The banners they hung outside the railing clung to the railing and hung feebly.

Their insults and attacks on Lazio are more like slapping themselves in the face of this goal.
Wanda Stadium, at this moment, is full of cheers from Lazio fans.
The cheers suffocated the silent Juventus fans, and there was a faint despair …
Journalists who support Juventus are also very helpless in the face of this goal.
How come Lazio can always score first, no matter what?
Juventus can sweep the whole Serie A, but what can they do about Lazio?
Usually, when watching them play against other teams, they are very steady and aggressive.
From the beginning of the game, the initiative fell to Juventus.
How come from the very beginning of the match with Lazio, the initiative went to the opponent’s hand, and how could it not come back to his side?
This is really a very confusing question.
Leaving the confusion to Juventus, Lazio continued to attack.
This time, unlike the semi-final of the Italian Cup, after leading by one goal, Lazio didn’t keep falling down in the middle and back court, but continued to attack!
Seems to want to score more goals!
Winning a goal at home is not enough for Lazio!
And after losing a goal, Juventus will certainly not be willing to lose the game like this. For Prandelli, there is no other way but to win.
Now that we have fallen behind, we must attack.
Although the attack will bear great risks.
In the next game, the two sides officially entered the battle of confrontation.
This is completely different from last week’s Italian Cup semi-final.
Three days ago, people were complaining that the strong dialogue between Lazio and Juventus was disappointing and only in name.
This game has cleared the name for the dialogue between the top two.
But people soon knew why Juventus didn’t dare to attack in the last game.
Lazio scored another goal in the 40th minute, making the score 2-0!
When Lazio led the game by two goals, the game basically lost its suspense.
Lazio fans in the stands cheered for their great victory.
They can already be very sure. Lazio will definitely win this game. Direct dialogue with Juventus!
In this way, Lazio and Juventus are only one point away.
The second half of the season has just begun, only one point away, and it is simply possible.
Maybe Juventus will lose the next game. Then it was overtaken by Lazio.
During the intermission, Prandelli made some personnel adjustments in an attempt to save the momentum. Although he was two goals behind, Prandelli still didn’t give up-he couldn’t give up.
Lazio has not made any adjustment.
Juventus stepped up their offensive, and Lazio did not shrink their defense to fight back.
But continue to attack!
Always winning this game is determined, and there is nothing to say to win Juventus supporters!
You call us passive and conservative? Ok, then we will completely defeat you with the attack!
You say we rely on intrigue? Ok, we’ll beat you fair and square!
Lazio scored their third goal in the 61st minute.
From the beginning to the end, Juventus didn’t get the initiative in the game. Although they attacked a lot, they felt like they were led by Lazio, and they didn’t have the initiative at all.
Moreover, their attack is simpler and more monotonous.
Anyway, judging from Juventus’ performance, you don’t believe this team can beat Lazio in this game at all. And it’s not because Lazio are three goals ahead of Juventus.
Even when the score is 0: 0, there is no chance for Juventus to win.
"… maybe there will be Juventus fans who feel incredible about their continuous losses to Lazio and find many reasons for Juventus. But the truth is often cruel. The fact is that Juventus is no match for Lazio at all. If it weren’t for Lazio’s own problems this season, they would be ranked first in the league now. But the game against Juventus is not that kind of long contest, it is a decisive game. Lazio is always very excited to play Juventus … Therefore, it is not so surprising that Juventus lost to Lazio in a row. "
The commentator’s words will make many Juventus fans very unhappy.
But what can they do besides being upset?
Isn’t the commentator right?
Is there any way Juventus can beat Lazio?
No, nothing.
The experience and ability that they can rank first in the league will not help them at all in the game against Lazio.
Three goals behind, even the Juventus players themselves, have lost their fighting spirit.
It’s too painful to play such a game. How can you guarantee motivation when you know you can’t win?
The Juventus players on the pitch began to be full of rhythm and were unwilling to press out to attack.
Going out to attack is death, and it is even worse.
Between the injustice of death and the worse death, Juventus players decisively chose the injustice of death.
Prandelli didn’t interfere with the players’ independent choice, and didn’t yell at the players on the sidelines to press them out to attack and continue to attack.
The players themselves don’t want to do this, and even if he insists, the result will not be too little.
He just bowed his head and sighed.

"Yes, you don’t mind, do you?" suluo asked

"Mind what, of course, don’t mind you being casual." Situ Wenhua was going to laugh wildly and made a gesture to invite me to watch your performance.
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"That Luo Dashu suppose you have a disappointing son, Stuart’s big boss. Now that he makes you angry, you have to beat him."
Sure enough, I did something.
Situwenhua’s face was gloomy in an instant.
"What do you mean?"
"Metaphorically, you just said you didn’t mind."
Suluo grinned and made a gesture to Uncle Luo.
Luo Dashu, who cares about Situ Wenhua’s heart? Now suluo may be his boss’s direct instant play. He looks angry and impatient and looks for sticks everywhere.
"I’ll kill you, you turtle."
"Ha ha ha ha ha!"
The audience laughed wildly, and Situ Wenhua’s face turned black into the bottom of the pot.
And suluo’s eyes are shining. It’s perfect. There are surprises everywhere in life
Chapter one hundred and ninety You also want to sleep with me.
Sue fell out of her mouth and got an important supporting role, whistling and leaving, which was arrogant.
How will Yu Situ Wenhua be as angry as thunder? How will the reporter arrange himself? Come on, feel free because I don’t mind.
In the DreamWorks branch, Uncle Luo is shaking his hands with the contract and the dramatist. It’s not a joke. Take another look at the drama. Oh, my God, it’s the first time that the drama has been played for 30 years, and there are usually no lines. It’s still a very important supporting role.
"I don’t know what to say to thank you. Thank you so much." Uncle Luo burst into tears, and the feeling of finally being recognized was unspeakable.
"If you don’t thank me for going back and studying the play well, it will be the greatest reward for me to shoot your performance first."
Do suluo and the knife have a black line?
"Be sure to play it well."
"Well, you can go back and prepare first, and I’ll let you know at any time. Remember to keep the phone in the state."
"Okay, okay, by the way, I have two workmates who are also good actors with me. Why don’t you give them a chance to try?" Uncle Luo said shyly.
Suluo DengYuan eyes "accidentally wipe you what site so abuses".
"Hey, hey, actually, it’s all about running in a group performance and knowing that food and clothing can’t be mixed up. We can go to the construction site to do temporary work together." Uncle Luo scratched his head stupidly and then asked, "Will it delay you a little?"
"I have an audition in a minute, so just come along, but it depends on them."
"Okay, okay, I’ll call them here. They’re all waiting for me outside the door now. We’re trying our luck together."
Uncle Luo was so happy that he trotted out.
Suluo sighed. It’s hard to drift north. You are so loyal. You don’t forget to recommend your friends at this time. Can I disagree?
Outside the DreamWorks branch
"How’s Dad Luo?"
When I saw Torre Luo coming out, I squatted outside and waited for a long time. Two people were buried as soon as they broke down.
"Strong and I became haha" Luo Torre excitedly dumped his contract and drama.
"Even my dad is awesome."

