Both sides are well aware of this situation.

Maybe this is the so-called … "Love each other and kill each other".
After so many years of targeting each other, it is hard to say whether they are hostile or mutually beneficial …
After the game, there was no media to criticize Lazio’s victory.
The media supporting Juventus are all silent and say that the game body does not discuss anything other than this game, and even the news conference after the league match always wins. They have not reported that.
In front of such a game, they really can’t find anything so dark.
Black is always better than madness?
Getting rid of this kind of attack is nothing but the rain in Mao Mao.
There is no aggression at all.
Since it can’t be hacked, it’s good to shut up.
Anyway, it is impossible for them to praise Lazio and Changsheng.
Constant victory is not rare for these people to praise.
Their praise can’t make Lazio score more points.
Now Lazio are one point behind Juventus after beating Juventus at home.
This gap is enough.
Both Changsheng and Lazio can prepare for the Champions League knockout with a relatively relaxed and happy mood.
Three days later, Lazio will face Juventus again at home, this time in the second leg of the semi-final of the Italian Cup.
Lazio can reach the final after eliminating Juventus.
Fight for the Italian Cup.
This championship is relatively less difficult, and the media have predicted that Lazio will definitely choose to make efforts in this event.
Therefore, it may be difficult for Juventus to reverse Lazio and reach the final this time.
Especially in the recent two consecutive encounters with Lazio, Juventus lost two games, lost five goals and failed to score a goal.
This is a great blow to the morale of Juventus players. How many players are willing to die with Lazio?
They are one point ahead of Lazio in the league. If they waste too much physical strength and energy in the Italian Cup, it will definitely affect Lazio’s performance in the league.
Which is more important, the Italian champion or the League champion?
All Juventus players, coaches and fans will tell you without hesitation that the league title is more important!
I’m afraid all the players from Juventus coaching staff will not pay too much attention to this game.
That’s what the media analyzed, but Prandelli sent his strongest team in the game.
Want to make one last fight with Lazio.
The final result was that Juventus lost to Lazio 2 away, with a total score of 3 in two rounds. They were eliminated by Lazio and bid farewell to the Italian Cup.
Lazio made it to the semi-finals of the Italian Cup.
Their opponent in the semi-final of the Italian Cup is … Rome.
Another Italian Cup final derby in the same city!
When the final opponent came out, many people said that Lazio had already won the Italian Cup.
If the opponent is Inter Milan, this game is still somewhat suspense, but it is Rome … then you can congratulate Lazio on winning the championship.
Of course, Rome is absolutely willing to be Lazio foil this time.
When the two sides played for the first time in the season, the Roman fans showed the mentality of "you will definitely not be as good as us in 2000 because you will always leave". It was criticized by many people that the open Rome team should be afraid of winning so much. What a shame!
So Rome won’t show that mentality again this time. They want to beat Lazio in the final to prove that Rome is not afraid of Lazio and can beat Lazio.
In this way, even if Changsheng leaves Lazio next season, no one will say that they have never beaten Changsheng.
The whole of Rome has made preparations for the final from now on.
Rome is obviously trying to beat Lazio in this final.
Although Lazio have beaten Rome several times before, this game will still be regarded as a symbolic one.
If Rome wins, it will be a complete change of dynasty!
Lazio’s entry into the Coppa Italia final caused a heated discussion in Italy.
People are discussing whether winning in Lazio’s last season will set off a whirlwind again.
"… his own journey in Lazio will surely end. China people pay attention to samsara and perfection. I can’t think of a more complete samsara …"
"Reaching the final of the Italian Cup, Lazio has the qualification to compete for a championship. I think their boss Lazio will definitely fight for this championship. For two consecutive seasons, there is no champion, not even a comforting champion. If winning in this way ends his years in Lazio, it is not a shame for him, but it must be a way to make up for regret forever …"
"Rome may still be dying, but in any case, the Italian Cup champion is 100% in Lazio’s pocket. I think it’s a relief now. He deserves to be the most successful and strange coach champion in Lazio’s club history!"
Of course, it’s not without people throwing cold water on it.
"… Lazio reached the final of the Italian Cup, and as a result, those Lazio supporters were excited, as if Lazio had won the championship, and they said anything disgusting. Although Lazio and its regular followers tried to prove that Lazio and Chang were still at a high level, their performances just said that they were often weak with Lazio now-the Italian Cup was so valued by them! What a shame! Did ex-Lazio ever look at such a champion? Winning this championship is as easy and enjoyable as going out to dinner and buying a newspaper by the way. They will neither find it difficult to win the Coppa Italia nor consider it a great thing to reach the Coppa Italia final, but now? Look at this. This is the difference between Chang and him. The Lazio Empire has gone uphill. The long dynasty is about to be completely buried and the new order is still waiting to be established … "
It’s sensational, but in fact it’s just that after being beautifully packaged, Black will continue to win against Lazio.
It happened that there was a market for such remarks.
Everyone is rebellious. When the media all praise Lazio for reaching the final of the Italian Cup and locking in the championship, most people will grin. Isn’t it just an Italian Cup? Look how happy you are, as if you have never seen the Italian Cup champion!
They won’t like that flatter remarks made by Lazio supporter.
In turn, it stimulates them to accept Lazio and winning remarks, and also feels that they have a special spirit of independent thinking.
But in fact, they all follow blindly, but the blind followers are different
Many people think that the Italian Cup is really nothing to celebrate.
In the end, it is definitely not something to show off when Changsheng is leaving. On the contrary, it can be said that this team is weak.
Because it is very difficult for Lazio to win the League title and the Champions League, they can make up the number with the Italian Cup title, which is really enough …
Even some people who also support the winning team find Lazio’s high spirits sad.
Lazio meritorious coach is leaving, so make do with this?
How did the European hegemon get so mixed up?
It really makes people shake their heads and sigh
Perhaps this is the law of time?
Even the ever-victorious Lazio empire, which was in its heyday, could not resist the erosion of time and was defeated in front of the years …
Chapter seventy-three Sorry, I don’t understand.