Keep practicing. Only those who work hard can become geniuses!

Sun Yao has always written to abide by this regulation.
He forgot to train. He still needs scientific training. He can’t bear too much!
A rapid disguised training Sun Yao finally found himself a terrible pain in the thigh!
Sun Yao stopped and didn’t lie on the ground blindly, but gently moved his legs.
Gradually, the pain is also increasing.
Sun Yaonai lay on the ground to relieve this kind of anxiety.
It seems that it is hurt!
Sun Yao pounded the grass angrily! 、
On the one hand, I hate my body and live up to expectations, on the other hand, I feel sorry for myself.
"Bastard! The horse is about to gain experience! Horses are going to learn skills! It hurts now! I don’t know if I can have a chance to play in the league after ten days of injury like this! Not only that, it’s more than ten days of training! A lot of experience will disappear! " Sun Yao angrily said.
At this time, juan carlos Garrido also passed by the training ground because of work!
Found a player lying on the court
"That guy is sun! Murphy! Not good! " Juan carlos Garrido suddenly felt nervous!
Immediately lost things to Sun Yao act quickly.
"What about Sun? What’s wrong? " Juan carlos Garrido asked eagerly.
"Retreat your right leg!" Sun Yao simply replied.
Juan carlos Garrido instantly took out his mobile phone and called the club doctor.
"I’m afraid you have to rest for two weeks because of a muscle strain in your right leg!" The team doctor gave Sun Yao a simple treatment and said.
"Two weeks? That’s terrible! " Sun Yaonai shook his head. He came to complete the "snake step" study by gaining experience in that game in two weeks and ten days!
"Two weeks? It doesn’t seem particularly bad! " Juan carlos Garrido heaved a sigh of relief
"Not bad? It’ s terrible! " Sun Yao resentment way
"Young people’s professional football body is accompanied by injuries. This planet never hurts football players. You can’t find them! Sometimes you have to try to accept these things when they appear! " Juan carlos Garrido comfort way
"How much training will I miss in two weeks and two weeks!" Sun Yao regrets.
"Do you think it should be your training now! It should be a good recovery! Recover well! " Juan carlos Garrido solemnly said, "and you should have consciousness! Stop training your life! That will make you more and more injured! Players don’t have to train hard to make progress! If you are too tired to train, you will be more vulnerable! "
"I know!" Sun Yao suddenly became silent. Football training must find a balance between hard work and science.
Try to avoid injury and complete the training with more Se quality!
Sun Yao immediately thought, "Go home and ask the little god to see what he can do to make me recover as soon as possible!"
"Thank you for your help. It’s just an injury. I will try my best to recover and try not to delay a league match!" Sun Yao composed way
"Don’t care about what the league is not. Now your recovery is the key!" Juan carlos Garrido calm way
Injury is a natural enemy of an athlete.
But when Donnie brought Sun Yao home, Sun Yao found that this was not necessarily the case!
When the little god Ska was alone with Sun Yao, he looked at Sun Yao with a smile on his face.
"What’s the matter? You are still laughing when I have hands! " Sun Yao disgruntled glanced at the little god, card way.
"Is it not a secondary injury? How can an athlete not get hurt? And don’t you do āo every night? That will make you recover faster! " Little god, ska laughed
"Oh, and then? When can I come back? " Sun Yao asked.
"The doctor said you want a game less than two weeks? Doing more āo will shorten you to about ten days! " Small god, wanted to think and then says
"Ten days? It seems that a round of games can still come back! " Sun Yao wanted to think.
"Fortunately, the injury is not heavy!" Small god, also sighed.
"I was so nervous when I found myself pulling a strain!" Sun Yao also sighed, "It’s a pity to have ten days’ experience!"
"Don’t be nervous. Doesn’t the training system also include the insurance system?" Small god, wake up way
"Insurance system? What is that? Why didn’t I know? " Sun Yao amazing way
"Well, I forgot to tell you! The insurance system means that if you are injured and delayed by the injury, you will be automatically compensated for some experience gained through training! Is it very strong? " Little god, ska laughed
"wow ~! Still so unique? Root is an insurance company! And you can get paid directly without insurance! " Sun Yao excited way
"That is, of course, to oh insurance! Because this is your first injury, the association will take the initiative to pay for your experience! But if you have to be insured for the second time, you can get paid? " Small god, thought.
"What? You still have to let me pay insurance with my experience? Poor me, I have less experience! " Sun Yao pain way
"Insurance is very important, and insurance only needs you little experience to get a lot of compensation. Rest assured that my R&D system is absolutely awesome! Of course, the system is perfect and will not let you deliberately get hurt to cheat insurance! " Small god, wake up way
"fraudulent insurance? Deliberately injured to cheat insurance? " Sun Yao sneered, "Only a fool would do that!"
"Well, that’s true!" Little god, ska laughed
Sun Yao then entered the training, unification and insurance system.
"Injury caused by muscle strain affects training! Wave may get 15 experience points every day, and now pay 1 experience point/day! After returning when paying! " Sun Yao is also satisfied with the insurance payment situation.
The average total loss points paid are two-thirds!
It’s already very high!