Meng Qi’s hiding was half a month. In this half a month, Meng Qi had nothing else to do but practice to pass the time. However, in principle, the Valley of Lost Soul is not directly illuminated by the moonlight, but Meng Qi feels that practicing here seems to be faster than outside, and I don’t know what is going on.

In fact, the lost soul valley can produce so many natural materials and treasures, and its aura is extremely amazing. But for Meng Qi, it won’t be better than the outside with moonlight absorption, mainly because Meng Qi has been sitting here like a squat pit for nearly half a month, and his body has absorbed a lot of green gas unconsciously.
The round bead that emits green gas is quite a big one. It is actually a dragon crystal after the fall of a real dragon, also known as the dragon ball. I don’t know how many years ago, I was buried here and never saw the light of day. And Meng Qi accidentally broke into here that day and caused that situation because a trace of residual thoughts in Longjing felt the protection of Meng Qi’s tiny dragon blood in his body.
However, almost all the snakes in this world are descendants left by ancient dragons, although they have been diluted. But all snakes have such a trace of real dragon blood in their bodies. And the purer the blood, the more it can trigger the dragon crystal’s reaction. If you have one-tenth of the blood of a real dragon, it is estimated that the dragon crystal will fly directly from the ground.
And Meng Qi Yao, the little reaction he caused was almost the smallest …
Fortunately, Meng Qi didn’t leave by chance, and because of injury and bleeding, Jingxue was absorbed by Longjing, and then returned the green gas. The green gas absorbed by Meng Qi has immeasurable benefits to him, almost improving Meng Qi’s physique and refining the dragon blood in the body to make it more suitable for cultivation.
Generally speaking, the ultimate evolutionary direction of snakes is the real dragon, and there are almost no other directions. Of course, there are some ancient reptilian beasts comparable to real dragons, but these veins are extremely rare and almost unique. If such veins are diluted, it will be almost the same as nothing. Unless you get the blood left by these ancient beasts or the rest, then the true dragon veins in the body must be thicker than these veins. Of course, this is just relative to ordinary snakes.
On the whole, due to the green gas, the dragon blood in Meng Qi’s body has increased at least ten times. After all, that’s the dragon crystal of a real dragon, not the dragon crystal of a miscellaneous dragon. However, even if Meng Qi’s junk has fallen to the dregs (compared with the real dragon), even the real dragon blood has increased ten times, but this real dragon blood only accounts for tens of thousands of Meng Qi’s physique, even a few tens of thousands.
But Meng Qi himself didn’t know these things. He found that Meng Qi, who is practicing more effectively than the outside world, just kept practicing, because he found himself seems to have a little sign of breakthrough. Although it is still not obvious, the aura solidified in the body has obviously softened.
Meng Qi, one good thing after another, couldn’t help cracking his mouth and laughing. Is he really a person with a protagonist’s aura? Hehe, hehe, hehe …
Chapter 20 The so-called character
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In a blink of an eye, a month has passed, and the Valley of Lost Soul will be closed today, and everyone in the Valley will be forcibly sent out. And Fang Ling twill also came to the valley early, although unlikely, but maybe, probably, maybe that guy will survive?
To tell the truth, if the people of Haoran Sect are determined to kill Meng Qi, Meng Qi probably won’t run away. No, even there is no place to hide it. But Fang Lingling always felt that the dead snake was not so easy to die.
It was still a flash of uh-huh, and everyone came out. Of course, many people were lying down. These are the losers of this trip to the Valley of Lost Soul. Most of the people who survive have a strong color of fatigue and a trace of excitement that is hard to hide. I think they have gained a lot.
And all this is not of interest to Fang Lingling. Fang Lingling looked at it carefully and found no Meng Qi. I can’t help being disappointed, but it’s still … wrong, even if it’s dead, there are bodies. Didn’t even leave the body! Thought of here Fang Ling twill was a little angry.
Just then, a corpse suddenly moved, and then a familiar voice of Fang Lingling sounded: "Shit! Who is lying on me? " Then Meng Qi came out from under the body. Found that holding up his own was a dead man, Meng Qi suddenly appeared three black lines on his forehead.
"It’s really unlucky. People say that if I survive, I will be blessed. How come I was crushed by the dead as soon as I came out?" Meng Qi complained in a low voice as he walked away from the body.
Looking up, I saw Fang Ling ling standing there looking at herself, and I felt a little warm in my heart. Meng Qi, who was moved in my heart, was thinking about squeezing two tears to create an atmosphere. As a result, Miss Fang flashed in front of Meng Qi, grabbed Meng Qi’s tail and lifted him up. Walking up to Qiao Xu and Chen Xuan, he said, "Two elders, as agreed before entering the valley, my little snake should be all right."
Chen Xuan looked at Meng Qi and suddenly smiled. It seems that this little snake is really lucky. It seems that life should not be unique. "Of course, since he can come out of the valley, it means that his luck is not exhausted. How can I be difficult for him?"
Fang Ling ghatpot nodded, made a record to the two elders, and left with Meng Qi.
While Qiao Xu was slightly surprised. I didn’t expect Xiao Ling to care so much about this snake demon?
In fact, many Haoran disciples passed by Meng Qi’s hiding place, but none of them found Meng Qi. And Lin Tian also helped him through the bottleneck because he was Meng Qi, and he also found that the dispute between your lips was only a trivial matter. I stopped pestering Meng Qi, and the other Haoran disciples were quite touched after listening to it. I will no longer deliberately look for Meng Qi. If I meet him, I will not be lenient. However, since I have not met him, it means that it is God’s will and I will no longer be entangled.
In this way, Meng Qi spent the rest of the time in it, except for the time when he was first chased by Lin Tian, and his gains in it were the biggest among all. Although it didn’t have any effect in the short term, Meng Qi was able to go further on the road of cultivation.
"That’s it?"
"That’s it."
"Hey, in front of my strong personality, any difficulty is a cloud." Meng Qi rarely played a joke on Fang Ling ling.
"Hey, you are at least giving some response."
Regarding Meng Qiqiang’s great personality, Fang Lingling is really speechless. Damn it, I actually worried myself for a moment. Miss Fang Da is very depressed.
"By the way, I should be able to join the Sect this time." After chatting, Meng Qi remembered the reward for risking his life, which he had been looking forward to day and night!
Fang Lingling looked at Meng Qi with a complicated look and said, "There should be no problem, but are you sure you want to be an ordinary disciple?"
"eh? What’s the problem? " Miss square big face is not quite right, Meng Qi hurriedly asked.
Fang Lingling shook her head and said, "If you are an ordinary disciple, you should start as the first-order disciple of the lowest rank. First-order disciples can receive a bottle of low-order inferior magic pills and five low-order lingshi every month, but they have to serve as various sundries in the Sect. Well, guarding the door and sweeping the floor are not suitable for you. I will help you find a job to look after the medicine garden. "
"ah? ! This is so good? " Meng Qi didn’t expect that all the first-order disciples at the lowest level could have such benefits. It seems that the big sect really didn’t blow it. That’s verve.
Fang Lingling looked at Meng Qi’s fuss and shook her head and sighed, "What a bumpkin."