At the moment when Fowler scored, the Liverpool fans were all excited and shouted that the waves were no less than when Zhang Tiehan scored. The Liverpool commentator was also excited and shouted "Fowler! Goal! gal!”

Fowler returned to the first game and scored a goal, which is really great news for Liverpool fans to expect Fowler to return and perform, especially in this game, Fowler and Zhang Tiehan appeared to be very tacit partners. One of the two goals scored by Zhang Tiehan was Fowler’s assist.
After the game, Benitez was very satisfied. "Kewell’s running caused Newcastle a lot of trouble. We started very well. After we controlled the game, their goalkeeper made a brave save. The goals of several strikers (Zhang, Fowler and Cisse) were very important to the team, which brought me a’ problem’ in arranging troops."
The last sentence is understood by reporters that it is difficult for Benitez to make a choice between Cisse and Fowler.
Who is the main force and who is the substitute?
I’m afraid not only Benitez, but even Liverpool fans can’t answer this question. It’s impossible for Fowler to lose his position because of his return to Cisse. After all, Cisse has scored many goals in Liverpool, and Fowler’s performance is not much stronger than Cisse.
It’s always a headache
However, after the game, people still noticed more about Zhang man of iron, which is almost the topic of discussion in the whole English football in the past half month.
Two goals, Zhang Tiehan performed perfectly.
Perhaps two goals are nothing to Zhang Tiehan, especially against Newcastle, a team with a strength gap with Liverpool, but man of iron scored nine goals in three rounds of league matches with Arsenal and Fulham in the previous two games.
Nine balls!
The media were dumbfounded when Zhang man of iron just came back and said,’ Henry will be the top scorer in the Premier League’.
They suddenly found that it was actually quite easy for Zhang Tiehan to brush the number of goals.
Three games with nine goals plus the first 13 goals, Zhang Tiehan jumped to the second place and the first place in the league scorer list. Henry was three goals short of the remaining round in the league. Who feels that Zhang Tiehan has no ability to compete for the top scorer in the Premier League?
Arsenal fans should expect their’ Henry’ emperor to explode strongly in the last month of playing for the team to keep them as the top scorer in the league!
"Who is the top scorer in the Premier League?" has become a question again.
At the same time, England also noticed that Liverpool won three big victories in the three-round league in off the charts. Even teams like Arsenal were directly defeated by Liverpool at Highbury Stadium. Many people exclaimed,’ Who will stop Liverpool?’ More people exclaimed,’ Who will stop Zhang Tiehan?’ They paid attention to Liverpool’s opponent Bohan in a game.
This is an FA Cup.
No one can expect Burnham to beat Liverpool, but it is also a good result to stop losing heavily and restrain Liverpool’s off the charts form
But no one expected that the result of the game between the two teams would be like this.
Who can imagine? Liverpool scored seven goals in a game, which is second only to Fulham. It’s not surprising that there is such a score in the cup, but it really makes them right that Burnham is also a Premier League team.
Zhang Tiehan scored a hat trick in the game.
But now it’s not strange to his hat. It’s not that a man of iron hat is common, but that Liverpool scored seven goals. What’s strange about man of iron and Liverpool scoring three goals?
Liverpool’s form really made their opponents a little desperate.
Just like Reinkel, a famous former English star and now a football commentator, said after the game, "This state is really amazing. If no one can stop them, their state may last until the season."
But this is impossible.
Until the end of the season? Then it’s really Dijie
Reinkel also said that it was impossible. He said that it was just a joke because Liverpool’s opponent was Barcelona, but it was really difficult for Reinkel to express his support for which team in the face of Liverpool and Barcelona.
He is an English player and should support Liverpool, but he has been playing for Barcelona at the peak of his career.
This question is very contradictory
Especially an English football commentator, even if he doesn’t like Liverpool, he can’t say that he supports Barcelona. He was also a member of Barcelona, and he won’t say that he supports Liverpool.
"I wish their opponent was A Milan or Lyon, so I wouldn’t be so correct."
Reinkel finally said
For those English media who don’t support Liverpool, they naturally support Liverpool’s theory that Liverpool is an English team when it plays Barcelona.
Before the match with Burnham, many English media came out and expressed the hope that Burnham would come out to curb the trend of Liverpool’s winning streak. After the match between the two teams, the trend of media comments changed. They were very happy to see Liverpool win over Burnham, and Liverpool could play against Barcelona while the team was in good condition.
What they say makes sense. To be continued.
Chapter three hundred and nineteen Drive reporters away
After the FA Cup with Burnham, everyone, whether it is the media or fans or players, the president of the club, the head coach, anyone who is linked to football, and everyone who pays attention to football, has turned their attention to the Champions League.
The first leg of the Champions League quarter-final will officially start on March 29th.
The match between Liverpool and Barcelona will be held on the second match day, that is, March 30. Liverpool will take the Anfield Stadium to meet Barcelona’s challenge.
In fact, Liverpool have already prepared for the Champions League.
Now it is a headache for every team in the world to meet Barcelona, because Barcelona is so powerful. Although they lost to the top 16 in the Champions League last season and Chelsea’s foot, Barcelona has amazing strength last season.
They can be swept up in La Liga.
So far, they have eleven points more than Real Madrid, the second place in the league, and other La Liga teams can look up to it.
Barcelona’s strength has increased since summer.