its appearance and figure, is it not more famous than Xiahou Ren?
Reminiscent of Tian Lan’s demon world, Xiao Wen, who said that this person could really be Xiao Wen!
Because Xiao Wen is particularly approachable, he doesn’t feel like a hero until he gets along with him for a long time.
This time they turned out to be Xiao Wen and Xiahou Ren!
Excited, excited and trembling, everyone could hardly speak.
In addition to that, the speed of Zhongtian Dunju Golden Body Shengpeng is almost the most 7,000-mile journey in Tianlan demon world, and it will soon take everyone to Whistling Mountain.
Xiao Shan Zhan Shi Tian Lan demon lion clan is excellent in fighting. At the peak of Xiao Shan, there was a fairy king, a fairy house and more than a dozen immortals. However, the peak of Xiao Shan Zhan Shi has long passed, and it’s even worse. In the past six months, there have been many battles between the gods and the immortals.
Nowadays, there are no more than ten big immortals in the roaring mountain and lion fairy house, and the rest of the low-ranking ones are not too many.
After coming to Xiaoshan, only a few stars can be seen in the field of vision, and the rest should be hidden in the dark to practice or rest
After the Golden Body Shengpeng stopped at Gao Hou, Xiahou Ren took the dizzy golden lion in his hand with one hand, and the golden lion woke up with his eyes open.
At first, the golden lion was a little confused, and then he recognized where it was now.
Xiahou Ren smiled at the Golden Lion and then exhaled outward without any hesitation.
"Whistling mountain lion clan, listen, I’m a fairy meeting Xiahou Ren! Our Zhengxian Society has made a pact of non-aggression with Liangshan Demon League, but your fighting lion suddenly rushed into Huayan Mountain City to kill and kill dozens of our Zhengxian Society! I didn’t punish Xiahou for coming to destroy you. Don’t forget this genocide after you die. It’s because of this lion. You can also turn a spectre into a ghost to seek revenge with Xiahou. I’m always waiting! "
Don’t wait for the roaring mountain and the lion clan to react. Xiahou Rendantian’s green Se Lei Guang suddenly rushed out in the middle, gathering more and more, and finally turning into a thunderstorm ape!
"roar! ! !”
Thunderstorm god apes face upwards whistling a shock mountain forest and then suddenly rushed straight right fist Lei Guang has been dazzling to let people look straight!
The light continues to condense into several green and white arcs, which spill out from the right fist of the Thunderstorm Ape, and slowly swing like strips of live thunder tentacles. The Thunderstorm Ape is getting faster and faster and closer to the ground!
Thousands of feet, 600 feet …
"boom! ! !”
Thunderstorm ape’s right fist with a piercing eye finally landed on the ground!
Visible to the naked eye, every ray of light is as thick as a child’s arm when the thunderstorm god ape fist spreads from the valley at a high speed!
Five miles, ten miles, thirty miles, fifty miles! ! !
Whistling mountain is surrounded by mountains and lions all live on the hillside around the mountain in the middle valley. At this moment, the huge valley and the side around the mountain seem to have become another world of light!
This week, those who can’t fly in the Xiaoshan Warrior Lions have been recruited regardless of the realm!
An immortal realm war lion on the southern hillside was shocked at first. When it hit, it tried to hide, but it couldn’t come. Se Guanghua immediately poured out of it and wrapped it all, but it didn’t help because those who touched the target would immediately pull other directions to flow in! Green Se light broke the protective golden light of the war lion without effort and directly touched its flesh! The force quickly poured in and baked it thoroughly, so that it was burnt outside and tender inside and even caught fire!
The fairy realm is still so, not to mention those low-order war lions.
Light comes and disappears quickly, but after it disappears, the mountains around Xiaoshan have undergone earth-shaking changes. How can it be restored?
There are fires everywhere, and the bodies of burnt lions are everywhere. Ordinary beasts are even more fortunate.
When the thunderstorm ape slowly rises from the ground, Xiahou Ren squints at the golden lion around him, and the banter in his eyes is more intense.
The golden lion’s body trembled, and his eyes almost dripped with blood. Just now, the low-order and juvenile lion died after the roaring mountain clan almost died!