"It’s really early to make money. There are many opportunities here. Learn more and earn more money here. Then go back and build the motherland."

"Hee hee"
Momo peach smiled like a little fox.
Isn’t that what it is? China can earn money, but how can it be safe to earn foreign money?
Plus, the development of the two sides is different. Isn’t it easy to make money here?
After the design competition here, Momo Tao didn’t care much about things here.
It is mainly Liang Xuejie who is in charge of this future direction at the factory and the company. Now she knows about this contact.
Of course, to prevent these problems from signing contracts, they specially paid for a famous lawyer to help Changyan.
Although a lot of money has been spent, the problem has also been discovered. After some bargaining, Sister Liang’s career can be regarded as developing here.
Invest money again, find someone to expand the factory again, find a way of transportation, and expand the brand name a little bit.
Sister Liang got it handy
During this period, Momo Peach devoted herself to her studies.
Knowledge in class is not bad.
But follow the mentor to learn about various companies and industries, learn more professional investment and broaden your horizons.
This part is more time-consuming and energetic.
In all kinds of experience, Taotao has gradually gained a little more confidence in himself, and it is also more handy in the stock market.
From tens of thousands at the beginning to hundreds of thousands of millions later …
In this way, three years are fleeting
When Momo peach kept shrinking, she also graduated from the doctor immediately.
And this year she was only twenty years old.
You have something to say.
(1) the moon sets and the cold fog begins to meditate, and the water pavilion sits at night with a mist.
② Cangshan is silent, and the green view is gloomy —— Ode to Fog Dong Sigong thanks me for casting the overlord ticket or irrigating the nutrient solution angel in the period of 7163:56:~71719:37:11 ~
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Thank you very much for your support. I will continue to work hard!
Chapter 174 Chapter 174
What can I do at the age of twenty?
Qu Qi was still in college at the age of 20, and persimmon worked in the transportation bureau for several years at the age of 20 and planned to enter the university.
When Wu Manzhu was twenty years old, she was working hard in Daqu Village with her eldest son.
Qu Xiaowan and Song Xing walked back and forth in the courtyard when they were twenty years old.
When Momo Tao was twenty years old, she wore a tall ponytail and graduated with a doctor’s degree, and shook hands with a group of bosses.
At the highest platform of the school, Cheng Cheng, a few non-national students who have spoken here, told them about the past and the road ahead.
"Once you can’t regret it, the future can be relied on."
Tail Momo peach eyebrow eye curved, showing white teeth, and all people half bowed.
It is also a final farewell to this school that has taught her many things and those who have taught her many things in all aspects.
She’s going home
Momo peach was forced to run away, and dadada ran towards the outside.
"Hey, Taoyi" ran out before long, and Momo Taoyi was stopped.
She stopped to look at the person in front of her and couldn’t help sighing, but she still greeted people.
"What can I do for you? Barton "
"Do you really want to go back?" Barton’s facial features are deep in outline, and his eyes are brown. When he looks at people, he always gives people a very affectionate feeling.
This person is indeed very affectionate. He has been pursuing people for three years since he came from Momo Peach and refused many times.
Of course, Momo Tao would really feel guilty if he didn’t have those’ female companions’ in these three years.
"Naturally, I will return to China after a while." Momo’s eyebrows are curved
Even though she has experienced a lot over the years, she has not changed her mentality and personality at all.
"I still think this place is more suitable for you. As far as I know, your country is not developing well. You can give full play to your talents here."
"I remember popular looking for you many times over there to give you hundreds of thousands of annual salary you can have back home? Tens of thousands? Thousands? "
"…" Momo peach was silent and looked up at the sky and said, "Maybe hundreds?"

"It’s the young master who fell asleep for a while and woke up without getting in the way!" Father-in-law De hurried to help.

