"I don’t know. I’m surprised … to be honest, I was shocked, but I still have to seriously say that I have a family!"

Ever-victorious and serious, it’s like being in a political consultative conference …
As a result, when he returned to the hotel, his words rang
At that time, Changsheng was chatting with Rudy, dimatteo and Daunic in the hotel corridor when he heard the phone ring. He picked it up and saw that his face changed slightly. Then he quickly walked to the stairs.
Three people heard the sentence "Avril Lavigne, let me explain …"
I didn’t hear what I said next.
The three men looked at each other and then they all laughed heartily.
How can you hold a beautiful woman in your arms, especially a beautiful woman, and take the initiative to sacrifice herself without paying the price?
Lazio left Seoul for Tokyo early the next morning.
Many reporters went to the airport to see him off. Of course, they actually wanted to film Kim TaeYeon coming to the airport to see him off.
But to their disappointment, Kim TaeYeon did not show up.
Kim TaeYeon didn’t win again after that.
It is the enthusiasm of the Korean media that is still obsessed with Kim TaeYeon and Chang Sheng.
They don’t care about the fact that Changsheng is married.
A man must have a confidante, right
Many South Korean media claimed that Changsheng had hope to coach the South Korean national team.
Just because he is having an affair with Kim TaeYeon will make him love this country …
Fortunately, these are all reported by Korean media, and Chang Sheng didn’t see them in the future, otherwise he would be tempted to vomit "Love a country that can’t even afford meat?" I’m sorry I still prefer Sichuan style stew pork … "
Not quite as popular as in China and South Korea. Lazio, the winner, is much less popular in Japan.
Japanese people are not so forgetful. They still remember how Changsheng despised Japanese football …
In the press conference before the game, Chang Sheng was asked by many Japanese media about that year.
So Changsheng confirmed one thing.
That is, Japan was willing to invite Lazio to play a warm-up match and give a big appearance, not because they had market demand, but because of revenge.
In this regard, they specially asked Kashima Antlers, the champion of J League for three consecutive years, to be Lazio opponents, and at the pre-match press conference, Kashima Antlers coach also said that they would go all out.
This is Lazio’s second warm-up match and finally the strongest opponent.
Although the warm-up match doesn’t care about the strength of the opponent, the opponent’s heart has to make Changsheng feel strange.
Kashima Antlers is not technically a team in Tokyo. The team in Tokyo is called Tokyo FC, but it was relegated from J1 to J2 League last year.
Kashima Antlers is located in Kashima City, Ibaraki Prefecture, next to Tokyo, which is more than 40 kilometers away from Tokyo in the capital circle.
Base can be regarded as Tokyo satellite city.
It’s barely enough to say that Kashima antlers are local teams in Tokyo.
But I’m afraid neither Tokyo nor Kashima will agree with this statement.
The Japanese side obviously wants their strongest team here to fight Lazio.
Changsheng thinks it’s ridiculous that Japanese people are so thoughtful.
Isn’t this bring disgrace to oneself?
Chapter two hundred and seventy-four Spending money to be scolded is really high.
It is difficult for Changsheng to understand the Japanese brain circuit. They can challenge themselves to Lazio by sending Kashima Antlers, who have won three consecutive championships in China.
I wonder what they think.
Not to mention that the Japanese league has won three consecutive championships, even the team with 30 consecutive championships is not Lazio’s opponent.
The only chance for Japanese team to beat Lazio is that Lazio is not in the state, so there may be a certain chance.
So Chang Sheng once again showed his arrogance and arrogance at the press conference before the game.
He said to Japanese journalists, "I forgot about this matter. It’s really hard for you to remember it. After so many years and two years, I still remember that sentence. Personally, I don’t care about Japanese football. Don’t tell me about China football. If I represent myself now, it’s easy to beat me and win me. Say whatever you want, but don’t blame me."
On the day of the game, the players felt the hostility of the fans in the stands from the warm-up time.
Different from the previous three warm-up matches, the atmosphere of the stadium made them feel like a formal game, the kind of formal game in which three players can be replaced and they will be eliminated if they lose.
Japanese fans support Kashima antlers on one side.
There are only a handful of fans supporting Lazio Day in the stadium.
These people add up to 1000 people.
It is completely different from the relaxed and good atmosphere in China and South Korea.
This atmosphere has also made Lazio players serious.
A relaxed smile on the face has also been replaced by a dignified expression.
When they returned to the dressing room, Changsheng had made all the arrangements.
He asked the players to sit in their seats and wear that suit when they came out.
Then he said to the players, "I believe that you have fully felt people’s opinions about us here during the warm-up. This game of Kashima Antlers will definitely go all out. This is an excellent opportunity for us. This warm-up match is so practical that we can’t even get together at ordinary times. I ask you to go all out to this game, which is the best test for our summer training results …"
When that Japanese were bent on defeat Lazio for revenge.
Changsheng and Lazio regard this game as a rare opportunity to train.
If the Japanese know the truth, I don’t know how they will feel.
The Japanese, they are rivals to Lazio, but Lazio doesn’t seem to think much …
This game is really fierce. The main appearance of Kashima Antlers shows that it is as hard as playing the World Club Cup.
Players frequently put shovels in the game.
Even the referee is biased towards the home team.