The drizzle is hazy, but my eyes are wet.

Chapter 59 Mourning Grass Are you afraid?
It’s already three o’clock in the afternoon after three rounds of drinking and four people drinking
Erxiu chats with mobile phone Q, but just received a K from Liu Yao. The expression is Erxiu’s head sank into the white. What does this mean? What is more, Lu Yao told himself last night that he was going to see October? Who told me that today is so special that it just happened to be Tianyu’s big day to take revenge and implement the plan?
Tianyu drinks the most, and his consciousness is a little fuzzy. He is supported by the most sober little white, while Erxiu and Xiaoyao are talking and laughing. I don’t know if I am drunk.
When they left the hotel, they stopped a taxi and went back to Chenguang Community.
When I got home, Tianyu fell asleep for two wheezes and went back to my room.
Xiao Bai seems to be an innocent person. Open his brain.
The light from the brain screen in the small white eyes highlights a hint of cunning in his eyes.
"Tianyu this person’s mind is not careful enough …" The little white looked back and snored Tianyu’s heart was not thinking of calling him "silly bear" by a first-name basis.
Then Xiao Bai shook his head and sighed, "Let’s see …"
After five o’clock in the afternoon, Mu Xue came back from the outside, and her face was full of "fans", "confusions" and "shadows". She really couldn’t figure out a problem.
"Tianyu!" Mu Xue used to’ sex’ and yelled at Tianyu’s room.
Li Tianyu is Zhuang Zhouqi at this time. Maybe he saw something in his dream and woke up suddenly and replied, "Alas ~"
Xiao Bai felt ashamed and said, "Do they have a heart?"
Tianyu woke up a lot and rushed out to ask Mu Xue, "What’s wrong with Xue?"
"Guess who called me today?" Mu Xue mysterious smile asked.
Tianyu shook his head.
Mu Xue didn’t sell it. He smiled and said, "It was my original company that hid bss. I heard that he was the boss, the housekeeper, and everyone called him Dragon Butler."
Tianyu listened to tilting his head to steal a quick adjustment and asked curiously, "Oh? Why did he call you and say something? "
"Yes, I didn’t believe he was cheating, but I believed him when he told me the names of important people in the company and he wanted me to be the head of the sales department …"
"God has such a good thing? You resigned on your own initiative because of the general manager Guo Yu. Now do you want your sheep’ meat’ to enter the tiger’s mouth again? " Tianyu so angry said
Mu Xue nodded his head and replied, "Well, I refused."
"…" Tianyu Petrochemical immediately said slowly, "Why did you refuse such a good opportunity?"
"I just left Yan’s company soon. It’s not white. I went back and took the position of director of the department. What would my colleagues think? Besides, my ability is not enough to manage. At most, I can grind my teeth with customers and have a war of words. "Mu Xue said seriously.
Tianyu thoughtful finally nodded his head.
After dinner, Tianyu went back to his room and Xiaobai went to Erxiu, where his head was still heavy because of Erxiu. It seems that he really drank too much, but his brain network.
"Are you there? Check qq mail, I gave you the video. "
Tianyu just qq when he received a message from poison elder sister.
"Video?" Tianyu muttered a little, opened his qq mailbox, and really received two videos from poison elder sister.
"What is this video?" Tianyu message replied
Tang Xiguo had finished school at this time and just replied in front of his head, "haven’t you seen it yet?" It’s just that the demonstration videos of mourning grass clothes and ice robes have recorded good results several times. Because you are’ quite’ and have ideas for you, I want to listen to your opinions. If there is no problem, we will take these two videos after receiving the goods. "
"Well, I’ll have a look first." Tianyu immediately replied.
Then click on the video
It’s a red-eyed opponent with a meteor knife. It’s a devil may cry.
The devil may cry wearing armor is just a grass vest of mourning.
The red god is very sharp. A mountain collapse hit and then a flat cut started. It also triggered the meteor knife effect and a meteorite fell.
And the devil may cry was chopped by red eye, and then a wailing grass was planted in the ground, which obviously triggered the special effect of wailing grass vest
Fruit wailing grass was attacked by fire’ sex’ too knife meteor and immediately exploded, which also caused damage to red eye and caused the ghost to cry and float to the ground.
This video is based on the red-eye attack, and the main devil may cry is like a target. The effect of the grass vest is easy to trigger.
Five sorrowful grass fruits were planted in one field, and all exploded, interrupting the red-eye combo.
If it weren’t for the wailing grass explosion, you would have been able to withstand the red-eye combo at most.
Tianyu closes this video and opens another video.
This time, it’s a video of sword soul versus red eye.
However, the sword soul level is 4, and the red eye is 53.
That ice robe is worn on the red eye.
The video was played five times in almost three minutes, and an average of one game could trigger the effect of ice robes twice. The ghost in the sword soul hit a few red eyes and was frozen.
Tianyu frowned after reading it and typed to poison elder sister, "Is the optical video too monotonous?"
"It seems a bit monotonous," Tang Xiguo replied quickly.