Mammy sighed, "Don’t say anything when the Lord wakes up. She doesn’t remember much about tonight."
"This old problem hasn’t healed after so many years?" Father de also sighs.
Father-in-law De left this shinto thing in a hurry after he settled Dugu Yuean. I don’t know how things have developed.
Without thinking, he went to Ling Hua Palace. No longer, the Queen’s Palace has always stayed in Ling Hua Palace.
I went into the palace and looked for it for a long time, but I didn’t see anyone.
There are not many servants in Ling Hua Palace, all of whom are De Yi people. Father-in-law De was about to go out when a white handmaid came slowly.
"Wang Keyou has been here?" Frowning, I asked where the young master would go so late.
"Little master hasn’t been back for several nights, and your handmaid doesn’t know," replied the white handmaiden truthfully.
Father-in-law De couldn’t help frowning. I haven’t seen him go to Qifeng Palace these nights. Where else can he go in this huge harem?
Look at the white handmaid didn’t say much, and then she looked for it in the direction of Qifeng Palace.
The silence of Qifeng Palace left the sparse lights in the courtyard, and even people went to sleep.
German father-in-law turned around several times and finally stopped in front of the queen’s bedroom. The lights in the room had already gone out and it was silent all around.
"What are you doing?" Suddenly, the familiar sound came from behind.
Father-in-law De hurriedly turned around and looked around, only to find the young master holding the little white fox and sitting alone on the stone bench in the front yard.
"Little Master" hurriedly walked over and bowed respectfully.
"Is my master in the way?" Duguying faintly asked the little white fox in her arms, and she had already fallen asleep lazily.
"Mammy’s service doesn’t matter." Father-in-law De answered truthfully and hesitated for a moment, but he still asked, "Can the forces of the little Lord’s religion really be out of control?"
Duguying saw his one eye and didn’t answer. He got up and slowly left for the depths of the garden.
"Little master …" Father-in-law hurriedly chased him.
It was Duguying who looked back with a sharp look and made him stop asking more questions.
It’s early spring, and the garden is faintly green, but at this time, darkness and silence are still desolate
The deity of ice and snow has an irreplaceable position in the hearts of the Di Yi people, which is much better than that of the royal family. It is really a policy to start work on them at this juncture.
A woman has ignored so many people for so many years.
This sentence has been hovering in my mind, and a little nai smile slowly floated on my lips with a leisurely smile.
Sometimes he doesn’t know what to do, and suddenly he wants to abandon all this. Abandoning the identity of the cold king is just a lonely shadow, and taking Xuan’s son back to the snow and ice plateau, where he is free and restrained without so much hatred.
Ever since I was a child, I knew that I had a deep hatred, and I knew that I had to revive Di Yi and find the people who were living in exile. It seems that he never had a chance to think about what he really wanted.
Suddenly stopped in front of the vine, quietly hanging a swing, visiting the sick that day, and the scene of encountering in this garden could not help but come to mind.
Not always dignified and reserved, laughing hee hee is on this swing, just like that fairy maid-in-waiting in those days.
Mu Zixuan, Mu Zixuan, why did I like it so much and wonder so much? Why didn’t I let everything go and take you away?
Nowadays, there are more and more obstacles, such as not being responsible and knowing less?
173 Zi Xuan confessed
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New Year’s Eve will arrive soon.
Without hobbies, the Xiao Taihou harem is still deserted.
Early in the morning, Zi Xuan is still cooking green tea as usual.
"Empress, you have to host this overnight meal for the New Year!" Mammy Liu skillfully poured a cup of tea and took a sip. Knowing that she loves tea, the Queen asked her to accompany her every day.
"Of course," Zi Xuan smiled. Tonight, the dishes are all selected by Xiaozha himself in the imperial house.
"Why is nothing happening?" Mammy Liu glanced around the hall and frowned and asked
Zi Xuan replied lightly, "If you don’t entertain courtiers’ family dinners, you won’t be able to go."
"Family dinner can’t be so shabby. Empress won’t just let Xiaozha add a few side dishes, will she?" Mammy Liu asked hastily.
"The poor Zagreb went to the imperial kitchen, so it’s necessary to be kind and gentle to come over and eat in the other hall at night, and it’s not in this hall." It’s warmer and warmer in the other hall. In the New Year’s Eve, there are also fathers, mothers, brothers and her four people. Just like that, they always prepare some small games to help their fathers.
Mammy Liu leng leng hurriedly added, "Isn’t there a lot of Zhao Yi? Empress Zhao Yi won’t be in favor again, and this New Year’s snub will leave people with words! "
"A few days ago, the emperor abolished Mammy. Why didn’t you know about it when you were not in Xiugong?" Zi Xuan frowned for Zhaoyi as early as a maid-in-waiting, and the waste Zhaoyi didn’t make much noise in the harem. It was Xiugong Mammy who would know!
"Oh, look at the excitement of the old slave’s memory and forget it!" Mammy Liu hurriedly explained that she was unhappy in her heart. I really don’t know that Xiao Taihou can’t be a Tong Shi and can’t see many things in this harem.
"Mammy, how did the emperor choose the maid-in-waiting Zhao Yixiu Palace?" Zi Xuan remembered this matter and put it off until the next year. It still has to be presided over by her
"The emperor’s hobby, the old slave, dare not speculate." Mammy Liu replied in a low voice that there are four princesses and some ladies-in-waiting in this harem, and it doesn’t involve the DPRK forces to kill two birds with one stone. That’s the calculation, isn’t it
Zi Xuan nodded his head and didn’t ask much, so he got up and went to the door. Mammy Liu glanced at Qingnu and hurriedly followed Qingnu but did not dare to move.
"The Empress hasn’t been here for several days, has she?" Mammy Liu tentatively asked that the number of times that the cold king came to the sunset palace these days obviously exceeded that of the Qifeng Palace. Every time he came back, it was very late. People rarely met the empress, and no one knew what she was like. She could be sure whether it was a lonely shadow, but she didn’t say a word to her.
"It will take some time for his busy administration to recover Xiao’s soldiers. There will be great changes in the four sides’ troops years later. Be sure to prepare well." Zi Xuan didn’t know that he had talked to Mammy Liu about this matter, but he was already willing to give up his kindness and tenderness, so that when she left, he wouldn’t feel so painful. I couldn’t help smiling and adding, "Mammy, come with me to Xiugong, Qingnu, you can’t go over." Then he got up and went out.
"What did Empress Empress do in Xiugong this New Year?" Mammy Liu asked incredulously
Zi Xuan chuckled and said nothing to speed up the pace. All the way out of the Qifeng Palace was even more deserted, except for the red berries in the imperial garden, which were not festive.
"Lord, are you looking for money, Mammy?" Mammy Liu once again asked about the girl who was uneasy in her heart. In fact, she was smart and careful, and she didn’t suspect anything. If she was suspicious, she really worried about what was wrong with her.
"Well," Zi Xuan nodded not far ahead, but there was some celebration in the open door of Xiugong.
Mammy Qian in the courtyard is busy shouting at the ladies-in-waiting to put things away. It seems that there will be a big banquet later.
Zi Xuan didn’t let Mammy Liu, Zhang Gang, go in, but suddenly someone turned around and saw her. She hurriedly knelt down, followed by Qiqi sound.
"Empress is auspicious!"
Money mammy one leng hurriedly walked up quickly leaned owe way "empress auspicious".
"Stand up!" Zi Xuan waved and helped Mammy Qian personally.
Seeing that everyone in the first hospital was afraid to move, I couldn’t help laughing. "Don’t be busy."
But everyone was motionless. A slightly older maid-in-waiting came forward and knelt down behind her. All the ladies-in-waiting knelt together and said, "Empress, we are all willing to serve in the Phoenix Palace, no matter what we do, please ask the empress to accept us."
Zi Xuan one leng don’t know so good hurriedly way "get up and get up to say again".
Mammy Qian took a long look at Mammy Liu before coming to say, "The Empress has come to choose a maid. These little girls have just entered the palace and know that you are a good Lord and are looking forward to serving in your palace!"
Zi Xuan’s heart suddenly tightened, and people in the harem recognized her like this.
Look at the little maids kneeling in a courtyard and lightly say, "Go to the palace. Today, I’m not here to pick a maid."
Then he went into the side hall. Good Lord? How could she be?
"Get up, hurry up and pack up everything. Let’s have a good New Year!" Mammy Qian said, "Go in and serve tea in person."
Glancing at Mammy Liu, she asked with a smile, "How can the Empress come to Xiugong when she is not here to choose maids?"

All this just to react, whistle, set, the mutant zombie king began a ou!

