So he began to reflect on his previous way of dealing with people, and he was much smoother in dealing with the relationship with the top.

This is true for Lotito.
Although he helped Lotito solve many problems and difficulties, the club’s debt of up to 100 million euros was paid off by himself. But he never thought that he was Lotito’s savior. He helped the falling body without asking for anything in return.
He abides by his duty as a head coach, only taking charge of the team’s one acre and three points, and at the same time giving other managers enough respect.
Even Tare, the general manager of the club, whose status is far less than his own, has shown considerable respect and has no shelf at all.
This makes Tare run willingly even if he runs errands for himself.
This is also a proof of maturity.
A man, almost forty years old, has been a man for more than ten years. If he can’t mature, his brain must have developmental problems-commonly known as brain damage.
Constant success is not brain-dead, so he has matured. He knows when to give in and when to give in.
The good atmosphere of cooperation also makes him willing to stay in Lazio.
Now he doesn’t stay here to conquer Italy and punch Rome in the face. He thinks Lazio is a place suitable for him to do great things, more suitable than any other place.
I have devoted all my efforts here. How could he leave?
In another club, the personal treatment may be much better. With his current achievements, he gets the annual salary of the world’s number one coach, not to mention 10 million, even if it is 20 million euros, there are clubs willing to pay.
But he won’t go.
Because Lazio suits itself best, and it suits Lazio itself.
Just like falling in love, I only think about beautiful women at first, but later I find that beautiful women despise themselves. At the same time, there are also some pursuers who are pursuing themselves, but they despise them. This is a contradiction.
Now that I have finally found a woman I value and the other person really likes me, what is the need to think about other women? Just hold hands with this woman and grow old together …
Changsheng told Lotito about his intention to win Nesta.
As he expected, Lotito did not object.
Not only did I not object, but I welcomed the proposal with both hands.
"Nesta is our flag! It is the eternal pain in the hearts of all Lazio fans. If you can bring it back … that would be great! "
For Lotito, this is really a good thing.
As he said, Nesta is the eternal pain in the hearts of all Lazio fans. If Nesta can return, then the pain can be erased and the injured heart can be comforted.
Whose head will this matter end up on?
Constant success is naturally the first achievement, but your own contribution is indispensable, right?
Anyway, Lazio’s flag was lost in cragnotti’s hands, and then it was found in his own hands.
When we talk about it in the future, why should we mention our own names and write a note for ourselves?
That’s why Lotito has to support the winning streak.
After getting Lotito’s support, Changsheng began to contact Nesta.
Of course, he didn’t go to Nesta at once, which was too abrupt.
He first contacted Nesta’s agent, Vicenzo Morabito.
He asked about the possibility of Morabito Nesta returning to Lazio.
Morabito was very excited when he got a call from Changsheng.
Although he is the agent of a big-name star, he is not unaware of the position of Changsheng in today’s European football.
Ever-victorious would call him personally. When he knew it was ever-victorious, to tell the truth, Morabito was a little "flattered".
Then when he understood the purpose of Chang Sheng’s call, his brain began to tell him to work.
He wondered … will this matter have any impact on the renewal of Nesta’s contract with AC Milan?
If so, is it good or bad?
If Nesta wants to stay in AC Milan, he needs to accept the change from a two-year contract to a one-year contract, and his salary will be greatly reduced.
AC Milan offered Nesta an annual salary of 2.5 million euros.
This annual salary is insulting to Nesta.
Because at the same time, AC Milan are in contact with Roma’s main central defender Mexes.
Media rumors that Galliani offered Mexes an annual salary of 4.5 million euros …
The salary of a world-class central defender who has won the Champions League and the World Cup is half that of a central defender who has no honor. Is this not an insult?
Now that Lazio suddenly stepped in, will it make Galliani change his mind?
Or … What kind of contract can Lazio offer Nesta?
Morabito told Chang Sheng that he would ask Nesta’s opinion first.
Chang Sheng nodded: "It’s natural. I just want to hear Nesta’s opinion about returning to Lazio."
Nesta’s eyes lit up when he heard the invitation from Lazio from his agent Morabito.
As soon as Morabito saw Nesta’s expression, he knew that the renewal of AC Milan was probably hanging …
So he quickly said, "I often didn’t tell him how much annual salary contract I intend to offer you …"
Nesta shook his head: "This is the only chance, Vicenzo. Since I left Lazio, I never thought I would have a chance to go back. But … if there is a chance, I think I will go back. I have only a few years left in my career, Vicenzo. I hope to end my career in Lazio. "
Morabito rolled his eyes in his mind: If you really want to retire at Lazio, what are you talking about renewing your contract with AC Milan?
But that’s what he said in his heart, but he didn’t dare to really say it.
He knows Lazio’s place in Nesta’s mind. He has played in AC Milan for ten years, and he has deep feelings for AC Milan, just like the woman he loves deeply.
But Lazio is his home, where he was born and raised.
No matter where he goes, he can change many women, he can have many children, but his home is only one.
Morabito has lamented Galliani in his heart now-if you had given us a salary that satisfied us earlier, it wouldn’t have happened!
Chapter three hundred and fifty-eight Nesta’s choice
Morabito lamented Galliani, which shows that he still prefers to stay in AC Milan.
Because he thinks it is impossible for Lazio, a poor club, to pay too much. If they really want Nesta to go, they will definitely let Nesta reduce his salary.
Maybe the salary is lower than that in AC Milan.