Although Liu Feng looks very miserable now, there is actually not much to do, but Liu Feng must deliberately annoy these people and have enough time outside to implement the plan.

In Liu Feng’s constant ridicule, three people kept punching and kicking Liu Feng. In the case of not daring to kill people, several people were finally panting, but they were also constantly ridiculed by Liu Feng.
"I am so thick-skinned, Lao Li. I think I can throw it directly into the detention room and let that guy deal with it!" Young police eyes peep out one silk yoshimitsu in older police ear said
"You said that abnormal condition? It’s not good. If we fight like this, it’s still within the controllable range. If we really put it in there, I’m afraid it will really kill people! "
"I’m afraid that if something goes wrong, just push it directly on that person. Anyway, people like him are alive and scum!"
"… well, look, this great god has always refused to leave, but he is not satisfied. It seems that this can be done. I’ll leave it to you!"
"Well, don’t worry if I do things!"
The younger policeman pulled Liu Feng directly from the ground and smiled yinxiao. "Let’s go and show you what throwing soap is!"
Zhang Tong nodded with satisfaction when he heard what the young policeman said. He probably knew what the young policeman meant, so he said, "Please, two, please! I still have something to do, so I will go to work first! "
"If you have few things, please go first. Leave it to us here. Don’t worry!"
"Ok, thank you. When will you invite your brothers to tea?"
"Then thank Zhang Shao first!"
Zhang Tong smiled and went away to cope with a few words. The young policeman watched Zhang Tong go out and directly pulled Liu Feng’s collar towards the detention room.
Liu Feng didn’t resist. This is his plan. Although the conversation between the two policemen just now was small, he didn’t deliberately avoid Liu Feng. Liu Feng still heard it.
Liu Feng really lamented when he heard that two people planned to come to the pillow if he wanted to sleep. Now he has to inform himself outside, but now that these guards have handed over all his mobile phones, he has no chance to talk.
Now, put him in the detention room and listen to the situation from two policemen. The man in the detention room seems to have a little strength. He just goes in and directly controls this person, and then asks that person to get himself a mobile phone.
Soon after, the police hit a detention room door. A bald man with a scar on his face heard the sound of the door and looked at Liu Feng with a fierce look. Soon, his eyes risked looking like a prostitute and licking his lips.
"Scar, you can do whatever you want with this person!" The young policeman pushed Liu Fengyi into the detention room and said with disgust, "Remember to do whatever you want!"
The young policeman deliberately stressed any two words.
"Ha ha, don’t worry, Officer Liu, thank you for your kindness. I will accept this small piece of fresh meat!"
"Well, hurry up and don’t leave any traces!" The young policeman deliberately said
"You just put one hundred and twenty hearts!" Scar man got up and approached Liu Feng directly.
The young policeman wanted to avoid the plague and immediately turned away. Before leaving, he locked the main door to keep the sound from going out.
"Baby, let’s have fun!" Scar man’s mouth is wide and his ugly yellow teeth are exposed, so his hands are bound to embrace Liu Feng.
Liu Feng corners of the mouth become warped a fly kick directly will scar male kicked directly hit the hardcore fell down.
Scar man felt that all his bones seemed to fall apart. Liu Feng squatted directly beside Scar man and looked at him with a smile.
Scar man saw Liu Feng smiling all over his face. Even though he was in pain now, he still rolled aside and shrank up in fear.
"Don’t … don’t hit me …" Scar’s male body trembled. It seems that Liu Feng just gave him a foot that he will never forget for a generation.
"It’s easy for me not to hit you. Do something for me now!"
"Brother, it’s not that I don’t do it. How can I do things for you when I’m still in prison?"
"This matter is very simple for you. Get me a mobile phone to talk to. I think this matter is not difficult for you, right? Don’t lie to me or you will know the consequences! "
To deal with the wicked, there must be a way to deal with the wicked. Scar man quickly got Liu Feng a mobile phone and was afraid that it was not enough for Liu Feng. It was an international roaming long-distance card.
Liu Feng nodded with satisfaction, picked up the phone and gave a message to the lieutenant colonel who had come to pick him up. In the message, he said his position and said something he needed to do, so he hung up. He knew other things, and the lieutenant colonel would know how to do it.
第351章 风暴来临!