Under attack, the mutant zombie king struggled violently, and his hand planed and pedal wanted to break free from the heavy grip!
King Mutant Zombie is so powerful that Jiuzhong can’t support himself alone. He quickly shouted, "Come on, lock its limbs and don’t let it get free! !”
All smell speech, phoenix dance men immediately jumped out of four people, respectively, embrace the limbs of the king of mutant zombies, pedal live dead stone throne, now fixed the limbs of the king of mutant zombies! The rest of the people are hands and feet, full horsepower, crazy flat on the mutant zombie king!
"Ow ~ ~ ~! !” Mutation zombie king struggle more intense, at the same time give out shrill screams!
"It’s annoying, damn it, I’ll let you scream!" Jiuchong is closest to the sound source, and is called impatient by the mutant zombie king. He throws his elbow at the mutant zombie king’s mouth and slams it!
"Ow ~ ~ ~! !” As a result, Wang Yue, a mutant zombie, screamed more joyfully!
"I depend, force me! !” Nine heavy gas, picking up his fist, while the mutant zombie king roared and opened his mouth, he directly stuffed his fist into its mouth!
"Well …! !” Mutant zombie king mouth blocked, the body with a quiver, followed by soft down gradually!
Chapter 14 Flying to fireball
Nine heavy said one leng, "what’s the situation? Why did this thing suddenly wither? !”
Everyone was also puzzled. Xia Dongdong looked up at the fist that Jiuchong had stuffed into the mouth of the mutant zombie king and suddenly said, "Oh, by the way, boss, have you forgotten that our suit is a black donkey suit? The gloves we wear are authentic black donkey hooves, which have a restraining effect on zombies! "
"Oh ~ ~, that’s the way it is. It turns out that the black donkey’s hooves are used to restrain zombies!" Nine heavy laughs: "Hey, hey, Zombie King, it’s God’s will that you die today, so just accept your fate for Lao Zi!"! !”
Just say that finish, the variation of the body soft zombie king suddenly had a reaction, strength is gradually reply!
"I depend, how good again? It seems that the hooves of black donkeys are not enough! " Jiuzhong shouted to Xia Dongdong, "Dongdong, quick, give him your black donkey hooves, too!" !”
"oh oh!" Summer, winter and winter trotted to the back of the dead stone throne, abruptly stuffed their hands into the mouth of the mutant zombie king. When two black donkeys entered, the mutant zombie king’s body convulsed again, and then softened again!
"Take advantage of its illness and kill it!" Jiuzhong shouted to the phoenix dancers, "Come on, do it! !”
"kill! !”
Ten minutes later, after a crazy flat, Rao is the mutant zombie king, and his blood volume has finally reached the bottom, leaving only a few dozen points!
Jiuzhong has been paying attention to the blood volume of the mutant zombie king with "critical eyes". When he saw that the blood volume of the mutant zombie king bottomed out, he hurriedly shouted: "Stop, stop fighting! There is only a little blood left, leave it to Luan! Luan, come here! "
Luan’s son is an auxiliary occupation, so she didn’t take part in the battle from just now until now, and she has been watching the scene of bustle. At the moment, she heard Jiuchong calling her and skipping forward. "Big brother, why ~?" !”
"This mutant zombie king doesn’t have much blood left. You can solve it and give it a fatal blow!"
"Oh, good ~!" Said Luan son picking up the wooden cane stave in his hand! When Feng Dance and others saw that Luan was about to start fighting, they all flashed ten meters away!
Nine heavy one leng, "why are you hiding so far away? Afraid of splashing blood on your face? !”
"That’s right … ask for your own happiness!" said Feng Dance.
"Then I’m going to fight ~!" Luan son said picking up the staves and smashing the head of the mutant zombie king!
"oh! !” Nine heavy pain let out a cry, "Luan son, I told you to play zombies, why did you hit me? !”
"ah!" Luan Er pouted and said piteously, "Sorry, big brother, I missed!"
“……!” Looking at Luan’s lovely appearance, Jiuzhong was really angry. "Nothing, call again!"
"Oh, here I am!" Say it’s another staff!
"oh! !” It’s Xia Dongdong’s turn to have his head opened, and Xia Dongdong’s tears are coming out. "Luan, please … can you aim again? !”
"ok ~!"
"Oh dear!" Nine heavy head another bag, "Luan son … did you do it on purpose? !”
"No, Luan is really aiming!"

Madrid media have tried their best to prove that Real Madrid can beat any opponent on the court, including Valencia.

Real Madrid also thinks so internally.
Florentino is in high spirits. He has been in a good mood since he won the ninth Champions League trophy.
Last season almost became the darkest season since he took charge of the club. On the occasion of the centenary celebration, it would be a shame if there were no champions with empty hands.
Compared with the league champion and the King’s Cup, the Champions League is obviously heavier and contains more gold.
After winning this championship, florentino can give an account to his supporters and Real Madrid club members.
But he still has a knot of his own, perhaps the knot of all Real Madrid fans.
That’s Valencia.
This summer, florentino abandoned his policy of being a superstar every year, all because of Valencia. He wants to strengthen his strength quickly and replenish his strength.
So after he bought mendieta, he poached Ronaldo from Inter Milan.
The joining of two big stars has brought Real Madrid to a higher level. Florentino believes that in La Liga today, no team can compete with Real Madrid.
Now, he can finally teach the arrogant winner a good lesson!
The president of Real Madrid is full of confidence in the first leg of the Spanish Super Cup in Valencia.
Real Madrid coach Bosco began to have a headache.
Because he doesn’t know how to arrange these stars …
Originally, Raul and Morientes cooperated well, and they also had a heart.
But now there is a golden boot of the World Cup, "alien" Ronaldo. This player, whom President florentino likes very much, naturally can’t sit on the bench. Let him play.
Raul can’t be sacrificed, he is the flag of Real Madrid.
In this way, only Morientes can be sacrificed.
But the problem is that Morientes is an excellent center, and he can make many changes in the team’s offense on the court.
If you play Ronaldo and match Raul, the threat of the team in the air will be much smaller, and it will be more troublesome when you encounter the other side’s intensive defense and need to attack.
But he must take Morientes, because only Morientes can be sacrificed.
In fact, the impact of winning Morientes on the team is not only on the tactical level, but also on the locker room relationship. Because Raul and Morientes have a very good relationship. Because an outsider has to sacrifice his good friend, it is obviously impossible to say that Raul has no opinion of Ronaldo in his heart.
When the time comes, there will be a rift between the two stars, but there will be a headache …
In addition, the problems on the front line are relatively simple.
The biggest headache for Bosco is the midfield.
He now deeply feels that Changsheng agreed to let mendieta come to Real Madrid just to cheat Real Madrid!
The midfield was originally 442, with Makelele and helguera at the back and Zidane at the left, but in fact Zidane is a free man and Figo at the right, which is just the right configuration.
Let’s see, how can there be room for mendieta?
But like Ronaldo, how can a player who spent 30 million euros sit on the bench?
No matter what, also want to put mendieta in.
But how to plug …
Bosque is now a big head and two big ones.
Every time I see florentino, the president of the club, confident in front of the media that Real Madrid’s future is brilliant, Bosco frowns.
This bad dressing room relationship alone is enough for him to cope with, and he has no energy to think about any brilliant future at all.
Now he suddenly envies Valencia coach Chang Sheng, because Chang Sheng has more power than the club manager and chairman in transfer matters. He said he would buy whoever he wanted, and he said he would not buy whoever he didn’t want.
So all the players in his team are what he needs. He also knows where and how many players there are.
The whole team met his requirements, and there was no one extra.
Their own tactical ideas can also be implemented, and they will not force themselves to adjust their tactics because they want to meet the wishes of the stars to start on the field.
This is the ideal team of a head coach.
When Chang Sheng wanted to transfer power, he was criticized and ridiculed by the Spanish media, saying that he overreached himself and didn’t look at the culture of Spanish football. If he opened his mouth, he would learn from England and he would surely fail.
But as a result, people not only didn’t fail, but put this behavior on their own label. No matter in getafe or Valencia, people always want to control the transfer right in their own hands, otherwise they won’t sign the contract.
He may lose a lot of job opportunities by doing so, but once he is given a chance, he can build his own team according to his own wishes.

Comrade Li Er didn’t have much idea about the south, but when he heard that there was not only Datang but also a serious threat to the travel of Datang ships, he felt a little urgent and repeatedly asked, "Do you mean that we should build a port in the south first?"

