Sue nine niang "…"

Xia Dashuan "…"
"Oh …" Summer flowers almost want to throw up.
Qing Ruchen winked at Xia Hua with one hand and smiled, "Don’t let people know what I’m doing to you, little flower."
Xia Hua refrained from beating up Qing Ruchen’s desire eyes and said, "What?"
Qing Ruchen put his hand over his chest and lowered his head and mouth, making faces at Xia Hua again. "That’s that! Little flower, you know. "
Xia Hua looked at Qing Ruchen’s smirking face and suddenly reacted. He couldn’t help but pick up the chopsticks on the table and brush them to Qing Ruchen’s lips. Xia Hua roared, "I told you to fart!"
"Mom, you see, little flowers beat my mom early in the morning. You should give me a quick evaluation. It’s hard for me to come here early in the morning to treat my mom. But the fruit is just that I got a beating from little flowers after eating more breakfast …"
"Okay, okay, little dust, it’s that flowers shouldn’t hit you if they don’t talk to you." Su nine niang comforted Xia Hua seriously. "How can you be so heavy-handed with flowers? Look at little dust’s mouth and it makes you swollen …"
"Mom, I’m a woman, not a gentleman." Xia Hua said in anger.
"Ha ha ….." Xia Dashuan clapped his hands and laughed, pointing to Qing Ruchen’s face. "Qing Guan’s visit to your lips now adds two more red beards, which is really interesting and more beautiful than Mr. Wen’s beard."
Qing Ruchen suddenly flashed his eyes and touched the swollen places on both sides of his lips. He asked Xia Dashuan if he didn’t believe it. "You said it’s true." Then he straightened his back and put his hands out and asked, "Is this more masculine?"
Xia Dashuan laughed. "It’s very, very important …"
"Just call me Brother Ruchen," Qing Ruchen said with a smile in the corner of her eye. She took out a bag of things from the sleeve cage and put it on the table. Summer flowers smelled bad and quickly covered her nose and asked, "What is so pungent?"
Qing Ruchen took a white look at Xia Hua before she was born. "Although I have always been very accommodating, I am a small flower. You are too much. Not only do you not care for your brother, I often bully me or ignore me."
"Well, well, I was wrong just now, but I can’t. Please stop nagging!" Summer flowers quickly covered her ears.
"Mom, look at Little Flower. Listen to me. I’m so impatient. I’m not even half-sincere. Fortunately, I’m always easy to talk to and I don’t want to argue with a little person and a little woman. You should also teach Little Flower a lesson. Don’t fall down with blood and mildew when she marries like this …" Qing Ruchen’s face was wronged.
Su nine niang is really tinged with Qing Ruchen criticizing flowers like this. No matter what others think, flowers are always the best in her heart, but she dare not refute Qing Ruchen. After all, Qing Ruchen was wronged early in the morning. She took out the softest smile to encourage her. "Dust, don’t be angry. Mom will accompany you for flowers. It’s really necessary to change your sex for a while. It’s good to talk, but everything is unreasonable. You should understand."
"Mom, don’t you think I talk too much? I’m always very reasonable. Every sentence …"
"Ha ha ….." Su nine niang touched his nose and said with a quick laugh, "Dust, you sit down first and I’ll tidy up a bowl of chopsticks." Then he took a brain and said, "Dust, please help Dazhuang to see if he can’t even get up today."
Qing Ruchen’s eyes flashed some unhappy faces, which were instantly attributed to annihilation and muttered, "It’s good to die in bed."
"Dust, what did you say?" Su nine niang asked doubtfully.
"Oh, nothing. I’ll go and help him see." Qing Ruchen got up.
"Yesterday, Big Strong had a headache all night, so please ask Qing Qing to have a good look." Summer flowers are supposed to look at Qing Ruchen with displeasure. She really can’t bear the pain like last night.
Qing Ruchen flattened his flat mouth and glanced at Xia Hua with his eyes slightly.
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Glancing at Xia Hua in anger, he said, "Oh, you idiot, your memory will get better. This will know that I’m very much in love. I’d like to be angry with you because I’m always very good …"
"Good mother, I also want to learn." Xia Dashuan got up and set his clothes aside. He straightened his back and left with a small baggage.
Xia Hua immediately pulled up the big bolt hand and said, "Sister Shuan will send you."
Qing Ruchen immediately stopped talking and snapped a chopstick in his hand. He looked at Xia Hua and said, "Little Flower, you want to hide from me again, don’t you?"
