Mirante is a young goalkeeper trained by Juventus, but with Buffon holding the main goalkeeper for a long time, it is obviously impossible for him to get a chance.

So he has been on loan everywhere. Last season, he played as a substitute goalkeeper in Sampdoria and had 13 appearances.
As a substitute goalkeeper, he should always win over the two who were transferred from the youth team.
When Prandelli later became the head coach of the Italian national team, mirante was also successfully selected for the Italian national team and became an international.
In terms of strength, no problem.
Changsheng intends to put pressure on Handanovic. He can’t always stimulate him with Handanovic’s car, can he? We still need to find a reliable substitute goalkeeper. In this way, mirante came.
With a reliable substitute goalkeeper, I believe Handanovic will not dare to lose his motivation casually.
Chapter 9 This is a signal
After Stendardo, another Lazio backup central defender, Campagnaro, also found a new home.
Inter Milan paid 5 million plus players to buy Campaya Niaro.
Two central defenders were sold in one breath, leaving only three central defenders in Lazio, Jose Passareira and Pa Wen, and chiellini.
Two people start, and only one person substitutes.
This is obviously not possible.
But it doesn’t matter, Changsheng is prepared.
Campagnaro brought him 10,000 euros from Wu Bai and another central defender.
Leonardo bonucci.
This central defender, who will be the main force of Juventus and Italy in the future, is not taken seriously at this time.
In 2005, 18-year-old bonucci moved from Viterbo Club to Inter Milan, but he only got one chance to play in Serie A.. Although he is tall, excellent in heading, large in defensive area and good in speed, his performance is not stable enough because he is too young and inexperienced.
Last season, he was loaned to treviso to play in Serie B. In treviso, he played 26 games and scored two goals.
Later, the young central defender went to Bari, where his excellent performance attracted the attention of Juventus. The old woman took him to the Alpine Stadium.
He became the top central defender in Serie A there, was selected for the national team, and quickly became the main central defender of the national team.
He and chiellini are both main central defenders in Juventus and the Italian national team.
But now, Changsheng has moved the pair to Lazio.
Bonucci and chiellini will play more games from this season.
In this way, Changsheng not only streamlined the original lineup of five central defenders, but also gained a transfer fee of 10 million.
The level and potential of chiellini and bonucci are better than those of Stendardo and Campagnaro, which is a good deal.
Then last season, nocerino, who was used by the media to shoot the winning streak, also left the club. He needed a first-team position, but this was obviously impossible in Lazio.
Palermo just came to me, hoping to get nocerino.
Nocerino can’t afford to sell because he doesn’t have many chances to play in Lazio.
But Changsheng is not willing to deal with it cheaply.
It occurred to him that nocerino played in Palermo and then went to AC Milan.
Of course, it is very cheap for him to go to AC Milan from Palermo, and the transfer fee is only 500 thousand euros plus half the ownership of a young player.
Changsheng doesn’t understand what this is all about.
But if nocerino went to AC Milan from his own side … If he didn’t kill AC Milan, he would be sorry for the identity of the passer!
Thinking of this, Changsheng had an idea.
He replied to Palermo Club, 3.5 million euros, half ownership of nocerino. Are you interested?
After a few days’ discussion, Palermo returned to winning, and they agreed to the price.
Nocerino will also move to Palermo in the new season, having acquired half of the ownership of nocerino for 3.5 million.