In the dark, I felt her shallow breathing and sprayed it evenly. His heart relaxed a lot. A pair of rough hands touched her pink cheeks and fingers touched her eyebrows bit by bit, and slowly closed his eyes.

Just like that!
It’s not that important whether his children are children. It’s very clever to be his daughter. He’s also very rare. He’s all autistic children. It’s also fate. Worse, he can’t have children if he wants to be tied by blood with Baoqi. This result is better than if they gave birth to a child who might be really disabled.
Gollum …
Gollum … Wow …
Belly unwillingly called out two unbearable hunger and dragged Bao Qi back to reality from a strange dream.
My brain is a little mushy and I’m starving, but she’s too lazy to open her eyes and take a sniff. The smell of delicious food comes into my nose and crawls into my nose to seduce her taste buds.
And this kind of food tastes so familiar that she feels that her dream must not wake up.
How can it be that my uncle is cooking? !
Where is she sleeping now? ! A moment ago, she was dreaming a beautiful dream. In her dream, there was a big green grassland, and she was riding wildly on the grassland! Blue sky, white clouds, a vast expanse of prairie, and a handsome horse riding around by her!
How beautiful!
Gollum …
I don’t listen to my stomach and it’s ringing again. I can’t. I’m so hungry! This time she really woke up and reluctantly opened her eyes.
It’s amazing how I feel when I look at my heart …
Neck pain, calf pain, thigh pain, waist pole pain, mouth pain, arm pain, the whole body is like being run over by a big truck, and you can’t find a painless place, especially the face is like being on fire.
Woo …
Ai Ai sighed, and she buried her face in the pillow and bit her teeth bitterly. Of course, by now, she naturally remembered everything. It turned out that she was not riding a horse in the grassland, but she became a horse, and she was riding wildly for a day by that man with abnormal thinking, too strong size and too abnormal physical fitness.
Ow! Damn it!
She is tired, hungry, dizzy, sour and painful at the moment, as if she had experienced a great torture and finally survived!
Sad life needs no explanation.
Looking up, her small eyes with bitterness moved from the skylight outside the window to the wall of the hotel room. wait for a while thought for a long time and finally heaved a sigh of relief.
Ya, if he rides it, ride it. Anyway, she didn’t calculate how much she suffered.
Men and women love each other? Just have fun by yourself.
Leng Xiao’s psychological warfare succeeded, and he guessed that there was nothing wrong with it. After a burst of crying yesterday, he was optimistic and ashamed of evil. Don’t be shameless. The outstanding young woman Baoqi girl was resurrected with blood.
Now that the sun is shining and the sky is bright, she has to live as she should, doesn’t she?
Now she feels she must do one thing! She is so hungry!
Hungry, hungry, hungry, her chest is sticking to her back. She must eat!
Now, horse!
In the past few days, when my aunt passed away, she occasionally tried to pull out a bite of rice and chew it for a few times, and then put away the dishes and chopsticks. She never had anything to eat in her five zang-organs temple.
It’s strange that she didn’t feel hungry at the cemetery yesterday. ! Is it true that that smelly man was so cruel that he burned up the fat and heat in his body? !
Okay, she got rid of it!
Finally, I’m getting over it and I want to see it!
In fact, it is a natural law that everyone has to go through such a short time. When her aunt left, she was peaceful. After she went to heaven, she was no longer suffering from cancer, which was much more comfortable than living. Besides, they had really said goodbye to each other and she was blessed by her aunt. There is no regret.
Sooner or later, this kind of thing will face silence, and in sadness and pain, my aunt must not want to see it in heaven.
That’s it!
Moved her hands and fingers, endured the pain of soreness and swelling, propped up her forehead, and explored the environment again. She was bright and clean, and beside the bed, the water was swinging in the bathroom, and the food on the small table not far away was delicious!
The man beside the pillow has her clothes, pants and skirts. Everything is brand-new and neatly placed, just as cold owl is so standardized.
Lift the lift mouth skin, she’s welcome to reach for it to wear.
In my heart, I explained that her clothes were badly torn by him, just as he compensated.
Not too big, not too small, just the right size
After a haircut, her eyes froze and her heart moved, and then she smiled indifferently and got out of bed, only to find that her toes almost fell down when she touched the ground. Her legs were as heavy as lead, and she couldn’t concentrate. My little sister hissed even more.
Section 236
Ya how hard it is to be tossed!
Wandering to the table, she sat down with chopsticks and was ready to eat alone.
Two bites relieved her hunger, and her conscience found that she stopped again.
Zaba Zaba wiped her mouth and got up and walked to and from the bathroom.
At least ask him to have dinner together!
Bathroom door’s son was not strict. She gently stretched out her hand and pushed the water mist. It was misty and misty in a small room. The fog almost lost her eyes. There was a shower gel in the air to smell the fragrance. It was confusing.
Although she saw this beautiful scenery five years ago and was psychologically prepared, she was still shocked, and almost had a blood reflux and a nosebleed.
See hua, in the running water …
The crystal clear water trickled down from the man’s short black inch, flowing through his forehead, eyebrows, eyes and nose bit by bit, passing through a hard and lean chest muscle, sliding all the way to the lower abdomen and slowly sinking into that strange place … And the scar with different shades of lean texture not only didn’t reduce his score, but added a few more minutes to the man’s toughness.
How handsome! What a perfect man!
Well, as soon as she woke up, her energy returned to her place and she admired the lean and strong male body in front of her.
Suddenly her eyes froze again.
The disharmony in perfection was discovered by her. Men have too many nail prints and tooth prints-
Gee! How cruel! These things seem to wake her up yesterday’s crime and remind her of her long hair, which exudes a glorious image of crying, shouting and moaning like a street-swearing bitch.
Amitabha! That’s not her!