Kelly one leng he didn’t think this comrade Li Er would think so. According to the present situation, it is far from being occupied by horses. For Datang, the biggest threat to the ocean after removing the land threat is Goguryeo and all countries and regions in the South China Sea of Japan, which are still not a threat to Datang.
Kelly hurriedly said, "Emperor, our navy has not yet been established. It is unwise to think about it here. For me, Datang still has to deal with these local councils in the east first, and then turn around south to get rid of the danger of being caught between Scylla and Charybdis. Now the southern countries are just wild wasteland. I Datang can take them at any time, so there is no need to worry about it."
Comrade Li Er stroked his beard and looked at the map for a moment before he nodded and said, "That’s right. The priorities are small, but it’s clear. So now we need to build ports in the north and then slowly move south one by one to build small ones. Is that what you mean?"
Wang Ke was relieved to see that Comrade Li Er had some ideas about his intentions, so he didn’t need to talk for a long time to let the emperor who knew nothing about maritime affairs know what to do
"Emperor, now we need to build two ports here," Kelly said to Comrade Li Er with a smile, pointing to a place in Bohai Bay. "Once this place is built, we can attack Goguryeo, Baekje and Silla on both sides of the land and annihilate them in one fell swoop. On this basis, we can get twice the result with half the effort by conquering Japan again."
I can’t help but say that Kelly speaks to Comrade Li Er’s heart. Comrade Li Er’s greatest wish is to destroy several countries in this small peninsula besides the Turkish occupation of Tuyuhun. He wants to let the world know that he is the greatest king in the history of Datang because he is stronger than the previous dynasty!
Comrade Li Er suppressed his excitement and asked Kelly, "When can I be young? And if our navy division is formed, can you consider it? "
Kelly has long considered this problem, and now Comrade Li Er directly said without hesitation, "Now the weather is getting colder and colder, so it is not suitable for workers and ministers. It is better to carry out basic procedures now to open up the site for port construction, and the materials can be transported here. It will be started in the navy in the spring of next year. Now, don’t we have two small river sailors in the Yangtze River and the Yellow River? We can train them in ocean navigation first, and then recruit new soldiers to train them after their training is completed, so that when the port is built, our navy will have already taken shape."
After listening to Kelly’s words, Comrade Li Er’s brow wrinkled unconsciously. He felt as if something was wrong, but he couldn’t talk about it for a while before thinking about it. This just said that ports and soldiers are the most important and essential ships, but he hasn’t talked about it yet.
Comrade Li Er asked, "The novel has been going on for a long time, but this ship hasn’t arrived yet. This should be good!"
Kelly couldn’t help blushing. He talked about the topic of Comrade Li Er for a long time but forgot this most important thing. If Comrade Li Er hadn’t remembered it, he would have arranged it in a hurry and found it later.
Kelly bowed down to Comrade Li Er and said, "The emperor was wrong in this matter, and such an important thing was forgotten. If it weren’t for the imperial mirror, there would be a big problem. Please forgive me!"
Comrade Li Er was very happy when he saw Kelly admit that he was wrong and felt that a person who knew nothing about maritime affairs was right. He waved and said, "If you have nothing to do, just tell me how to do it. I don’t blame you!"
Kelly repeatedly hand in mouth saying thanks.
When Comrade Li Er saw Kelly’s honesty, he said with a stare, "Speak quickly or you will really be punished."
When Kelly saw Comrade Li Er, he quickly said, "Emperor, this ship has always been more in the south than in the north, and this shipbuilding is also a better minister in the south. This matter was handed over to the General Armament Department to take the lead in drawing a place in the south, which can be carried out. I have to discuss with several adults about this ship style and try my best to do it well."
"Oh, can Xiao still build a boat?" Comrade Li Er looked at Kelly and asked in surprise.
Kelly said with a red face, "The emperor misunderstood where I would build a ship, but I don’t know about the structure of the ship."
Comrade Li Er saw Kelly say this, otherwise he said, "What are the considerations for the appearance? It won’t be long before we follow the style of the previous dynasty."
Kelly was really in distress situation when he heard this. What are these boats? Flat-bottomed boats are simply small sampans. This kind of boat can’t withstand the big waves when it sails in the sea.
Wang Ke said seriously, "The emperor’s former ship can’t do it. At most, it can’t go far in the offshore. Now we have to build a ship to sail and withstand the wind and waves. Besides, we have to install artillery and the structure of the former ship is different. We have to redesign it!"
It’s too simple for Comrade Li Er to come here for nothing because of what Kelly said. I can’t help but wave and say, "Then do as you say. This matter is about which departments you need to make contact with. If you need it, I will come forward. If you need it, you will find me. But I have given my Datang Navy to you. I hope you won’t let me down!"
As soon as Kelly heard this, it fell on his head again, and he no longer regretted it as before. Anyway, he was used to such things, and no one could run away when anything new came out.
After handing a salute to Comrade Li Er, Kelly withdrew from the imperial room and quickly organized manpower to prepare for this matter. He thought that he could arrange all these things before he could sometimes discuss with the old killers how to build this ship and how to arrange the guns. He believed that these old killers were much clearer than himself.
Walking in Kelly’s heart, he was excited that the Datang Navy was finally born in his own hands. As soon as this navy was established, this Datang had two armies of land and sea. I don’t know if this army can also find a way to get it out. If it really works, Comrade Li Er will become the real commander-in-chief of the three armed forces. At that time, it was estimated that Comrade Li Er would wake himself up when he was asleep. Hey hey, I’m sure he can get some benefits by touching some light.
Chapter DiErErSan In trouble
Sitting in his office, Kelly looked in and out, and felt that he was so important for the first time. He ran around every day before, but he didn’t feel this way. He felt that he could help, so he helped to do something. Now he wants to do something. These people all come to himself, and a few old killers in the third headquarters are just like classes. They come directly every day and go home directly from themselves when they work at night.
Kelly and several old killers have been discussing together these days how to build this ship. Kelly really doesn’t like the current ship style. These old killers are not white. Kelly, however, it is no problem to know that ships are sailing in rivers with flat bottoms, but it is not possible to sail in the sea. The big waves in this sea are not the same as those in rivers once they touch this gondola, but there is no way to avoid it. Once they reach the peak, they are a lonely leaf. There is no escape possibility.
Kelly told several old killers this truth before he took out his own drawings of ships and explained it carefully again, so that several old killers could understand it before they could discuss how to arrange the artillery together. After all, they are much more familiar with this matter than they are.
While they were arguing there, Kelly got up and walked out of the house for half a day. This person was also very busy, and Kelly also wanted to come out for a change.
Just out of the door, Kelly saw that Doctor Xiao was passing by the hospital. Kelly opened his mouth and stopped Doctor Xiao and asked, "Where did Lord Xiao go in such a hurry?"
Now Kelly is a celebrity in the DPRK, and he is also red and purple in front of Comrade Li Er. Is there any reason why others don’t know him?
Xiao Cure too much saw that Kelly called himself hurriedly walked over to the Kelly arch and said, "Wang daren is busy."
Kelly said in his heart, "Being busy is helping others to do their own thing, but nothing has been done."
Mouth did not dare to say this. After all, it was Comrade Li Er who gave it to himself and dragged a bunch of old killers here without doing it himself. Now he is arguing in the house.
Kelly also quickly handed over and said, "I don’t know where Xiao’s adult came from."
From the route of Xiao Cure too much, Kelly also knows that Xiao Cure too much must have just come out of the palace, but he doesn’t know who went to the palace to see the sick. Kelly is still very willing to know about this matter.

This woman is plump and attractive. Haikui looked at her a little more.

