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Momo Tao Wa Wa Wa I have a lot of Qian Qian.
Haven’t you found that the amount of money is wrong by now?
Where are the Momo peaches? ? ?
Wang Xiaoer, ah, ah, I’m a real koo lying down with a gun. Thank you for casting the overlord ticket or irrigating the nutrient solution angel in the period of 5519:57:17~56:6:37 ~
Thanks to the irrigation nutrient solution angel @_@95 bottles; 1 bottle of moon shadow;
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Chapter 4. Chapter 4
Xiao Fang thought about it for many days, and observed it for a long time today, until the artificial workers at home went to the forest.
This just secretly took advantage of the toilet kung fu touch back, want to go into five rooms to have a look.
Except for a suspected gold coin, she secretly saw that Niang gave something to Room 5. Although she didn’t see what it was, her intuition told her that it was money.
She’s been holding it in for a long time, and it’s hard to find an opportunity. When no one touches the door, it just opens.
"Fourth Aunt, what are you doing?"
Persimmon cold voice came from behind, Xiao Fang hand a stiff, with some embarrassed smile turned around.
"Yo persimmon and peach peach play back? I just came back from work to go to the toilet. "
"There should be no toilet in our room, right?" Persimmon color does not change.
Look at Xiao Fang
She is wearing cloth for the first time, and she is very energetic. She still looks beautiful in her thirties.
At the beginning, Qu Sibo was too late to marry, but Xiao Fang was delayed by his family. Two people got together, and the conditions of Qu Jia satisfied the family. Xiao Fang’s appearance satisfied Qu Sibo, and they got married.
Speaking of which, a few years ago, if God didn’t give us strength, we couldn’t have a family day.
Over the years, people have been building canals, clearing land and developing improved varieties, and everyone is getting better day by day.
Xiao Fang, who was indifferent to persimmon, bit his teeth and just wanted to make up for it. He noticed that her back was full of backpacks and immediately got excited and went around directly.
"What is this back? How come there are you two old seven? " Xiao Fang’s eyes lit up and his attitude was very positive
"Pear" persimmon is concise, and Momo peach is a big one, so he ran into the room to check his treasure chest.
"They didn’t go all the way to this and then take it to buy it."
Xiao Fang’s face collapsed as soon as he spoke, and his tone was also a bit got.
"Persimmon, I’m not saying how good your brothers are to you at ordinary times."
"Well," persimmon should be picked out gently while picking pears in the laundry list and breaking them inside.
Speaking of this persimmon, I can’t help but sniff at the corners of my mouth. There is something really wrong with those monkeys. It’s also cheaper for them to find fruit to hit people.
"There are things that can’t be monopolized by one person. It’s not separated yet …"
"Four aunt you don’t go to work? For a long time to deduct work points "persimmon hanging eyes unhurriedly asked.
Xiao Fang grind teeth or despondently ran to the field.
If this is true, you can’t be scolded if you are deducted from your work points.
"Such an adult doesn’t always know how to fool around."
Wait until people go persimmon shook his head.
It’s hard to blame her for wanting to split up. Why are these four aunts like different people now?
It wasn’t like this before.
"It is reported that there is nothing missing in Momo’s peach treasure chest." After a while, Momo Taodadada ran out of the room, greatly relieved.
"Fortunately, there are no fewer peaches in Momo."
"Come and help separate the big pear from the small pear" persimmon arrangement.
"Okay" Momo Tao is happy to listen to the order.
When Wu Manzhu and the others came back, there were all kinds of pears in the courtyard, and hot smoke came up in the kitchen. The cubs were very happy to chew a pear alone.
"Where can I find this?" Wu manzhu is happy
It’s a small piece to sell in the commune.
She got a new job today.
It’s a good day.
"Brother Wu, they went to the mountains to pick sweet things." Qu mouth chewed the juice and got dirty all over his clothes, which was in fresh contrast with Sven Qu Qi next to him.
"Small six, look at your clothes?" Wu manzhu dislikes it very much
This one is small.
Qu hey hey smiled and wiped her clothes, which looked even dirtier. The twin Qu Qi couldn’t help but stay away from him and stay here in Momo Peach.
Looking at Momo’s peach neck, this little pocket is in front of a knife, and a small piece of pear meat is bitten by a bite.
Everyone is even more disgusted with Qu, who is simply a dirty cub.
Dinner is persimmon cooking year, although it is not as good as before, there is still a meat dish on the table.
Sauerkraut vermicelli broth
This thing benefits the meat to the greatest extent, and it is a must for a big meal.
"I’ll take those pears to buy one day to see if they accept them," persimmon said at dinner.
"I’ll go too."
Wu manzhu haven’t open song four aunt beat said
"Then let’s go together."
Wu Manzhu caught a glimpse of Xiao Fang, which made people unable to see what she was thinking.
"Persimmon strength" Xiao Fang added.
"If you want to go or not, go and work in the fields."
Xiao Fang shan shan
"Cheer up for me these days. Do you have a day, especially if a few cubs have nothing to do? It’s a big deal to go around the vermicelli factory and watch it."
"Did you hear that?"
"I heard"
Everyone responded in succession, especially the named cub, who immediately looked at Wu Manzhu with full passion and expectation.