While Zhang Lu sat in the theme and looked at the two sides fighting for each other’s words and swords, he also felt a headache, but it happened that both sides were acting like loyal masters, and he couldn’t tell who was cheating.

Looking at Yan Pu, it seems that he has almost lost the battle. Zhang Lu quickly stepped in to dissuade both sides. He asked both sides to sit quietly and drink a cup of tea first. He waved and immediately a servant brought the tea.
Yan Pu sat down with a sigh, with some holes in his eyes looking out. From Zhang Lu’s attitude, he can also infer that Zhang Lu probably won’t adopt his plan. He is depressed in his heart and is not in the mood to drink any tea.
And Yang Shu is also bulging to sit down. Although there are many people here, Yang Shu has a feeling that this Yan Pu is something. Don’t you know that in Hanzhong, their Yang family is quite powerful and dares to compete with him? Isn’t it really tired of living?
It happened that a eunuch came to Yang Shu with a cup of tea at the moment. The eunuch’s hand seemed to be shaking and accidentally spilled a little tea on the table. When Yang Shu saw this, he directly slammed the table and scared the eunuch into shaking and hurriedly knelt down for mercy.
When Zhang Lu saw this, he waved his hand and said, "It’s just Yang Aiqing. Don’t lose your temper so easily. Look at it, it scares people!"
Zhang Lu said that Yang Shu couldn’t help but give a face. He finally sat down, but he still gave the eunuch a bad look. Let the eunuch fuck off. The eunuch hurriedly packed up the tea set and came back shaking. So Yang Shu didn’t stop, but Yang Shu didn’t see it. When the eunuch retreated, his trembling body suddenly stopped. He looked at Yang Shu’s eyes and was full of a malicious color.
At midnight that night, the eunuch came to a secluded place in the palace. He forgot to look at it. Four people directly took out a small piece of paper from their arms, then stuffed it into a tree and stone and hurried away.
It wasn’t long before a breeze blew through the leaf, and it was as dark as ever, but a man in night clothes quietly touched it and came to the big tree, reaching for it and taking the note.
Just two hours after dawn, Cao Cao saw this note together. When Cao Cao looked at Yan Pu’s plan, his heart was a little surprised.
Cao Xing launched the campaign this time, but Cao Xing launched the biggest invasion in his life. He did not say that he moved the forces of the Qin State, but at least he moved two-thirds of the forces, and the remaining one-third of the forces were just enough to defend.
At that moment, there were less than 10,000 soldiers and horses stationed in Tong, and the generals were just a lieutenant of Wei Yan. I don’t know about Cao’s ability, but it is estimated that all of them are of average level.
If Zhang Luzhen took Yang Shu’s view and didn’t send more than 10,000 lean cavalry, even if he sent more than 10,000 infantry to quickly bypass the battlefield according to their planned map, he could really take Cao Cao by surprise. After all, if Tong was lost, Cao Cao would be really dangerous. He couldn’t return from the battlefield and Chang ‘an lost contact. Then things would be big and it would probably lead to unstable morale here.
Cao Xing’s back broke out in a cold sweat when he saw this, but fortunately, when Cao Xing continued to look, he saw that Zhang Lu didn’t adopt Yan Pu’s plan. Since he didn’t adopt Yan Pu’s plan, Zhang Lu was still more inclined to the man named Yang Shu. When Cao Xing saw the name Yang Shu, he frowned involuntarily for a moment, and Cao Xing finally remembered it.
This guy seems to have had a few scenes in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Although there are several scenes that can be regarded as a supporting role in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, this supporting role is not very glorious. It can be said that it is a clown.
In the romance of the Three Kingdoms, there was a drama that was very wonderful, that is, Zhang Fei, the war horse and Chao fought 300 rounds during the day, regardless of the outcome, and lit a torch at night and played another 300 rounds regardless of the outcome. A large part of Ma Chao’s famous battle came from that battle. After all, it is an honor to be able to fight Zhang Fei one-on-one
It is said that Liu Bei first entered Xichuan at the invitation of Liu Zhang to help Liu Zhang defend Zhang Lu, so Liu Bei waited for Zhang Lu to beat him in Xiameng.
As a result, Zhang Lu sent Ma Chao, and Liu Bei also sent Zhang Fei and Liu Bei to see that Ma Chao was a white-robed teenager, and Zhang Fei made a careless love for Ma Chao, so he took up his heart.
So Zhuge Liang gave Liu Bei a plan, that is, leaving Ma Chao and Zhang Lu. In fact, Zhuge Liang made this plan very simple. According to the romance of The Three Kingdoms, Zhuge Liang sent messengers directly to find this Yang Shu, who gave him a lot of money. Yang Shu was happy and went to speak ill of Ma Chao in front of Zhang Lu.
To talk about something, it is estimated that Ma Chao has defected and advised Zhang Lu to make plans early. Zhang Lu listened to these words and directly broke Ma Chao’s grain. This time, Ma Chao’s army collapsed and was finally forced to take refuge in Liu Bei.
