There’s another watch at night
Chapter 1 The Tiger Monkey King is called’ liu er’
"Except for some fixed injury skills, all skill injuries are affected by the mental strength of both sides, and the battle environment, psychological weapons and equipment of both sides, etc. can all affect the skill effect. The specific impact ratio fluctuates and the data is accurately converted. Read the latest chapter >
The skills of the five elements will increase or decrease according to the principle of good luck, the five elements interacting with each other and the spiritual strength values of both sides. If the spiritual strength difference between the two sides is too large or the attributes of the five elements are chaotic, the actual increase and decrease effects will change to some extent. The accurate ratio of this change has approximate data.
Attacking key parts or special areas, the enemy’s physical strength is reduced to a certain extent, or the opponent has a special effect. There is a certain chance to produce a fatal blow effect. The probability of this effect varies according to the strength of both sides, the battlefield environment, mentality and good luck. "
In addition to learning the inflammation spell, Li Feiyang also received such a string that he suddenly understood that the damage effect of his skills will change according to many factors, such as the data that the inflammation spell damage is 1, but it will actually change due to many factors.
Once the five elements are involved, it will increase or weaken the effect according to the principle that the five elements generate each other, so that the final injury data will increase a lot of variables. It can be expected that the more the five elements are involved, the greater this variable will be. For example, if the other party is an intensive judge of the five elements, there will be changes in Li Feiyang’s five elements skills, and the more chaotic and complicated the five elements are, the more incredible this change result will be.
In addition, if the attack is aimed at key parts or some special areas, there may be a fatal blow effect, or the physical value may fall to a certain extent, or the other party may be injured, poisoned and other States, but this magical effect is even less accurate. Calculation method and basis.
However, there is one attribute that can affect various effects, and that is good luck.
Li Feiyang had never considered adding the attribute of "good luck" before, because he felt that this item seemed to be nothing, and the good luck didn’t increase when upgrading. Even if Li Feiyang added it to this side, he felt that some waves were lower than the other four items even if he added the same amount of good luck, but now Li Feiyang should seriously consider it. If good luck has any effect on various States, then it should be good to add it appropriately.
One night, instead of being tired, Li Feiyang was in high spirits and refreshed. After getting up and simply washing, Li Feiyang had to do morning runs every day.
Li Feiyang, who is running, seems to have some different degrees today, which is higher than yesterday, not to mention that he is also full of physical strength. What is even more amazing is that every time he feels tired, he will produce a warm current in his own practice of fire-fighting meridians and then instantly rush to his body to soothe his fatigue.
It’s just an hour after three laps. It’s the first time since Li Feiyang ran that Mochizuki Ayumu, a drunken fairy, has finished three laps in one hour.
If there are five elements of elders who follow Cheng, they will be surprised that Li Feiyang’s degree and physical strength are few among the younger brothers of the five elements, and now Li Feiyang is one of them.
In fact, according to the training level of normal people, Li Feiyang can never achieve such an effect in such a short time. It is precisely because of the help of cultivating immortality that Li Feiyang can get a physical fitness or posture upgrade every time, which in turn affects and improves Li Feiyang’s physique. Li Feiyang’s physical fitness will rise so fast in this cycle.
After running, Li Feiyang once again came to practice the cliff yesterday to continue practicing the fire.
Last night, Li Feiyang practiced all night and got through three channels in the meridians. He didn’t know that it was unprecedented in the Five Elements Sect. If the elders of the Five Elements Sect knew it, they would be amazed that Li Feiyang was a wizard of uniting!
The reason why he entered the country so quickly is that Li Feiyang did not rely on the help of Dan medicine or the help of Master like other brothers, but abruptly completed the process by his own perseverance, which made his meditation foundation very solid. The second reason is that Li Feiyang has gained a lot of spiritual strength because of cultivating immortality. Although he has never practiced real dharma, this spiritual strength has already laid a solid foundation for Qi, which played an important role in the attack.