Summer flowers see Qing Ruchen’s face is not very good, and for the sake of old Niang’s health, she lowered her identity and silently took Qing Ruchen’s hand and broke it into two pieces of chopsticks to show a gentle smile. "How can you be so young? My sister wants to send him to learn …"
"Big bolt …"
"Big bolt …"
The external column of the courtyard and the call of Qin 11
Qing Ruchen’s eyes drifted out indifferently for two times, softening the volume slightly. "The little flower was accompanied by someone, but you didn’t send it."
Xia Dashuan nai shrugged his shoulders and smiled at Xia Hua.
Xia Hua turned to look at the two small figures facing Qin Eleven and the pillars in tandem. Two people showed a sweet smile and made a blessing to Xia Hua, and called a "Sister Xia Hua’s early morning."
Xia Huayu gave two quick smiles, "Hehe, it’s really early."
Three children went to the happy school hand in hand.
Qing Ruchen proudly stared at Xia Hua with a smile. "What are the little flowers still doing? I’ll give you a doctor. You should make a pot of tea to show filial piety to your brother. I always have no requirements for eating and drinking. I want to put three chrysanthemums, a square, ten-dollar rock sugar, three medlar, three red dates and three longan cores …"
Xia Hua hangs her head and her face is already black. She feels that there are flies buzzing around her ears. She wants to reach out and slap the annoying flies to death. The flies have stopped humming and turned to fly to the big house.
She looked up and turned around and was about to make tea. Qing Ruchen suddenly turned around, and her face was full of smiles. This smile was not like flies, but it was like the warmth of three spring flowers. Listening to his gentle voice, "Thank you, little flowers."
Summer flowers and trees callous shook his head and said "you’re welcome"
"I don’t have any requirements for eating and drinking. I just forgot to tell you not to take boiling water for making chrysanthemum tea. It should be a little cold for a while and not too cold. Just remember to wash the tea first and …"
Summer flowers grind their teeth and say, "I know."
Qing Ruchen Gu stared at Xia Hua in Xia Hua’s sharp eyes and looked at him with a slight shake. "Little flower is fine. Why are you angry again? Just now you said you’re welcome. I’m always very honest. You said you’re welcome. I naturally don’t identify with you. How do you …"
"Shit!" Xia Hua ran to the kitchen with her eyes turned and her ears covered.
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Qing Ruchen stood there and looked at Xia Hua’s running back and scratched his head and said to himself, "Am I really repetitive? Impossible. I always talk … "
He muttered and turned to Xia Dazhuang’s room.
When you are around, it seems like a century has passed.
After seeing off Qing Ruchen, Xia Hua felt that the world was finally clean, but the thought that Qing Ruchen would come again made her very upset. Fortunately, there was nothing wrong with Da Zhuang, and she didn’t even prescribe medicine. After two days of rest, she just investigated the cause. Listen to Qing Ruchen’s explanation, that is, there was congestion in her head, and now the congestion is going to disperse.
Xia Hua asked Qing Ruchen if Xia Dazhuang would restore his memory. Qing Ruchen said a lot of words-unknown.
This answer is equal to the answer, not to mention that it is unknown whether a person who suffered severe amnesia in ancient times can recover his memory. In fact, in the case of Da Zhuang, Xia Hua has a selfish idea in her heart. If she is like this, she will be her mother.
But once Da Zhuang returns to the original step, she doesn’t want to think or dare to think that step is a complete stranger to her. In a worse situation, step kills Xiao Jue’s mother. If he wakes up, he may really go to the life-and-death showdown with Xiao Jue.
And she doesn’t want that day.
After cleaning up everything in the house and settling down, Da Zhuang Xia Hua washed her face again, and her face was spit too much by Qing Ruchen. She didn’t wash it quickly, then she fed rhubarb with straw and took the cow to the field.
A few days ago, I found a young man in the village to help her farm. Even Zhou A Niu, who lives next door to Zhou Jiao’s family, is honest and willing to contribute. What’s more, his family’s rice cutting is early and his work in the fields is almost busy. Xia Hua paid him money, and he was very happy to come. Not only that, he was also very willing to help Xia Hua carry the plow from home.
Summer flowers with straw rope will be near the edge of the ridge, which was packed with straw. Zhou A Niu stole a look at summer flowers while plowing the field. For him, summer flowers are the moon on this day. He can’t pick them but look at them and feast his eyes on them. He really can’t have any fantasies about summer flowers.
Xia Hua gave him a look back, and he immediately got excited all over his body. He whipped and shook his hands, holding the plow and plowed the field, and he became more and more hard. However, he plowed most of the field in less than half a noon, and he was not too tired to help Xia Hua put the haystack to the ridge next to him.