Haikui didn’t know what he and others were going to do when they intervened. He was educated since he was a child because he loved his country and the earth. How could he destroy the country and the earth? This hat is too big! I don’t know who reported a robbery at ordinary times, but I didn’t see anything. These people with great abilities appeared and now they believe a report came here to ask questions.
Haikui respects the country. Since they represent the state institutions, they will not be serious with them. "Since the revision meeting was held before here, we will leave!"
A good fix-the-truth conference has ended before!
"What do you mean? Don’t put us in the eye? " The middle-aged man flew into a rage.
Is Haikui depressed more arrogant than a monk in his infancy? "I said, don’t you think this gentleman who doesn’t know his name is very high?"
Haikui didn’t want to crush them, but this man forced him to crush them.
The middle-aged man looked at Hai Kui and others with his nose slightly raised. "Hum, whatever you do, we represent a country. How many practitioners are there in a country? Do you know that we are the elite practitioners in this country? If we offend us, we will offend the practitioners in this country. Aren’t you afraid of making an agreement?"
"So powerful!" Haikui smiled. He felt so funny when he didn’t know it.
"Are you contemptuous?" One in five is a young population.
This young man looks handsome in his twenties and thirties. He is very important, stylish and temperament. Putting him in the secular world will make many girls crazy.
Haikui disdain hum a despise long handsome man!
Are all the other practitioners here gone because they were scared out of fighting Xue Zhengxiu? Haikui scratched his hair and said to Ling Yan, "Since all the people in this fix-up meeting are gone, let’s go!"
Said a few people will turn around.
"Wait!" The handsome young man drink a way
Haikui turned back. "Do you have anything to do in Sao Nian?"
"Come and go as you say. What do you think this place is?" Young people stare.
"public toilet"
Middle-aged people also shouted, "Who do you think we are!"
Haikui really doesn’t want to deal with the so-called mysterious special department. "What do you want?"
"Come with us!"
"Let’s go!" Haikui said gently, grabbed Han Wenxuan and disappeared.
Lao Huang and Lao Chang also suddenly disappeared.
Lingyan naughty waved to the five people in front, then his body slowly faded, and finally he disappeared without a trace.
"Incredibly dare to say go away! Zhao Lao, they didn’t put us in the eye at all! " Middle-aged dissatisfaction immediately said to the old man
The old man’s expression is not as dissatisfied as the other four people, but it is very dignified. "These people are not simple! Who the hell are they! ""What’s wrong with Grandpa Zhao? " The youngest of the five people is a little girl who looks like a teenager, but she is still in infancy!
"I know how to lock them in and I can’t see through them!" Zhao old man said with a serious face
"They claim to be the first Leng Yue Sect and the second Dragon Sect!" At this time, behind these five people, one man emerged from the mountain, and someone was hiding in the mountain.
The old man surnamed Zhao turned around and saw the bearer smiling but not smiling and said, "Who was I then? It turned out to be Brother Tong Yuan."
"Oh, Lord Zhao, it’s been a long time!"
The old man surnamed Zhao changed his face. "Brother Tong Yuan really didn’t expect to see you here."
Le Tongyuan smiled and frowned, and the folds were like a thousand waves. "Does Master Zhao want to know who these people are?"
The old man surnamed Zhao nodded and looked at him somberly.
Le Tongyuan Tantan hand "I don’t know, but I just said that the first faction and the second faction of Heaven are their own words. Check it yourself!" "
Le Tongyuan’s words fell on his eyes and flashed a playful figure. He came to the little girl and stretched out his hand to catch the little girl.
The old man surnamed Zhao shouted "Hey!" Also instantly appeared in front of Le Tongyuan and raised my hand to pat him. He has been guarding against this old guy named Le.
The palm of your hand shook the other four people out by a powerful anti-shock force for tens of meters, and the blood sprayed from the mouth was injured. During the distracted period, the monks confronted them, and they couldn’t be lucky to die or be injured by the wave in their infancy. This was because the old man Zhao controlled the power, otherwise the four people could not be injured.
Le Yuan Tong, the old man surnamed Zhao, gave a palm, laughed, disappeared and left a string of smiles.
The old man surnamed Zhao gnashed his teeth. "I can’t spare you if you are surnamed Le!" He said to the four of them, "This surname Le must have gone back with those people just now to find out what nonsense Heaven comes first and Heaven comes second, so you can’t get along in this spiritual world. Are you all right?"
"Senior we hinder" middle-aged people pale answer.
After seeing the four people, the old man surnamed Zhao said, "Let’s go back and check their details first."
Five people also disappeared in this devastated place.
Haikui and others returned to the hotel and opened the door. Several people sat together. Haikui was more depressed than "This thing didn’t develop as I imagined. What link went wrong?"
Han Wenxuan said angrily, "You shouldn’t have listened to what you said, but it was self-defeating in the end!"

Yi Yu chuckled slightly until now that he realized what absolute power was. Although arrogant in the past, there were many factors, but Yi Yu knew that from this moment on. He only has arrogant capital by his own cultivation. The left hand is slowly raised, and with the change of mind, the colorful divine light representing the five elements appears one after another. No one can see that this is actually a weapon that can kill people!