Thought of here, Cao Xing revealed a smile. He had already thought of the strategy of breaking the enemy, and this time he not only broke Zhang Lu Cao Xing, but also arrested Liu Yan and cleaned up a meal together.
The strongest shot in the three kingdoms
Chapter three hundred Double Breakthrough (2)
Cao Cao immediately called a military meeting and informed everyone of his plan. After a few days, Cao Cao’s plan was completed. Cao Cao’s main plan was to go to the battlefield and directly pile his Chinese troops to the front line. This was a joke. Cao Cao personally came to the front line and asked Wei Yan to go to the front line every time he fought. This time, he was a little upset. Even if you have super martial arts, you can’t guarantee that every battle will be 100% alive.
However, since Cao’s mind has been made up, there is nothing Wei Yan can say, and the final thing can be settled like this
If Cao Cao’s visit to the battlefield is the biggest stimulus to people, it must be Zhang Xiu. Zhang Xiu was elated when he heard the news. If he can meet Cao Cao, he will be sure to personally kill the enemy. This is a golden opportunity.
Therefore, once again, when Shu took the initiative to attack, Zhang Xiu specially found a few laps on the battlefield. Indeed, he found that Cao Cao was looking at the battlefield with a smile at the moment. Zhang Xiu saw that his eyes were on fire here, but he didn’t act immediately because Zhang Xiu was still far away from Cao Cao at the moment, and he also studied Cao Cao and knew that Cao Cao’s archery was extremely high and accurate. At the moment, Cao Cao Cao was still carrying a ware around him.
Zhang Xiu thought for several days in a row and finally came up with a way to deal with Cao Xing. On this day, the Shu army launched an attack again, and Zhang Xiu took his men and more than 1,000 people to charge Cao Xing in that direction.
Qin Jun soldiers in front saw that they actually wanted to hurt the king of Qin. Naturally, they tried to resist, but because Zhang Xiu attacked too much, he contained many troops around Cao Xing.
However, at this moment, a fine horse suddenly jumped high from the center of the battlefield and directly jumped out to kill Cao Xing. Seeing this, Qin Jun was dumbfounded. At this moment, the man seemed to be a hundred paces away from Cao Xing.
Cao Cao’s generals were surprised to see this scene one by one, but Cao Cao’s life was in danger, and they couldn’t care so much. They immediately took up their weapons to stop Zhang Xiu, but Zhang Xiu easily bypassed one general after another by relying on his flexibility and evasiveness, and finally directly killed Cao Cao.
And Cao Cao didn’t even come to the fire to lift it up. Zhang Xiu was elated when he saw this. He finally killed Cao Cao himself, but at the moment when Zhang Xiu pike was about to stab him, Cao Cao’s eyes were full of horror and hurriedly said with a wave.
"You mistook me for someone else. I’m not the king of Qin. I’m really not the king of Qin. My name is Fa Zheng!"
When this remark came out in Zhang Xiu’s ear, it was like thunder on the ground. Zhang Xiu really took a breath and carefully looked at this man’s face. He found that it was really slightly different from his understanding of Cao’s nature, and Fa Zheng also quickly pulled his face and disguised it, revealing that he was really manipulating horses and constantly retreating back.
This time, Zhang Xiu was completely dumbfounded. On the battlefield, this Cao nature is really not true, but there is a method to pretend.
Fazheng is about the same age and height as Cao Cao, so Cao Cao also specially found someone who knows how to dress Fazheng a little, not to mention that there are some things that can’t be distinguished from each other from a hundred meters away. Zhang Xiu was really taken in.
After the reaction, Zhang Xiu felt angry at first, but then he thought that he couldn’t care so much. Although no one killed the real Cao Cao today, it was quite cool to kill a fake Cao Cao to relieve the Japanese. So he couldn’t care so much. The pike stabbed the straight method, and the eyes were terrified, but at this critical moment, the method was suddenly drunk like thunder.
"Zhang Xiu’s children are crazy, and Wei Wenchang will definitely marry you this time!"
"Ha ha, I heard that you, the new gun king of Beidi, seem crazy. Let me, the Jiang Yang thief, meet you!"
Method is behind the instantaneous rushed out of the two in Athens, these two people are Wei Yan and gan ning gan ning after Cao Cao’s rear army has never seen this time, Cao Cao also cut the rear army establishment, let gan ning go directly to the front, gan ning’s heart is naturally glad, and now there is a chance to capture the enemy alive. Gan ning played harder and jumped directly and killed each other with his broadsword.
Zhang Xiu pike was firmly blocked by Gan Ning. Zhang Xiu felt that the momentum was not good, but he was angry in his heart and he didn’t retreat, which gave Wei Yan a chance. Wei Yan also surrounded Zhang Xiu in tandem.
