Jane handed over the drawings with her hand.

Zhang Jianru carefully held it everywhere and found a place to sit without the slightest reserve of DaSong officials.
"You must not have come here to visit the mountains and waters today?"
Jane has an eye for several people.
Zhang Jian is a good person to say. It is estimated that he is rushing to design his own technology and wants to capture some benefits from time to time. He is an official of the Ministry of Industry, and he is probably embarrassed to come up with such a method by worshipping his own teacher. He is a diligent and practical person.
Eyes on Yang Yun turned a circle.
This fellow always liked to discuss physics with himself before, but when I think about it, I haven’t been back to my old job for a long time. I guess this time I have this meaning, but the most important thing is to introduce myself to this new friend.
This Yang Zongshi is worth studying.
Yu Hanyan’s goods here are not good, so he will never show up on his own initiative, but it seems that he also tipped off when he was in danger, but it is not the kind of business means to kill people for money afterwards.
General secret events are not easily heard by people like Han Wuyan unless they are lucky.
"It’s hard for you to get my Jianjiazhuang, so it’s better for me to be the host!"
"Very good!"
Han Wuyan’s high five agrees.
"I knew I wouldn’t let me down every time I came."
"Please visit JianJiaZhuang! Understand a harmonious simple village! " Jane waved her hand with great meaning. "The road ahead of the second and third ring roads!"
The two maids agreed to lead the way in front, and everyone was busy following behind. This is also when Yang Yun brought Yang Zongshi to his eyes. I just wanted to say that Jane had led a group of people to the mountain as if she knew his mind.
Yang Zongshi gained insight along the way.
The roads are neat, the stone roads are clean and tidy, and the houses in the village are all tiled, and the structure is spacious and bright. Now, even if it is not busy farming, there are not many people on the roads.
"Brother Liuguang, what do the villages do during this slack season?"
Yang Zongshi finally spoke out the doubts that had been brewing for a long time in his heart. Just now, he also looked at several farmhouses, and there were other people besides the old man and a few children who were too young to speak.
"Are busy! When will you come out there? "
Jane’s words surprised Yang Zongshi.
"Now is not a busy time, how can there be things that can’t be done?"
"There are many Zhuangli workshops, and I still don’t think there are enough people to spare time. Men and women can work in our workshop and earn some wage subsidies."
"I know this!"
Han Wuyanma added that he and Jane are very familiar with each other, and he feels at home in Jianjiazhuang.
"Brother Liuguang’s spinning and weaving workshop, brewing workshop and paper mill are crowded with people. Some of them earn more money as workers than planting crops!"
Jane was interrupted by a horse.
"Hu said Hu said that making money in the workshop is enough to subsidize the family. Where can there be more than planting crops?"
This is hard to withstand policy scrutiny.
If the workshop makes more money than growing grain, then growing grain will reduce the whole feudal dynasty, but the most basic grain producers have eaten it. How can they not put grain into the workshop without food losses? This Yang Zongshi is a high-level second generation. If you go home, you will be alarmed. Even if this workshop is blind, it will not be ordered, but it is necessary to reduce production.
"How is it …" Han Wuyan felt that this was an argument for Jane, so he must say it, and express his warm and profound friendship to Jane!
"In front of you, you are going to give me the title of’ The First Private School in Heaven’!"
Jane’s high interruption led the crowd to go to the place where the private school was located.
"I said that my brother didn’t give me a chance to show!"
Han Wuyan farted behind Jane and tried to brush her performance.
This product is too enthusiastic. There must be something wrong with it.
"To be honest, what exactly happened to you and them today? Don’t say you came to see me! "
Jane has a serious stare at Han Wuyan.
"Hey hey, don’t say you’re right. I just came to see my brother. I haven’t seen you for a long time. Think that year … "
Jane stopped drinking decisively.
"Say it again, don’t tell the truth, and prepare a barbecue today. Even if you cancel your membership, you will be expelled from Jianjiazhuang directly!"
Han Wuyan is in a hurry.
"Come on, brother, this is not what I want to come. My dad forced me to learn more from you."
"It’s that simple?"