There are thirteen ways to practice meridians by fire determination. According to the fire determination, the thirteen ways are described, and the first realm of practice is achieved, that is, the so-called foundation period.
According to the five elements of dzogchen’s cultivation method, Li Feiyang must cultivate five kinds of achievement methods at the same time if he wants to cultivate all five elements, and the limitation of these five kinds of achievement methods is that once the three paths pass through three paths, practicing other methods will affect the entry and get hurt.
Li Feiyang naturally doesn’t know that he has gone astray in the practice road.
Sitting cross-legged, Li Feiyang once again entered a state of meditation and practiced fire.
Pure yang qi runs in three lanes and then continues to the fourth lane. After several conflicts, the fourth lane is rushed smoothly, and then the fifth, sixth and seventh lanes. Only when the qi gradually weakens, Li Feiyang takes a deep breath and slowly closes his eyes.
"Ah ~ ~! ! !” Li Feiyang’s eyes were wide open and suddenly he was shocked. A face full of golden retrievers almost stuck to his face, red face and big eyes like black grapes. It looked very strange and frightening.
Li Feiyang’s roar loud immediately startled the "thing" in front of his face, and heard a scream of "cheep". A pair of sharp claws shua shua scratched Li Feiyang’s face for two times and then the "thing" jumped in three steps and two steps.
Li Feiyang choked back the pain in his face and looked at the golden monkey lying in front of him. His appearance was somewhat similar to that of a tiger monkey. He was much thinner than that of a tiger monkey, but he was a queer look. What surprised Li Feiyang most was that his ears were crystal clear and he had three small earlobes in each ear …
Chapter 19 liu er Friendship
Li Feiyang looked at the little monkey, and the little monkey was also curious to look at Li Feiyang’s dark and liquid eyes. Blinking is very cute. The little monkey is not tall. Li Feiyang’s knees look like a golden hairball. Read the latest chapter >
Li Feiyang rubbed his face and then carefully approached the little monkey for two steps. As a result, the little monkey squeaked nervously and regressed for two steps. Li Feiyang went forward again, and the little monkey retreated again. Unconsciously, one person and one monkey had retreated to the edge of the cliff.
Seeing the little monkey is behind the cliff, Li Feiyang unconsciously stretched out his hand and shouted, "Don’t retreat behind …"
Li Feiyang stretched out his hand and startled the little monkey. He took a step back again and his feet fell backwards.
Li Feiyang suddenly moved the drunken fairy Mochizuki Ayumu, and the whole person drew a string of virtual shadows and went forward. After several months of exercise, Li Feiyang’s degree was already much higher. At this time, the drunken fairy Mochizuki Ayumu’s four-fold bonus was added to the body, and the degree was even faster. If the distance of seven or seven meters was almost one step, he crossed the past and blinked to the little monkey near and reached for the little monkey.
As a result, Li Fei just reached out and froze.
At this time, the little monkey hung to the ground. As a result, I didn’t expect that a slender long tail was thrown high behind its half-body, and then it was severely smoked on the cliff. Peng, a crunchy hard cliff was smashed by the little monkey’s tail force, and several huge stones were scattered and splashed. Then the rebound force suddenly rose by several meters directly above Li Feiyang’s head.
Even if it is high, it will be high. However, the little monkey’s smoke makes his body deviate from the direction and fall to the outside of the cliff.
Li Feiyang reached out and grabbed it, but missed it by a few inches. Seeing the little monkey slowly rising and then rapidly falling, the frightened look was already revealed in his big eyes. Li Feiyang was well-intentioned and the whole person struggled to leap forward and hugged the little monkey.
One person, one monkey, just fell down.
The little monkey was clever enough to hold it in Li Feiyang’s arms, and it was on Li Feiyang’s shoulder that he quickly turned to Li Feiyang’s back and grabbed Li Feiyang’s head with his paws, then closed his eyes tightly.