After fighting for nearly 20 rounds, Zhang Xiu was already out of breath. Even though he was a good marksman and had high martial arts skills, he faced the fact that Wei Yan and Gan Ning, two leading soldiers in the world, were vegetarians. Only 20 rounds later, Zhang Xiu had already been exhausted. Zhang Xiu even predicted that he would be killed by two people.
However, Zhang Xiuyou is puzzled that Wei Yan and Gan Ning have already put Gan Ning into the wind by virtue of their martial arts. However, they are not eager to start work. Instead, they look at Zhang Xiu while playing with a sarcastic look. Zhang Xiu is very angry when he sees this. Wei Yan and Gan Ning are teasing him, so they say,
"Who can kill you two king eggs is meaning? I’m telling you, I won’t let you both go if I’m a ghost! "
However, hearing this, Gan Ning laughed. "Zhang Xiu, don’t be so excited. We didn’t mean to humiliate you. After all, you are a major breakthrough for us. If we kill you now, I’m afraid things will be a little big!"
Zhang Xiuwen was suddenly surprised at this, but Wei Yan and Gan Ning didn’t give him a chance to think about it. Zhang Xiuneng was killed again with weapons and passive defense.
Two hours later, both sides chose to retreat from the battlefield, and the soldiers of Shu and Qin faded like the tide.
However, this time, the front-line barracks in Shu have lost the atmosphere of the past. There seems to be some silence in the big tent in the army. Seeing a middle-aged man in his thirties with some gloomy eyes, he looks at the battlefield ahead. At the moment, he seems to be pacing back and forth in the military war. This person is none other than Zhang, the commander of Shu in front.
Seeing that their commander-in-chief was uneasy, some generals in Shu got up and reported to Zhang, "General, I think we might as well launch another attack to get General Zhang Xiu back. General Zhang Xiu is skilled in martial arts. Even if he is in an enemy camp, it is still no problem to kill a three-in and three-out!"
The generals present all know that Zhang Xiu and Zhang Ke are not brothers. Zhang Xiu can easily enter Shu and become a general, which is very different from his brother.
Zhang didn’t reply after hearing these words. After a long time, Zhang suddenly opened his eyes, but his eyes turned out to be angry. He hit the console table with a fist and roared directly.
"My younger brother is really an asshole. It’s all my fault that I, as a senior, thought that everyone suffered together during training. What I said to him caused him to be so sexual that he wouldn’t return to the army on time every time he sounded the golden bell. Now the agent in front has checked that he seems to have been besieged by the enemy of Qin. I’m afraid he won’t come back this time!"
On hearing this, the generals of Shu were silent. Although Zhang Xiu was somewhat sexual, then again, many generals of Shu had to admit the fact that Zhang Xiu was the most brave in fighting among them. If Zhang Xiuzhen died in the battlefield, it would be a loss not only for Zhang, but also for Shu.
There are still some generals who are unwilling to say to Zhang, "General Zhang Xiu has some sexual behavior this time, but after all, he is a general in our army. Do you think we should …"
However, before the general’s words were finished, he was greeted by Zhang Ren’s angry eyes. "Bastard, I have always been strict in running the army, but I have indulged my younger brother in every way. I don’t know what you are thinking. I also admit that my younger brother is an indispensable general in Shu, but what if you want to say that without Zhang Xiu, Shu will have no fighting capacity!"
Looking at Zhang’s angry eyes, Shu generals also reacted. The atmosphere was wrong, so they all shut up consciously and stopped talking.
And Zhang said his ultimatum when he looked at the crowd and didn’t talk.
"All of you here are generals of Shu, and you must serve the Lord wholeheartedly when you eat the salary of Shu king. I tell you that if we attack again, it is very likely that we will be caught in the enemy’s plan, and Zhang Xiu is dead because of his own fault. Do you understand?"
Zhang Xiu’s words made everyone feel horrified and determined. He not only thoroughly cured Zhang Xiu’s problem, but also broke his sleeves. Zhang Xiu’s life was afraid to speak one by one. At most, Zhang Xiu mourned in his heart.
At the moment, Zhang’s eyes are more or less moist. If Zhang Xiu is dead, will he be heartbroken? That’s for sure. After all, this is his younger brother who practiced with him in the mountains since childhood. If he says that he has no feelings, it’s absolutely false. But he saved the lives of thousands of soldiers in Shu, and the plan of Shu Wang was successful. He finally decided to sacrifice his younger brother.
Thought of here, Zhang Nai sighed and just prepared to let everyone leave with a wave of his hand. However, at this moment, an agent hurried in.
"The newspaper reported that the general’s event was not good. There was a messenger from our rear military camp to ask for help. The camp of Shu Wang was attacked by sneak attack. The enemy’s firepower was very rapid, and our army could not hold it!"
The appearance of eating salt shocked Zhang Xiu, and even more, the thunder got up and directly seized the soldier’s repeated questioning, and the soldier was also frightened. He repeatedly confirmed that the news was true. The messenger of King Shu is still outside the door because he was too anxious to travel, so he temporarily fainted.