Yi Yu stood up slowly and suddenly’ Blissful Pure Land’, but a gust of wind rolled up all his skirts and buns in the five-color divine light. It’s dark. As the arms rise high, the whole’ Pure Land of Blissfulness’ slowly trembles again. The newly-added barren land grows plants and gathers rivers with the naked eye. The transformation of the rising mountains turned into a vibrant fertile soil in a blink of an eye!
After all, Yi Yu slowly landed again and returned to her usual appearance. But this time it seems really different. If Yi Yu used to be a sharp double-edged sword, now he is still a sword, perhaps even sharper, but with a scabbard on the outside.
Daughters saw it and they all breathed a sigh of relief. They gathered around and kept asking’ twittering’. Yi Yu is very proud. Tell the story in detail. Ying Qing’s eyes lit up when he heard the elixir on the first day. "Hurry up!" Show me that elixir! "
Yi Yu didn’t give up at all, so she handed it directly to Win Qing Chu. When she saw it, she was pleasantly surprised and even said three’ Good!’
Yi Yu asked, "What is the origin of this elixir in the early Qing Dynasty?"
Ying Qingchu said with a smile, "You ignorant little fool, it’s really a shame that you ate this elixir! It’s a pity that Xu Fu personally sacrificed and refined the elixir for his brother … "Speaking of this, I couldn’t help but feel sad. After a little silence, I said," This time, with this elixir, Yang Zi’s eyes can be cured without fail. " Said don’t even look at Yi Yu directly pulling Princess Yangzi to fly in the direction of the palace.
Yi Yu suddenly shouted, "Don’t you need me?"
Ying Qingchu said with a smile, "It turned out that you can’t use it. Now that you have then, why do you need that bad thing?" Just wait for this beautiful woman with bright eyes! "
At this time, Qinger, who had been silent for a long time, did not know where to take out a new dress with white satin on the moon and handed it to Yi Yudao: "Master, let’s change clothes first!"
After this mention, Yi Yu just appeared on the gown, and now it has become strips of rags.
Yi Yu smiled and said, "It’s better to celebrate your son and know how to bring me a dress. You bad girls don’t say anything to remind me!"
As soon as the voice fell, Yin Su-tang laughed, "Hum! Why should we remind you of this big bad guy! Sister Qing Chu said just now! You’re lucky this time. You’ve become extremely powerful. Let’s sisters do it again.
You must unite … Ah! Brother-in-law, let me go! Sister! Help, sister! Jade elder sister … "
Yi Yu also ignored Su Tang’s struggle in perineum and shouted just visible, so she was pressed on her leg, and a slap was not allowed to fall, hitting her tight and strong buttocks. Laughed: "You smelly girl let you always know that you are against me and you have to unite. They are all my wives. Can you unite with you to bully me?" Little silly girl! Just accept your fate! "
At this moment, Yi Yu suddenly let go of Yin Sutang’s gloomy voice with a change of face. "It’s really a courageous person who wants to invade our’ Pure Land of Blissfulness’. Is it because he knows that I am cultivating for Dajin today and will try my sword?"
Daughters slightly one leng immediately also felt the move is really someone is trying to break the space fault trying to enter the’ pure land of bliss’ and it seems that people’s cultivation is not low, if left unchecked, they will succeed for a while.
Yi Yu sneered: "Let me go out alone this time. You can’t steal the limelight with me!"
The daughters scoffed and went back to the temple to appease their followers in a very tacit understanding! ——
In the hinterland of Yanshan Mountain in the north of Jingshi, this barren mountain is inaccessible on weekdays, but today, more than 100 monks have gathered around a dark and desolate place in Fiona Fang. Look at that, it seems that all the sects have a little bit more famous Xiuzhen sects in the world in an instant, all of which have appeared near the capital. In the past, whether it was right or wrong, it was as far away from the secular imperial power as possible. Otherwise, why did the matter of repairing truth flourish in Bayu-Yunnan-Guizhou? It’s not that the aura of the Central Plains is inferior to that of the Central Plains, but that this is the land of Longxing. People who fix the truth usually deliberately avoid it.
But today, the situation has suddenly changed, such as the Emei Sect, wu-tang clan, and other Buddhist temples, as well as the various parties of the magic religion, all of whom have appeared in Yanshan Mountain, not far from the north of the capital. Of course, they are all newly introduced by the changes here, but at least it shows that they are all thousands of miles away, otherwise they would not feel such changes.
Just now, the crazy reiki has stopped at this time, and all the people are relieved, but they are more curious about the center. After a few daring monks took the first step. They all flew towards the mountain peak in the center.
Although there are all factions here, there are few real masters, otherwise they will not rely on it rashly. People who can instantly absorb those aura, whether they are evil or not, will never be easy to act rashly with their peers, but will only make themselves passive. The wiser and more timid monks gradually retreated when they saw that someone had actually started to attack the cracks in space.
Just then, suddenly, there was a thunderous voice: "How dare fanatics peep at my’ Pure Land of Blissfulness’! Don’t you want to die! " With the voice of a white robe, Yi Yu slowly appeared in the sky. High above has its own infinite majesty, scanning the monks and having a commanding sense of superiority.
A middle-aged monk with a gray costume raised his hand to give directions. Drink a way: "Who are you to dare to do this evil method near the capital! Unless you want to be an enemy of the world! "
Yi Yu sneered: "I can’t believe that today there are people who don’t know me, Yi Yu of Qingcheng School!"
Everyone was shocked when they heard the famous number of Yi Yu Bao. Even the Taoist in gray just now is no exception. However, although he has heard of Yi Yu’s fierce name, he has never seen it with his own eyes. If he put it on weekdays, he will not provoke it. But just now, his madness has come out. Wouldn’t it be even more humiliating if we turned our backs on each other? "If you are Yi Yu, what can you do?" said Qiang Zi. I have a ancestral system in the field of repairing the truth. I can’t act rashly near the secular imperial power. If I violate it, it is a great sin. I can attack it if I fix the truth in the world! "
In fact, the man played a word game here. Although there was such a ancestral system, it was not’ around the imperial power’ but’ within the imperial city’. However, the man thought that Yi Yu was powerful. But after all, a young man may not know such rules, and he may not meet again in the future as long as he muddles through this time. But he still doesn’t understand that Yi Yuben is a lawless landlord, not to mention that he has lived in the palace for several months, and all the rules are in his heart. Even if he really doesn’t know the rules, he will never pay attention to them.
Yi Yu sneered at a track: "Oh? Being original is the first time I have heard that there are such rules in the world! However, I have to ask this Taoist friend if there is one thing I don’t know. "
As soon as the man saw Yi Yu’s pleasant countenance, he took it back and climbed up the pole to sink a track: "I don’t know where Yi Yu’s Taoist friend is."
Yi Yu said, "Just now, Taoist friends said they couldn’t act rashly, but they didn’t know how to act rashly. And what did you say just now? It’s an enemy to fix the truth in the world. Can you represent the fellow people in the world with one mouth? What a great style! I don’t know more than me! "
The monk was Yi Yu reprimand angrily to face.
White heart has been angry, but at last he hasn’t lost his mind. "Hum! Arguing irrationally! Didn’t you make a vision here just now? "
Yi Yu smiled and said, "What a joke! Is it necessary to ask others if they agree or disagree when practicing being original in the Yanshan Mountains? Besides, even if I move around the capital, what can you do to me? A nameless rat dares to say in front of me that you are ignorant today and go home without asking questions to save your life. "
When all the monks asked and listened to this, they all showed different colors. This easy jade is also rampant. Although it is pointed out that it is the person who said it, it refers to all the people here.
And the Taoist priest in gray robe was frightened, but when he saw the faces of all the people around him, he couldn’t help but feel happy and said, "Hum! Okay, you Yi Yu! I let you run wild, and now you offend a hundred monks here. See how you end up! " He didn’t think Yi Yu had to do it before this man. But he didn’t know that Yi Yu was about to try his hand and want someone to operate after this capability! How can you be afraid of things if you have nothing to do but look for trouble? It’s really impossible to call out all the wives, and this hundred people is not enough for their family to fill their teeth!
"hey!" The grey-robed monk snapped, "Yi Yu! Don’t be too arrogant. This is the ancestral system of the fix-true world. No one dares to violate it for thousands of years. Are you going to risk the world? "
Yi Yu’s eyes flashed yoshimitsu, and now he just wants to try to see how far he has cultivated today and what kung fu is talking nonsense with others. Raise my hand and make a sound with a bang. A fine red line flew out so fast that even the monks present didn’t see what was going on, so they saw the gray monk fall down with a scream.
Yi Yu didn’t do it too well. He just penetrated his thigh and left a little dark energy by the way. So that he can’t mobilize his powers. At most, it’s a fall, handsome guy. Broken bones are not life-threatening.
But at this moment, a fat monk suddenly flew out of the crowd. Fly over to catch the Taoist priest in gray robe and exclaim with a track: "Ah! Daoyou! Daoyou! Yi Yu, you are so vicious! It turns out that just a verbal dispute will hurt people’s lives! "
Yi Yu slightly one leng and then a closer look at the Taoist priest is not already dead! I was surprised in my heart. "Is it because I didn’t control my strength when I made great progress?" the tunnel replied. No! The man just now never died after my thunder … "
Yi Yu’s eyes are already fascinated, and she shoots two dangerous and angry lights: "Bald donkey sign up!" "
The monk shouted, "Ami Tuo Buddha! The poor monk South Shaolin Temple presided over Huineng! "
Yi Yu said coldly, "Huineng monk? Ok! You are very good! I’m the only one in the world who framed others, but no one has framed me yet! You killed that man today. How can it be pushed to my head? "
Monk Huineng said, "Hum! Yi Yu! You don’t have to sophistry. Now it’s good to kill people without morality, and it’s even more damaging to the ancestral system set by the predecessors who fix the truth. When we fix the truth, we will do justice for heaven! "
It seems that as soon as the voice of the monk Huineng was arranged in advance, several people shouted and shouted in the crowd: "Yi Yu’s bloody hand kills people and destroys the ancestral system. Let’s join hands to kill the public enemy in the realm of repairing the truth!"
However, their fanning the flames did not seem to achieve the expected results. After all, others are not all fools, especially disciples like the Emei Sect and the Magic Sect have long known that Yi Yu has an unusual relationship with the people above them. I’m the son-in-law of the Sect of Emei, and the son-in-law of the Sect of Demons is having an affair with the princesses of two demons. Who dares to provoke such a character easily? And these two families are quiet, no matter how fierce you are, what can you do?
Yi Yu’s eyes swept away, but all those who secretly shouted fell into his eyes.
"hey!" Yi Yu laughed instead of being angry. "Master Huineng, right? Not bad! Really good! Presumably, you didn’t know that I would be here before I showed up just now, but it’s not easy to come up with such a plan of killing and framing people and stirring up public excitement in such a short time! You are really a talented person. If you don’t become a monk, you will be an official in the DPRK! "
Although what Yi Yu said is somewhat mysterious, he is demon fairy Yi Yu, who is much more famous than Huineng of South Shaolin Temple. Naturally, a large number of people will believe what he said.
Yi Yu looked up and down at the fat monk in red cassock not far in front of him and smiled faintly: "We Qingcheng School and being original don’t seem to have offended your South Shaolin!"

