The next day, they woke up almost at the same time. In a daze, she forgot that they were rolled over and moved a little bit, rubbing against him and catching fire.

Early men are mostly animals, except the elderly and undeveloped children.
The longing body was awakened, and he groaned and put his arm around her and suddenly tightened.
Warm eyes and some vacant moments later, I was conscious and embarrassed. "Cough early."
The longing to respond to her is unbearable, and it sounds especially clear in the narrow space.
Warm pushed him. "Well, do you want to go to the toilet?"
It’s said that early men do this because they don’t have to urinate to release water, and then they are relieved.
Her kind suggestion earned him a "no" from embarrassment.
"ah? What else? "
"What do you say?"
"Ha ha ….." Warm and quick to change the subject "Ah, it’s time to get up. Early to bed and early to rise is good for your health …"
She hasn’t forgotten that she was tampered with last night. What she said was just a change of atmosphere. Who knew that her arm was stretched so casually and was actually exhibited?
Huh? Liberated?
I was stunned when she was excited to sit up, and his arms suddenly swung to wake him up. My heart was suddenly lost and I wanted to hug the man again to fill the inexplicable.
"The sky finally came out of the fishing net." Warm lift was inspected around but no silk was found.
After a pause, my eyes crossed her white arms and I couldn’t help but sit up and take her coat and put it on her carefully. "Wear it in the morning and then go."
Warm consciousness way "not cool …"
Looking forward to holding the neckline for her and not letting the clothes slide, "What if A Dai breaks in …"
Speak of the devil.
A Dai slammed the door and rushed in. "Are you up? Huh? Little lady, you are there, too. Hehehe … "
Warm "…"
I’ve seen playing dumb. I’ve never seen such a fool! Why is she here? He and Shen Yong made it happen.
Looking forward to it, I am a little unhappy and lightly reprimanded, "Why don’t you knock?"
A Dai scratching his head "? Still knocking at the door? Before I also … "
The longing is about realizing that your emotions have just calmed down too much before you lightly say, "The past is the present, and now is the present."
A Dai blinked blankly. "What?"
The longing to stop talking is to wrap her up more tightly and fit her tightly without revealing half the spring scenery.
A Dai suddenly realized, "Ah, you are afraid that I will smash you and your little wife in a passionate play. Gnome male-".
Suddenly blushed with longing. "A Dai doesn’t want to talk nonsense."
A Dai Wu wear the mouth still in obscene smile.
A Dai!’
See longing nasty A Dai only way "well, you don’t have a passionate play with little lady is that I think too much but little lady … hey hey didn’t dress, are you afraid I saw it? Oh … I see you are jealous! "
Fascinated "…"
It’s true. He can’t refute it. His eyes look at warmth with bitterness.
What do you mean, warm and forced? Blame me?
A Dai saw that the two men looked at each other in a stupid way. In his view, this is how to explain it. He hey hey smiled and ran out quickly before the longing reprimand, shouting "Two husbands are jealous, two husbands are jealous …"
Fascinated "…"
Warm to see his beautiful jade-like face darkening faintly, the rhythm couldn’t help but laugh. He suddenly became annoyed. "You laugh at me, too?"
Warm smiled and shook his head "no"
"Then why are you still laughing?"
"Ha ha is to hear that you are jealous and somehow feel happy …"
Smell speech longing like shame like chafing at her one eye lift was out of bed footsteps slightly eager to rush in.
It doesn’t feel too good to flirt with a beautiful man after a warm and happy smile.
But for a moment, she couldn’t feel good. The door was pushed again. This time, the person who came in was sacred, with a sad face. "Warm son, I’ll catch the rape!"
Warm "…"
The beautiful man gave his first kiss. Hey, hey, isn’t that warm?
☆, Chapter 13 Holy vinegar is too great.
Section 9
"Warm son, I’m coming to catch the rape."
Warm "…"
Catch a rape? She really didn’t expect that she would have such a day
The sacred expression doesn’t look like a show. His eyes are a little red and his eyes are a little black. He dives into the bed and looks at her with sadness. "Catch the rape in the bed. Look at you. You haven’t put on your clothes. There are two quilts in the pillow pit, or are you a warm adulterer?" Know that I have jumped out of the window and escaped? "
Warm for a moment.
Divine suddenly went silent and looked at her quietly. Suddenly, when she was half ringing, she suddenly put out her arm and hugged her. She was a little sore, but she still didn’t stop it.
After a long time, she heard him shout a "warm son" in a hoarse voice, and then she was silent again. It happened that this time she won.
In silence, he can complain about grievances and forbearance, but he has to endure acidity and naivety, and he is afraid of losing his nervousness and uneasiness …
Suddenly, the warmth shrank and her heart ached. She slowly raised her arm and put it around his waist. Then she circled his waist a little bit. The longing was different from the longing. He was born with toughness in softness, and he could practice a little simple tricks to be stronger. At this moment, she felt that it was thin and powerful, as if she had lost a few inches overnight.
"Warm!" He shouted in a low voice, because she was completely relaxed for a moment, and he couldn’t wait to put all his weight into her arms, but his eyes were sour and his lips were swollen, but he had already evoked a smile.
She loves herself, right?
This is good.
"Warm son, warm son, warm son …" He cried one after another, followed the child like a coquetry, and leaned in her ear, and the warm breath was constantly stirred.
"Shut up," Wen angrily scolded. "What about the soul?"
He got a reprimand for being sacred, but he laughed and stopped laughing. After that, he complained bitterly, "Warm son, I am injured, so I seek comfort and cure."
It’s better for him to say half-truths than to put pressure on her seriously.
Warm and understanding, I followed his words one by one. First, I touched him on the back at random, then slapped him twice and then perfunctorily said, "For example? Is it cured? "
Holy discontent pouted, "I’m far from it. I don’t have any sincerity."
Warm roll your eyes. "What do you want?"
"Hugging and hugging can only heal my heart wounds until the end of time."
"Fuck off!"