Li Feiyang heard the wind ringing in his ears, and the scene in front of him flew and changed, flashing with a trembling feeling. From the back of his spine, he rushed to the top of his head, and his muscles were tensed instantly. Li Feiyang quietly looked at the corner of his eye and saw the jagged smoke clouds in the square. I don’t know how deep and far it is. The whole person is like walking on clouds, and it is difficult for him to breathe without any effort.
At this time, Li Feiyang’s fear in the face of death threats has reached the limit, but Rao is so. Instead, his heart is well-connected and quiet. At this time, Mochizuki Ayumu’s skills are still going on. Although half-French efforts are made, Li Feiyang can still swing slightly and quickly to maintain his body balance. Otherwise, he would have rolled horizontally and vertically at this time.
Li Feiyang and the little monkey flew in my mind and turned several thoughts in an instant. The mind flashed to cultivate immortality and quietly flashed a thick-bladed broadsword in the hands of Li Feiyang.
Then Li Feiyang drank a lot of feet and kicked several bodies in the middle, and immediately rushed towards the cliff.
After three blood coagulation exhausted Li Feiyang’s eyes were wide open and the broadsword was aimed at the cliff and inserted in the past!
Bang ~ ~ ! When ~ ~! ! A dull explosion followed by a crisp sound of gold and iron. Li Feiyang’s body is like a flying table tennis ball. First, it was severely hit by a cliff, and then it was smashed by a thick-bladed broadsword in the hand of a crashing bomb. The violent impact made his chest as painful as pieces, and poof spouted one mouthful blood.
At 27 o’clock, the physical value fell to the bottom of the valley in an instant, then jumped again, then slowly fell, then continued to rise, and finally remained around 2 o’clock.
Fortunately, Li Feiyang had the foresight to exhaust three blood clots first, otherwise the impact would have killed him!
"The cumulative effect can be achieved by recovering a single person’s physical strength by 5 points after blood coagulation and recovering the physical strength by 1 point in the next 15 seconds."
This also startled Li Feiyang’s little monkey. It panicked and screamed sharply. Two golden claws pulled Li Feiyang’s head and made Li Feiyang’s scalp ache.
Is Li Feiyang at this time has been unable to attend to these a bump, although let him suffered heavy losses, but it delayed some of his own fall without hesitation, throwing out half the blade to cultivate immortality and flashing a long sword again in the hands of Li Feiyang.
Fortunately, Li Feiyang immediately rushed to the injury after the blood coagulation was exhausted, and the pain in his body was not so obvious. He summoned up his strength and struggled to pounce and inserted the sword toward the cliff.
When ~ ~! The sword broke faster than the broadsword, but this time Li Feiyang had the experience and didn’t let himself jump too close. His hands were torn by a huge piece of flesh and blood.
Li Feiyang once again, the physical value of the two blood coagulation exhausted again rose to around 24 o’clock.
Will broken arrow thrown Li Feiyang again took out a long knife and jumped at the cliff again …
Li Feiyang now hates that he didn’t steal more weapons and pills to cultivate immortality. There are nine more weapons. Li Feiyang broke the weapons one by one, even though he was constantly delaying his fall, but there was still a long way to go before he fell to the cliff. And this time and again, he was constantly injured and finally entered a state of continuous injury. His physical strength slowly fell. He could continue to eat the pills he stole, and the blood was scattered, and the grass was returned to Dan … In a short time, Li Feiyang had lost more than half of the pills in the cultivation ring, and there was less than half left.
And most of these Dan medicines are true qi medicines, and the physical medicine has a few left …
Take a deep breath. Li Feiyang has seen the cliff low. According to his estimation, there is still a distance of about 100 meters. There is still one last weapon in the cultivation of immortality ring. If we grasp the opportunity, we will have a chance.
The little monkey was very frightened. Later, when he saw Li Feiyang holding a weapon again and again to slow down the fall, he gradually calmed down. Instead of being afraid, he was excited and screamed. It seemed to be very fun, but he didn’t know that Li Feiyang was already the last fight. Life and death are still unknown!
Xiu Xian Jie flashed Li Feiyang and took out the last weapon. As a result, he suddenly roared with despair on his face!