Keep practicing. Only those who work hard can become geniuses!

Sun Yao has always written to abide by this regulation.
He forgot to train. He still needs scientific training. He can’t bear too much!
A rapid disguised training Sun Yao finally found himself a terrible pain in the thigh!
Sun Yao stopped and didn’t lie on the ground blindly, but gently moved his legs.
Gradually, the pain is also increasing.
Sun Yaonai lay on the ground to relieve this kind of anxiety.
It seems that it is hurt!
Sun Yao pounded the grass angrily! 、
On the one hand, I hate my body and live up to expectations, on the other hand, I feel sorry for myself.
"Bastard! The horse is about to gain experience! Horses are going to learn skills! It hurts now! I don’t know if I can have a chance to play in the league after ten days of injury like this! Not only that, it’s more than ten days of training! A lot of experience will disappear! " Sun Yao angrily said.
At this time, juan carlos Garrido also passed by the training ground because of work!
Found a player lying on the court
"That guy is sun! Murphy! Not good! " Juan carlos Garrido suddenly felt nervous!
Immediately lost things to Sun Yao act quickly.
"What about Sun? What’s wrong? " Juan carlos Garrido asked eagerly.
"Retreat your right leg!" Sun Yao simply replied.
Juan carlos Garrido instantly took out his mobile phone and called the club doctor.
"I’m afraid you have to rest for two weeks because of a muscle strain in your right leg!" The team doctor gave Sun Yao a simple treatment and said.
"Two weeks? That’s terrible! " Sun Yaonai shook his head. He came to complete the "snake step" study by gaining experience in that game in two weeks and ten days!
"Two weeks? It doesn’t seem particularly bad! " Juan carlos Garrido heaved a sigh of relief
"Not bad? It’ s terrible! " Sun Yao resentment way
"Young people’s professional football body is accompanied by injuries. This planet never hurts football players. You can’t find them! Sometimes you have to try to accept these things when they appear! " Juan carlos Garrido comfort way
"How much training will I miss in two weeks and two weeks!" Sun Yao regrets.
"Do you think it should be your training now! It should be a good recovery! Recover well! " Juan carlos Garrido solemnly said, "and you should have consciousness! Stop training your life! That will make you more and more injured! Players don’t have to train hard to make progress! If you are too tired to train, you will be more vulnerable! "
"I know!" Sun Yao suddenly became silent. Football training must find a balance between hard work and science.
Try to avoid injury and complete the training with more Se quality!
Sun Yao immediately thought, "Go home and ask the little god to see what he can do to make me recover as soon as possible!"
"Thank you for your help. It’s just an injury. I will try my best to recover and try not to delay a league match!" Sun Yao composed way
"Don’t care about what the league is not. Now your recovery is the key!" Juan carlos Garrido calm way
Injury is a natural enemy of an athlete.
But when Donnie brought Sun Yao home, Sun Yao found that this was not necessarily the case!
When the little god Ska was alone with Sun Yao, he looked at Sun Yao with a smile on his face.
"What’s the matter? You are still laughing when I have hands! " Sun Yao disgruntled glanced at the little god, card way.
"Is it not a secondary injury? How can an athlete not get hurt? And don’t you do āo every night? That will make you recover faster! " Little god, ska laughed
"Oh, and then? When can I come back? " Sun Yao asked.
"The doctor said you want a game less than two weeks? Doing more āo will shorten you to about ten days! " Small god, wanted to think and then says
"Ten days? It seems that a round of games can still come back! " Sun Yao wanted to think.
"Fortunately, the injury is not heavy!" Small god, also sighed.
"I was so nervous when I found myself pulling a strain!" Sun Yao also sighed, "It’s a pity to have ten days’ experience!"
"Don’t be nervous. Doesn’t the training system also include the insurance system?" Small god, wake up way
"Insurance system? What is that? Why didn’t I know? " Sun Yao amazing way
"Well, I forgot to tell you! The insurance system means that if you are injured and delayed by the injury, you will be automatically compensated for some experience gained through training! Is it very strong? " Little god, ska laughed
"wow ~! Still so unique? Root is an insurance company! And you can get paid directly without insurance! " Sun Yao excited way
"That is, of course, to oh insurance! Because this is your first injury, the association will take the initiative to pay for your experience! But if you have to be insured for the second time, you can get paid? " Small god, thought.
"What? You still have to let me pay insurance with my experience? Poor me, I have less experience! " Sun Yao pain way
"Insurance is very important, and insurance only needs you little experience to get a lot of compensation. Rest assured that my R&D system is absolutely awesome! Of course, the system is perfect and will not let you deliberately get hurt to cheat insurance! " Small god, wake up way
"fraudulent insurance? Deliberately injured to cheat insurance? " Sun Yao sneered, "Only a fool would do that!"
"Well, that’s true!" Little god, ska laughed
Sun Yao then entered the training, unification and insurance system.
"Injury caused by muscle strain affects training! Wave may get 15 experience points every day, and now pay 1 experience point/day! After returning when paying! " Sun Yao is also satisfied with the insurance payment situation.
The average total loss points paid are two-thirds!
It’s already very high!